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  1. S20.E40: HOH #15; Final Eviction; Winner!

    The fact that he spent so much time with Bayleigh's family was actually a dead givaway that something had happened I thought.
  2. JC Mounduix: His Game Never Goes on a "Yatus"

    Looking at another interview he said the ice cream scoop thing was just a joke and they were laughing at it. I never saw it myself but that's the angle he's putting out.
  3. S20.E40: HOH #15; Final Eviction; Winner!

    When Haleigh was desperate for any kind of friend in there.
  4. S20.E40: HOH #15; Final Eviction; Winner!

    I was surprised at Brett being so popular, maybe some just thought he was good looking to them and that was enough. But Haleigh was popular and he was undermining her position. He got the comedy edit but he was shown as very sneaky too.
  5. S37.E01 Appearances are Deceiving

    Which isn't true of course, that's why you have people bandwagoning in sports.
  6. S37.E01 Appearances are Deceiving

    Good point on the opening challenge. One problem with the personal stories (and the music backing put to them) is that they are used like they are meant to be some shortcut to being interested and understanding people on the show. For many people they don't work like that and just seem neatly packaged attempts to manipulate the audience. It's better if they could gradually introduce people in more terms than putting people into cliched roles too.
  7. S37.E01 Appearances are Deceiving

    The puzzles virtually always decide those challenges anyway. For the opening episode I thought there was way too much blathering over the concept from Probst at the start and way too many background stories. So could this have been avoided, maybe they just got away with it in the past? What if several of them had been seriously injured and had to get taken out?
  8. S20.E40: HOH #15; Final Eviction; Winner!

    That can be spun different ways, Tyler would probably say he cultivated that relationship so she might take him to the end in these circumstances.
  9. S20.E40: HOH #15; Final Eviction; Winner!

    She had a strong social game within Level 6, she didn't really bother outside of that until she had to.
  10. S20.E40: HOH #15; Final Eviction; Winner!

    Two particular reasons I didn't want Kaycee to win. First I thought taking Tyler instead of JC wasn't a good game move. Second all the stuff about being friends with everyone when from what I've heard she actually kept safe within Level 6 for much of the game and didn't relate to the other side of the house much at all. I remember Hayleigh saying as much at one point. So that was pure bullshit really. And with his edit Tyler winning the favourite houseguest vote was extremely predictable. I skipped over whatever Swaggy was saying at the end. The time allocation wasn't good in general, nothing from several of the previous HGs.
  11. S20.E39: Head of Household #15

    A better title for this one would be Filler Episode as it didn't show any HoH result. I don't understand why they can't focus on the first part of this HoH and the strategy before and after it. There's only one episode left isn't there, why fit it all in the last program? There's no real reason to do this apart from that they probably always have. Big Brother is more about what is happening now than a few weeks ago.
  12. S20.E38: Live Eviction #14

    JC definitely wanted Angela out but maybe if he had any very very slim chance of winning it might v her? Big Brother has never really been like Survivor at the very least since I started watching (Rachel's winning season onwards), the alliances tend to be much more stable, which I always think makes it less exciting as a spectacle. The viewing figures reflect that as well I'm sure. With America's Favourite Houseguest I expect Tyler is the winner, his edit has been positive throughout.
  13. S20.E38: Live Eviction #14

    I'm assuming JC is a cert for final 2 now, I thought Angela would probably be more disliked in the jury house than Tyler so I didn't really understand why KC didn't evict Tyler. Final 2 deals only mean something while they are more useful than going with someone else. Maybe KC would beat Tyler anyway, but I disagreed with the decision. Maybe she even thought it was irrelevant as she has to win final HoH anyway, on balance she might have thought Angela would be a stronger competitor than Tyler when it came to the final HoH.
  14. S20.E37: Fast Forward; Eviction #13

    The rare times when KC was more exposed I wouldn't say she was controlled or measured at all. As for the jury the audience have been taught to accept that they won't see much over the years, just like with all the blackouts. It's very strange considering these people are deciding who the winner is. Me too, but in all societies I expect there's a tendency to think the opposite. In the US police give out mugshots of people arrested like they are already in prison.
  15. S20.E37: Fast Forward; Eviction #13

    How can you throw a comp where guessing is a big part? Obviously if it all goes a certain way, say KC is evicted, Tyler may then try and claim he threw it, but hard to get evidence. KC is actually in a stronger position to claim she threw it as she at least finished last.