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  1. So where the hell is this show? Is it completely dead now?
  2. Pitch Perfect 3 (2017)

    That's funny, since I thought Rebel was one of the biggest problems in part 2, but I found her much more tolerable in this one.
  3. Bates Motel vs Psycho

    Even though I can't express my love for Psycho enough (it's the one movie I can watch again anytime and still be impressed), I think Bates Motel told a better story and had better casting. I also love Psycho 2, which is as good as horror sequel can get. They had elements of the first one, but didn't make the same movie again. It was psychologically very interesting film. Psycho 3 is awful, truly the worst one of them all, just a cheap, slimy slasher flick. Which automatically wouldn't be a bad thing, since 80's slashers are my weakness, but this one just had nothing good in it. Psycho 4 is okay, but forgettable. I've only seen it once and have no intentions watching it again. Haven't seen The Bates Motel, as it doesn't appear to have much in common with the actual franchise. It was more a spinoff film than a continuation, right?
  4. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    I'm not that fond with MCU-films, I mean most of them are fine, but the only one I think is actually a good film is Iron Man 3. Unpopular opinion, I know and I don't care, even though it was PG13, it definitely felt like a Shane Black movie and that is always a good thing. But here's another unpopular opinion: Infinity War might be my least favorite. It was all around bland and uninteresting. Maybe I just don't care about the characters enough, but it didn't do anything for me. I was also really, really disappointed with Ruffalo. Did anyone else get the feeling, that he just didn't want to be there? Oh, and it never had an Avengers-feel to it. It was more of "MCU The Movie". Greatest hits.
  5. The Disaster Artist (2017)

    As a movie, it was good. But since I have the novel so fresh in my mind (read it few weeks before seeing the film), I was slightly disappointed how much they changed and cut from the real story. I enjoyed it more rewatching, when I didn't have high expectations anymore.
  6. Pitch Perfect 3 (2017)

    I was surprised how much I liked this one. The first one is really good, but the second one... ehh, I don't need to watch it ever again. Funny thing is how it felt like that in the middle of writing process, writers realized they are making once again the same story about some big competition and just threw random crime story into the mix. But yeah, I liked it. Most of the jokes landed, unlike in the second one, music was fine and it had a bitter sweet, real ending vibe. I'll miss the chemistry between the cast. Oh, and Flo was cut short this time. She is an awful character, so thank god for that. There was way too many of her "jokes" in the second one.
  7. Small Talk

    I'm not sure if this is allowed, but if not, then feel free to delete this message. I bought the final season bluray and as usually, it comes with a Ultraviolet code. I don't need it, so is there anyone interested? Previously I've gave the codes on IMDb, but that's not an option anymore. So whoever's up for it, send me pm and I give the code away. BUT! It only works on UK.
  8. I'm very, very, highly disappointed on this. But I'm not surprised. I never got the feeling that this would have big enough audience. I'll hope that Fiona finds another great role and wouldn't be stuck just making those cheap straight-to-video films like before. She's far too talented for those.
  9. I just rewatched the first episode of season 1. Man have I already forgot a lot of things that happened. But I noticed that the squeaky toy was present throughout the episode. Was it Mona already?
  10. Yeah, well. He did. This episode really made me hate him. Poor Bart, her wish was just to get back with Ken. And poor Friedkin, stuck in some kind of void. Ken was truly a ruthless bastard just tossing him into the portal. But the rest of them got a nice, happy ending, and that's always good thing. If there won't be another season, none of the actual main characters were trapped in a cliffhanger, so it's satisfying enough of an ending. I thought this season wasn't as good as the first one, but it wasn't far from it. The one episode few weeks back which only took place on Wendimoor was the weak link, but other than that, I really enjoyed it and hopefully it will be back next year.
  11. All Episodes Talk: Guts & Gore Galore

    I'm a huge slasher-fanatic (mostly 80's, but there's some great ones after that era), and I love Harper's Island. I was so excited for Slasher last year, but I ended up hating it. However, this second season was improvement. I'm still not gonna say it's anything above average, but it was certainly better. I was sure from the beginning, that Of course that wasn't the whole truth. I noticed clues for the twist when the season went along, but maybe I just didn't think they would go with such a cliche.
  12. Great episode. Nice to have Bart back. Ken's arc and character development is interesting, but I can't say that I actually like it. He's quickly turning into a bad guy. What happened to Friedkin? The knights were shooting everyone around him. The next we see, the knights are making their way around the facility. I know he's not dead, since we didn't see it happen, but Susie's command was pretty clear. Kill everyone. So why would he be left alive? I don't mind the mass murdering sequences. Season 1 was pretty violent too.
  13. Oh, okay. Thanks. But still, how? The boy has been in coma for decades. Or is he able to collect things happening around him and that's how he heard about Dirk and inserted him into Wendimoor?
  14. "I don't understand anything that's happening... And I love it!" Execution with a fucking scissors :D How did Dirk carry them holding the blade and not get hurt? The episode surely was better than last week, it evens out nicely to have both worlds. Staying only in Wendimoor isn't working. Has it been told how and why are the people in Wendimoor aware of Dirk? If it has, I've forgotten all about it.
  15. Well, this was probably my least favorite episode of the whole series. Other than the stuff with Dirk, it dragged and nothing interesting happened. Well, at least not before the bridge scene. So ZoqFotPik was apparently right. Wendimoor doesn't exist in the wall painting (like I speculated), but instead it's all happening in Moloch's comatosed mind.