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  1. Another adorable baby from Will and Kate! I love photos of those kids.
  2. All Episodes Talk

    That part is so frustrating. I missed one episode and scrolled across the entire week to find a repeat, but, nothing!
  3. All Episodes Talk

    Friday nights were perfect for me, stressful day at work, come home and get to see Carson and Thom on my TV!
  4. S09.E10: Better Off Sled

    I want to second the comment on the animation, I think's it's the best animation on TV right now, and it's just gotten better and better. The kids' winter clothes were a delight. Every time they show someone else's home, usually a kid from school, it's got its own personality and the details in the background are so carefully thought out. Kudos to the animators.
  5. The chick in the Lindt chocolate commercial will not go away. Sure, I take off my pants, put on an oversized sweater and huge socks, get in front of a roaring fire, then eat ONE chocolate and appear to be orgasming. Sure, Lindt.
  6. SNL does have issues this season, the writing is indeed off, and for some reason, the camera work is off, I saw the camera on the wrong person several times. Who is in charge of that?? Overall though, it was a funny, lighthearted episode. I laughed out loud on Elf on the Shelf, and I loved Pete in Rudolph. "Well, well, well," was such a wonderful turn, and he did it perfectly. I adore Mikey, so I'm not mad at his anchoring almost every sketch this week. In previous episodes, he was nowhere to be found. I love Aidy, she's adorable, and I loved the 7th grade character. Onward to Matt Damon! I hope he slays like he did in the Kavanaugh sketch.
  7. S03.E10: Janet(s)

    Destination weddings are Bad Place worthy because you are asking your friends to cough up money for travel and hotel accommodations, as well as a gift.
  8. WE is known for Bridezillas, right? I would think they LIVE for snark, so hopefully, new episodes with a TON of snark!
  9. S03.E10: Janet(s)

    I'm honestly confused, what would it matter if Doug Forcett is 68, that he won't go to the Good Place? Can someone explain? I am going to have to rewatch this episode, it just went by so fast! Also...I've never, ever seen Ted Danson look short!
  10. I saw a listing of hosts somewhere (can't remember where now), but they placed him second best.
  11. I'm disappointed, but what do I know? I hated NPH as host and LOVED Ellen's last hosting gig.
  12. It's a shame all the different awards pick and choose, and the three standouts can't be all nominated at once.
  13. Not at all! I bet she loves and spoils them! It's probably people she can't stand!
  14. Marie's one silver lining is that she has cats. Being a cat person, she can't be ALL bad.
  15. Whew! I was really worried, actually. Hopefully NBC knows how passionate the fans who do watch the show are.