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  1. Digging up an old thread, but perfectly justified I think. Only caught this amazing show 2 years ago through recommendation; and I have to say it is wonderfully raw & desensitised compared to the usual networked "packaged" cop shows! Season 3 is my favourite by far - really hit its peak, until of course the network execs got involved and slowly let the show bleed to death via a thousand cuts. And the opening credit scenes still rank as one of the finest I have ever seen!
  2. Much love to CJ/Janey. She was a figurehead/standard bearer for me many years ago; and one particular episode struck an even more personal chord for me. Season 6 and "Faith Based Initiative" and press speculation that CJ might be a lesbian! CJ was even asked "Are you homosexual?" She replied in a very short-thrift manner "It's none of your damned business!" The first time I watched that episode in 2007 I think, I punched the air with joy after she said that! Which was timely because during an admissions interview at a university I had shortlisted in 2011, a panel member threw me a curve ball question "Are you gay?" Yes, that's right. "Are you gay?" Took me a few seconds to absorb the question; and then out of nowhere I recalled that very same West Wing scene and that very same question. After a short pause to recollect my thoughts, I actually said to all 3 panel members "That is absolutely none of your business!" That was the only university of the 4 I applied for that asked me that rather intrusive, personal question (am not sure if they were running some kind of "equal opportunities" policy, but they certainly didn't give me a prior heads-up for their need to know my sexual orientation!) Anyway, thank you, CJ :)
  3. Season 6: 10 "Faith Based Initiative" Season 6:16 - "Drought Conditions" Season 7:19 - "Transition" A few of the many "Josh" moments whereby I could quite cheerfully shout EXTREMELY rude words at the TV! Josh is without doubt a Prize A, condescending anal-orifice of the highest order! ...and yet, he has that special "something" that makes me still like him. (I feel dirty now: need to take a shower)
  4. Never really got into Ginger, although I quite liked her colleague, Bonnie - a slightly more sassy lady whom graced our screens several times up until s5 I think. Great shame she (and Ginger & Carol) didn't get their own little story-arc, or at least a one-off storyline similar (or a direct replacement) to CJ's "Access" episode, but taken from the view point of a "typical day" for the principle assistants! And as for "Agent" Casper: I did think he might flirt with Donna during his first couple of episodes, but it never came to anything. And I loved one of his lines, that probably has a ring of truth to it, even to this day:
  5. Thanks for the useful replies :) I did have a peek on Google Maps for a flight between Manchester, NH and DC. But its mostly inland. So I guess the rationale of flying over the Eastern seaboard to avoid cities and busy air-traffic, is a logical; and I guess we can forgive a few liberties for the sake of a good closure to a great show!
  6. Have just completed "Tomorrow", and not for the first time either, and it certainly won't be the last! However, the very final scene has the president and Abbey flying off into the sunset via a huge expanse of water! I don't know if this a geographical goof or not, given that I don't live in the US. But if they're heading home (presumably Manchester, New Hampshire) from Washington DC, what river/ocean are they flying over in this particular scene?
  7. Season 2: "Ways and Means" A lovely little scene between CJ and Ainsley. Ainsley, was not only intelligent, shrewd and a little naive at times, but exceedingly cute too!
  8. .... and how could we not forget his wonderful appreciation of Abbey's "magnificent breasts!" Clearly Marbury is respected quite highly by Bartlet (and Abbey!), otherwise there would be absolutely no way he would get away with such sexist and discourteous comments!
  9. Lord John Marbury - How could I forget "Gerald's" best friend, lol! An eccentric and completely over-the-top caricature of a British peer and ambassador. Couldn't quite believe in the character when he first introduced himself to the President in the Oval Office - suspiciously drunk, unshaven, untidy and a smoker to boot! Not the sort of protocols one would expect when in attendance with the leader of the free world. But I let that side-issue go. What I did find charming about Marbury is his dry humour and objective observations about how the US was dealing with keeping the global peace. And he really came into his own during "Dead Irish Writers" and discussing at length the "Irish Problem" with Toby. But I will always love him for his wonderful put-down to Leo and his "I thought you were the butler!"; and then later in the episode goes on and impresses everyone in the Oval Office by quoting an extract from the Book of Revelations - an extract that not even Bartlet could recall :-
  10. It certainly ranks as one of my favourites too: very touching, especially when he confronts Bartlet about social care for former war veterans:- This is one reason I love Toby - brittle, bullying and belligerent at times; but in reality he is probably the most altruistic/philanthropic staffer in the White House! I'm pretty sure Josh wouldn't give the issue a second thought; and probably not Sam either (although it would probably play on his mind). Only Toby (and perhaps CJ) would actually stand up to Bartlet and question what the government intends to do about the issue - rightly or wrongly. But politics aside, the final Act of Excelsis Deo, was incredibly moving, underlined by "The Little Drummer Boy" song running throughout the military funeral. That and having Mrs Landingham accompany Toby really topped it off, and had me in floods of tears!
  11. Fair enough I suppose. And to be honest, I stopped watching Game of Thrones midway through S5. Bored me senseless; so I guess I share your angst/antipathy. :)
  12. if you like political campaigning, then I would definitely suggest you dip your toe midway through S6 ("A Change Is Gonna Come") and stay with it till the end of S7 and closure! Yes, there's some silly stories going on back at the White House, which are rather tiresome; but the Democratic Presidential nomination campaigns make up for all that,especially with the arrival of Alan Alda's statesman-like Republican, Arnold Vinick!
  13. Ah, the "Presidential Voice". I recall that episode - "Freedonia". And I particularly loved the scene between Josh and Santos after Josh had fired Amy. Josh really put the fire under Santos when he said "Here's what Amy won't tell you about the presidential voice: you have to become President to use it!" But then it was equally fun watching Amy wrap tape around Josh so that he won't go calling journalists about Santos' one-off tv commercial. And Josh just sits there and takes it!
  14. Many fine episodes from S2, with all the usual suspects way out in front (Two Cathedrals, ITSOTG, 17 People) But for me the stand-out episode is "Noel", if only because we get to see the gradual unravelling of Josh's thin veneer of bravado and aggressive belligerence at the hands of Dr Stanley Keyworth! Right from the opening scenes between the two men, Josh was immediately on the offensive with some quite spiteful salvos:- Of course Stanley has probably seen it all before with other patients suffering from PTSD but are in complete denial over it. So it was kind of cool letting Josh have his childish vent before coming back with the "How did you cut your hand, Josh?" non-reply; followed by a great putdown of his own I loved every moment from that episode, purely because it focuses on Josh and how he handles his devastating personal trauma both personally and especially to his work colleagues - not least to the President, confessing that But Josh goes off the rails at the president in the Oval Office anyway! But the the 3rd Act, Josh really is on the defensive, more so now that the good Doctor diagnosed his condition within 5 minutes of meeting him, and that the sound of horns or bells are the triggers that might send Josh down a hole..... but then we have Leo and his truly wonderful "Guy walking down the street...." tale, followed by A great episode with some terrific scenes and wise words of wisdom!
  15. @Melancholy. You have certainly opened my eyes/and mind, to your detailed & supportive explanations of the characters I really didn't have much time for! You make many salient points, especially for Debbie: and when I think about it more, you're absolutely correct with her and how she interacts with the president, taking a more direct approach compared to the perceived "nannyism" twixt Mrs Landingham & Jed - which was perfectly embellished in "Two Cathedrals" That said, I still didn't like Debbie "whack job" Fiderer! As for Amy - she reminds me of myself during my time at university not so long ago: outspoken, belligerent, combative and stubborn on certain issues I felt quite strongly about (and still do, although perhaps I have "calmed down" since those heady days, lol) As a consequence, whenever I watch Amy I have a personal guilt-trip because I sometimes see myself in her, and the sudden realisation of "OMG, I really don't like you, and nor do a lot of people. So what does that say about me?" So yes, I think my dislike for Amy is one of personal/awkward reverence, in all honesty. I only really liked her when she was going head-to-head with Josh (although I must say that I was shouting some rather rude words at the TV when she dropped his mobile phone into the bubbling stew, and cut the cord to the landline phone Josh was talking on! ) And don't get me started on her really DIRTY bare feet in the very same episode ("We Killed Yamamoto" I think). But at least she wasn't Mandy, ha! Rant over :)