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  1. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Not too punk not to play a gig for medical reasons. But it's Vegas so hard to take them too seriously.
  2. Remember what a mess he was in season 2, blowing off his studies and partying all the time. Shep got on him, saying he doesn't have mail box money to fall back on and Craig complained that he was being bullied. First season he was partying and not showing up for work, ending to the loss of the job. So he spent time up in RI and then next season, he's shacking up with Naomi. I guess she couldn't whip him to shape. He complained that she wasn't his ride and die girl. Maybe the poor personal habits got to her. All the cute things he sees together isn't covering those shortcomings.
  3. S03.E03: Episode 3 2018.05.31

    I can see some organized group with an agenda hounding Mia and stalking her at home. But average people who see her at the market and follow her home? They seem to be gawking like they've never seen a synth before and have nothing better to do. London is home to people from all over the world and there are a few racists who would persecute ethnic minorities but they don't do it out in the open -- throwing rocks at her home. Max has few choices. He can't very well have the synths fight back because that would only bring more repression. Agnes the hothead is going to get more people and synths killed. I thought Laura made great points. The green eyes would have a lot of economic potential. Of course, that won't go over too well with bigots, who are often around the bottom of the socio-economic ladder and will resent the other who come in and do better than them. I guess peaceful co-existence with synths just doesn't provide a story with enough tension. The early seasons with people struggling to accept synths as they became sentient seems to have been ignored and now, humans are full-on intolerant of synths. Like the Doctor (Laura's date) said, he knows it was an accident that led to the demise of his child when his nanny synth awoke. But he still blames them? If he and Laura get close, wait until he finds out that Mattie sent the code to waken the synths when they did.
  4. It would be good to see them having more difficulties selling places. One of them mentioned that properties over $4 million is taking 400 days to sell? Though that one developer has bet everything on his first project, though he built a new building to resemble a renovated factory after knocking down an existing factory structure? But chances are, even if he gets his money out, he's not going to build anything for awhile, if the market is as bad as everyone is saying. However, the sellers as usual all want more than what the market can bear and what the brokers usually advise. That really hasn't changed, regardless of whether the market is hot or cold. None of the sellers really fought the brokers on the lower prices that much. Bravo is going to want some yelling back and forth between the brokers and developers/sellers soon though
  5. S04.E01: Episode 1 2018.04.01

    I guess people live up there for the views? But the commute and going to different stores may be a hassle. Or having to take the kids to school, though nobody seems to rely on school buses.
  6. There's nothing Southern about microbrews anyways. I thought it started in the Pacific Nothwest. Whiskey is Southern but they already failed at that. Austen might as well have come up with a tequila label that he planned to sell in Mexico.
  7. Succession in the Media

    Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan discuss this show at length in The Ringer's The Watch podcast. They rave about the acting of the Roy children and McFadden, particularly Jeremy Strong as Kendall. They say Kendall is laughable in the board room but has some self awareness and shows vulnerability in private moments. But the character is chnneling Donald Trump Jr. Chris Ryan says the formal innovation of the show is that it doesn't care if it's a drama or comedy, tragic or satire. Also doesn't care if any of the characters are likeable, which is a heretic approach to take with a show. Ryan says if not likeable, the characters can still be interesting. Greenwald says he still may not care and may resent having to watch these princes and princesses of the city who it turns out are rich assholes with daddy issues, who can't do anything right. Ryan says episodes 3 and 4 have some of the strongest moments for him on TV that he's seen in a long time.
  8. FakeStoryLine IPA
  9. The Eyes: News and Media

    Ten years? I haven't seen the series yet but they're going to wear out their welcome after about 5-6 seasons, like all series. I would think some of the cast members would want to look at other projects too, before they get too old for certain roles. Ten years from now, Moss may have to play parent to young adult kids or even grandmother roles.
  10. S04.E01: Episode 1 2018.04.01

    Noah and the black principal are going to get it on. Wouldn't be surprised if she is married. When they were married, Helen ruled the household, because she was source of the money and a lifestyle much better than Noah could provide. They made much of the fact that she could have had anyone but chose Noah. As soon as he left her, she's got the hots for him again.
  11. S01E03 Lifeboats

    Think about it this way. Are any of the characters in Veep sympathetic? They're all very flawed people, but they got the art of the insult down. The creator worked with Iannucci so maybe that was kind of what he was going for. Kendall doesn't give clever insults, goes straight to f-bombs left and right. But he did say he wanted a documentary on him as kind of a Gilgamesh story so there's sign of some education. And we will see but I think Logan was messing with Shiv and the other kids, not so drugged out that he didn't know what he was doing. He put both of them in their place, whether or not they accede to his demands for the trust. Are we to believe that he loves Marcia more, trusts her more than the kids?
  12. S04.E01: Episode 1 2018.04.01

    Helen and Noah are bicoastal? They dragged their bullshit to the other side of the continent! Okay from the previews for the season, everybody is going to be cheating on each other -- Helen is going to cheat on Vik again with Noah, Cole is going to cheat on what's her name with Alison and on and on. The one affair brought all these people together and now it's going to be torture porn in the form of cheating. Actually, it's like cuckolding porn without the graphic sex. Are they really going to have Helen backstabbing Vik again? You can see why she has unresolved issues with Noah. She's still not over the "abrupt" way Noah left her after 25 years of blissful marriage -- yes it's sarcasm there. So she thinks that may be why their younger son is gay. And remember the older son had stomach problems, due to the original affair too? Helen lied to Vik is the last season, that Noah covered for her being the real murder. And now the mother in law tells her to her face that her barren womb ass can't make him happy because she can't give him children. And BTW, there is no way Helen doesn't talk about momma Priya to papa Keaton the therapist. You know, in real life, people often belittle and talk shit about their ex spouses. On this show, they don't do it but do yell at each other. But they still care. They really are thirsty about it. Helen, Noah, Cole have all moved on, found other partners. But they're ready to hump the hell out of their exes at the drop of a hat. For all the therapy these characters get -- remember Sarah Treem worked in In Treatment -- they don't talk much about backsliding or whatever they call it in therapeutic lingo.
  13. S04.E01: Episode 1 2018.04.01

    Jeez my recollections of the previous seasons are so hazy that I don't recall them doing that. Only thing I could think of is that they throw in these obvious minor differences in the POVs. I used to wonder if those differences in small details mattered but now I'm convinced they never did. What does it fucking matter if Noah ordered a margarita or just grabbed a beer at the restaurant? Probably not a damn thing. Sure it may indicate something about the state of mind of the character whose POV is being rendered. In previous seasons, you had them wear different dresses on screen. When this series started, it was their signature narrative device --of course it's been done before and a lot better in movies but for TV show, this was their thing and I guess they're going to hang their hat on it, even if we've come far from the original plot.
  14. S01E03 Lifeboats

    I thought the brothers were tools and we were suppose to laugh at them. But the producers described what Logan did as a "pulling the rug" that is, not that Kendall deserved to be called a fucking idiot when he was feeling good about himself. Certainly what Logan did to Shiv was definitely messing with her. Shiv not so demanding after that little visit. So the credit montage with the home movies from when the sibling were kids has a melancholy cast because the father wasn't emotionally reassuring, especially to Kendall. Tom is really a despicable figure, probably feels like a fraud -- his only qualification for the high position he got was that he was dating Shiv -- but loves to bully Greg. There's got to be a lot of resentment at that company that the kids were given so much power. But so far, no sign of it and Carolina and the Commish appear to be loyal.
  15. Yeah but what's with those glasses? They're probably fancy designer but looks like stuff post menopausal women wear.