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  1. Kara was so wicked even her eyes looked evil! What a garbage person, calling Emily boring and getting nasty over not being able to have shots at every moment. Then buddying up with the winning bride to be mean girls together. Wonder if she's still married, or if her husband likes that kind of person. Hmmmm.
  2. Agree with everything you said. I wonder if the pitch to these people getting married is "your wedding is on TV! We'll all know how much you paid for stuff!" The engaged couple was very polite, I would be super scared to say anything rude on camera about a total stranger's wedding. And yes, Four Weddings probably does ask the brides never to say anything nasty about the dresses. Leave the dresses alone, talk smack about everything else!
  3. Season 14 (2018) Discussion

    Also concur I dislike the guests, unless it's someone super game and uniquely talented. Also dislike the songs, there are just too many each episode. I do like three-headed opera star though. My least favorite game is infomercial.
  4. Kate Gosselin: Fame is Her Game

    Yes, it would be "the kids miss filming" excuse! Then find them something else to do! I'll admit, when I watched J&Kplus8 it was a hate-watch kind of thing, or like looking at wreckage from a car accident on the side of the road.
  5. There is now a thread for I Want That Wedding! if we want to snark over there.
  6. They are doing a great job with their PR, the podcast, the articles, the tweets--it's making people miss the show more than if it had just gone on hiatus and stayed quiet.
  7. Was it the outdoor venue? Is it Calamigos Ranch?
  8. I was shocked, actually, both in his being so forthright and the fact that that they are actually on Earth. I was convinced it was a simulation.
  9. Eye opening article from Rolling Stone: https://www.rollingstone.com/tv/features/good-place-mike-schur-season-2-w521461
  10. I'm put off by the fact that she says sometimes her blog is about sprinkles. Does she mean a dog named Sprinkles or actual sprinkles, like, on a cupcake? How can you just blog about cupcake toppings?
  11. The Men of Sex and the City

    Carrie's personality changed when she was with The Russian. She seemed super timid and, yes, like a clingy baby. I caught the scene at that party where she set up Enid with Wallace Shawn, Carrie clung to TR, then acted all weird and timid with other people Early seasons Carrie would have been goofing it up with the other guests.
  12. Caught bits and pieces of the marathon. Some of the earlier episodes were cringeworthy, but we all hate Carrie more during the later years!
  13. I agree it was a show-offey thing to do, it screamed "I work out, everyone! Look at me!" But, I imagine her thought process was that "zumba is a lot of fun, let's all enjoy it." I've done Zumba, it's crazy fun. So if you didn't want to participate you could always slink away to the bar.
  14. Yeah, there was no payoff and worst of all, no snark!