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  1. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    Nobody could do a lot of things they do on this show--or any other dramatic show (NCIS, NCISNOLA, H5O, Criminal Minds, etc.)--IRL.
  2. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    A family isn't just having kids, but if Deeks wants a kid that badly, he can adopt one on his own. Kensi has told him more than once that she's not ready for kids in her life, and I'm guessing that means any kids--ones that she gives birth to or adopts--because she loves what she does, AND she's also said she wouldn't do what she does if she did have kids. Deeks seems to think she's kidding--kind of like she thought he was kidding about the bar. Only she's not and she never has been kidding. As far as I can remember, Kensi has NEVER made any demands on Deeks or given him an ultimatum, but if he can't love her for who she is--including being an NCIS agent--then he'd better find someone who will give him the thing he seems to want most, kids. No, I checked when I saw how short she was. The minimum height for a Marine is 5 ft. I was surprised. He hasn't been hinting; he's been very upfront about it and it began in Season 8 and Kensi told him straight out that she wasn't ready to quit. It's as if he never listened to what she said or that if he brought it up enough, she'd change her mind (like some 13 year old).
  3. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    I think Hidoko's dead.
  4. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    I thought this was an EPIC finale and far better than any of the other ones I've seen this season (like H5O and NCISNOLA). Everyone--the writers, actors, and directors--were spot on. I gotta say, I like all the characters, but Callen is my man: he is so calm and collected even when everyone around him is out of their mind. I understand where Sam's coming from; he knows what it's like to lose a family member and I don't think he would EVER not do what he he felt it was his duty to do because of Kam and Aiden. After all, if anyone would understand it's those kids--they're both headed for military service themselves. As for Kensi and Deeks, Deeks has got to stop worrying about Kensi; she is who she is, and his worrying isn't going to change her. If her job bothers him that much, he'll need to find another woman. I always find it ironic (and don't know if it's intentional on the part of the writers) that Deeks--the guy who murdered his partner for verbally threatening someone AND beat a handcuffed Sabatino--takes the high moral ground when someone else crosses the line (man up, Deeks, and end your IA investigation). I'm sorry about Hidoko--that was gruesome, but that's Military--and I actually think Mosley won't be coming back next season (Hetty mentioned that she wanted to tell the whole story when talking to the higher ups and Mosley said okay. She's willing to give up her career for her son.) By far, my favorite thing about this was Hetty finally acknowledging how much Callen means to her. After all they've been through, it's bloody time she finally admitted that he's as close to a son to her as anyone. I'm not sure how they're gonna get out of that mess, but I hope the season premiere is 2 hours. Why would they? He still has a job with LAPD. They didn't walk when Hetty fired him. Besides, after Mosley "calmed down." he would probably have his old job back.
  5. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    Weird. Anna has "no redeeming qualities" and as proof she killed an international criminal who had been shooting at them, killed multiple innocent people, blackmailed people, laundered money, kidnapped Anna's father and beat his own sister, but Deeks is great even though he killed a bad cop who had threatened to kill a hooker and covered it up by making it seem like a suicide. Okay, I guess that makes sense in some universe. And, sorry, I can't see Callen with a "wardrobe" lady or clerical worker anymore than I can see Kensi or Sam with one. Just what Callen needs--another boring bomb like Joelle (yawn). Anna's a much better match, and to top it off, she's Arkady's daughter. If that was the only "redeeming quality" she had, it'd be enough for me, but I like Anna on her own: she's tough, no nonsense, not sentimental, and beautiful. Agree! I really like Hidoko and hope they keep her, but I'm not sure how she's going to fit in. There doesn't seem to be enough work for her if the entire team is back in S10 (not that I want anyone to leave).
  6. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    Why is it anyone's business if she's pregnant? I can see Renee sharing this with her partner, close friends and family, the rest of the cast, and the producers, but why anyone outside her immediate circle--especially fans--needs to know is just weird.
  7. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    I agree that comment seemed hypocritical, but that's kind of harsh. Thinking about it--and if Hetty's conversation with Keane earlier indicates that she's dying and knows she's dying--I think the one thing she REALLY wants to know is that Callen is finally happy. Hetty didn't save his mother, his sister, or his father. Joelle turned out to be a bad choice. Callen obviously loves(loved) Anna--and now she's in a situation where he might lose her. I don't think she wants him to be alone. Totally disagree. I can think of a TON of episodes from earlier seasons--and earlier this season--that were terrible (the ENTIRE mole arc, Come Home, This Is What We Do, Old Tricks, Golden Days and more). This episode had a good story, all the agents were working from different angles, and Morris wasn't nearly as obnoxious the first time we met her. I like Hidoko (interesting that Kensi introduced her as her partner and Deeks as LAPD) and the Mosley character (conflict is always good in a drama IMO).
  8. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    Weird, but I never think that with guest stars. I mean, we've seen Agent Rand in several episodes, not to mention Sabatino, DeChamps, and others, but I never think of them as "replacements" for the regular cast. I like having "regular" guest stars (especially Arkady).
  9. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    I'm trying to figure out what "female criminal" you're talking about. I know you don't mean Jada because she wasn't a criminal. A lot of his undercover work was either with Michelle or DeChamps, but maybe it was from the early seasons? Kind of the way I feel about Kensi and Deeks (Kensi will get injured or kidnapped or they'll have some other "issue") which is why I'm never thrilled to see a "Densi" episode--and we've not seen much of them this season (gracias TPTB). Like this idea!
  10. Spoilers and Speculation

    Frankly, if they never get married, that's okay with this viewer. I find this relationship incredibly boring and banal. https://www.spoilertv.com/2018/04/ncis-los-angeles-episode-921-where.html So, Deeks is getting anxious to leave law enforcement?
  11. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    Maybe not, but I thought Agent Rand was pretty clear that the Frankenstein murders were part of an ongoing FBI case, and I don't think NCIS will get involved unless invited by the FBI. Also, Kensi & Hidoko both said how glad they were to NOT be investigating the case.
  12. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    I don't think Callen had any thoughts about Anna doing something she might regret; I think he ran after her to make sure she was okay. When he said her name before he got outside, I thought that was more out of worry that she might have been shot. I thought this episode was really good. The scenes between Callen and Arkady were so much better than the scenes in Mountebank between Arkady and Kensi and Deeks. In Mountebank, Arkady was ridiculous; in this episode he was charming and funny--but not ridiculous. And he was dressed better. I also like the tension between Callen and Anna; the stress of their jobs (and things in their personal lives) are getting in the way of their romance. This fits their characters although Callen seems more interested in being involved than Anna does. I really like Hidoko, too. I think she fits in with the team well, and I don't mind seeing less of Kensi and Deeks (they're too cutesy). And seriously, why doesn't Deeks wash his hair? I think the second "half" of this season has been really strong, starting with "Goodbye, Vietnam." Only 6 episodes left. I hope they end strong.
  13. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    Agree that it's a security risk, but hey--they're in the espionage business. Would it really be that difficult to make a child disappear if both parents wanted that? It might be a security risk for Mosley, but if the government knew that he had the child of someone in NCIS, wouldn't that make him the subject of an intense search, something he doesn't want? Just a thought . . .
  14. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    Sam would have put Deeks down in about 10 minutes if he hadn't been pulling his punches, but Deeks was game.
  15. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    Mosley's affair and pregnancy would have definitely been noticed, but she also has the ways and means to cover up the name of the father (she has access to all the technology that's needed to create a convincing backstop). Just because Hetty knows that Mosley's child is missing doesn't mean that Hetty knows who the actual father is--and it's not very likely that she's going to do any serious digging into the father's background. Again, in real life, lots of folks in sensitive positions--including the military--have had affairs that haven't been discovered for years. In most cases, it's men, so they have no worry about getting pregnant.