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  1. Neither would I, but someone out there likes to LOL
  2. The same points keep being made about Fiona's relationship troubles. Time to move on. Thank you.
  3. XO no pest! anything I can do to help! :-) That goes for everyone! :-)
  4. @Tammee What a sweet post! :-)
  5. I don't know, Google says you can grill a brisket...besides, it's Amy, the one who thought putting all the meat in the microwave together would turn out fine LOL https://www.google.com/search?client=safari&hl=en-us&ei=hpNbWu-UD6HF_Qa_-JSYAg&q=bbq+brisket+propane+grill&oq=grill+brisket+propane+grill&gs_l=mobile-gws-serp.1.0.0i22i30k1.7156.11349.0.13317.
  6. @GHScorpiosRule, I truly hope everything works out and you get better soon!
  7. Katie is worried that the launch of Greg's new book might go poorly, so she enlists Angie and Doris to write positive reviews; when the book unexpectedly does exceedingly well, Greg buys a new car without consulting Katie.
  8. I could listen to Frances Mcdormand and Oprah and Barbra for probably an eternity.
  9. Queen Frances forever
  10. Set to premiere February 7, 2018, Butcher’s Block is inspired by Kerry Hammond’s “Search and Rescue Woods” Creepypasta tale. Olivia Luccardi It Follows will star as Alice, an idealistic young woman, who upon moving to a new city, comes across a series of disappearances connected to a mysterious staircase in one of the area’s worst neighborhoods. Along with her schizophrenic older sister (Teen Wolf‘s Holland Roden), they discover what is preying on the city’s residents. Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner), Brandon Scott (Wreck-It Ralph), and Krisha Fairchild (Krisha) are also onboard for the Max Landis (Chronicle) produced series.
  11. Trailer for Channel Zero: Butcher's Block!!
  12. Okay guys, let's take a minute to remember that all opinions are valid, and we should snark the show, not each other. Thank you! :-)
  13. Oh, believe me, I know all about The Smiths and Morrissey---I've loved them for thirty years. Seen Morrissey in concert seven times, read many books about them as well as Morrissey's autobiography. Origin aside, the writers of the episode specifically said they used that song because it speaks about thinking for oneself and rebelling against the norm.
  14. And if that's the story you saw, then that's what the story was. Everyone has their own interpretations and impressions. No one theory or possibility is more correct than any other. I certainly did not intend to condescend to you, and I am sorry it appeared that way. My intention was to provide other viewpoints. I like the second interpretation in that article, that Mia would be living with guilt and paranoia the rest of her life. Others may not like that, and that's fine.
  15. OK, then here's another possibility that may sit well with you (I personally like this one best): http://heavy.com/entertainment/2017/12/black-mirror-crocodile-ending-explained-meaning/ Specifically: Interpretation Two: The Police Weren’t There for Mia At All Varun Reddy left a comment below providing an alternative interpretation to the ending that is so fascinating, I couldn’t ignore it. Guinea pigs actually have very poor vision. They keep their eyes open all the time, even when sleeping. But their vision itself is relatively poor, although they can distinguish colors. A guinea pig’s eyes are located on the sides of his face, letting him see 340 degrees. They can also see 33 images per second compared to humans’ 22 images per second. But they lack depth perception and can actually be easily injured from their poor eyesight. So they rely on sound and smell more for navigation. This leaves us with a question as to whether the police were even able to get anything from the guinea pig’s memory that was useable at all. Varun suggested that the cops might not have been there to get Mia at all. “Cops were there not for Mia. The ending is about guilt shame and paranoia…” This is a good point. Just as Mia’s friend was guilt-ridden all his life and it eventually caught up with him, it’s possible that Mia may not be caught and be living with guilt and paranoia for the rest of her life.