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  1. Callen has a girlfriend, so if you mean friends as in a romantic way, no. Why would anyone think that? Weren't they on their coms? It's her first name; Hidoko is her last name. I wouldn't think Hidoko's character has anything to do with Deeks. ECO has taken a ton of vacation days, so maybe you're right--maybe he has another gig lined up.
  2. Watched the sneak for Sunday's show. Why is Deeks so silly? He's like a TV version of Jim Carrey instead of an LAPD detective.
  3. Tunell put the calendar on Twitter and see that Callen's sister is making an appearance. Looks as if some of his family will be involved in an episode; I was beginning to think they'd all died or moved away. Hope the writers don't screw the pooch and actually write a decent episode (the most recent have been pathetic).
  4. Agree. It seems weird that we've seen more of Guy--the man who's sleeping with Roberta (who isn't a regular)--than Anna, Callen's girlfriend. I mean, I don't care WHO Roberta sleeps with. What became of his dad? Maybe they can't hire the actors for an episode, but why doesn't he even talk about them? The only time he has (I think) was in Fool Me Twice when he told Joelle he had his own family to look after.
  5. Since high school: Levis or Lees, straight leg (no bell, boot, or skinny), 5-pocket, plain (no sequins, stitching, rivets, appliques, or rips), no other colors. Casual are washed; work are dark (more "professional")--the only difference. Boring but comfortable - like Sam and his shirts.
  6. agree - on the fence about Eric (he has such little screen time and I'd wear shorts to work if I could) and Sam's shirt (why change what's comfortable? I've worn jeans since high school) like IMDB but someone missed the fact that two of those killed in the bar were Marines (or ex-Marines) with gang ties Thought the episode pretty much sucked. Stupid story - too unbelievable (yea, I know it's a TV show, but a hard ass killer is talked out of killing her main target by a complete stranger in, like 5 minutes?). Seemed like an excuse to let Daniela speak Portuguese (isn't there an app for that?) Would have been better if Callen had taken Paula (whatever her name was) out, then she and Kensi could have bonded while she died (more drama than talking her to death) Kensi's getting so "earnest" she's starting to get boring. And why is Mosley always taking Callen and Sam as her "arm candy"? Don't they have more important things to do?
  7. The team's "holier-than-thou" attitude? So when did one of the team sleep with a "target" when there was a spouse and child involved? When did one of the team work for a rogue organization and target another federal agent who was NOT accused of a crime? When she was being shot at, that had nothing to do with Callen--and he didn't have to tell her what he did even then, but he did. No, she didn't have it right that he was upset because he didn't figure it out. Sure, that bothered him but I'm guessing not because he has an ego but maybe because he called off their relationship because he didn't want to put her in danger (she had said she couldn't be with him because of his work) and then he found out that it was all a lie, that she could easily handle the danger. Obviously, he had very strong feelings for her--maybe even loved her. Callen doesn't get involved with women easily (unlike Deeks who was "involved" with multiple women before meeting Kensi), so finding out that Joelle's feelings for him were completely false must have hurt. He's not "the great and powerful Callen." He IS a character who thinks about those around hm--including Joelle--more than he thinks about himself which is the exact opposite of what she did with her husband and child. As for Callen's ego, he never hesitates to acknowledge his team members and their role or appreciate their work. The same folks who criticize Callen and comment about his ego are often the same people who defend Deeks and his killing of his partner. Talk about a double standard. (No drinks thrown.)
  8. I get it--you like Deeks. There's a big difference between what Sam did in trying to talk Michelle out of the Sidorov assignment and Deeks--Michelle wasn't an active CIA agent--her joining the operation was voluntary, and they had children to consider--and no one was in immediate danger; Kensi is an active agent--this is her job, she has no children, and there were MILLIONS in immediate danger. And seriously, if Sam had wanted to drown Snyder, he would have. That act hardly compares to Deeks torturing the cleric in Spoils of War. When Sam breaks out of jail, he puts no one at risk and he doesn't interfere with the operation. I won't even talk about Ascension because that was just the dumbest ending of an episode ever (glad Military has improved and is no longer so melodramatic). It's not that Sam doesn't have emotions, but when he's on a case, he doesn't put the team at risk or break the law. As LAPD Deeks killed his partner--an act he thinks (or knows) was unjustified (otherwise why cover it up?), and in Payback, he wanted to storm the church without waiting for Callen and Sam, and he attacked Sabatino--who was handcuffed--because he thought he knew where Kensi was (it turned out he didn't, but Sabatino did help them find her). Deeks is a hothead who probably shouldn't be anywhere near a gun if Kensi is in danger. You think he's agent material; I don't.
  9. Totally not! When Sam went after Tahir, he kept his cool--took actions to keep his team and Sabatino safe and certainly was NOT hysterical or frantic. Compared to Deeks in several episodes, Sam was cool as a cucumber. Deeks lost his cool in Spoils of War, Payback, and now (not to mention unwilling to take a shot when he could have). He's totally uncool whenever Kensi's in danger and not at all ready to be an agent. Deeks is a mess in those situations. Also, as dangerous as it was for Michelle, Sam didn't beg her not to join the Sidorov case--even though she wasn't actually an active CIA agent. Compare that to Deeks in The Silo--begging Kensi to leave and let somebody else do the work. Not even close.
  10. Agree. He can't seem to keep his emotions - and his actions - under control when Kensi's in danger. Not good for an agent (not even good for a cop).
  11. Oh, Lord, I hope not! I don't mind if they get married, but if it happens, I hope it's low key - like McGee's on NCIS and takes place at the end of an episode - and the writes don't make a big deal out of it. This isn't a soap opera (although sometimes episodes from past seasons have felt like it).
  12. Why would fanatics believe the FBI?
  13. No, she didn't. Those were her personal pistols--hence the question by Callen about their cost. Nobody in the office would be likely to take gifts from an organization or person under suspicion. After re-watching the episode (and I know this will anger a lot of folks), I just think Deeks is NOT agent material. I mean, this is what they do, this is their job. Sam loved Michelle every bit as much as Deeks loves Kensi (and vice versa), but as dangerous as it was and as much as he hated her being in danger, Sam understood when she joined the Sidorov operation (and yes, he broke out of jail to protect her, but he didn't ever ask her to leave that operation and that act didn't put the team in jeopardy). This kind of work takes a special kind of person--like any that entails daily risk and uncertainty (military, police officer, and more)--and not every one is cut out for it. I'm just wondering if Deeks is still cut out for it. I agree--not to mention all the smoke.
  14. I didn't find it odd. I always thought Mosley was talking more about collateral damage (but maybe not). Obviously, these guys are extremely dangerous. I was wondering if these people might be part of the group that was searching for Asakeem (I think he's back next episode). Isn't AJ in the next episode? That might be the beginning to wrapping up the Hetty storyline.
  15. I think the launch "bunker" was built to withstand a nuclear attack, so maybe the only vulnerable spot was the escape tunnel, and I would think they want to be sure that the people inside are dead which means they'd have to cause a blast that wouldn't cave in the tunnel so someone could check out the situation. It's an escape tunnel for the people inside, so bars might not be a good idea. And Kensi was chosen because of her size, right? It didn't have anything to do with SWAT not being qualified. And please, don't have them fill out paperwork! The show is less than an hour already; I don't want to waste more than 1-2 minutes on paperwork.