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  1. S02.E08: Kiksuya 2018.06.10

    How the heck do people even notice these things. I vote for filming error, honestly. It happens, especially on a television shoot.
  2. S02.E09: Vanishing Point 2018.06.17

    I personally think Elsie will save Bernard. I think she's going to be the exception to Ford's cynical look at human nature. Just like Felix and the writer (can never remember his name), humans do have empathy and the capacity to change, especially when the stakes are high. I can see in a "game" setting that humans would be their most vile. There are no real stakes or consequences. But when there are, people can and do step up. Elsie will be an ally. And although I find it heartbreaking that Teddy died, I find it inspiring he had the capacity to overcome his programming and make a choice that suited his own true nature. Do I wish he had figured out a way to be clever and not die? Sure. But he isn't Maeve, alas. Teddy wasn't built for brains, was he? Even if James Marsden is himself a delight. If he's gone from the show, I look forward to seeing him return to his usual scene stealing roles. He may not have a leading man career, but he's a great character actor.
  3. This week's episode seems to back you on this. The Ghost Nation character has decades of not being wiped and he breaks his loop quite a bit. Or else as Ford said he was designed to be curious and fearless. And since he is playing a roaming Native American, he may not have been tagged by QA as having left his loop. I still think Ford was protecting him.
  4. S02.E08: Kiksuya 2018.06.10

    I think the reason the Ghost Nation survived the first slaughter could be twofold. Dolores couldn't kill everyone and perhaps the GNs were a pet project for Ford, like his replication of his family and pet dog. He did seem very precise in his language. "I made you curious. " Not the usual "we". I am so happy Hopkins came back even for just a few scenes. He adds a lot. Poor Ed Harris is the one who got short changed this season. And maybe Jeffrey Wright but I have hopes for the last two eps.
  5. S02.E08: Kiksuya 2018.06.10

    It is a hard show to love. It is more about ideas than emotion but Thandie and Arnold and poor damaged Teddy have hooked me this season. And Tessa Thompson makes such a great villain.
  6. S02.E08: Kiksuya 2018.06.10

    I won't lie. Initially meeting these new characters right now annoyed me a lot. It was a slow ep. But the power of Maeve and her single minded love and purpose hit me hard. Thandie Newton should win an Emmy for laying quietly on a table. All of her work this season created that final moment. Charlotte Hale better watch your back.
  7. S02.E14: Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Hills Have Eyes

    I agree he is, but Kevin used "Bughead" in an earlier episode this season. I think when Jughead was going away to the new school. And okay, the writing isn't great, but just seeing these four actors hanging out in a scene is a delight. Lili is always doing something in the background, always. In the hot tub scene she is really enjoying her drink. And I must say, I think the two actors handled that kiss perfectly. It was amusing, playful and not sexy at all. A joke between friends. And Jughead's smirky, "I liked seeing Archie's face when it happened," was great. I like the actress who plays Cheryl, but I'm grateful her scenes are quick. And I liked Jughead not knowing her voice. The worst insult!
  8. Cole kind of blows me away. Like his fellow child-actor peer who became an awesome adult--Joseph Gordon Levitt--I cannot believe the Disney machine didn't grind away his talent. He is wonderful. I don't always love the writing on this show (major understatement!) but he always plays his individual scenes perfectly. And he has chemistry to burn with Lili and the rest of the cast. Seriously, put him with almost any other actor in a scene and it works. He elevates AJ. No spoilers but the simple scene in the Hills Have Eyes when Jughead and Archie are just chatting, guy to guy, is a delight. Both of them are so relaxed. You feel their friendship in a way the show hasn't' shown since Season 1.
  9. Betty Cooper

    I am coming to Riverdale crazy late but my love for the actress who plays Betty is unconditional. I feel like I'm watching the beginning of a long and awesome career. She handles all the hairpin changes so well. All the actors do (even the Archie dude who at least has an awesome New Zealand accent to fall back on in his future career). I couldn't figure out why I liked her voice so much and then realized she has Winona Ryder's voice with Alicia Silverstone's smirk and Amy Adam's round eyes. She has quite a good face. Sorry, nothing profound the probably hasn't already been said. She is a delight and may her future be shining.
  10. S02.E04: The Riddle Of The Sphinx

    My theory is that this is a lab experiment. They don't know what exactly is corrupting the host/hybrid. Could there literally be a "bug" that infects the host? So they start fresh every time. Plus it looks cool. And maybe there are changes to the "set" we aren't quite seeing. Different music for one. A change of clothing choices. By the by, Mullen's dance sequence was an unexpected delight. I bet he's a hoot at weddings.
  11. S02.E13: AKA Playland

    I major ship them because when chemistry happens, you use it! The writers/producers had to have noticed. They're kind of perfect for each other. Both orphans, he loves tough women, they both have regular jobs where they can interact in a normal way (he could totally hire her to do research and she can direct clients his way). And chemistry chemistry chemistry.
  12. S02.E01: Journey Into Night

    So glad to have Jeffrey Wright back on my television. Opening with Bernard was a good move. Maeve and he are the most sympathetic characters in the bunch. Hector too, in a way (he is violent but has such swagger. But he looks odd without the scar). Kudos to Charlotte for finding a pair of boots before they did that two mile walk. I hated Charlotte last season but I do admire her this time for pulling herself together fast. She's kind of mean and snide still, but I like that it fits with her ability to survive. I also love that Bernard gets to be the mole in the middle of the humans yet again. It puts him in jeopardy all the time and I always like plots that have a spy/mole surviving in hostile territory. Some critic said Bernard is too passive, but I really could watch Jeffrey Wright watch other people all day long. He's that interesting to me. I liked the line callback to "Don't shoot the boss," from season 1 too. Nothing against ERW, but Delores doesn't interest me all that much just yet. Yeah, it was action movie cool to see her riding and shooting and she can be quite menacing when she is channeling Wyatt. I'm curious to see if Maeve will be able to freeze her like she seems to be able to do to other robots. Really who is more powerful? Delores with her free will or Maeve with her ability to control their software systems? And this is why I love this show. Not because the characters are lovable but because it brings up such fun ideas to discuss!
  13. S04.E02: The Lying Detective

    I just rewatched this episode (and next one) and it has grown on me. I think my expectations were way too sky-high and with time I can appreciate all the details. In particular I really wish we had had more time with Euros and Sherlock getting to know each other. She's so delighted to be walking with him that evening and then when he makes her "pay" with the gun, swoon. They had good chemistry and Cumberbatch seemed to light up around her. I kind of also wish we had physically seen Molly, Mrs Hudson, Sherlock, John, and Euros together at the therapist's office. I wish we could have seen Euros watching them all, drinking in Molly's attentiveness, John's irritation, the fussiness of Mrs Hudson (and I for one think Mrs Hudson would have noticed the wig).
  14. I was kind of hoping he'd do a cameo on The Good Place but I love her chemistry with Chidi and fear Dohring would overshadow him. The thing is, both actors have chemistry with all the people they work with which probably means they are just good actors. He was also good on that vampire show (Moonlight?) with the Hawaii 5-0 actor. Dohring is just an all purpose flirt on screen and I will always be there for it.
  15. I think my favorite detail is that after the kiss Veronica runs down to her car and you can see she's having trouble breathing and it is kind of awesome. Plus the music seemed good a the time. I might not like it now, but overall the music wasn't too horrible on this show.