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  1. All Episodes Talk: Let’s Get This Place Cleaned Up!
  2. "The View": Week Of 12/10/2018

  3. "The View": Week Of 12/3/2018

    Me after I read this:
  4. "The View": Week Of 12/3/2018

    Please let it be this one:
  5. Small Talk: Viewers Like You

    ^^^absolutely STUNNING^^^ you have a gorgeous smile 💙💜🧡❤️💚
  6. "The View": Week Of 12/3/2018

    Oh here's an article about MM's poor behavior on Monday's show. The headline is so dand funny. https://theslot.jezebel.com/meghan-mccain-meghan-mccains-again-1830848408
  7. "The View": Week Of 12/3/2018

  8. "The View": Week Of 12/3/2018

    Oh my stars thank you for the laugh.
  9. "The View": Week Of 12/3/2018

    Do all conservatives have to follow the party line on The View? I thought the idea of this show was to provide DIFFERING viewpoints from women at different stages of life and with different politics and values. However, when ONE lone harridan continues to disrespect the rest of the panel and SCREAM and RANT and POUT like a spoiled entitled bitch, her “view” should be muted. One does not get respect without first giving respect.
  10. "The View": Week Of 12/3/2018

    H ha ha ha ha ha I LOVE it!
  11. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    There’s a blind item suggesting that theirs is a business marriage, not a love match...but I prefer to believe they’re really crazy in love with each other.
  12. "The View": Week Of 11/26/2018

    I went to a private school (scholarship kid) filled with the children of affluent and important people. I can remember the girls saying “My daddy is president of XYZ company and my daddy can buy your daddy TEN TIMES OVER”. Hence my complete and absolute hatred of those who tie their identities to their parents/family. No one cares what your daddy or mommy or aunt or whatever did; stand on your own two feet and make your own mark on the world. PS: I hate Meghan...her “I don’t care” attitude makes me think of this sketch from MTVs The State (really dating myself here)
  13. S05.E07: Doc's Stoned History

    Z Nation, an educational series 😂
  14. S05.E08: Heartland

    It’s so fun to see all the homages and inside jokes on this show. It really is a pleasure to watch.
  15. "The View": Week Of 11/26/2018

    When I wanted to quote your post I had to clip so many words 😂 What can I say, I am lazy LOL But I loves ya, GHSR!