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  1. S06.E03: I'm Also a Boat Captain!

    OTOH, would you want to be surprised with the kind of food Anthony Bourdain eats on his show? Pork boiled in its own blood or eel broiled in blood, which is what he was served in Portugal? There are plenty of other "authentic" cuisines which would challenge the most adventurous tastes. I would think food is just a part of it. The luxury cabins, the water sports toys, etc. -- though I'm surprised people will spend a lot of money to ride jet skis. If you go to these tropical locales, you can spend thousands to stay at some luxury villa or resort with gourmet food. But these people choose to be on a boat so they must want comparable experiences at least.
  2. S06.E10: It Had to Be You

    So Danny insisting Mindy give up her career was the dealbreaker? he was brusque but I don’t get the abusive asshole label. of course there was going to be a sappy ending, as there was in The Office.
  3. S01.E01: Pilot

    So is the entire season or series going to be set at a campsite? do people still go camping?
  4. S06.E03: I'm Also a Boat Captain!

    I don't think dismissing this as the men gaslighting Rhylee is valid. She's also alienated Kate. Obviously the producers are mocking her "I'm also a boat captain" claims too. Surely alienating all your coworkers is not a winning strategy.
  5. S32.E15: Wheel of Fortune

    They were right that just as they isolated Bananas and Tony, the producers changed the rules to bring back two teams instead of one. if the rules can change at any time, it’s rife for manipulation and kind of unfair to the teams which outmaneuvered their rivals. of course both teams will vote with Jonny now. Cara Maria and Marie will and Pauly and Natalie pretty much have to, though they will be voted in first.
  6. S06.E03: I'm Also a Boat Captain!

    Well even if Rhylee is right about anything, the fact is that she's alienated all of her coworkers, though it looks like from the previews that Ashton is sniffing around again. Producers must have some alternate cast members lined up in Tahiti and maybe prodded some cast members that if someone isn't working out they can be replaced. That's where this drama about people being short with each other and apparently Kate and Josiah conspiring to get rid of Caroline could be coming from, knowing that they could get replacements and doing so would make for "good television." "I don't eat baby animals." Well now you do, princess. "Everything I've put into my mouth since I've gotten into this boat has been great." No comment ... "I like pleasures of the flesh." What was Kate saying about that island "open relationship" Adrian came from?
  7. S03.E08: Ghost-Like

    I'm not black nor familiar with LA, especially the areas they depict on the show. There was that one episode this season where Issa walks the guy through the neighborhoods she grew up in. But it's a cool side of LA. Most of the housing stock is older and modest, not the glammed-out palaces people try to create with over the top renovations. Then again, maybe there were budget limitations so they didn't build glamorous sets but I liked the look of the modest apt. Lawrence and Issa lived in and the one she lives in now. Certainly a departure from the houses depicted in TV in general -- that apartment Rachel and Monica lived in in Greenwich Village would cost well over $10 million.
  8. Alison Rosen podcast interviewed the choreographer for the show. She says many of the cast members are not dancers but grind at it with rehearsals. She said if she had the budget for it, they'd do a Busby Berkley number in water.
  9. We'll have to see if the anti-establishment thing from 2016 is still a thing in 2020. The diehard Trump supporters won't buy that he restocked the Swamp or made it far worse. Economy is great but does everyone feel it? After all, a big part of what worked for Trump was this sense of white grievance, that the country was favoring minorities at the expense of whites. That is what they used to ram Kav through, that the accusations against him were part of some unjust or unfair general attacks on white males.
  10. What I got from this is that Melania is horrible, less than Trump himself but still horrible. And white women will back white men, not other women like Ford. And a lot of Hispanics support Trump, because economy is heir top issue, no immigration or health care.
  11. S04.E01: I Want to Be Here

    Rebecca said she wanted to be good, make a real difference. Nathaniel said okay go ahead and write some checks, serve on some boards, then offered up a Hawaii luxury resort getaway. She was excited at first but then maybe thought spending money wasn’t going to make her feel better. I was never big into camping but since when do they have pop up tents, vaporizers and gourmet meats? I remember dehydrated packets of food. Maybe that’s why Nathaniel thought a luxury vacation would make her feel better. It seems to for him. Guy from a wealthy family probably would not be into anyone who can be termed crazy.
  12. S32.E14: Lavender Is the New Black

    That’s his baby momma, Cheyenne? she must be early 20s at most?
  13. Now they're talking about going to another summer house. Said more than once that they need an upgrade on the house since they're 30 now. Are they only 30 or more like mid 30s? In any event, they've acquired more expensive tastes so the shore house wasn't going to be good enough any more for them. If they never got famous and made big money from TV, the shore house might be more what they're used to, even in their 30s.
  14. S03.E08: Ghost-Like

    They did start out and had some other ethnic groups represented but when Issa quit her job, that was apparently the end of these minor characters. I wonder if they evolved since the first season because it got a big following in the big community or maybe they found most of the audience who regularly watched was black? Also hadn't thought about it but Molly switching jobs also meant she doesn't interact regularly with people of other races. There was one episode in previous season about her trying to advise a younger black lawyer to switch it up or code switch with the white colleagues and partners in the firm.
  15. S32.E14: Lavender Is the New Black

    I think Cara made that choice and Marie went along with it, didn't really question it. That choice proves she's doing Bananas' bidding, trying to go suicide bomber and hope to take out the best of the remaining teams, which would help Johnny and Tony's chances of winning the challenges and staying out of Armageddon. Sylvia or Ashley would be easier to beat than Nelson and Shane but they're going to pick a tougher team rather than try to win Armageddon and avoid the Redemption House? That just proves they were right to vote in Marie and Cara Maria.