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  1. S04.E02: Do No Harm

    That was before Culloden, so Jocasta was still living in Scotland. She left for the colonies right after Culloden. But, yes, Jenny did mention that "Auntie Jocasta" had sent them some books. Wan't there another reference to her at some point? I seem to remember another time when i thought, "Yep, planting seeds."
  2. S04.E01: America the Beautiful

    I really liked that Jamie (in the book) explained the complexities of the law and freeing slaves. It frustrated Claire to learn that it wasn't as simple as just saying, "Sure, we can inherit the plantation and then just free everyone." Wish it could have been that simple.
  3. Outlander In The Media

    Oh, it was absolutely a popularity contest, as people could vote and vote every day. As much as I love Outlander, I probably would have picked Harry Potter over Outlander just because those can be enjoyed by a much broader audience. I can share Harry Potter with my kids. Outlander, not so much. It's kind of for adults, only. Still, it was very exciting to see some of my favorite books discussed.
  4. Show Spoilers and Book Talk

    Who do you think that is sitting next to Ian at the beginning of the clip? (When Jamie announces that he and Claire will stay in the colonies and settle down.)
  5. Outlander In The Media

    Interesting. I wonder if you're right about it being a tree. I agree that that definitely looks like Claire.
  6. Outlander In The Media

    So sorry about that!
  7. Outlander In The Media

    Oops, no book talk.
  8. S03. E13. What Goes Around. 2018.07.25

    Amazon picked up The Expanse. There WILL be a fourth season.
  9. S03. E11. Disposable Heroes 2018.07.11

    I don’t have that much faith in Snyder :-)
  10. S03.E08. Lazarus. 2018.06.20

    That's a good point. I had assumed that when Will said abort, he meant stop Broussard from disabling the car ... to abort after the car was disabled might raise suspicion and potentially get them caught. I'm not sure how must of a risk they would be taking, but that might have been what Amy was thinking.
  11. S03.E08. Lazarus. 2018.06.20

    I got the impression that the phones are issued to everyone in the colony. It seems to be a way for the colony to track people. Broussard doesn't have a phone because he snuck into the colony. Amy didn't have time to do anything. She ran to the alley as fast as she could. By the time she got there, Broussard had already disabled the car. Will's job was to block the car so that they couldn't back out the alley, and that's what she did.
  12. I thought a closed loop meant that you cannot change the past by going back in time because going back in time, what you planned to do is exactly what you did. in Back to the Future, Marty changed things. But a closed loop says that Marty wouldn’t be able to change things, he would simply be doing everything that already happened.
  13. There's just one thing that bugs me about Sophie being Patient Zero. What caused Apex to begin with? It's a paradox, because Reese brought it back from the future. But where did Reece get it? If we assume Reece got it from Sophie, where did Sophie get it? I understand the concept of a closed loop, but that loop still has to start with an independent person discovering it on their own and not because of someone from the future.
  14. S03.E09: Intransigence 2018.06.06

    There are many, many churches claiming to be more traditional that have very little, if any, real knowledge of the Early Christian Church or how Christianity has evolved. One of my grad school professors mentioned a minister she knew that claimed the King James Version of the Bible was the only real Bible because "If it was good enough for Jesus, it's good enough for us." Except Jesus didn't speak English and the King James Version was authorized by King James I of England in 1604, but whatever. I love the idea that homosexuality and gay marriage is just normal in the 24th century. There are other types of prejudices depicted, so it's not a perfect society, by any means. I think it shows that humans can evolved, but we are still human and have flaws.
  15. S03.E09: Intransigence 2018.06.06

    I was honestly wondering if Melba cared about her at all? When the woman started laughing, it caused Melba to recall her laughter from the party, which began Melba's flashbacks. But is it important that she was at the party?