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  1. Khalil is a named character on a TV show. That means that if a wound does not kill him immediately, it's not going to.
  2. S05.E09: Elseworlds Part 1

    That was a crappy Flash episode. The best thing about it was seeing Clark and Lois, which realistically should have taken place on the Supergirl installment. I feel like she forgot to tell her cousin that the shows were trading time-slots. Writers, you have failed this series!
  3. Elseworlds Crossover Live Thread

    Please let this whole muttonchop thing be a heavy metal cult trying to bring back Lemmy. And please let them succeed.
  4. Elseworlds Crossover Live Thread

    Hey, I just figured out what's up with the shrink. He's going to become Aquaman! Because he has a mullet! Get it? I'll be here all week.
  5. Elseworlds Crossover Live Thread

    So I guess the big twist this week is that Barry is still a clueless fool but we're not the only ones noticing it any more?
  6. Elseworlds Crossover Live Thread

    Yes, let's give lots of power to Hairy Jordan Peterson.
  7. S02.E06: No More Mr. Nice Kai

    I fucking loved this one! I do not pretend to actually understand every single side effect of Fiji beoming Evil-Adjacent, but I do understand that one of those side effects is apparently the entire show becoming interesting! Not only were there some plot twists that I legitimitately respected, but even the silly cheesey shit was pretty damned fun. My biggest complaint is probably the implication that, just because Lem is no longer human, he has to stop wearing awesome shirts!
  8. S02.E05: Drown the Sadness in Chardonnay

    All I know is invisible people die awfully quickly from two inch deep stabs to the eyeball.
  9. S02.E04: I Put a Spell on You

    This was a delightful low-brow forty minutes of entertainment, which is exactly what the show does best. At its worst, this series reminds me of a typical crappy episode of late-season Buffy. At its best, it reminds me of a crappy but funny episode of late-season Buffy. Shit, they even had a Dawn look-alike this week! Count me among those who are going to be very upset if BoboDog does not have the ability to talk.
  10. S02.E01: Head Games

    I think the reason he was able to beat up Olivia is that she was apparently carrying such a dull knife that the only way to kill somebody with it is to crush their trachea, and she'd already warned him about her only trick. Tune in next week, when she announces "I forgot to put bullets in this gun, but stand back anyway or I'll conk you over the head with it."
  11. S04.E08: Bunker Hill

    I kind of wish Manchester would just commit to being a vigiliante murderer. He could have walked in the front door, killed Lockwood, and saved everyone else a shitload of trouble. Would The Punisher have wasted half an episode tormenting him ominously? Hell no! Punisher's got more people to kill! So, if there's ever any kind of time-travely do-over on this one, my advice to him is: 1. Put on some sort of disguise. If you're wearing a mask and gloves and speaking with an English accent, and that's all the wife can give as a description, American cops are probably not going to be looking that hard for a black guy. 2. Stop wearing English flags on every single item of clothing you have. Otherwise #1 will not help. Get a jack tattooed on your left buttcheek if you absolutely must have one on you at all times, but stop walking around everywhere with a shirt that yells "Um, actually, I'm English!" 3. Just shoot him. Brass knuckles are a decent tool for interrogating evil henchmen, I suppose, but once you actually have the evil terrorist leader right the hell in front of you, just shoot him. If you're worried about noise, maybe stab him or snap his neck or whatever, but with all the crazy high tech shit that you've pulled out of your ass so far, I have trouble believing that you can't come up with some kind of either silenced gun or silent gun-like energy pistol. Hell, you've pulled out quiet anti-Kryptonian weapons! and 4. It is your own stupid theatrical fault that you didn't kill Lockwood. Dumbass. What, you didn't think that in a town full of psychics and telepaths and supergirls that somebody might interrupt you if you screwed around with him all day? Bad killer! Bad, bad killer!
  12. S01.E06: One Flew Over the Conners' Nest

    Actually, if the lesbian couple don't want the chicken, they can adopt Harris.
  13. S01.E06: One Flew Over the Conners' Nest

    Maybe Bridget and Maria will adopt the chicken.
  14. Did they really just try to kill an electricity-themed superhero by electrocuting him? This chick needs to go back to villain school.
  15. S09.E08: Evolution

    Yeah, I though tying him down was DumpsterDiva's job. I'm pretty sure Pastafarian ceremonies are legal on Spaghetti Tuesaday.