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  1. The Affair in the Media

    Self empowerment? Thats her idea of self empowerment, to commit suicide or get murdered? Girl power, according to Treem!
  2. Lot of disappointed rich people at that dinner at the villa. Nothing was sold and nobody was hired. As spectacular as those villas looked, Steve got out of bed and had to get through the mosquito nets. They really design homes to open up to the outside but I wonder if it wouldn’t be preferable to have airtight homes because that hot and humid clime is teeming with bugs, including mosquitoes which carry the most nasty viruses. Window screens ruin the look of these glamorous homes but man, I don’t want to deal with bugs every night.
  3. These days, brand consciousness is pretty common. After all, companies spend millions in marketing and advertising to establish and embellish the brand identities of their products. But Hannah seems to have a thing for luxury brands. If she's been around well-to-do clients and spent some time shopping in some of these glamorous locales, of course she's going to be aware of luxury and high fashion brands. Anyone who's earned some money is going to want some of these fancy things. How common is it for people who used to shop at Target move on to Sak's once they're making some money? Now even for people who buy these nice things, maybe it's not so common to name-drop them on TV, or these days, social media, all the time. But I don't know, can you be subtle or keep a low profile carrying around an LV bag or wearing $700 shoes? Most people may not notice these items but there are certainly people who do. If these things weren't noticed, then it wouldn't be good for the luxury brands. They don't have to put a big logo or anything but the presumption is that people will notice.
  4. I'm guessing Bravo has a big say, if not the final say, on who is on the cast? So they chose these people for maximum drama, some looks, but mainly that they'd argue with each other. I remember an old Kurt Vonnegut novel where this unsavory character as a boy would collect insects which are natural rivals or one is a predator and put them in the same bottle, shake it up to make them fight or for one to eat the other. That seems to be Bravo's casting logic. If they don't fight, the producers are sure to egg them on. Hannah can't stand Joao and vice versa so why do they let what each other says get to them? One dumb comment takes up that much of this episode? I also wonder if other yacht crews have rules against fraternization. On this one, they seem to encourage it.
  5. I thought the henhouse sequence was funny. The roosters get their needs met in 2 minutes and one of the hens (Kayleigh) is just glad it’s over with. Why is Cara crying over 2 pump chump Kyle? Are the tats and the hair plugs that attractive? At least they finally had a challenge. Did they have to run the steam trains over and over? Maybe that’s why the challenges have been sparse relative to the House drama, seems like some of the challenges could be difficult to set up logistically.
  6. Yeah but his emotional problems are due to Logan. All the kids are messed up because of parenting. Now does Logan want to hand off the reins to one of his kids eventually? Or has Marcia pulled a Yoko Ono on him and maybe it's her son that will take over?
  7. S04.E09 Episode 9

    BTW, moving money to a different account doesn’t necessarily indicate that Alison was providing for Joanie. Unless that account was a Payable on Death or POD account naming only Joanie as the beneficiary. It would have to be a lot of money to take care of her for life. But what would a little girl under 10 do with a lot of cash? Alison would have to trust that Cole will take care of her, without stealing any of the money. Really she would have created a trust, with specific instructions about how all the money and other assets would go to her. I don’t know if they sold the Lobster Roll? If they didn’t, her share of the income could be important. Did she rent or own that home? If she owned, that’s a significant asset, a place with an oceanfront view. If she didn’t spell out explicitly what was to be done, these assets might have to be dealt with in probate, which is a costly process. Now maybe she didn’t know all the legalities but if she was planning to commit suicide but wanted to provide for Joanie, she certainly could have done a lot more than move money to different accounts.
  8. S01.E06: Cherry

    Doubt it. The cheerleaders were going on about how women are meant to have babies and how you’re not really a woman until you bear children. Camille cracked someth8ng about “there’s girl power for you.” The other women didn’t seem to get the sarcasm.
  9. S04.E09 Episode 9

    Alison has this prime view of the ocean. Does she not have any neighbors? They had sex on the balcony or Ben carried her body, not even rolled up in a rug or disguised, and threw it into the water. Unless she had a beach front estate, with no neighbors for a quarter mile in each direction, they'd have been seen.
  10. S03.E01: Better-Like

    I didn't notice but one of the actors in the fiction show within the show is Bill Bellamy. I think there's someone else relatively well-known too but I forget the name. The Ringer Recappables podcast is recapping this season. They said the show seems to be a spoof of Living Single.
  11. S03.E01: Better-Like

    Molly took care of some loose ends from season 2, getting that key back from Dro. So she’s ready for a new job, new adventures. Issa on the other hand can’t seem to decide whether to backtrack with Daniel, who’s doing the passive aggressive thing of trying to make her jealous. And not a word about Lawrence was spoken. Is party Lyft a real thing? Apparently that first guy not only took care of the guy who wanted to smoke, but also left a $50 tip? Did he even want to share that ride, especially with some guy picky about the free Capri Suns?
  12. S04.E09 Episode 9

    If Ben is just looking to cheat on his wife, would he really pursue Alison this much? Why not just go to a bar and pick up someone? Instead, he's trying to make it appear he's serious about her, putting a lot of time and effort in without her giving in. Yeah she's suppose to be susceptible to these married men, because she's so wounded or whatever. But if Noah just wanted sex with someone other than his wife, all he had to do was look around at school, or at that pool -- as the show would have it, he's irresistible. Noah left his wife and family for her. So the show is kind of redefining her this season when it tries to say that her guilt and self-punishment made her vulnerable and easy prey to these creepy married men. In the first couple of seasons, she was this siren whose call Noah couldn't resist, for any reason. In fact they made it about how men were being true to themselves by dumping their wives for younger women. Not just Noah but Helen's father decided to leave his wife for someone younger.
  13. Yeah if Logan is replaced permanently, then the show is kind of over. Logan is one of the best characters on the show. Maybe they could have him being a PITA from the sidelines, second-guessing everything that the new CEO did. But what would there be for the siblings to do? Roman can't get a job anywhere else, certainly not a high level executive at a major corporation. Kendall couldn't give money away to startups so what's left for him, even if he rehabs? But can they keep things as is for several seasons, with Logan in charge and the kids trying to take over?
  14. S04.E09 Episode 9

    If that is the tack they take for next season, to really learn what happened, then I'm going to bail. So if this episode with two different versions of Alison and Ben is meant to set up a season-long mystery before they reveal the truth in the series finale, it's ridiculously cynical move. It's one thing to write around an actress leaving the show but they use it as an opportunity to set up another season?
  15. S04.E09 Episode 9

    They had to kill her off since she was quitt8ng the show. But when they wrote and produced this episode, did they know there was going to be another season? They could easily have made this the penultimate episode of the series, if they weren’t sure that Showt8me was going to renew. Then maybe they didn’t have to have such an abrupt ending for one of the lead characters. Sure from the beginning, they hinted at an ominous end, with the guys driving somewhere to look for her. So maybe the entire season was written with the plan to kill her off, whether or not the series was renewed. I don’t buy that her being tormented made her vulnerable to having an affair with Noah. She also said she was afraid Cole would cheat so she did it first? At the beginning of the season, she was supposedly in a good place, financially, good with her work and having custody of Joanie. But still she was punishing herself over her son? And that is how Ben insinuated himself into her life, that she deserved another asshole who would ultimately kill her? That is a pretty offensive proposition, especially in a show with a female show runner. The monologue while she’s descending deeper seems to suggest that she was just going to die, that she was conscious and knew what was happening but that she wouldn’t fight it. Again because she thought it was somehow fitting that she died? So it was both a murder and a suicide? Of course in reality, if she was conscious, the instinct would be to fight to swim up to the surface, at least try. I believe it’s difficult to drown oneself. Only reason the detective thought it was suicide was that she had injuries which suggested she was thrashed against the rocks, which prevented her from getting out of the water.