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  1. 3:03 Spies Like Us

    I agree, she didn't seem to care as long as she was getting paid.
  2. 3:03 Spies Like Us

    Poor Robert, he seems like a very sweet man. I hope he gets the financial backing he needs to move forward with his invention.
  3. S06.E08: Ready to Run

    Eric needs to invite Debbie so she can make beef stew for the guests.
  4. They film pretty frequently in my city and I always stare lol. It makes me uneasy to think someone might feel I am staring at them because of their race, sexual orientation etc. I'm just nosey and want to know what they are filming.
  5. Steven & Olga: Babies With Babies

    Olga reminds me of a young Alla. Perhaps if it doesn't work with Steven she will find a nice older man to help her with her son and bring her to the US if that is what she wants. It seemed to work out for Alla and Matt.
  6. Hopefully it won't follow a disturbing scene like "you liar, get out of my life" was...
  7. You know what classy to me is? Leida saying "we are having a small courthouse wedding, money is tight until I can work and Eric and I need to put that money towards all the children and building our new life together. "
  8. Maybe you could buy a bed if you didn't double the flower budget you stupid bitch. It is NOT the child support.
  9. So your family could see MY baby....bitch it is his baby too and his paternal grandparents have every right to see him.
  10. I happily snark on Jay and Ashley for their poor decisions but no one deserves those disgusting comments. No snark today, that is horrifying. Horrible thing to say but wonder if Ashley's EX bff had anything to do with his.
  11. Don't apologize to him Olga and yessss it is not up to JUST you to fix. Steven has issues.
  12. What a c u next Tuesday she is!
  13. Classy does not equal expensive Leida. Expensive weddings can be trashy and tacky too.
  14. I just turned 40 - looks at Eric- moisturizes furiously
  15. Yes and Jeremiah is a wife beater shame on TLC for keeping him on the show.