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  1. S01.E10: Not Your Hero

    What they said above! My sister in law was married to a firefighter. She just hated shows about firefighters because no matter how good the initial premise, they just ended up as soaps with red trucks.
  2. S01.E14: Total Eclipse of the Heart

    Check out the movie Double Jeopardy to see Bruce Greenwood play a sleazy character quite well. Someone upthread wondered if there are enough cancer patients; when Mrs. Torqy was getting chemo for lymphoma (she survives and thrives well) the chemo room as well as the waiting room were always jumping. Sadly there seem to be an endless supply... Re the paper patient files, Mrs. T and I see different docs in the same practice. My doc is appx. 50 and he uses a laptop for my records. Mrs. T's doc, early 70's, though a very good doc, is old-school and writes in a paper chart and will give her a paper scrip on request. Am I the only one who thinks Greenwood has rattlesnake-looking eyes in certain lighting and camera angles?
  3. S01.E11: And the Nurses Get Screwed

    Prolly hits too close to home?? A friend is a semi-retired doc. He said he tuned out of the pilot after Bell killed the first few patients.
  4. S03.E01: Third Year

    Chekhov's video? Love it! Why are you not writing this show?
  5. S01.E09: Lost Love

    I am not in the medical field, but I called the ectopic early on, because I still remember Ralph Bellamy spitting out the words "Ectopic pregnancy!!" and shaking his head in Rosemary's Baby. Seems TV recycles even old ideas... This is why I watch almost everything except news and sports with captions on.
  6. S02.E17: Gag Order

    Thanks @Dowel Jones!
  7. S02.E17: Gag Order

    Once again, either I was dozing or the DVR hiccupped (Curse you, DirecTV). When did Cable appear, and where, at the end?? Thanx in advance!
  8. S03.E11: Folie à Deux

    Thank you @Ailianna!
  9. S03.E11: Folie à Deux

    I accidentally deleted the second half of the episode. Could someone kindly clue me as to outcome of the feuding neighbors? Thanks in advance!
  10. S01.E05: None the Wiser

    Conrad's dad is Aaron Pierce!! 36 years ago William Daniels played the Arrogant Surgeon (not evil, though.) Bruce Greenwood has come to own this type of character like Michael Douglas owns the Evil Businessman. Interesting that Greenwood also played a doctor on St. Elsewhere.
  11. As some of my fellow curmudgeons have said above, I remember and still miss the Jim McKay-style ABC coverage of Olympics. Heck, I remember when there WAS an ABC Sports....
  12. S03.E07: Over Troubled Water

    Turning into? It has been for a while.
  13. S01.E01: Pilot

    A friend is an old-school doctor, and he just laughed at the show. His wife said she lasted just 10 minutes and gave up. I wouldn't be surprised to see Archie Panjabi show up in a limited role, prolly as a hospital administrator.
  14. S06.E13: By Any Means Part Four

    Betsy: You're still watching that show? I gave up on it...meanwhile, back to Major Crimes, this episode felt somewhat anticlimactic after all the hoopla and buildup. It's another example of the downside to the current trend of the overarching "Big Bad" that so many shows use. Now TNT has more bandwidth to try to appeal to the hipsters. Get off my lawn, TNT!! All you posters who are geezers like me, come to my table and we'll hoist a glass to Sharon Raydor.
  15. S02.E10: Line of Fire

    Mrs. Torqy and I use the verb "to Reese someone" after John Reese on Person of Interest, who was always T-boning people with medium-duty trucks. Immediately thought of Jehovah Witnesses regarding Kristoffer Polaha's group. They seem to like our 'hood; there are usually 3 or 4 professionally dressed women making the rounds. They must have gotten a burn notice on us as they haven't rung our doorbell in a few years.