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  1. Betsy: You're still watching that show? I gave up on it...meanwhile, back to Major Crimes, this episode felt somewhat anticlimactic after all the hoopla and buildup. It's another example of the downside to the current trend of the overarching "Big Bad" that so many shows use. Now TNT has more bandwidth to try to appeal to the hipsters. Get off my lawn, TNT!! All you posters who are geezers like me, come to my table and we'll hoist a glass to Sharon Raydor.
  2. Mrs. Torqy and I use the verb "to Reese someone" after John Reese on Person of Interest, who was always T-boning people with medium-duty trucks. Immediately thought of Jehovah Witnesses regarding Kristoffer Polaha's group. They seem to like our 'hood; there are usually 3 or 4 professionally dressed women making the rounds. They must have gotten a burn notice on us as they haven't rung our doorbell in a few years.
  3. I think I will miss Flynn and Provenza the most, and their once-or-twice a season "funny" episodes. Stroh will prolly be killed by HackerBoy or Rusty. Just a hunch. Funny, for a show that supposedly appeals to the "wrong" demo, there is certainly a lot of buzz on the 'Net...(at 67, I'm way outside The Demo)
  4. When did Reiko Aylesworth become typecast as a therapist?
  5. @sjohnson: Thanks for the explanation. Fortunately I'm well-managed and have had few complications.
  6. Interesting. I'm a Type 2 (would that be a "Type B?") and when initially diagnosed, my glucose was 500...I felt fine. Someone above commented that the show seems to come to a halt when Rusty shows up. Agreed. Mrs. Torqy, seeing that he would be in this epi, asked "with all this stuff going on how are they going to cram more of him in here?" I'll go out on a limb and say the vanishing priest and racist neighbor are both red herrings.
  7. I gave up on this show a couple of seasons ago, for many of the reasons discussed above. Just popped in here to see what others are saying currently. Mrs. Torqy is still watching, but recently said "Wow, SVU is starting to get old. I mostly FF'ed through the last episode." If die-hards like Mrs. Torqy are losing interest, the show is in trouble. MH having more control of the show reminds me of the changes to M.A.S.H. after Alan Alda assumed more creative control.
  8. Misery, anyone?? I expected to see Pride clock Martha with a typewriter.
  9. Guess I don't watch NBC enough. I can't recall seeing any promos for this show, and consequently missed the first 6 episodes. Judging from what I read in episode threads, maybe I haven't missed much...
  10. This was like a mashup of Groundhog Day and Deja Vu, a Denzel Washington film that introduced me to Jim Caviezel and, coincidentally, Paula Patton. The pilot was so odd that I am compelled to watch the second episode just to see if it is as weird as the first. At least there is baseball, and reruns of Burn Notice on USA.
  11. I turned to Mrs. Torqy and said "that girl's Jodi Arias all over again." The only difference is that Shayna lacked the dead, shark-like eyes of Jodi, with crazy-eyes instead. I think Shayna and "Mommy" could put the fun back in dysfunction. Definitely some freaky vibes in that family.
  12. One of a handful of shows on currently in which I know a good portion of the music (now get off my lawn.) The music clearance must have been a significant part of the production budget. Not a bad show, but entertaining, and we got to see Bill Paxton one last time, and of course Katrina Law.
  13. Who else called Villa's brother as being shady from the beginning?
  14. Am I the only one whose DVR got an episode of Ransom instead of this episode? I know CBS has been screwing with Ransom, showing old epis of 48 Hours instead......
  15. Agreed. The premise was intriguing at first, but I'm not sure there is any truly believable way to do a show like this given the constraints of goofy rules for teams and the lack of any real-world judicial oversight of the hunters. A ton of editing must have been necessary to fit into 7 episodes. Watching hours of the swamp couple sweating, swatting mosquitoes and complaining would have been ratings suicide. I would have liked to see more of English and Mr. English and their approaches to strangers. And where exactly were they for all those days? The production folks should have watched the Harrison Ford version of "The Fugitive."