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  1. I think it was the school secretary (I forgot her name) that Gamby was forced to fire last season.
  2. I looked for some pictures to post that had to do with our current discussion but they were all too yukky and now I need to shower. XD
  3. I almost spit out my coffee. I'm just imagining hearing this over a P.A. system and I keep laughing.
  4. I loved the whole scene with "Our therapist told you to rape me"! Especially her laughing and him becoming more and more embarrassed. They're really amazing together.
  5. I think this is my new favorite forum! You all are killing it with the snark! My kind of people!
  6. There's her book deal! She better call Simon and Schuester!
  7. I say it mentally ALL THE TIME and it never fails to amuse me. This is just such a fun show, and all four of the guys appear to be genuinely delighted that they're able to make a living messing with each other. :-)
  8. He said something to the effect of "scream and I'll kill you"
  9. The fact that Meadow, new neighbor lady "was in pharmaceuticals" pinged my radar, along with Harrison, new neighbor man waxing poetic about hives. I am 99.9 percent convinced Ivy is in on it, and is gaslighting Ally. I wish she'd stop, though, because I am officially sick and tired of hearing Sarah Paulson scream, moan, sigh, pant, whine, etc.
  10. Here are the posting rules for The View forum: If a post you wrote is missing, please consider whether it was breaking these rules. Also, anyone who has questions about posts may pm either myself or deaja. Mod actions are not to be discussed in threads. This thread is for discussing what happened on this week's episodes.
  11. This is a nice article. https://www.crixeo.com/blood-drive-show/
  12. The "And...scene" made tears form in my eyes. Colin Cunningham was the absolutely most stellar actor on the show, and he wasn't first choice to portray Slink! The creator/showrunner had to fight for him. I don't think anyone else could have played Slink so wonderfully. I didn't think it would get renewed, but I held out hope simply because of the many rave reviews from critics and the high percentage of people who liked it on IMDB, Google and tv.com. Also because Z Nation keeps getting renewed and I felt both shows were pretty similar. The episode does serve as a decent series finale, though I will miss this show and its characters and storylines for quite a while.