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  1. Totally not! When Sam went after Tahir, he kept his cool--took actions to keep his team and Sabatino safe and certainly was NOT hysterical or frantic. Compared to Deeks in several episodes, Sam was cool as a cucumber. Deeks lost his cool in Spoils of War, Payback, and now (not to mention unwilling to take a shot when he could have). He's totally uncool whenever Kensi's in danger and not at all ready to be an agent. Deeks is a mess in those situations. Also, as dangerous as it was for Michelle, Sam didn't beg her not to join the Sidorov case--even though she wasn't actually an active CIA agent. Compare that to Deeks in The Silo--begging Kensi to leave and let somebody else do the work. Not even close.
  2. Agree. He can't seem to keep his emotions - and his actions - under control when Kensi's in danger. Not good for an agent (not even good for a cop).
  3. Oh, Lord, I hope not! I don't mind if they get married, but if it happens, I hope it's low key - like McGee's on NCIS and takes place at the end of an episode - and the writes don't make a big deal out of it. This isn't a soap opera (although sometimes episodes from past seasons have felt like it).
  4. Why would fanatics believe the FBI?
  5. No, she didn't. Those were her personal pistols--hence the question by Callen about their cost. Nobody in the office would be likely to take gifts from an organization or person under suspicion. After re-watching the episode (and I know this will anger a lot of folks), I just think Deeks is NOT agent material. I mean, this is what they do, this is their job. Sam loved Michelle every bit as much as Deeks loves Kensi (and vice versa), but as dangerous as it was and as much as he hated her being in danger, Sam understood when she joined the Sidorov operation (and yes, he broke out of jail to protect her, but he didn't ever ask her to leave that operation and that act didn't put the team in jeopardy). This kind of work takes a special kind of person--like any that entails daily risk and uncertainty (military, police officer, and more)--and not every one is cut out for it. I'm just wondering if Deeks is still cut out for it. I agree--not to mention all the smoke.
  6. I didn't find it odd. I always thought Mosley was talking more about collateral damage (but maybe not). Obviously, these guys are extremely dangerous. I was wondering if these people might be part of the group that was searching for Asakeem (I think he's back next episode). Isn't AJ in the next episode? That might be the beginning to wrapping up the Hetty storyline.
  7. I think the launch "bunker" was built to withstand a nuclear attack, so maybe the only vulnerable spot was the escape tunnel, and I would think they want to be sure that the people inside are dead which means they'd have to cause a blast that wouldn't cave in the tunnel so someone could check out the situation. It's an escape tunnel for the people inside, so bars might not be a good idea. And Kensi was chosen because of her size, right? It didn't have anything to do with SWAT not being qualified. And please, don't have them fill out paperwork! The show is less than an hour already; I don't want to waste more than 1-2 minutes on paperwork.
  8. It's not only Nell but Callen and Sam know Whiting has something serious on Deeks because she was able to compel him to help (the "arrangement" that she mentioned). I'm just thinking there might be some kind of fallout later this season the team learns that Deeks' killed Boyle. The character of Boyle isn't the issue, Deeks killing him is. It's also a problem that Deeks told Kensi because Whiting has threatened to subpoena Kensi, if necessary, and Deeks doesn't want Kensi dragged into this.
  9. Your comment would make sense IF Mosley fired the two pistols simultaneously, but she doesn't (I watched the scene again). She fires 4 distinct shots in rapid succession, so using sights on the pistols doesn't mean that she's focusing on two separate targets at the same time.
  10. Really? When was that done before on this show? As for this same plot, I don't see how--given all the problems this team's had recently and Hetty retiring--any boss would come in and say, "Just do what you've always done." And outside of Duggan, who else did that? Not Granger and Hunter only for one case (for a very specific reason). I didn't think the receipt was for the jewelry; I thought it was for the cash "buy in" Arkady had to give just to come into the place. I sure hope we see more of Finn (great scene).
  11. I like the way the writers are handling Sam's grief and don't think there's anything "sackcloth and ashes" about it. To me, it fits his character: the guy likes to work with his hands, that's how he de-stresses (building cabinets, restoring Jennifer), so working on something the size of this boat will help him. Just because he seems good on certain days and can function doesn't mean he IS good. Grief is a funny thing: you can go along perfectly normal and then something happens and you completely lose it. And I like Callen's comments. I'm beginning to "like" Mosley more--I think she's a good foil for the team, especially Callen--and there's more to her than we know. As for Harley, I never disliked her and am glad to see her get a little more involved. I liked this episode. It had some good partner scenes and was a good, tight story. Loved the twist at the end.
  12. Granted, but when she arrived, the team already had a reputation for excessive lethal force--and here they go again, killing the suspects before being able to question any of them. Again, we don't know what Mosley's orders are or what kind of pressure she's getting from her bosses in DC. That could be adding to her stress (also, she might have been transferred to LA and not be very happy about it). Yes, she's a professional, but that doesn't mean she doesn't feel stress and as the new boss, she may not want to look weak or anxious. Just guessing. I liked the episode (but hated Deeks' choice for a name--Princess Sunshine?) and really liked the ending--it seems natural for Sam to move to a boat because he loves the ocean. Maybe they'll be working on it in future episodes. (Also liked Callen's reference to Instagram--Anna's influence, I bet)
  13. Agree. They seemed to have considered where to place this episode in the season's developing stories. Last season, Callen mentioned that the ATF office is in Glendale, so Anna could be stationed in LA (I hope cuz I like her scenes with Callen). The interrogation was good; it's good when the suspect is clever--it makes the agents work harder.
  14. Yep. It was a lot of fun. Harimoto has turned into one of their best writers (he wrote 767 last season and that was good). He writes very tight stories--logical and without holes--plus his dialogue is good (the LOTR comments were great). Everything worked well and the acting was good, especially Sam's uc bit and Callen and Anna's dialogue. This kind of story reminds me more of season 1 which is one of my favorite seasons: more thinking and uc, less shootouts and car chases. Hope this is part of the reset Gemmill and Co. are workfing on for this season.
  15. That doesn't really track with what he said in season 7 when he introduced her to Kensi or season 8 when he said she always made sure that the holidays were the one constant--that sounds like someone who has their act together. And there's no indication that Deeks went to work early in his life; he went to college and law school, and he's always (as far as we know) been in contact with his mom. Besides, he doesn't seem worried about her behavior, just annoyed. Apocalypse Now is the film by Coppola (Godfather director) with Martin Sheen (if you can find it, it's definitely worth watching). Heart of Darkness is the novel by Joseph Conrad on which the film was based; it's good, also (probably on Kindle).