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  1. The U.S. is part of a compact with other countries where we enforce each other’s child support orders. Just like the individual states do for each other. The country where the custodial parent and kids reside can also forward an initial request for support to the country where the noncustodial parent lives and a support order can be entered there. It’s the country where the noncustodial parent (usually the father) lives that has personal jurisdiction over him and can actually make him pay.
  2. I think Paul lives with both parents but Dad doesn’t want to be on the show. I read somewhere that he works for Dad’s company so he may have job stability despite his kookiness.
  3. I bet Canadians can order every flavor online.
  4. Plus without access to weed, fewer attacks of the munchies.
  5. Maybe he will lose some weight on a prison diet.
  6. The pug nose was Rachel. She looks like the cover of that King Crimson album.
  7. She has a pug nose for one. Looks like a Shih Tzu or Lhasa Apso.
  8. I doubt Rachel gets checked out in bars. She is plain bordering on homely.
  9. The stories that I have read where violence occurred is when a trans person did not disclose that they are trans until sexual contact occurred. There is no excuse for violence but the likelihood is reduced if people disclose this info before sexual contact (especially if the genitals do not match the outward presentation). This does not need to be disclosed on early dates but certainly before sex.
  10. A tank top and basketball shorts is not a good look for a middle-aged man. And he is a realtor/rapper? Strange combo.
  11. Well if Hazel is Angelina Jolie, Tariq is Billy Bob Thornton.
  12. Those cam sites are filled with Colombian women. Must be hard to make a buck down there.
  13. She could be Sam Kinison’s lost sister.
  14. For a second I forgot Michael Jackson was dead. She looks just like that mug shot of him.