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  1. S07.13 Angel & Jordan 2018.07.18

    Man that CeCe looks like Rerun in drag.
  2. S07.12 Nina & Jon 2018.07.11

    So Max says there’s plenty of parks and they can meet at one. They get to the location and while there is grass it doesn’t look like a park. Google the address and it’s a cemetery, mortuary and mausoleum lol. How romantic. Oh, and aren’t webcam models supposed to be attractive? Even if she wasn’t overweight her face is all kinda messed up.
  3. I’m surprised that Pao can write as you can hear the air whooshing between her ears. When he was yelling at her he was channeling Ricky Ricardo. Chantel joo have some ‘splaining to do!
  4. I think Cindy is 65 and part of the reason she is upset is that it is harder to find a man at that age then 13 years earlier when she met Lucy. Much less a younger one like we are told Lucy is (the jury is out on that one, may have been a hard life so Lucy just looks like Cindy’s peer).
  5. I thunk part of the reason that Lucy looks way older than 50 is the smoking.
  6. Well she should get a job and a divorce then.
  7. With those eyebrows Molly reminds me of a drag queen. Maybe Divine in those John Waters movies like Female Trouble. https://goo.gl/images/oCzwqm
  8. I initially thought that Anfiasa was mad at Jorge because her father also had abandoned her and she realized it was a shitty thing to do. But nope, it’s about not wanting any of Jorge’s extremely limited resources going out the door. i wonder if it hurts your chances to obtain a green card when your American spouse is involved in drug trafficking.
  9. On the live show he admitted he’s not her brother, just a friend. Production lied.
  10. He will think of Bieber’s abs when forced to bang her. Now that David is sweeping storage unit floors he may regret turning down managing the restaurant. Especially as those jobs usually come with one free meal per shift.
  11. She is probably just going through Chick-Fil-A withdrawal.
  12. I thought it was a Pepsi branded cooler that opens in the front like a fridge.
  13. Apparently Chris wants La-Z-Boy to have two jobs, because housing in exchange for Fort Locks storage unit sweeping won’t cover food, clothing, or other incidentals.
  14. Braces aside he looks like Moldova man Andrei. I’m not quite sure why you need a police report to marry. Felons can’t marry now?