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  1. S37:E12 Are You Feeling Lucky?

    It gets skipped over because of the favourable edit but Davie's reasoning that Nick wouldn't look for another idol because he already had one was completely wrong.
  2. S37:E12 Are You Feeling Lucky?

    The suspicion of Davie about Nick's idol was repeated so much in the editing it reminded me of Big Brother where something is repeated several times in a row as the audience is presumed inattentive.
  3. S37:E12 Are You Feeling Lucky?

    It could do with an extra episode, they always seem to rush things at the end now. Now that Christian is gone Davie is certainly getting the best edit by far. The favourable edits in this can seem too much though so I still don't want him to win.
  4. S37:E12 Are You Feeling Lucky?

    I know, but Christian's fans will definitely dislike him.
  5. S37:E12 Are You Feeling Lucky?

    Mike was shown to get his way though. One of the funnier moments at tribal was him saying to Christian something like - yes I know I've voted you twice but things change all the time and you have to make new alliances sometimes. I'm sure Christian's fans don't like him as he was wanting Christian out for several episodes.
  6. S37:E12 Are You Feeling Lucky?

    I wondered that myself, it must have been quite far from the camp and they probably set it up at the last minute. The one along the beach was probably similar. I'd be ok with it, she's more emotional he's more chilled, so could work for or against. As for Emily, I didn't even catch her name in the episode, she wasn't really part of this season. And all the speculation about family/friends who visit just makes me wish even more that they didn't. This is why I don't think Nick handled it well in either the placement or finding it himself. He should have hid it in a similar place as before and taken and used some of the string that always seems to go with it this season along with the idol note.
  7. S37:E12 Are You Feeling Lucky?

    What did Davie do the previous episode then, shit stirred so Gabby went home, right? Information is power on Survivor, and it's used to make moves. Not ridiculously insane. A gamble yes, but we saw Wendell gamble and get away with it plenty of times. If you get to the end and pull out an idol and say you never had to use it (you don't even have to say it was only for one tribal) it could help in the final votes.
  8. S37:E12 Are You Feeling Lucky?

    I don't find him fun in those though, more annoying. Both him and Nick played an idol when they didn't have to, and they should be the biggest targets, though the way this season has gone they will probably still think Allison is some mammoth threat. I don't think they are anything like as close as the edit showed Gabby and Christian.
  9. S37:E12 Are You Feeling Lucky?

    It ended up being a decent episode, better than the last one. Too much Davie recently for me, and he kind of raises his voice too much in the confessionals. Another idol with a load of torches around it and the location being made clear to the searcher. I'm still puzzled why Allison is supposed to be a huge threat. It's seemed to me that Davie and Nick have been the biggest threats and yet nobody seems to see that. Both Allison and Kara have seemed under the radar. Nick made a good move in placing the fake idol after one had been played, but a bad move in finding it himself as it just made him an even bigger target and could look more suspicious.
  10. S37:E11 So Smart They're Dumb

    As I said earlier she obviously went with the Goliaths, and that meant she most likely was targeting Davie as well, that would have made more sense than the edit which seemed to make out she was totally obsessed by Christian and didn't have another target (even though everyone else did as they all seemed to know he had an idol).
  11. S37:E11 So Smart They're Dumb

    I'm definitely not into the speculation of people's relationships on the outside, that's just another reason not to want family/friend visits. For me reality shows are all about the people in the game and how they interact within that.
  12. S37:E11 So Smart They're Dumb

    I think you often have to read beyond the confessionals in this, the storyline can sometimes be made a bit too simple, here being all about Gabby's big move and how it blew up in her face. It looks more to me like she wanted to go with the Goliaths at this point and she has been shown recently as being closer to Allison than Christian. It wouldn't surprise me if she wanted Davie as the alternate target should Christian play an idol. And that would have made a better storyline, her v Davie. I'm holding out hope that Kara and Allison play a bigger role than shown so far, for it to be a classic season than simply a pretty good one I think that's needed.
  13. S37:E11 So Smart They're Dumb

    Christian was the only one voting for Allison, looked like he was blindsided to me. Sure they split the vote, but that's expected if someone has an idol, and they got him to play it as well. I'd be surprised if he trusts anyone that much.
  14. S37:E11 So Smart They're Dumb

    They seem to see Christian's threat being his popularity. Gabby in contrast didn't seem that popular.
  15. S37:E11 So Smart They're Dumb

    I also thought it was for drama and he was always going to play it, it was awkward and I'm not sure if it was at the producers suggestion or not. It would have been interesting had the second target had been Davie, so he puts the target on someone but it rebounds on himself, which I think may have happened on some season. Despite all the talk at the reward I'm not convinced at this point that he is that tight with the others. Even with Christian though he helped him here he also seemed to keep him here in the dark about the actual vote. I suppose as the others look at it Christian has had to use up his idol, though to back that up they need to make sure he doesn't get another (or win immunity).