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  1. Love trash TV but can't for the life of me understand TLCs obsession with babies. Never cared nor will care about the baby shows.
  2. A lot of us are here because of older parents/grandparents having babies late.
  3. Gorgeous, never knew the castle was seaside.
  4. May not even need to pay him, he seems to like fighting for free.
  5. Its not going to matter to her you dork because she only cares about your money and has know him for 5 days. Men be stupid.
  6. What was weird, ever eat a soft boiled egg? basically the same thing.
  7. Every time I see these fresh food markets with foods we don't have in America, I get food jealous.
  8. I need a nose job, actually for a real broken nose, maybe I should open a dating profile lol.
  9. As someone that broke their nose years ago and my nose is crooked, and repeated sinus infections, it does cause a lot of problems...but they are for sure lying through their fake broken noses.
  10. He is 100% shallow, of course he likes the Frankenstein bolt on and bad fake hair.
  11. Jesse's pants couldn't be more European if they had flags on them
  12. She is what 52 looks like when you completely let yourself go and years of partying.