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  1. The original "Alien" I can't quite believe this film is almost 40 years old, and yet it still feels contemporary! Anyway, many great scenes throughout the film, but the real highlight has to be the "chestbuster" scene on poor Kane! Never saw that coming (and according to some claims neither were a lot of the on-set actors when the scene was filmed). A horrifying moment all round as the "baby alien" erupts from Kane's chest. Pretty decent sfx for the time but the shock value is brilliantly executed! I would have included a clip here but I think it's a bit gruesome even by today's standards.
  2. Shutdown Women of Qumar Duck and Cover
  3. La Palabra Shutdown The Cold
  4. TV ads. They really do my head in sometimes, especially at peak time. On terrestrial TV (ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 etc.) the ads seem to go on forever, although I think its more like 12 minutes per hour (which is the current UK limit); but that doesn't factor in channel trailers, which bites another couple of minutes into the hour - so 14-15 minutes typically. That said, terrestrial commercial TV is free-to-air here. When I used to have Sky Satellite, not only did I have to pay an expensive monthly subscription, but had to put up with those TV ads as well - double whammy. So it was quite annoying having to pay £50-£70 per month just for the privilege of watching premier film channels, AND having to put up with 15-20 minutes worth of ads and trailers per hour! So I canned Sky and went to Kodi. I'd be interested to know how many minutes per hour Americans have to put up with, especially at peak time? I recall watching a Super Bowl game a year or so ago, and nearly every couple of minutes there was an ad break! That would totally drive me insane.
  5. "What a Wonderful Day" - Louis Armstrong There is something incredibly uplifting about this song, sung so perfectly by Louis Armstrong. It certainly makes up for all the crap in the news and social media that can sometimes put a downer on your day.
  6. In God We Trust La Palabra Shutdown
  7. Well it finally happened - I pulled a hamstring while out for my morning run earlier today. Have never had a hamstring injury before, and it "burnt" like hell when I felt it go at the back of my left thigh. Couldn't run any more, could barely walk in fact. And the even bigger problem was that I was about 5 miles from home at 6 in the morning. Had I not brought my mobile with me I would have faced a rather long and painful "hobble" home. Fortunately, I phoned a nearby friend who was good enough to come out in her car and take me home (although I doubt she was very happy about getting a call so early in the morning, lol) Have had a hot bath to relieve some of the pain and tension in my leg, and now have a cold compress wrapped round it. From what I've read I don't think its an overly serious tear, probably more like a muscle strain. I'll give it 2 or 3 days before considering seeing my GP. Does mean that I can't get about though; doubt I'll be able to drive either. Even walking across my room is an effort, and my leg will probably be as stiff as a board tomorrow morning. Ho hum - this is one of those paradoxes: take exercise, keep fit, but then open yourself up to occupational injury.
  8. Eppur Si Muove La Palabra Tie-breaker: In God We Trust
  9. Very small peeve - but I do get a tad irritated trying to find the "sell by" or "best before" date-stamps on some food/drink items; more irritating are those foodstuffs that come in bottles or jars: you see the words "Best before...." but then it goes onto say "see cap" or "see base" or "see side of label" So then you spend another few seconds flicking the said jar sideways, upside down and any-which-way in the vein hope of finding the friggin' date! And when you do find the damned thing, it's barely legible due to a poor inking process or general wear-and-tear. Annoying, but not quite the end of the world, I guess.
  10. Gone Quiet Shutdown Tie - Talking Points
  11. Election Day (Part 2) Duck and Cover Requiem The Cold
  12. Arnie sacrificing himself at the end of Terminator 2. Despite being nothing more than a robot I was quite sad to see him lowering himself into that vat of molten metal for the good of humankind. Hasta la vista,
  13. 2 out of 7, which is still 2 too many. But then again I can't recall all of my childhood, but I would like to think both parents were "normal"
  14. Yeah, perhaps I was a little hard on that little Donna/Josh kiss scene. It was very well constructed I guess, even though it took the best part of 7 years to pull off! I mean I love foreplay, but jeez 7 years of teasing!!? lol
  15. Tough choices but I vote out "The Cold", not least because of the long-awaited "kiss" moment between Donna/Josh, but also the whole Kazakhstan thing starts to take momentum; plus we see the arrival of hard-nosed GOP cheerleader Jane Braun usurp the more rational & moderate Sheila Brookes. And what killed that episode stone dead was the soap bit at the end when Donna pushes her hotel room pass across the table in Josh's direction before heading off to her room. Josh is about to pick it up and follow her but I think Ronna picks it up first and chases Donna up the hall thinking she's forgotten it! Dreadfully handled, and not needed. Election Day (Part 2) Duck and Cover Requiem Transition