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  1. Surviving R. Kelly

    I found this show to be most interesting because I have been following the Scientology cult and the superb program made by Leah Remini and Mike Rinder. I have posted to Mike's excellent blog and I feel like I am a part of this struggle and that I am involved and invested in seeing both of these horror situations smashed forever. I have a lot to say about both situations. But unfortunately (or perhaps it is fortunately), I recognize that I really don't know what I'm talking about. For example, I have a suggestion as to what our society should do to R. Kelly but it would enrage most everyone here if I explained what it was. It is not some kind of torture or execution but it is certainly not permitting this abuse to continue either. The thing that is absolutely astonishing is all the people who have decided that R. Kelly cannot possibly be guilty because his music is so angelic. He sings like an Angel. Therefore he could never have possibly committed these crimes. I think it is absolutely essential that we find a way to understand this mindset. Without any understanding, I can't imagine how it could be possible to come to any kind of satisfactory resolution. How can anyone have any faith in our justice system when jurors make their decisions based on how well someone sings? It's enough to make me believe that human brains are thoroughly defective and all humans deserve to die in a fire. I'm sorry. I really don't mean that. But I find the entire situation to be absolutely nuts! Most all these cults make me weep for the human condition. If I was a powerful inter-planetary race who was far advanced above and beyond humans, I don't think I would have any hesitation to just take a huge fly swatter and in one fell swoop, I would simply destroy this planet and all the crazy creatures who inhabit it. Seems eminently obvious that none of them deserve to live for more than just one more split-second. If you believe there could exist other life forms on other planets (and I do believe it's possible in the spirit that most anything is possible), I would worry for the continued existence of these crazy human creatures. It seems beyond any debating that - as a species - they just suck to the point where they do not deserve to live. By the way - I searched the older brother because I wanted to know why he was in prison. All the info I found was very general and vague. Most of it talked about burglary. That is not very important. But I did find it somewhat intriguing.
  2. The most terrifying thing about this episode to me is the following: They explained that as Sea Org members age, they inevitably become too sick or too weak to work for the cult. At that point they are of no value to the money-grubbing cult but TS (The Scam) can't afford to let them leave for fear they will tell the truth. They spend most of their lives in TS so they have no money, no insurance, no pensions, no education, no nothing. Do you see where this is going? There is a huge disaster waiting to happen. They have never gotten any medical care and will certainly never get any in the future. Talk about elder abuse? These people will end their lives living in filth and suffering from neglect. No one will care for them. They will die in the worst possible conditions. Have you ever seen that famous B&W documentary titled, "Memory of the Camps"? A British camera crew entered some Nazi death camps at the end of the war and showed tens of thousands of corpses that had been starved to death and died of disease and neglect. If you've never seen this film, I urge you to see it. It can be found in many places on the Net. There is a similar disaster coming to this place and if it ever becomes known - and I can't imagine how it couldn't be discovered - I would hope that would be enough for the authorities to act. The other reason why the authorities may never have really acted is one I've not seen anyone discuss. It is bribery and corruption. What are the odds they pay off people in The FBI? I can't imagine any FBI member taking bribes. But stranger things have happened. There are also two other important factors that make it difficult for authorities to enter the compound with search warrants. First, they pretend to be a Church. That is patently ridiculous, of course. But they have managed to be recognized as a Church and that gives them all kinds of protections under the Amendment that deals with religous freedom. Churches are allowed to beat their members as part of their services providing the members consent. Second, they brainwash their victims and they then live in fear that if they ever speak out, they will never be able to see their families again. This is an unbelievably powerful inducement for them to lie and tell the police, "I am here of my own free will. Everything is fine. No one gets hit here. Everyone is happy here. Everyone wants to be here. This place is like paradise on earth. Of course it's all the biggest load of bullshit since people have stood up in court and denied the Nazi Holocaust against the Jews.
  3. S04.E13: Christmas

    Sorry. I originally made this post in the general discussion for the season. I didn't see there was a separate thread for the Xmas episode. In that thread, @Cleo posted: So I like this show but I have a bunch of unpopular opinions. Or two. I really dislike stevie. It is just too much sarcasm and no other expression. It's tedious and irritating. And this is coming from someone that is very sarcastic, but I am open and straightforward when needed. I known that sarcasm is not always the best response/approach. And the new guy with David just seems boring. He is like the actual bland guy they tried to make the vet out to be. The townspeople are the best. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I then replied with the following: I think the problem with Stevie lies in the writing. I think they just don't know how to write her. The actress has appeared in other shows and she seems like a completely different character there. But you are definitely correct about there being a problem with her character. She is kind of like a dead fish that someone drops onto your dinner table. She just lies there with dead eyes. I'm talking about the character and not the actor. I thought Season 4 was the best ever for many reasons. I really enjoyed it. But I was very disappointed in the Christmas Special. For a few years now, I've been growing to appreciate the physical beauty of the actress who plays the daughter - Annie Murphy. I saw a picture that looked like a publicity still for the Xmas Special and Annie Murphy appeared in it and looked like one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. She displayed these long, long legs that left me open mouthed and drooling. But there was none of that in the Xmas Special. The story was weak - close to non-existant. The entire thing seemed to be like a lead balloon. It just crashed to earth. As a single episode, it may have been the most boring of all the episodes ever produced for this show. I was so very disappointed in the Xmas Special. IMHO, it stank like last week's garbage.
  4. Season 3 Discussion

    Sorry. I originally made a post about the Xmas Episode to this thread before I saw there was a separate thread for the Xmas Episode. So, I deleted my original post and re-posted it to the Xmas Episode thread. But while I'm here, I'd like to say a few things about the Roland character: I really enjoy this entire show. I especially enjoy some of the funny themes they explore that are not typically explored by other shows. But the Roland character really bothers me. My first problem is that I can never seem to forget that is Chris Elliot. He has been in several other shows and some of them were just so terrible and his characters have been such incredible idiots that I just can't seem to forget that. Also, his acting is not strong enough to make me forget about all his past catastrophes. I get the feeling - which is just a guess - that Eugene Levy may feel beholden to him for some reason and arranged for him to have this work because he may feel he owes him something for some reason. There are a huge number of other actors who are much closer to home (in Canada) who could have played this part much better than did Chris Elliot. In fact, it is my opinion that almost anyone - right off the street - could have done a better job with this character than did Chris Elliot. The chemistry between Roland and his on-screen wife is entirely absent - less than zero, if that is possible. I can only fault the writing so far. The fact that this character behaves like a cross between someone who is totally stupid and someone else who is totally insane seems to me to mean that two people control the writing - one of whom likes him and the other one who hates him. Interestingly enough, it seems pretty clear the entire show - in particular the writing - are indeed controlled by two people - Eugene Levy and his son Dan. I think both these men are extremely talented. But when it comes to the writing of Roland Schitt, I think they have not only dropped the ball, I think they lost it and cannot seem to find it again. Bleh! They would have such a better show if they got a different actor to play Roland the imbecille.
  5. S37:E13 Finale

    What a lovely summary! "Angelina"? "Yes"? "Angelina. Won't you please SHUDDUP! " Oh please SHUT IT UP!
  6. Thank you Deaja. Very kind of you to consider helping me. Very much appreciated.
  7. Oh dear. I must apologize to you all. I got Alex Gibney confused with Paul Haggis. Alex Gibney is the producer of most all the episodes of "Dirty Money" and he did direct the film "Going Clear" which was a wonderful expose on Scientology. But it was Paul Haggis who appeared in "Going Clear" and I confused the two of them. In any event, I hope the mod will allow the post to remain. Who knows? Perhaps some of you will like this show enough to recommend starting a new forum for this show.
  8. Hello. I’d like to wish everyone here a Happy Holiday season. I hope the following comments will not offend anyone because they are off topic. I checked the Index under "D" for "Dirty Money" which is the title of the TV show I wish to recommend to you all. I'm posting here because there is no thread for "Dirty Money" that I can find and it is produced by Alex Gibney who is a former member of Scientlogy and who has appeared on Leah's show, "Scientology the Aftermath". I hope it will be OK for me to post my recommendation here in this forum. I recently discovered a documentary TV show and most all of its episodes (I believe) were created and produced by Alex Gibney. Mr. Gibney is a former member of Scientology and in the past, he has produced some terrific documentary films. He won the 2007 Academy Award for the film "Taxi to the Dark Side" which is a film that exposes the haunting details of the USA’s torture and interrogation practices during the War in Afghanistan. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0316795/awards?ref_=nm_awd The TV show I'd like to recommend to you is called "Dirty Money". The first season has six episodes. I’ve only seen the first one so far. But it surely was up to the standards of all his other work. So, after you've watched the current episode of Leah and Mike’s show "Aftermath", I’d like to suggest that you see the episodes of Dirty Money. The first episode is pretty amazing. Did you know that many years ago, VW (Volkswagon) was near bankruptcy because it was no longer selling enough cars to keep the company solvent. But instead of investing in the development of new technologies, VW chose to invest in good advertising. Unfortunately, the product they created did not perform nearly as well as advertised. In other words, they cheated. And I’m not talking about a little bit of cheating. They cheated one whole Hell of a lot. Cheated to a monumental level. Cheated more than most any other corporation (that I know of) ever did. The US govt has certain emission standards and car manufacturers must ensure their exhaust fumes do not contain more pollutants than a strict maximum. It was wrong for me to say that VW did not invest in technology. They certainly did invest in technology. But the technological device they invented was designed to defeat the exhaust system so that although their new Diesel Jetta cars (from about 2011 to 2016) were advertised as being highly "green" and getting fabulous mileage and fabulous performance and supposedly emitting extremely clean exhaust fumes, it was all a lie, a big huge lie, an unbelievable, monumental sized lie, A bigger lie than even Angelina could create. The American public loved the new VW diesel cars and bought them in huge numbers. Can you imaging buying a new car that cost about the same as similar other new cars but was extremely efficient, got magnificent mileage, magnificent performance and magnificent everything else? However, the only component that really worked was the cheating exhaust system. Shame! Shame! Shame! VW sold about half a million cars and they had to buy them all back. It cost them about $6 billion (if I remember correctly). Well, I have lots more to say. But I’m gonna stop now and recommend you watch the first episode which is all about those lying, cheating and scamming VW scum bucket executives who were lying out of both sides of their mouths at the same time. But Alex (bless his heart) produced this episode and showed them all up for the scam artists they were. To be clear, I do not belileve that Alex Gibney discovered this scam. I think that someone who knew about the scam and knew of Alex’s work, contacted him and, as they say, "The Hunt was On!". Go Alex Go! Alex? Why don’t you stop by here one day and take a bow? You surely do deserve that! You are a wonderful producer of wonderful films! Thank Goodness you got out of that scam situation. Please, won’t you tell us about the difference that made to the quality of your work and to the quality of your life? I’m sure that I’m not the only one who would love to hear what you have to say. Oh, come on by Alex. Do not be shy. We would love to have you come by and take a bow! Honest we would!
  9. S37:E13 Finale

    I think that in order to make sense of what Jeff says, it is necessary to first determine the "factor" or "issue" that he is using to measure the importance of what he says. For example, I might guess that most of what he says concerns ratings. He will say or do whatever he can to promote the show and thereby help to increase its ratings. By trying to convince people that Aggravina's actions result in a terribly exaggerated show, he might then convince some of the viewers that it's a good idea to watch the show because she is somehow responsible for making the show ever so much more entertaining. If that is true, then the show just may well get much bigger ratings than it otherwise would get. It's just a guess. I truly have no idea just how much her shenanigans impact the entertainment value of the show. Personally, I would think the primary effect of all her foolish crap would be to lower the entertainment value of the show which would then cause the ratings to fall lower. But I really do not understand the effect that the actions of the players have on the ratings of the show. So, I could easily be wrong about that. I'm just guessing.
  10. S37:E13 Finale

    Hey there KIMBERSTORMER. I guess I don't know why we hate talking resumes. But I would like to say something personal to you. I want you to know that I have enjoyed your posts very much throughout this season. You have always been one of my favorite posters on this forum. There are a great many people who post on this forum who I enjoy reading. Far too many for me to name them all. But I think I'd be doing something wrong if I didn't take the opportunity to tell someone how much I have enjoyed their contributions here. See you next season and looking forward to that.
  11. Small Talk: Back At Camp

    I'd just like to say goodbye and thank you to everyone who participated in this forum during the Survivor season. The mods were great. They were almost invisible. That may sound like I'm being a smart ass. But I'm not. It takes a lot of skill to be a good moderator and remain almost invisible. The best moderators are usually only seen rarely - only when they have to be seen. I want to give a shout out to @whimsey. I've only ever spoken with her two or three times but I think she did a great job. I'd also like to thank so many of the people who have posted throughout this season. There are a great many really smart people who know how to write and have something poignant and/or something amusing to say. I can't mention all the people who I've enjoyed reading this season. So, I'll just say that @Nashville has always been my favorite poster. I won't embarrass him with a bunch of fawning language. Anyway, a "favorite" writer is too subjective for anyone to explain. Thank you all very much. You are a great bunch of people and I hope to see you all back next season.
  12. S37:E13 Finale

    I really get the way you feel. She was definitely terrible at all the "nuts and bolts" types of activities required to play the game. One of the things I think most people learned about this game very early on can be summarized in the old saying, "There are 3 types of people in this world: 1) Those who make things happen. 2) Those who watch things happen. 3) those who wonder, "what happened?". The moral is that if you want to win the game, you can't just sit around and smile at people and be nice to them in the hope they will not vote you off. You actually have to do things. That usually involves using some strategy and some tactics. It involves talking with other people to share info and make alliances. IMO, that is the most important thing you must do in order to win Survivor. You can't just sit around and wait to be voted off. Alison, never seemed to get that. After 37 seasons, there are fewer and fewer people who make that mistake because most have learned the importance of "doing something" as opposed to "doing nothing". Another thing that people seem to have learned from this game is that qualities that make people "capable" in one field do not necessarily make them "capable" in all fields. Some of the best players can easily appear to complete idiots in other fields. So, it's no surprise that someone like Alison may be highly accomplished in some areas of her life but a complete dolt when it comes to Survivor. Remember what she said when Jeff snuffed her torch? It was something like, "Oh gee. I was hoping to avoid this from happening." Alison? It takes more than just wishing and hoping. You are so right. It takes a real idiot to view this game that way after 37 seasons. But it's also understandable that Alison can be a real dummy at Survivor while also being a good doctor and also being higly capable in many other areas. What am I trying to say? I guess I feel sorry for Alison. How can someone who is smart enough to be a doctor (which requires a huge level of smarts) not understand the most simple thing about this game? I wonder if the casting people realized this about Alison and cast her because they thought her defect would be entertaining? If they did, I sure wish they wouldn't have done that. There are so many people who would give anything to play this game. They would work their guts out just for the opportunity to play. Some people find Angelina "interesting" or "laughable" and they enjoy watching her because they figure she is entertaining in her own horrible, terrible and aggravating kind of way. I just don't get that at all. I think casting people like Alison is just cruel when there are so many other people who would give anything to play and would make the most of it - providing the audience with some real entertainment. Alison never brought one drop of entertainment to this show - except in the way she would never let Angelina sneak one single drop of her bullshit past Jeff. I really admired her for that.
  13. S37:E13 Finale

    I got a real kick out of that. Remember when he said, "I want to surprise myself"? Well, I think this game was his to lose and .... lose it he did. I wonder if he was surprised. What do you think? "I have dozens and hundreds of people working for me." Really Mike? I'm super impressed. You must be a very wise and powerful numbskull. Who'd a thunk it?
  14. S37:E13 Finale

    I found what you said to be incredibly uplifting. If you might be agreeable I'd like to discuss one other sexist type of issue. But it would be completely "off topic" and out of place here. Maybe after I get some sleep I'll send you a Private Message if that would be OK?
  15. S37:E13 Finale

    Not only does she not get it now and not only will she never get it, but if the rumors that Probst likes her and wants to let her play again are true .... She will come back to the new season with seemingly boundless energy and confidence and proclaim, "I am a lot smarter now and a lot more experienced and I guarantee you that I will win it all this time. If you thought I went far last time, just you wait and see what I will do this time. Nothing can stop me. I am worth any ten ordinary players because I can negotiate for rice.