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  1. Walking Gallery: Fanfiction, Fan Videos, Fan Art

    There is a (probably true) spoiler about casting flashed at the very end of this video. It can be avoided simply be looking away from the cren once the video is near its end. The comedy is all verbal anyway. But, just to play it co,mpltely safe, let's see i I can post a video link inside spoiler tags...
  2. S02.E04: Inca Mummy Girl

    Huh. I figured when I first watched it that she was a "regular, (by US stanards,) mostly-Spanish" Latin American, but I could swear I remembered later reading somewhere that she was Italian. Feh. So be it, then. My phenotype nitpick still stands, but any time I'm just drunkenly remembering things that may or may not be actual facts... then I guess all I can say is there's room for correction. Thanks to those who bothered to chime in and do so.
  3. S02.E04: Inca Mummy Girl

    She's from Italy. She'd be fine as a contemporary Latin American, but in pre-Columbian times they looked Asian, not Mediterranean.
  4. That Theme Song

    I'm finally giving it a long overdue whatevereth rewatch. And I do still stand by my above-posted explanation of why I actually don't dislike the original theme... But there is a better song they could have used.
  5. S04.E12: You've Got to Hide Your Liv Away

    All this talk about the power of brains has me thinking that perhaps the mechanics of how it works have not changed as much this season as I've believed. You know how there's a certain type of drunk that dosn't even wait to be drunk? I'm not talking about the guy who sneaks a beer with lunch and goes on with his life. I'm talking about the normally quiet person, who, five minutes into his first drink, is roaring with laughter at his own jokes and screaming at the football players on TV. Becaue he likes being drunk more than he likes being himself, and so he embraces the personality change way, way more than the amount of alcohol in his system can possibly explain. I think Liv has evolved into that kind of brain addict. Being a zombie took away her career, her family, her engagement, and in general just took away her control of her daily life. What did she have instead? Solving crimes with Ravi and Clive by literally thinking like someone else. That's her escape from being fully immersed in the problems of being Liv. Even when she wants to get off one brain as quickly as possible, whenever possible she does it by choosing a different pure brain. Even before brain tubes became publicly available, once she learned about them she could have started doing the same thing by mixing little bits of several different cadaver brains that for some reason nobody in Seatle PD keeps track of. But as long she's stuck being a zombie, a significant part of her really doesn't want to just be herself. And that's why she's diving into the personality of the week harder these days. No doubt some other zombies have the same problem. And I think Angus has something similar, although in his case it's not a compulsion to be the dead person. It's a desire to look down on how weak and poor and, in his world view, inferior they were. He's not going into it for the maximum empathy experience, because to him it's more like... trying to watch "Jersey Shore" with a straight face... because God told you to. Now, do I still actually think the writing staff is good enough to have thought of all this? Beats the fuck out of me. But there's only one season to go, and I want to keep liking this story enough to see how it ends. So this is my fanwank, and I'm sticking to it for as long as possible.
  6. S02.E21: Chapter Thirty-Four: Judgment Night

    And therein lies the problem. Archie and Fred are not the most entertaining characters on the show. You know who had no difficulty whatsoever making Black Hood stories interesting? Cheryl and Betty. And also Alice, interrupting the villain's rant to speak for all of us and yell: "None of this makes any sense!"
  7. S02.E21: Chapter Thirty-Four: Judgment Night

    Wait... there was a season when things made sense?
  8. S04.E11: Insane in the Germ Brain

    But... now I totally need that to happen!
  9. S02.E21: Chapter Thirty-Four: Judgment Night

    After Alice Cooper's full-on schtick about how much she preferred FP, it finally occurred to me to wonder: does Betty's mom even have a name in the comics? 'Cause, if not, the name that the show-writers gave her is one hell of a "playing with serpents" joke. And, honestly, even if it was her comic name, then the storyline they gave her is still one.
  10. S02.E21: Chapter Thirty-Four: Judgment Night

    Am I the only one who kind of wishes Jughead had signed on with the Ghoulies instead of the Serpents? I mean, both gangs are idiots, but at least one of them is very, very entertaining.
  11. S04.E09: Mac-Liv-Moore

    When did Baracus turn into a bigger idiot than Johny Frost?
  12. S04.E08: Chivalry Is Dead

    Maybe the reason Renegade Liv doesn't take the brain shortage seriously is that she works in an all you can eat buffet.
  13. S03.E15: In Search Of Lost Time

    So the message this week was that a frightened old man with dementia should probably not be allowed enough power to endanger everybody around him? Considering the political leaning of the show, I have to wonder if perhaps their allegories are finally gettng sneakier. All that cape stuff should have had me thinking about "The Cape." I actually did like "The Cape." But it was cancelled so quickly that actually stuff like that just makes me think of "Community" making jokes about "The Cape."
  14. S02.E18: Chapter Thirty-One: A Night To Remember

    Nothing makes a person look less intellectual than not appreciating a musical episode. Well, then measure me for some shirtless overalls, because I lasted six minutes and thirty nine seconds. Oh, for the first couple of minutes I was actually hopeful, thinking we'd get something really zany and fun. But this show is not "Buffy," and this episode was sure as hell not "Once More With Feeling."