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  1. Sam's kids are in school (Kam was off to the military academy last season and Aiden is either still there or graduating). We can find out what happened to his house in one line of dialogue.
  2. I think the writers have done a disservice to Callen by not exploring his emotions and emotional reactions to things more in-depth. When there is a traumatic event--such as learning about his mother--his reaction is a few minutes of hitting a bag and then it's on to the case. With others--especially Kensi and Deeks--their emotions pop up throughout the episode (sometimes ad nauseum). I hope this season the focus is more on the emotional journeys of Callen and Sam.
  3. The latest from JPK:
  4. Here's a new case: Monty has a lady friend (or as Deeks calls them, a "ladybird"), and she gets kidnapped by the antagonist because her collar contains military secrets, so Monty has to rescue her--with the help of Kensi and Deeks, naturally--and then Monty and his lady take their place in the wedding of Kensi and Deeks. lol
  5. hahaha It's not his lines I'm worried about (that might be cool). It's the screen time they waste on him and the lines of the humans about him (like I care that he listens to NPR). XD
  6. Well, the first work calendar has been tweeted.
  7. jpk tweeted that Monty's coming back. I'm a dog lover--always have been--but Monty's just a distraction (like that box), so I hope that he appears very seldom and only briefly
  8. Oh, no! If there's one recurring guest character who is the MOST annoying and obnoxious, it's Deeks' mom!! Whatever "problem" she has with her son getting married, I hope she deals with it off-camera. I like the idea of another woman character--but I hope they don't have too much conflict between her and Hetty (that was so lame when Kensi always had cat fights with other female agents, like Talia and over Deeks--so unprofessional). The article mentions that the new Asst. Dir. will go into the field (like Granger), so I wonder if that means Nell and Eric will remain in ops more often (they kind of hinted at that at the end of last season with both of them seeing Nate because of their difficulty adjusting to violence and killing).
  9. Doubt it. Ditching Callen--so what? Hooking up with Sabatino? Again, so what? Went after Tahir? Yea, but he didn't kill anyone or hurt anyone. So, again, so what? Nobody--other than NCIS, LAPD, and other law enforcement know who Sam is. Any of his team going to snitch? No. Is Sabatino going to snitch? He's already gone. Again, not much happened when he went rogue. In fact, not nearly as much happened as Hetty's old comrades came to town--and that was because they'd lost money. Thinking about that, the drivers didn't need to be Tahir's henchmen. In a big city, it'd be easy to find guys to drive cars for a couple hundred dollars. Even if they were stopped by police, the only law they'd be breaking would be no license plate. Tahir could have pulled this off with very few men.
  10. The ambulance scene was a light spot and Hetty offering a drink to Beale--his coming of age (I think everybody else has been through that ritual).
  11. Same here. They didn't need more evidence. Yea, but I understand the comment. At the end, Callen's solo. The team is there, but it's not the same. I don't think the higher ups have had time to process that since the action's continuing the next day. They may get to it but hope it doesn't turn into another "Hetty goes to DC" story lines. Everybody gets leave for a death in the family (bereavement)--especially this time. As for "going rogue," what did he actually do when he went "rogue"? Did he kill anyone? Did he seriously injure anyone? For going "rogue," Sam was pretty restrained--his training kicked in. When Callen went "rogue" in Reznikov, N., he killed how many?
  12. I don't think this episode was as good s last week's. Last week's was more intense and I was expecting more intensity in this since Sam was out for revenge. It could have been. I wasn't really on the edge of my seat at all. There were some good scenes, but they pretty much flamed out. And it should have been Sam and the team not Sam and Sabatino; that didn't work for me.
  13. No big deal. 123BP didn't say s/he was the ONLY one who was right. (I only answered this here because the original post was here.)
  14. Yea, that's what I thought, too.
  15. After watching the preview and knowing that they said it was going to be a cliffhanger, my prediction is that multiple team members are injured during this episode, and we won't know who makes it until next season. The latest news on the proposal is that it's happening but with a twist, and I hope the "twist" isn't that one of them is injured (they've had enough to deal with), so maybe they just get right to it and get married (I wouldn't be surprised if Hetty can perform weddings). They can always have a second ceremony later--after everything calms down.