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  1. S03.E05: Jeremy Bearimy

    The podcast has some really great bits, more on Nicole Mankid--actually Mankid--and what Damon was doing in the episode.
  2. Unhappy women frowning while still cackling evilly and knocking down shots.
  3. She also said red-haired bride and zigzag bride were boring. I don't think I'd ever heard a bride on the show talk bad about other brides. At least not before that. Like, their personalities, not just their weddings!
  4. Tabloids love weddings, divorces and babies. I guess there's nothing else to talk about.
  5. Classic episode, Shots Bride is just as bad as Marie (Heads Will Roll!) but Marie gets all the online comments.
  6. "I love you but your driving is terrible. You're all terrible."
  7. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    That's really gross.
  8. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    If I was in charge of TLC, I would cancel whatever show they are doing right now.
  9. S01.E01: Keep on Truckin'

    Guys, help me out--what happened to Jackie's son? I missed the first incarnation of the reboot, did they recon him out?
  10. S01.E01: Pilot

    I was a Girls fan but I did NOT like this at all. I cannot stand Kathryn and I could be out just because of her, but I didn't like the rest of the cast, and I can't imagine where they have to go with this premise.
  11. S03.E04: The Snowplow

    I think I know the interview you're talking about--he was joking.
  12. Fargo In The Media

    I love that you're just seeing season two now, keep us updated in your progress!
  13. The menu selection from last week's episode are laugh out loud funny: http://www.vulture.com/2018/10/the-good-place-parks-and-rec-same-universe-theories.html
  14. Who is Brandon Maxwell? I want my Zac back!
  15. S03.E04: The Snowplow

    My favorite moments were Eleanor's conversation with Simone, and her exchange with Michael over the shrimp. I think Kristen Bell is underplaying Eleanor this season, her guard isn't up as much as previous seasons, so it would make sense. But she is playing her like a completely different person. Ted Danson is still killing it, as always.