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  1. Maybe not but still thought it was done more to pull emotional strings (after all, Kensi didn't seem any more concerned about his condition than anyone else-Callen was the one who usually asked about him). Can't stand Agent Morris. People talk about Anna having an annoying voice. 🙉 As for the recovery, it's a TV show; I don't expect them to be "realistic" especially considering her remarkable progress from comatose patient to dancer. Personally, I'd like to have seen more of Nikita; bringing him in this year seems like a wasted opportunity. And I agree about AJ; his intro could have waited until season 9. He's basically done nothing important in any of the episodes. I sure hope the last 3 episodes are better quality writing.
  2. Good point. Remember Sam's attitude toward the vets in Old Tricks? He was very respectful (as always) and they weren't even SEALS (same as in Kulinda). I found I missed Anna. She always has spark. Who knew? lol
  3. Have to agree. Nothing seemed to click. What was the point of the kidnapping again? To show the vet was angry or having mental problems? Also agree. If making the regulars stupid is how you make guest stars look smart, that's really crappy writing. (And these guys are so smart, but it's taken them more than 40 years to figure out how to donate the ransom? Seriously?) The whole episode felt flat. None of the scenes worked. And when did Sam become the resident "shrink" for the team? If this is to show how much he changes in the finale, they're really laying it on thick--too thick. As much as I like AJ, I found the pair--AJ and Sterling--just annoying. If they keep AJ, I hope they dump Sterling. Sorry, loved Granger but couldn't see Kensi ever asking him to walk her down the aisle (he never came across as the "fatherly" type).
  4. No problem. Good panel, horrible moderator, and idiotic audience questions (the box? Monty? seriously?) LL's tribute to Miguel was touching; Chris and LL "displaying" their emotions was hilarious as was LL's comment about thinking about reinterpreting Jimmy Buffet's music (Chris' influence). Dani's talk about her character's arc was interesting, but the boys brought it back to earth with their emoting. Enjoyed Renee (especially her talk about learning on the set) and Barrett and Eric. Funny that the entire cast was so awful at the "guess who said it" segment. Did miss Linda. Good. They've finally found a gal for Callen. Hope she hangs around awhile so their relationship can develop. Interested to see where it goes especially with changes coming for Sam.
  5. anna0852, You can watch it here: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5gn51k_ncis-los-angeles-paleyfest-2017-full-panel_tv
  6. This wasn't the sense I got from Gemmill's remarks at PaleyFest. Thought he said the big change is in Sam's life; Kensi & Deeks' lives change a little based on the finale. (just rewatched Gemmill on PaleyFest--said Kensi and Deeks' lives will change "a little bit based on the finale"--so doesn't sound like anything major). BuddyTV sounds like more media hype. If anyone's knocked up, I hope it's Anna. That would be hilarious! A little g
  7. I get what you mean, but the real Deeks is Shaggy--not Max Gentry. He never was Max. The real Deeks is a good guy who loves dogs, surfing, massages, snowboarding, cooking frittatas, and Kensi. He's no more Max than Callen is Walinski or Sam is Switch; those are just covers, parts they play--and they're not real. Sure, some aspects of those characters live inside them, but those "aspects" are very small. It would take something catastrophic to make Deeks become Max--and that's not likely. You're mourning the loss of a nonexistent character.
  8. I like the actor but the character is too unbelievable IMO. The guy's power base is in Africa. He's going to go after an NCIS agent in America because of his sister? Don't buy it. Besides, isn't he wanted by the World Court for crimes against humanity? Why would he still be in the US? That charge would have more weight than what happened at the military school. That's why I like bad dudes like Janvier and Sidorov--they're arms dealers who don't have loyalty to anybody or any country--and terrorists. If Khalid was going after Sam, he'd send somebody not do it himself. That be like Idi Amin going after Sam--not gonna happen--because these guys don't do their own dirty work. I know the stories are farfetched anyways, but when they get this farfetched, the story suffers (like that whole mole story--that was junk). True. Even the press releases aren't accurate. For Payback they said an NCIS agent was gonna be tortured. Unless wheeling Kensi around in a wheelchair is now considered torture, that didn't happen. Can't stand hype. Just write decent stories and forget the BS.