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  1. S06.E19 Nicole & Ashley D LIVE CHAT 2018.07.11

    She's really angry over that wheel chair. She wants to break up with him, she says.
  2. S04.E05: Laura

    I think they did. When Laura (aka Naomi/ June) was living with him, John (Dorie) gave Laura his bed, and he was sleeping on the couch. After John professed his love to Laura, they kissed, and the next morning he woke up alone in the bed because she had already left him, but she left the note on the table for him that said, "I love you too. I'm sorry." So, John goes from sleeping on the couch with Laura as his guest, to after the kiss with her, he woke up in his bed the next day - I assume that the show was dropping a hint there that yes, they slept together, at least once before she ran away from him. I think the show made it clear John liked her, I could see it in his character, but where I had a hard time buying it was from her. She didn't seem to me as though she was falling in love with him. She spent most of their time together acting as though he was annoying or a huge doofus. I didn't see as much affection from her towards him as the other way around.
  3. As I type this, it's July 2018, and for the past two months, AMC has been airing commercials for the new batch of FTWD episodes that they say will begin August 2018, and based on those commercials, a hurricane is going to hit the area, and John Dorie is shown alive, at someone's front door, talking to them. John Dorie is my new favorite TWD / FTWD character, so I hope he's on for a good long time, provided they don't give him story arcs that turn him into a bad guy or a mopey, depressed sad sack with PTSD. The Zombies in a Hurricane plot reminds me of the Sharks in a Tornado plot from Sy Fy channel's "Sharknado" movie. I hope we see zombies swirling around due to hurricane force winds, LOL. That would be fun. Now that you mention it, that does seem to be a very self-defeating strategy. Unless The Vultures mean that they hope that in-fighting causes those in the stadium to turn on each other (and kill each other), or to be over-taken by zombies... the zombies will kill them but not eat any light bulbs, ammo, or canned food. Maybe that is the thinking?
  4. S04.E06: Just in Case

    I've thought the same thing. I've wondered why FTWD didn't spend more time showing us how Los Angeles fell. I thought one of the main points of creating FTWD (as claimed by AMC and the show writers, etc) was to do that very thing - they said that the original series, TWD, had been on for so long that TWD characters took zombies for granted, which made the show a bit less scary for viewers. So, they said, they'd do this spin off show, going back to square one, and dwell longer on what happened to society when the zombie apocalypse initially hit. But they seemed to sort of seemed to fly through that part pretty quick. They had the survivors quickly get with Strand on his yacht and then start traveling the world. I wanted to see more of things like how did the military handle the zombies? How did every day average joe blows deal with it? But they seemed to skip over all that fairly fast, to the point FTWD now feels similar in some ways to TWD.
  5. S04.E06: Just in Case

    Aw, I love the cowboy character (John Dorie). Other than being a former cop, his personality is different than Rick Grimes. Rick was one of my favorite characters on TWD until around season 6 of the show, but even before Grimes turned dark and troubled, his personality still differed from Dorie's. Grimes is more straight-laced and serious, where-as Dorie is kind of quirky and slightly wacky, has more of a sense of humor. (If anything, I'd say the Madison character on FTWD was more like Rick Grimes than John Dorie - she came across as the female version of Rick Grimes.) You simply must watch the episode with John Dorie and Naomi (aka Laura / June) episode. She is injured, washes up in Dorie's front yard via a river. I believe that is the same show where we get to see more of Dorie's backstory. The guy is very affable. He plays Scrabble alone, eats pop corn, has one of those singing fish that works as his alarm clock in the mornings, has what must be the last working VCR in the United States in the zombie apocalypse... Also I'm a sucker for men who are gentlemen - he takes in the injured Laura and nurses her back to health. He's one of the few men left in the apocalypse you can go to for help, and he's not going to be apathetic and walk off, or try to rape or kill you. With Dorie, he doesn't seem to have a wife or kids, so we don't have to endure multiple episodes of him trying to protect a wife and kid or cry over them being eaten by zombies. Love, love, love the cowboy character. So long as the show writers keep Dorie the same. If they tinker with his character by having Dorie turning dark, or coming down with PTSD, I will want to throw a rock at my TV set. Please give the Dorie character another chance, and watch the "Laura" episode.
  6. S06.E18 James (K) & Cynthia 2018.06.20

    Someone on some forum once said that James sounds a lot like Cartman from South Park. He kind of does.
  7. S04.E01: What's Your Story?

    This is one of the issues I've had with Walking Dead shows - this seems to be more true of the original TWD than Fear The Walking Dead. My new favorite character is John Dorie. As I've said on two other threads in this forum, I really like the Dorie character just the way he is - he comes cross as being a little sad or lonely, but otherwise a decent guy, he's altruistic, and in some ways, optimistic. Such a nice change of pace from all the cynicism and negativity of the other characters. If the show writers deviate from that to give John Dorie story arcs - (like we've seen with Rick Grimes, Carol, and Morgan numerous times) - that have Dorie struggle with PTSD, guilt over killing, isolating himself, or becoming cavalier about taking human life, I will be frustrated and disappointed. Do all characters on these shows all have to be depressed, or be cynical, or going through P.T.S.D. all at the same time? It makes for some boring and repetitive viewing. And does nobody in the zombie apocalypse ever laugh, smile, or tell a joke? I can see how living in the ZA would be stressful and terrifying, but we're supposed to believe that there is never any levity at all by anyone? Sometimes people use humor even in stressful situations to cope, but we don't really see that on either FTWD or TWD. Was one of the characters you refer to here the John Dorie character? They established on another episode why Dorie dresses as a cowboy, has matching pistols, and is so fast and accurate with a weapon. Once you learn his backstory, it does not come off as contrived or hard-to-believe.
  8. S04.E08: No One's Gone 2018.06.10

    I was able to follow a lot of the time jumps, like around 90% of it, but man did I ever have to stop and give full, undivided attention to each show as it was on to grasp what was going on. In spite of that, there was the 10% or so I found confusing. I think Alicia is the sole surviving member of the Clark family (or whatever their surname was). Show began with the Mom (Madison), the Dad (Travis), Chris (Travis' son), Nick (Madison's son), and Alicia. Strand and Alicia have both been around since the earliest seasons. I am a big fan of the John Dorie character. Assuming they keep Dorie a decent guy, and don't turn him into another tortured soul who develops P.T.S.D. or severe guilt and rage (such as Rick Grimes, Morgan, or Carol), I am a happy camper. The previews for the upcoming FTWD show there will be a hurricane hitting. I wonder if we'll see zombies tossed to and fro as the hurricane hits, like the sharks on Sy Fy channel's "Sharknado" show? That would be fun.
  9. S06.E18 James (K) & Cynthia 2018.06.20

    This is from March 2017, and it has a lot of photos on it: Morbidly obese man with congestive heart failure weighs in at 843lbs after GAINING 158lbs in just four months - despite his dad remortgaging his home to pay for weight loss treatment
  10. S04.E08: No One's Gone 2018.06.10

    Very good point, about Alicia trying to kill Al, and in a most inhumane way possible (feeding her face to a group of zombies!) I generally watch each episode of Fear (and the original series) a few times, but even though I watched this one 2 or more times, the motives (to me at least) of Alicia were vague and muddled (including why she was so hell bent on killing Laura/ Naomi/ June and Al, the SWAT van lady). On another topic about this show: There was a camp fire scene at the end where Laura (aka June / Naomi) was explaining her actions to the rest of the group, about why she ran back into the stadium, or whatever. There was a similar scene in a previous episode where she broke down in that FEMA (or whatever it was) center where her daughter had died, as she was explaining to Madison what had happened to her daughter, after Madison and Strand rescued her from the horde of undead inside. I'm not a TV writer, but can I say as a TV viewer, I found both sets of dialogue rather unconvincing and awkward - and I don't blame the actress for that, but how her scenes were written. The amount of exposition necessary to fill in the audience in on what happened in those two scenes was just so... I don't know the word, maybe unnecessary or awkward? Tedious? Not sure what the right word is. Isn't there a maxim, or axiom, among people who make TV shows and movies that it's better to "show" the audience what happened, rather than have a character do a long monologue telling us what happened? I think I'd personally rather see a flash back scene indicating what happened to her kid than watch a five minute speech where she explains it all to Madison. Or, maybe that would've come across as a "filler" episode/ scene and would have been boring. I don't know. I just found the long, talky scenes where the lady describes a bunch of stuff to the other characters to be so awkward.
  11. S06.E18 James (K) & Cynthia 2018.06.20

    Indeed. "Ow, mah laigs, mah laigs!" "Foood! Chicken fraid rice, my favorite! Whyjd' you only get me one egg roll Lisa." Sorry I didn't have anything more intelligent to contribute to your post. :)
  12. S04.E08: No One's Gone 2018.06.10

    I know, I so do not want the show writers to Morganize Dorie, as you put it. I like Dorie the way he is. He's a nice change of pace from the usual Doom and Gloom mentality from all the other characters on both shows. From what I can remember of the show, (please correct me if I'm wrong), didn't Alicia say she was upset with June (aka Naomi / Laura) because she assumed her mother (Madison) ran back into the stadium to go after June, so she was blaming June for her mom's death? It was some kind of explanation like that. It didn't make any sense to me to blame June for Madison's death. Madison chose to run back into that stadium waving a flare to draw the zombies away from her kids and Strand. The only thing I can think of is that when a person is in deep grief - as I'm sure Alicia is, just right after losing her Mom - a person can become irrational and lash out, wanting anyone to blame for the loss.
  13. S06.E18 James (K) & Cynthia 2018.06.20

    For those above saying James and Lisa aren't delusional but are scam artists or know what they're doing. You may be right, I don't know, but based on what I've seen of these two in the two episodes, it looks to me as though Lisa may know what she's doing but not James. Neither James nor Lisa are very intelligent people. Both are, well, pretty dumb, but I think Lisa is slightly more intelligent than James (not that she is a genius, but not as dumb in comparison to James). Every time I see James on this show, especially after Dr Now confronts him, his facial expression often suggests he is truly, genuinely, mystified as to why he can't seem to lose weight. The guy doesn't appear to be faking or acting to me. I once dated a guy years ago who was as dumb as a box of rocks. I used to have a difficult time accepting, believing that anyone could be so very, very dumb (short of brain damage), but my ex was that stupid, so I suppose there are other very stupid people out there (and James is another one of them). Maybe y'all are right and both James and Lisa are in on the scam, but so far, my reaction after having watched them is that Lisa may know (she seems to have a tiny bit more going on upstairs than James) but James is so very naive and stupid (those "stumped" facial expressions he gets at times on this show!), leads me to believe he's not in on any scam. But, I could be wrong. I'm just saying that's my impression so far. I think James wants to, on the one hand, lose the weight, but a part of him is happy with the status quo and enjoys being sedentary, so in the back of his mind, he doesn't really want to change. Also, while part of him may want to change and get thin, he's either not willing to put in the work and self discipline to make it happen, or he's so very dumb he cannot comprehend that to drop the weight, he can no longer eat any old way he wants (eg., five burgers in one sitting, etc).
  14. S06.E18 James (K) & Cynthia 2018.06.20

    Are we sure that he did not eat the mattress? I'm not sure about that, but in the Steve Assanti episodes, didn't he get fast food on his way to see Dr Now? Or he got his medical ride to pull over, and his dad went got the food and gave it to Steve?
  15. I thought Dickinson told Hardwick she may have a project coming up, I can't remember what. I thought she told Hardwick some show biz friend of hers may want to cast her in some upcoming show or movie?? You could always go to her IMDB page, and that will tell you if she is filming anything now or will.