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  1. S06.E10: START

    I can't imagine the show runners would decide that Clodia is dead and not take advantage of that by showing us an extremely nasty death scene. If anyone ever deserved a nasty death - IMHO - it would be Clodia. I would have enjoyed seeing Elizabeth stealing a truck and running her over.
  2. S06.E10: START

    I agree but for different reasons. My recollection is that BB has many more episodes than does BCS - at least so far. Watching BB is a highly immersive and very exhausting experience - and I mean that in a good way. As I recall, I spent several days watching BB and much of that time was spent in very long "overnight" sessions. I was so captivated - so immersed in the story - that I chose to go without sleep rather than risk missing episodes. I found there were a few parts of the story that were extremely "immersive". By that I mean that I found the story so "gripping" that I chose to watch it over eating and sleeping. So ... after an experience like that, it was much easier to enjoy BCS because it was a far more intellectual experience. I spent much more time thinking about the story and enjoying many of the twists and turns. BB was like a big explosion. BCS was like a roller coaster ride - always full of twists and turns - but very enjoyable twists and turns. Some people are bound to disagree. These have been my own personal opinions. But the bottom line is that I love both shows. Both shows are in my "all time" favorite list. By the way, if you like these shows, I would recommend Law & Order (the original series) to you. It's not really very similar to either BB or BCS. But they all share many common ideas and most every aspect of the production are all "top notch" in all these shows. The only thing I didn't like was the opening silly joke in L&O. I always found that to be just kind of silly.
  3. S06.E10: START

    That is a good insight. A nice metaphor.
  4. S06.E10: START

    I respect your opinion for several reasons. For one thing, it seems to me that we have all loved watching this show. The experience has been like nothing else compares. This show is fairly clearly heads and shoulders above most every other TV show I've ever seen. It was a wonderful experience. So, even if we have a serious disagreement about a minor scene here or there or about the writing in one episode or the acting in another, nothing seriously diminishes the overall experience that it seems we all shared. I have read most of your posts and gotten the idea that you may have originated in Russia or that you were raised there or lived there and so it's always been interesting for me to read what you have had to say. Bottom line? Even if you do not originate from Russia, I salute you, Comrade! And I wish you well in your travels from here on. Do you know a good Russian phrase that might be equivalent to "Live Long and Prosper"? Heh Heh.
  5. S06.E10: START

    I agree. I don't think Holly Taylor is wise enough or sufficiently knowledgeable in the ways of agencies like the CIA or FBI or KGB to be able to make reasonable assessments of the way in which they operate. It may seem strange. But she does not necessarily understand the motivation of the character she plays - and especially in this case, I just can't believe that she is able to understand the reason the writers decided to have her character behave in the way she did. But given all that has been said about Holly Taylor, I find myself feeling very forgiving towards her about the issues that so many of us (including myself) have criticized her. She was a very young lady when this series began and I fell like giving her a great deal of the benefit of the doubt. I just hope she will avoid making the same mistakes other actors have made. Do you know who Angus Jones is? I would expect that most people who read this may not know who he is and that is really a shame. He was a young actor who played the "half man" character on the TV show "Two and a Half Men". He spoke out against that show saying that it was (I forget his exact words but they were something like the following). He claimed the show was just stupid and it was wrong for young people to watch it. I think he may have brought God into that discussion saying it was some kind of "sin" to watch that show. Naturally, the show runner was none too pleased with the young fool and understandably so. He was dropped from the show and I don't think he has worked very much since that time. In one sense, it was a real shame. But in another sense, most everyone should know better than to bite the hand that feeds you. He has a perfect right to voice his opinion. But he can't expect people to continue giving him scads of money to work on a show after he has spoken out in the media and made extremely negative (and somewhat bizarre) remarks about that TV show.
  6. S06.E10: START

    The more I think about the garage scene, the more I come to the conclusion it was just LUDICROUS. Absolutely IDIOTIC. I could write a bunch more adjectives. But what's the point?
  7. S06.E10: START

    If I was Philip, the single most important thing I could have told Henry during the last conversation was that the FBI would likely come to question him and it would be of the utmost importance that he should never answer any of their questions without a lawyer present. I would have been prepared with the name of a good lawyer who was capable of standing up to the FBI and I would have made sure Henry knew it was extremely stupid for anyone to ever tell the FBI anything beyond their name, address and date of birth without their lawyer present. Many people may think that is excessive. But more people wind up in prison because of what comes out of their own mouths than would be generally believed. In any case, it can't hurt Henry to ask for a lawyer to be present before answering any of their questions and it might just save him from a terrible fate.
  8. S06.E10: START

    If I was a border guard, I think I'd feel over-worked and kind of fed up with TPTB giving me crappy photos and expect me to recognize and detain extremely dangerous people from these stupid photos. I'd probably try to recognize them. But only put in a minimal kind of effort. I realize the nation's security is extremely important. But I resent the Hell out of TPTB doing a half-assed and weak job of providing front line people with the tools they need and then expect the front-line people to put themselves and their families at risk. By "families", I mean that if I get killed because of shitty Intel or other info from TPTB, my family is the one who will suffer after I'm gone. I would give a lot more effort to keeping my family secure than I would to putting myself at risk when TPTB can't provide me with good tools and don't risk anything of themselves or their families. AFAIC, they can go F themselves.
  9. S06.E10: START

    I remember being "knocked out" by the very first episode. The music was fantastic. The premise was fantastic. The promise of future episodes was fantastic. I better stop repeating "fantastic". But there was plenty more about this show. It starts with the fact that I have always loved Keri Russell. There were also several elements of this show that were top notch - including the acting and also the actors. Aside from Keri Russell, many people don't seem to discuss how so many of the other actors are also hugely talented. But, sad to say, no other episode ever seemed to achieve the same level of "WOW!" as did that first episode. A few may have come close - especially those that involved Martha and Nina. Wasn't Nina terrific? One of the very best characters of them all. I'm not sure what my point is. I better just stop here.
  10. S06.E10: START

    For whatever it may be worth, you are also one of my most favorite posters here. I normally would not kiss up to people as freely as I'm doing today. But I consider this thread to be my "Goodbye" to all the people I've kept company with for the past six years and with whom I've shared this extraordinary show.
  11. S06.E10: START

    I have always enjoyed hearing from you in this forum. You have a unique POV and I must admit that much of my thinking has changed after reading your posts. I tend to agree with you most of the time. I will miss your posts and hope you will let us know where you may be posting in the future. Please send me a private message if you like. Or tell us all what shows you will be following now and about which shows you may be posting. Of all the people who post there, I think you might have an opportunity to write your own blog or column. Your opinions are very rare but well worth reading and very enjoyable - at least I enjoy them very much. It was a pleasure to read you for the past six seasons. You are definitely my most favorite poster here.
  12. S06.E10: START

    I don't understand why so many people seem to think if Stan knew the truth about Amador, he would have no mercy for Philip. My recollection was that Amador was way out of line in the first place by trying to force P to come with him because Amador lusted after Martha (as well as most every other woman alive) and P committed the terrible sin of having Martha like him more than she liked Amador (which was zero by the way). Then he was stupid and ineffectual in his handling of P. Amador got what he deserved. If Stan had witnessed everything that happened, he would have been extremely outraged for a while. But if he thought about it for a while, I think he would have to admit that P had a right to defend himself and Amador behaved like an imbecille. He was lusting after Martha and decided to play the "big man" with P because of that. Everything went downhill for the jerk after that. F Amador!
  13. S06.E10: START

    The combination of acting, music and the cinematography made it an extremely beautiful final. Yes. The McDonalds bag that E pased to Paige did likely contain empty boxes and no drinks. I thought that was a nice treat for us to laugh at. It seemed to me the writing was no better and no worse than it had been all along (with the exception of the dismal Season 5). All in all, I loved this show and I really enjoyed participating in this forum.
  14. S06.E10: START

    We saw that E packed stacks of cash in that duffel bag. I'd like to have seen if she got that bag out of the USA. Did she deposit most of it in some Swiss bank (or another nation with strong bank privacy). I don't see how they will be sending the kids much money if they didn't secure some of the cash in that duffel bag. It is kind of doubtful they will be making much money in Russia now. Unless they engage in some kind of Mafia type of activities. After all, there are many wealthy Russians who made their money with the sex trade or other kinds of criminal enterprises.
  15. S06.E10: START

    I have only two words to describe this final episode. Poignant and beautiful.