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  1. I'm not sure why the hotel would need the advertising. It looks like it's the Planet Hollywood judging from the logo. It's a nice hotel and fairly popular. It has a huge mall and is newer than the ones around it. A ton of shows and restaurants too.
  2. S06.E16: Melissa Morris

    Finally someone said it! Most people would probably clean up a little if they knew a television crew was coming over and people would see everything. People can love and take care of their kids while also keeping their house clean. Or at least clean it when they have company, especially when it means their house will be on television. Even just putting things in another room if they don't want to actually clean.
  3. S06.E01: Rena and Lee's Story

    It seems like people always want to get on the production teams for these types of shows. There's no way of knowing what they see. A part of their job is to not interfere unless someone is about to die or something. They can't do anything if they don't see it. A neighbor or person that actually knows them can't do anything if they don't physically see it. They spend a lot of time filming, but not 24 hours. 12 at most, but I would highly doubt even that much. They're still people. They're not heartless monsters feeding off of misery.
  4. Twisted Sisters: Our Hosts

    They're directors, but often have cameos in their films. Their work is quite good.
  5. S05.E09: Wake Up Call

    A lot of people don't realize that not wanting sex is even an option. Very few people talk about it and a lot of people just assume they will want it. It's difficult to understand how you feel if nobody else seems to feel the same way. He might not fully realize she sees sex in a different way. Like how some people don't realize they're gay until after they're married. They might not realize it themselves.
  6. S05.E09: Wake Up Call

    Maybe he is repulsed by the idea of sex. Plenty of people are and not because something is wrong with them. They may just find the thought nauseatingly gross. There's a number of reasons to think so. They should have talked about it before, but that's on both of them. Not every adult has to be into it. Like not all adults smoke, drink, go to clubs, drive, do drugs, etc.
  7. S05.E09: Wake Up Call

    I don't get all the talk that David "must" be gay or have some serious issue because doesn't want to talk about sex. Not everyone is obsessed with having sex all the time. He could have a low sex drive or non at all, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. He could not even know since people tend to act like if you don't have a high sex drive then you're broken and worthless. Some people just don't want sex. No particular reason. I can't sympathize with Aika anymore. If you knew he had a vasectomy and probably didn't want kids, why are you trying to force it on him? If people can decide to have kids in their 20s, they can decide to have none or stop having them. They're both awful and probably shouldn't have kids. I have to wonder if her whole kid obsession is to get rid of her looks or something since he seems to be focused on them. Very few people have been even remotely likeable this season. And they keep getting worse.
  8. Nicole & Azan: Supersize My Tagine

    That could have easily been a reenactment or just a lie. This weird stereotype that everyone in the film industry is some heartless monster needs to stop. Every other occupation makes money for their job, but people don't shame most for wanting to actually keep theirs.
  9. Nicole & Azan: Supersize My Tagine

    The producers aren't allowed to really do anything, unless someone's life is in immediate danger like they're going to drive drunk or something. They can't interfere. They will lose their jobs and would probably have trouble getting another. They get paid too, but they're not heartless. There's no reason to blaim the production team for not putting their livelihoods on the line. If someone pulled out a knife or something, they could step in. They don't do anything on shows like Cops either.
  10. Elizabeth & Andrei: Ballroom Blitz

    Really? Her sisters seemed okay before. But now, just no. They didn't care about what she wanted at all. People change all the time for a ton of reasons. I never understood what the appeal of the whole Vegas, sex and alcohol parties. Having lived there, I've never met anyone that really cared. Some obviously do, but it's not an "everyone ever loves this and has to go do this" type of thing like they're making it out to be. Why does strong woman have to equal wants to go get blackout drunk and grope strangers with them? He never said anything about a curfew either. Wouldn't any sane person want to know when a person they care about will be home? If something happened, he'd want to know. And even if she was submissive, so? Maybe that's her choice. It is for plenty of people.
  11. That video looked extremely shady and unprofessional. I've seen more professional looking shoots from my film school classmates. It wasn't a terribly large crew either, pretty small for a "professional" shoot really. And 35 twitter followers is weirdly low. I barely use twitter and have way more, somehow. It seems super fake. The crew probably worked for TLC.
  12. I missed the first half originally. But I just saw the part with the chicken feet. Are they serious? Voodoo? They're acting like nobody eats that ever. I don't, but I know it's not exactly an uncommon food. They're not difficult to find in the United States. Is voodoo even commonplace in the Dominican Republic. And even if it is, there didn't appear to be any signs that they practice it. And why do they care about the apartment. It's bigger, it's also cheaper there. Giving them all that stuff right in front of everyone was strange, but her family was just rude. None of their weird complaints were really their business. They keep complaining about being thought of as "stupid Americans" but all they're doing is proving that it's true. Everyone was just terrible. Why did they even go if they were just going to be so rude?
  13. Jamie: He's So Perfect

    How about nobody? Some people prefer to focus on their work/interests or just don't care about romantic relationships. Even good looking people can prefer to not date because they're busy or maybe just don't see the point and don't want to. It would be nice for people like that to see a character like them. Or even just to not force characters into poorly thought out relationships. All the others have been/are married. He could be the cool single one that's happy without that. I'd love to see more characters like that. Ones that aren't treated like pathetic, dateless losers, but as actual people that just don't care to date. It would be interesting. Those characters always get changed too, unfortunately.
  14. S05.E14: Steven and Justin's Story Part 2

    Everyone keeps saying people should just leave him to die or something, but doesn't that sound needlessly cruel and kinda evil? He does treat everyone terribly, but where do you draw the line? Also laws prevent that from happening due to that being just immoral and wrong. I know people are probably just being hyperbolic, but at a point it gets hard to tell. I don't get people saying the brother is some "weirdo loser" either with the only reasoning being that he likes models and remote control cars. Tons of adults like them. What hobbies are people allowed to have then? Are things like knitting and sewing really much better? He didn't seem like a great person either, but I hope his store works out. Those hobbies are a lot more common than people realize. It probably doesn't come up much because people make so many assumptions. And he seems so broken down by his brother and probably how much attention he doesn't get. You can't just get up and go from that. Therapy would probably help them a lot. But with the stigma a lot of people won't even try it. I can see why the father doesn't just abandon his sons. It seems like there's probably a lot more than is being said. And not everyone thinks that once your child is an adult you just throw them away and hope they don t die. In a lot of places people live at home until they get married and its to be expected. To be fair their kids probably go to college/get a job/at least help around the house, but still. I'm not a "SJW" or whatever bizarre insult people like to constantly throw around. I just think people get riled up about things without considering implications or that this was only 4 hours out of over a year. And there were probably a number of unaddressed mental issues. Mental health is often completely ignored and misunderstood. The therapist seemed very nice. He was cool. I hope Cupcake is okay too. I used to volunteer at a cat shelter and some horrible things happen to animals sometimes. There's a reason they look into people before letting them adopt. A lot of people do some horrific things to animals and they don't want to risk it. They're living creatures, not objects to just be bought by anyone. Maybe I'm just too sympathetic to those obviously suffering.