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  1. S07.E02: The Rorqual Affair

    All I know is that I have been waiting almost my entire life to hear that riff about stupid little masks.
  2. Hopefully the Triad stick around. If New York is full of Blaculas, even Jefferson Twilight will have something to do. So.. did Colonel Gentleman adopt Hitler? I'm not sure it's the same dog.
  3. I never actually stopped liking this show, but I am still surprised at how back into it I am. The later seasons were entertaining, but I just didn't feel like I was in a continuing story any more, because every season the writers seemed more interested in adding more new stuff than actually developing what they'd already started. Even at the very beginning, the characters were mostly "pinball protagonists," who just reacted to whatever was going on around them instead of really defining their own arcs, but the writing itself followed a strong narrative outline, so I felt that the big questions were eventually going to be answered. In the latter half of the series, I'd lost faith in that. Happy to be wrong.
  4. I liked it. I mean, it wasn't one of the all-time greats, but it mostly kept me chuckling, and I actually laughed out loud many times. It's a roast. It's not meant to be Dostoyevski. Bruce was obviously a Big Respected A-List Star to most of the roasters, but they were generally willing to bust his chops anyway. So... immensely better than the James Franco installment, in which everyone basically just wanted to blow him. I thought, for the most part, that the ladies were going into it harder than the men this time. Cybil and Martha are at the point in their careers where they finally don't have to give many fucks. And it works for them. Nikki Glaser showed some solid professional comedy chops, even while breaking a couple of times to reveal that no one is more surprised than she is at her presence there. But Comedy Central has that new roast battle show that she's one of the judges on, so that's why. Jeff is, too. I give it at least a B minus, probably a good solid high B. Not a B plus, but... still... not bad to drink and laugh at. Put me down for another one that misses Giraldo, though. Not because other people (not particularly Levitt, but. for one example, Ross,) are not capable of running the shit out of a great roast, but Greg did seem like he born to it. And I really liked his solo comedy too. I miss him, that's all, and these events do remind me.
  5. S03.E06: Band Candy

    Still waters run deep. Quiet nerdy girls often fall very hard for bad boys. In which case the main differences between Actual Teenaged Joyce and Magical Faux Teenaged Joyce are simply that a. She has a bad boy giving her the opportunity to run around getting in trouble, and b. She may not have her adult emotions (or, in fact, apparently the full range of adolescent emotions,) but she does have her adult memories. So she's not worried, for example, about losing her virginity or getting in trouble with her parents.
  6. S03.E06: Band Candy

    But.. why would anyone want to kiss rocks? Oh. Wait. I get it.
  7. S03.E05: Homecoming

    I love Cordelia's ability to bluff her way through a situation terrifyingly. And I will never stop loving the whole "Long story," "Did X," "Apparently not so long" schtick.
  8. S02.E08: The Good Twin 2018.06.29

    This was great! First episode I've watched sober turns out to be perhaps the zaniest one they've made yet, so I actually laughed even more than I usually do. I'll be honest here: I watched the original "GLOW" because it was on in front of me and I was a horny teenager, and it had a bunch of scantily clad girls on it. In other words, I watched it for the exact same reasons I watched "Solid Gold." But I really didn't think the (original's) jokes were funny or songs/ideas were clever. It didn't even get to the "so stupid it's funny" level very much. Mostly it was just "regular stupid, but I'll keep watching this anyway because internet porn hasn't been invented yet." Hell, back when I was watching original GLOW, my family didn't even have a VCR! This incarnation around, they did a good job of capturing the original spirit while actually doing it much better. I think that, for the most part, they've kept the balance of "'real' show" versus "show within a show" exactly right. But for this point in the series run, this was due. The story was set for it, I as a viewer was set for it, and holy shit were the writers and actors set for it! Usually I watch the news with my morning coffee. This was much more fun.
  9. S02.E07: Nothing Shattered 2018.06.29

    For the most part, I've been forcing myself to watch this season slowly, so I can get a few days out of it instead of just racing through all the story arcs in one night. But, this time, I had to take a break and watch something else before going back to it. Oh, I agree with everything that everybody has said was well done, but that argument was just too real to be enjoyable. About halfway into it I realized how uncomfortable and unhappy it was making me feel. Kudos to the writers and actresses, but that was not what I tune into this particular show for. Once I accepted that, took a break, and then came back to finish later, everything afterward rolled along fine again.
  10. S03.E03: Faith, Hope and Trick

    Season 3 will probably always be my favorite, and this is the ep that really starts it.
  11. There is a (probably true) spoiler about casting flashed at the very end of this video. It can be avoided simply be looking away from the cren once the video is near its end. The comedy is all verbal anyway. But, just to play it co,mpltely safe, let's see i I can post a video link inside spoiler tags...
  12. S02.E04: Inca Mummy Girl

    Huh. I figured when I first watched it that she was a "regular, (by US stanards,) mostly-Spanish" Latin American, but I could swear I remembered later reading somewhere that she was Italian. Feh. So be it, then. My phenotype nitpick still stands, but any time I'm just drunkenly remembering things that may or may not be actual facts... then I guess all I can say is there's room for correction. Thanks to those who bothered to chime in and do so.
  13. S02.E04: Inca Mummy Girl

    She's from Italy. She'd be fine as a contemporary Latin American, but in pre-Columbian times they looked Asian, not Mediterranean.
  14. That Theme Song

    I'm finally giving it a long overdue whatevereth rewatch. And I do still stand by my above-posted explanation of why I actually don't dislike the original theme... But there is a better song they could have used.
  15. S04.E12: You've Got to Hide Your Liv Away

    All this talk about the power of brains has me thinking that perhaps the mechanics of how it works have not changed as much this season as I've believed. You know how there's a certain type of drunk that dosn't even wait to be drunk? I'm not talking about the guy who sneaks a beer with lunch and goes on with his life. I'm talking about the normally quiet person, who, five minutes into his first drink, is roaring with laughter at his own jokes and screaming at the football players on TV. Becaue he likes being drunk more than he likes being himself, and so he embraces the personality change way, way more than the amount of alcohol in his system can possibly explain. I think Liv has evolved into that kind of brain addict. Being a zombie took away her career, her family, her engagement, and in general just took away her control of her daily life. What did she have instead? Solving crimes with Ravi and Clive by literally thinking like someone else. That's her escape from being fully immersed in the problems of being Liv. Even when she wants to get off one brain as quickly as possible, whenever possible she does it by choosing a different pure brain. Even before brain tubes became publicly available, once she learned about them she could have started doing the same thing by mixing little bits of several different cadaver brains that for some reason nobody in Seatle PD keeps track of. But as long she's stuck being a zombie, a significant part of her really doesn't want to just be herself. And that's why she's diving into the personality of the week harder these days. No doubt some other zombies have the same problem. And I think Angus has something similar, although in his case it's not a compulsion to be the dead person. It's a desire to look down on how weak and poor and, in his world view, inferior they were. He's not going into it for the maximum empathy experience, because to him it's more like... trying to watch "Jersey Shore" with a straight face... because God told you to. Now, do I still actually think the writing staff is good enough to have thought of all this? Beats the fuck out of me. But there's only one season to go, and I want to keep liking this story enough to see how it ends. So this is my fanwank, and I'm sticking to it for as long as possible.