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  1. I was born in South Africa in 1993, but by the age of 10 or 11 we all moved to England to live permanently. However during my early school years in SA I remember a couple of spooky incidents that left an impression not just with me, but my teacher and 10 or 12 other kids in the class. The school was built in the late 1980s, replacing a row of old shops that had remained vacant for years. I can't remember specific days but I do recall having a music lesson in one of the classrooms. I was about 8 or 9 I think (2001/2). And in the classroom was my music teacher and about 14 other kids, all of us trying to play music either using a flute, triangle, tambourine, recorder, and a single drum. Half the class had these musical instruments, while the rest of us, (myself included), had to sing out loud. I can't recall the song, but about half way through we all heard 4 or 5 notes being played on the piano. Now the piano was on the far side of the classroom, no one was near it, and there was no need to use it for this particular lesson. Moreover the lid was closed, yet all of us - including our teacher - heard those 4 or 5 distinctive piano-sounding notes. They weren't just randomly played either, but seemed to flow with our song. Our classroom was the only musical classroom in the school, and so no other pianos other than here. And it could not have been from a car radio because the main road was on the other side of the school grounds. We were all stunned. And after a few moments my teacher suggested we start the song from the beginning again, but listening intently for the piano. However, nothing happened. We tried a third time but nothing. And then the class had ended and that was that. None of us were sure what to say or what to do, even though ALL of us heard it. Anyway, about a month later, I had another music lesson, same kids, same tutor, same classroom. We'd had other music lessons in the intervening weeks but nothing to report, but then again we didn't play that song then either. However, on this occasion we did.... and guess what? Those 5 piano notes played at exactly the same point as last time, We all heard it, and again the piano lid was closed and no one was near it. We sang the song again, but nothing. The following week we tried the song again but nothing. In fact it never happened again during my remaining few weeks with the school. And I didn't think more of it until years later when I raised those two incidents to a couple of former school friends who were there with me. They told me that before the school was built a row of old shops were demolished, including a musical store, which was owned by an oldish guy who used to tune and repair pianos there. And that there was every chance his store was built where the musical classroom is now, and that from time to time his spirit can be be heard playing a piano! That's the only time I have bore witness to any sort of ghostly residual afterlife. Not particularly scary because both incidents happened during the day and in the company of other people. But it certainly sends a shiver down my spine every time I think about it now.
  2. Planes, Trains and Automobiles A lovely buddy-comedy starring the late great Steve Martin and John Candy. The slapstick comedy was great, and they bounced off each other very well, and certainly had great chemistry together. The ending was also incredibly moving - had me in tears!
  3. Another one that shares the exact same episodes for eviction as @Melancholy, and for exactly the same reasons, but also... The Pilot, being a pilot felt a little unsettling for a number of small reasons; the wishy-washy music to the opening credits; Leo's entry into the West Wing and how there's 3 police officers at the entrance along with a security pass machine, all of which were dumped from episode 2 (along with everyone's ID cards hanging round their necks). The very opening shot of Sam chatting to a reporter and instantaneously hooking up with Laurie across the bar - just like that! (plus the inevitable bedroom scene so that we can see how manly Sam is and his 6 pack chest, which got me thinking this is going to be a silly "this is all about Rob Lowe" show). Then there's the introductory scene of CJ on the treadmill, but then falling on her arse because she can't multitask a text message - which gives the impression that CJ is some kind of incapable woman; Then there's a bit of exposition between Josh and Donna with regards "Donnatella Moss, when did you start working for me?" as if he didn't already know. And then there's Mandy, that really sank the entire episode like a lead balloon inside another lead balloon filled with 100 other lead balloons. Six Meetings.... Zoey. She irritated me back then, and she remained consistent with that throughout the entire show! And the idea of her grabbing Charlie and forcibly kissing him in the corridors of the West Wing, would be seen as sexual harassment these days, perhaps even assault! But of course because it's the president's daughter it's okay! Mr Willis .... CJ not understanding the Census. I mean really!!??
  4. We are 1cm taller in the morning than in the evening 300 million cells die in adult body every minute, but produces 300 billion new cells every day! The average man/woman can go without food for 20 days, but can survive only 2 days without drinking.
  5. Well thank you muchly for all the good feedback! Seems there are variations of the term Downtown (and Uptown), depending on where you are; but there's a certain logic there that I can just about cling on to. Although I had to laugh @bilgistic comment ... just confuses me and my 10 brain cells even more, lol I am due to visit the States next year, but I think I'll just stay way outta any sort of "town" and just stick to the sticks, ;-> Thank you again, folks!
  6. I am big fan of the original Evil Dead films - they were not terribly frightening, but the blood & gore was so OTT that you just enjoyed the goofiness of it all; helped a great deal by the charismatic Bruce "Groovy" Campbell. However, for whatever reason, an "Evil Dead" reboot was dug up in 2013, but should have been cremated, buried and summarily pissed on shortly after! A truly dreadful film - no story, awful acting, wayward direction and shabby editing. A soulless film with empty characters. The only difference compared to the original is that more money has been thrown at the film along with a bucketload of CGI. But none of that made an ounce of difference. It's still poor. The blood and gore have also been ramped up to distract the viewer from the lack of any real suspense. Instead let's just shock-the-shit out of people with some good old torture-porn. But again, unlike the originals (and the rather splendid "Ash Vs Evil Dead" TV show), there's absolutely no wacky outrageousness about the violence; it was all done to seriously shock in a very sadistic way. Definitely not groovy at all!
  7. Bastet is right! It's a joint (back leg) of pork that has been cured a certain way, and can be served as ham slices, steaks or as joints. Here in the UK sliced gammon is quite popular at carveries and Christmas Day dinners, either as the main meat or shared with beef or turkey. Gammon steaks, on the other hand, can be served with chips (fries), fried eggs and veg etc - absolutely gorgeous!
  8. I do have most of his books in my bookcase, including "Prehistory....", so it's definitely on my "next book to read" list! And the "Cow Tools" sketch is really weird, yet somewhat familiar ... but not quite! And that's the beauty of Larson's Far Side world, and I love it because you sometimes have to do a double-take at either the one-liner joke, and/or the cartoon itself
  9. My parents and I, are South African, and we can drink white wine by the bottle and not feel the consequences the day after. However, none of us can get past one glass of red wine without feeling sick & hungover before we've even got truly started!
  10. I'm just another irritating Millennial, but my parents used to own one of those radio things. Give me DAB radio everytime, lol
  11. Sounds like the voice of experience, lol. I don't think I would have the nerve to resort to physical retribution unless some guy tried to put his hand up my skirt or something equally intrusive. And talking of crowded trains, another bugbear is people who talk out loud on their mobile phones; even putting it on speaker so that everyone can hear!
  12. Had to do a Google on that one, and OMG 1964!!! I don't even think my parents were born back then! Err, I guess you yourself probably wasn't born back then either? lol
  13. A great scene in episode 2 ...but for every upside there's always a downside - in this case the arrival of Mandy in her Beemer :(
  14. Ah, now everything becomes clearer now! I was just a little slow connecting the dots :) So most police stations in large US cities are located centrally? I guess that makes sense if crime is higher centrally. Am too young to remember "Uptown Girl", but will give it a listen soon. Thanks again :)