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  1. S01.E04: F...This 2018.06.18

    I'm hoping that this is the crux of what Plum learns. Remember how she reacted when the heavy lady in the colorful clothes spoke out in the first episode? I felt Plum was envious of her self confidence, her brilliant clothes, and her "fuck this noise" attitude. I hope this is what Plum becomes: happy and confident in her own skin.
  2. S02.E10: The Last Ceremony 2018.06.20

    Guys this is the last time I’m saying this: People are allowed to feel whatever way they like about the characters on this tv show. People are not, however, allowed to harangue one another about why they feel the way they do. Make your point and move on. No real world politics are to be discussed. If it didn’t happen on the show it is off topic. Posts have been hidden. Warnings have been sent. From now on, anyone who can’t follow these rules will receive a warning. Thank you.
  3. Little People in the Media

    Guys, posting real addresses is definitely not allowed on PTV. Thank you! :-)
  4. S01.E04: F...This 2018.06.18

    Oh this episode made me cry for Plum when she realized her body would still be “imperfect” even after having weight loss surgery because of all the scarring. I love Plum and am excited to see where her journey through self-love and self-forgiveness brings her.
  5. S01.E03: Giving and Receiving 2018.06.17

    I thought Elektra was a lot better this episode. Maybe everyone's finally getting into their roles. I really like seeing the family dynamic in House of Evangelista.
  6. Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    This thread is for spoilers for the Hulu show, not discussing only one character. Let's take the general discussion about Serena Joy over to the appropriate thread, and let's be mindful of the mod note posted there.
  7. Mrs. Waterford, the gender traitor

    All right folks, it is time to stop debating the same points over and over. Everyone who posts here is entitled to their opinion regarding Serena’s motives, or whether she deserves character rehabilitation, etc. Haranguing one another is not conducive to keeping a steady flow of conversation going, and no one has to justify or explain their takeaways from the episodes. That’s uncivil. If you don’t like what someone else posts you have a couple of options: If it doesn’t violate site rules you can: 1) scroll past it 2) put that poster on ignore and never see their posts again If it does violate site rules you can: 1) report it and let the mods review it Name-calling and demanding explanations is not an option. Going forward, anyone who can’t abide by our simple rules will receive a warning. If you can’t find a post you made it was either hidden for being uncivil or it quoted a hidden post. Thank you.
  8. "The View" Week Of 6/11/2018

    There’s just something really likeable about Jon Hamm. I can’t grasp it, but if I ever get my finger on it I’ll let you all know. ;-D
  9. "The View" Week Of 6/11/2018

    I was looking for pictures of Jon Hamm and this tumblr came up...warning: it’s dedicated to photographic evidence that Jon Hamm eschews underpants LOL http://jonhammswang.tumblr.com/
  10. Mrs. Waterford, the gender traitor

    Guys, I know it’s tempting to draw parallels to the real world, but please, let’s leave real world politics out of the forum....it’s a PTV rule. Thank you all! -17WT
  11. Mrs. Waterford, the gender traitor

    Guys, I know it’s tempting to draw parallels to the real world, but please, let’s leave real world politics out of the forum....it’s a PTV rule. Thank you all! -17WT
  12. Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    Maybe if you asked the mods nicely we could work something out! ;-) Just kidding, guys, "puta" is fine! :-D
  13. S08.E23: Bitter Baby Mama 2018.06.04

    Guys let's take a step back from the Chelsea/Adam's parents' visitation debacle. We don't want to start sniping on each other. I know it's a volatile subject, but remember, we're among friends here---friends who love to snark on these moms. :-)
  14. S02.E08: Women's Work 2018.06.06

    Guys, episode threads are for discussing the episodes. If you want to speculate, please go to the spoiler thread because we all have our own preferences on knowing what’s coming up in the show. Additionally, please do not call out other posters in the threads—this is also off topic. If you think someone is breaking PTV rules, report the post so the mods can look it over. Thank you! -17WT
  15. Guys, stop snarking on each others’ opinions. Posts have been hidden. Warnings are next. Thank you! -17WT