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  1. S06.E11: Let Them Eat Chicken!

    Kate hasn't started with the overt mean girl thing yet with her -- so far it's mostly talking behind her back. But you know it's coming.
  2. The Hills in the Media

    Sorry 14 months old.
  3. S06.E11: Let Them Eat Chicken!

    “Chicken is unacceptable.” ”chicken is for poor people.” Enjoy your coronary bypass then. Of course we couldn’t go another episode without Rhylee being a b. Maybe they should force feed her chicken. Ross is going to take the high road and admit mistake. That isn’t going to pacify her bro, if anything it will embolden her. Laura is going to be screwed. If she stands up to Kate, she’s going to be fired. So it’s a question of how much shit she’s going to eat before she revolts and gets cut.
  4. The Hills in the Media

    Jason Wahler did a podcast interview with Dr. Drew Pinsky: https://drdrew.com/2018/jason-wahler-episode-357/ He will be in the reboot, which starts airing in late January He talked about his lowest point, how he turned his life around. Said he lost $2 million in gambling and wasn't around to support his wife when she gave birth to their child, now 14. Said Heidi and Spencer have turned their lives around, are still together, etc.
  5. Yeah I figured the Solaras would show up and thought there might be a violent confrontation. But obviously Stefano cut a deal with them so if the shoes are a success, I can see Stefano and the Solaras getting rich while the Cerullos are screwed. I wondered why Silvio would be open to officiating the wedding between a rival family and the peasant shoe cobbler family whose daughter had rejected his own son. Was it for a chance to throw a big bash and show off? Or maybe they saw a big economic opportunity with those shoes, though I would imagine the people who really had money in Naples would be buying Ferragamos and other better-known brands from other parts of Italy which set the trend for fashion such as Milan and Florence. I don't know if the Camorra made big money from pastry or grocery stores like the ones depicted here. I thought they're big on doing things like adulterating olive oil and shaking down small businesses. Or doing horrible things like helping factories dump toxic waste into land and waterways near drinking water supplies.
  6. S06.E07: The 1-3-2

    I guess they never really bothered to say why she's so loyal to Ray. In fact, she begged Ray to let her go get Bridget, which is a risk for her. She can't be doing this only for a paycheck, though maybe Ray is generous since he rarely seems to have money problems. With Avi, you can kind of understand the loyalty or the actor really sold that Avi was loyal and fond of Ray and his family. With Lena, the motivations aren't clear. Either the writers didn't give the actress a chance to demonstrate her sense of loyalty or she couldn't pull it off?
  7. Season 1 Episodes Discussion

    I guess we have to be familiar with her other shows. Glanced through a Guardian interview where Davis talks about extreme and unlikable characters. This is apparently her first show since the British version of Camping and in that time both her parents died of cancer. She does a podcast where her extreme humor is also showcased. I think Nigel kind of had an interest and her coworkers were talking about getting with her. Eleanor saw Sally as a threat. As for Sally, I think she wanted to punish or maybe even drive Emma away by having sex with Nigel and flaunting it in her face. Not sure how much more they can do with this show because at some point, Sally is going to kick her out. Also she may have to move out soon herself because David said he has to sell the house.
  8. My Brilliant Media

    After the season 1 finale, they announced My True Brilliant Friend, a 75 minute documentary which airs on Dec. 12th. Already available on HBO Go. Maybe behind the scenes or a making of piece with cast and crew interviews.
  9. S01E08: La Promessa: Lila believed Stefano when he said they’d be better than their parents. But they had to make a bargain with the devil. She thought she was marrying a man who loved her and strived to be better but in the end, she was marrying Don Achille’s son. She was shaken by her old teacher’s brutal repudiation of what she was about to become, the wife of the scion of a connected family. So she makes Lenu promise to fulfill the potential for academic brilliance that she’d shown when they were children. Because as the maestra said, Lila has been reduced to her physical beauty, which wealthy men desire to possess. Elena refers in her narration that Lila talked about getting out of that neighborhood. They were going to take the money Don Achilles had given them to become writers and escape that place. But she may be stuck there, in business with the Solaras. I don’t know the books so it remains to be seen what they do with the second season. Do they jump way ahead? The lead actresses are teenagers so they may have to recast. It’s going to feel like a long wait for season 2.
  10. S02.E01: Inside Out

    Man I’m really hazy on how things ended last season. Howard Prime stayed in this world to catch the conspirators and cells from his world. So obviously Clare is up to her knees in the conspiracy but he helps Peter to protect her? Does he not know how central she is, why she was implanted to marry Peter? Who were the twin women who were killed along with the agents by Clare? Now Aldrich figures out what was going on but who killed him and how? Wish they’d checked in, if only for a little bit, with Howard and other in the Prime world.
  11. Season 1 Episodes Discussion

    Sally can’t get rid of Emma. Their couples therapist was in on gaslighting her. So she sleeps with Nigel which only causes more drama from Emma. Sally is forced into accepting another marriage proposal. But not before Sally torments Emma with details about the sex. Looks like she’s going to have to fuck more coworkers to get away from Emma.
  12. S01E07: I fidanzati - That tunnel connecting the neighborhood to the rest of the world is some passage. Every time Lenu goes through and comes back, she’s more worldly. Shes got guys after her and finally schemes a way to turn the tables on creepy Donato, who’s ruined Nino for her. Lila doesn’t have to walk through the tunnel like Lenu to become wise to the ways of the world. Instead, she probably rides through it in Stefano’s red convertible, because she’s gotten rid of Marcello Solara by cozying up to Stefano, finally agreeing to marry him. While she’s brilliantly extricated herself, she may not have counted on what the Solaras might do. Papa Solara comes to visit the Cerullo’s new shop, which Stefano is bankrolling to make the shoes Lila had designed, and leaves with the “nice shop you have here, would be a shame if something happened to it, like it catching fire” warning. Lila looks stylish with her visits to the hairdresser and her new wardrobe but she’s going to marry the boy who threatened her when she was little. For her sake, Stefano better have reformed rather than be a wolf like Marcello. Or maybe Stefano better worry about not crossing Lila. Their old school teacher had an interesting observation about where the beauty little Lila had in her brain went to as a young woman.
  13. S06.E07: The 1-3-2

    They filled in more blanks, namely that the prison Sam wants is giving Ferrati $4-5 million in kickbacks. So why does she want that particular site that much? A streaming service doesn’t need a lot of space. She could buy up cloud computing resources from Amazon and just need some office space. So there may be some other revelation about her motivations. Vinnie from Doogie Howser gets Sean to wear a wire against the corrupt cops and now, he gets Ray to screw over Anita and Sam. Ray has Lena stash Bridget in his apt? The crooked cops are after him and his family so wouldn’t they know where he lives? Mickey spends $1500 on a disguise and is recognized right away by some tourist because his little Hampton Jitney caper gets his face plastered all over the papers. Meanwhile the wig shop salesman wanted sex with grandpa? Mopey Bunchey curses out god at the very Boston church where he was molested and what do you know, Auntie Mullet drives right by them outside that church! So Bunch starts running after her car like an overeager dog!
  14. Hmm some unresolved anger for Jenn and Ron? Guy was just hanging around where they filmed, probably trying to get a reaction and got it. Obviously he wanted to be filmed since he signed a release. They milked it for most of the episode like it was going t9 be some big brawl. But they had gobs of security around and probably knew they were going to prevent a lot of physical contact, though Angelina throws a chair. Earlier they were joking about how they had gotten old and boring, settling for gorging on food and when they used to party heavily, have dance battles and get into real brawls.
  15. S06.E10: Man Overboard

    I'm not sure Adrian preparing that meal was a big deal. Could be selective editing. For all we know, he ran it by the guests and they were okay with it but they inserted some shots of the guests which make it appear like they were stupefied.