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  1. Season One Talk: Making It!

    Agreed. The way I look at it, if your designs are already in ETSY (or in fashion, in Vogue) you're already too late. One thing I did appreciate this episode is that the judges' comments are more critical and pointed. I did laugh out loud at Simon's psyche-out ("Your spaceship looks like a leftover prop from a cheesy 1950s movie....and that's why I love it!") I can do without the host bits, didn't we have to endure a pun run on celebrity names already last week? The one thing I *do* appreciate about this show is that while the guy with his own YouTube show has a technical advantage as a quasi-pro at this stuff (I mean he etched the sides of his terrarium), the judges look beyond technical ability and actually assess a piece's "heart."
  2. A few times I threw my head back and laughed out loud last night: * When the Israeli defense guy talked about the armed kids at school shooting a crazed school shooter and adding, "that substitute teacher didn't stand a chance." * The same character describing how he was almost beheaded and adding that the guy who tried to do it now runs a PR agency in Turkey. * The comment that Miss Piggy is a strong woman. A little disappointed that SBC didn't get Lewandowski in any trouble. Dude's pretty slick.
  3. S20. E21: Nominations #7. Hacker #2

    Yeah so far we've been relatively lucky wrt golf. I record the show after BB. Probably the only person in the country who DVRs "Bull" or "NCIS Los Angeles."
  4. S20. E21: Nominations #7. Hacker #2

    I can’t stand Sam’s mewy voice, and that exchange with JT was just plain creepy. And I had to laugh when she asked to have a moment alone with Hayleigh, as I remembered how sanctimoniously she declared that she would have no private conversations when she was HoH.
  5. S15.E09: Meet the Top Ten

    They kept giving Melanie contemporary and jazz routines to do. The one time I remember her really being out of her element was a disco routine where she looked like she was going to have a heart attack when she was done. Imagine her trying tap like they made Chelsea do this week. It would have been comical.
  6. All Episode Talk: They Did BLANK?!

    I Me too. He didn’t seem that sharp but was genial and a good sport, and kind of cute.
  7. S15.E09: Meet the Top Ten

    Please, just replace her with a rotation of choreographers/All-Stars, already? Yup. I have long maintained that Marko carried Melanie Moore the season she won. He put an artistic gloss on her stomping around. When they cut to Anthony in the audience, he looked a little teary. Not sure if it was because of the shout-out as a great choreographer (which he is) or if he was taking the criticism of the routine to heart. And I agree with y’all, the complexity and technique of tap dancing is discounted, as are genres considered “folky” like clog dancing and Irish step. Very hard to master and an awful lot for them to ask Chelsea to learn in a day with a masterful partner who will make it look easy.
  8. S20.E19: Power of Veto #6

    Yeah, what the hell is up with that? I don't know if anyone else watched "Flava of Love" back in the day but there was a very "performative" contestant nicknamed BuckWild, who had a very exaggerated fake accent. The show she was voted out she dropped it and Flava Flav asked what happened to the accent. There have been a few times this season that I asked myself whether Rockstar was BuckWild.
  9. MSNBC

    YMMV but I love Kornacki. He knows his stuff cold. He's an unapologetic geek. He used to have the 9am slot after Morning Joe and it was refreshing, just him in a pullover sweater and khakis analyzing the numbers and trends. Before he was on MSNBC he was a very insightful writer for Salon.com. On the rare occasions that he's on Morning Joe (rare, because in his Salon days he correctly called out Barnicle as the sleazy fabulist/plagiarist hack that he is) he calls them on their conventional wisdom bullshit.
  10. S03.E08: Biscuits

    Cathryn is one of these women who I can’t imagine being friends with in real life - a little too hyper and fussy and fake-cheerful - but yet who I’m drawn to rooting for because they work hard, buck up and try their best, and do not try to be “cool” or put on airs. And yes, she seemed to understand it was her turn, gave it her best, but it just wasn’t in the cards for her. I liked him at first - I am fond of the seniors on this show who follow the the beat of their own drum, like Norman for a few seasons back. But he’s been coming off as smug in recent weeks.
  11. S20.E18: Nominations #6

    That bitchy remark tonight, about if she were in Rachel’s shoes at 30, she would be questioning her choices in life? Screw you.
  12. S01.E10: Bedwomb

    I liked the first half of this series and was *almost* going to recommend it to friends, but thankfully waited to see how it would pan out. I watched, so they didn’t have to. I agree with so many of you who started out excited that there may be a show to explore feminism, body issues, the tyranny of impossible beauty standards and the media’s role in perpetuating them, etc. Instead, we ended up with this crap. I won’t be back if there is a second season.
  13. Season One Talk: Making It!

    I loved that show and second the recommendation. I am annoyed they set it in the 1990s rather than the era he grew up in (late 1960s/early 1970s), but it captured his family dynamics and his worldview as described in his autobiography (also called Beautiful People, although I think in the UK it was published with the title "Nasty.") I will say that the guy who has his own YouTube channel seems to be somewhat of a quasi-"professional crafter" if there are such things.
  14. Season One Talk: Making It!

    Gosh that was brutal. I teared up thinking of the pain that poor guy must have felt. I love Simon Doonan, especially his writing. His autobiography about growing up poor and with Irish parents in northern England is delightful and inspiring. His worldview is that all people (rich, poor, old, young) with their *own* sense of style - even if it’s not in the pages of Vogue - are the true fashionistas. So I can see him loving these folks for following their own arrow. I liked that too. He was quiet but respectful and I actually think he was right. I too thought it was a little corny too but as many of you point out, I begrudgingly accept it because they’re trying to hook viewers who may have stumbled on it and stayed for them.
  15. I like Hayley but I roll my eyes when she sucks up to Julie in during the votes. Julie is a nice looking lady but she’s not “iconic.” Slow your roll.