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  1. General True Crime Shows

    And now its doing it during Evil Lives Here. But also only during the caption screens.
  2. General True Crime Shows

    I was thinking last night that maybe he was someone well known or prominent, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Still seems odd - we've seen plenty of shows where they throw around names of people who are ultimately found to be innocent. Although, nothing about this story leads me to believe he didn't do it. I'm guessing there's a wide swath of carnage in this guys past. Glad its not just me having trouble with the sound, but weird that its different providers....?
  3. General True Crime Shows

    No, Cox cable. At first I thought it was a cable issue but it only happens during the caption screens. But it never sounds like it's intentional. This Cold Valley thing - why are they bending over backwards to say only "this person"? I don't think I've seen a show where they protect a suspect like that.
  4. General True Crime Shows

    Shattered - does the sound go out intentionally during the screens with captions?? Or is this only happening to me?
  5. Yeah, I would put a lot of the blame on her lawyers. They knew who he was, they knew the power he had, all they were doing was setting her up to take a fall. It was always going to be he-said /she-said and in this case even if everyone believed her, it wouldn't matter. They should have just said "we believe you but this won't end well".
  6. Following up: Monica - I don't dislike her but I'm not a fan either. I agree that she doesn't seem to have any interest in how this (e?)affected anyone but her. The man had a young child and she has yet to mention her at all - no sense of guilt from her that I can see. And I wonder why she continues to do these interviews. "I want to put it all behind me." Followed by "Sure, I'll do a 6 hour interview 20 years later!" Starr - I have to admit I was surprised to find him not necessarily likable, but not unlikable. Tripp - Ugly and unlikable. Sleazebag. That's all. Paula Jones - Is she as dumb as I think she is, or is the accent making her sound moreso? I can't really say anything bad about the conservative journalist - that was her job - and she seemed to have a very professional mindset. Carville: He's so annoying and unattractive but for some reason I have always had a weird crush on him. Other thoughts: The talk of the Clintons murdering Foster and others - if they were those people it seems Monica would have had an "accident" a long time ago. I don't care for either Clinton, but I did vote for both of them at some point. Omg - Sam Donaldson ... I forgot about Spock.
  7. Didn't see a topic for this anywhere else. 3 night series airing on A&E I was kind of young when all this was going on, so I don't remember a lot of it, so far its been pretty informative. I used to have a lot of sympathy for Monica Lewinsky, but after last nights episode, not so much. I just thought she was young and allowed a situation to spiral into something she couldn't handle, I didn't realize she was equally aggressive toward him. She does seem to have matured a lot but she doesn't deserve to label herself a victim. So what would it take for Hilary to actually leave him? Nothing, I guess.
  8. General True Crime Shows

    I wondered about the half sibling too - but I think that was best to just never get involved in that part - you never knew her or that kid - no need to get involved now. I get the family pressue and whatnot but its been almost 30 years ... and he's about 40 now. And really, it doesn't seem like any of their family gives a crap about the father, or believes he didn't do it, so I can't see where there's anyone who would have really guilted him into keeping a relationship. I also didn't get the part about not letting him legally change his name till he was 18. His mother was gone, his father was never going to get parental rights back, just let him take the adoptive families name, and try to rebuild his life with people who loved him. He seemed like such a nice kid - the teacher taking only his sister, then the rest of the family not stepping up must have been so hard for him. I think he was mature enough to understand how he was slighted not once, but twice.
  9. General True Crime Shows

    Collier Boyle - I feel really bad for him but I think he really needs to move on. The father is a lying asshole - Collier clearly knows this. I realize he's your father but he doesn't care about you at all - he proved that when he returned your letter. The only reason he let you back into his life was because he needs you in his breast pocket for the probation board. I've never been through something this awful but I just can't understand why he can't walk away from his father. Also, I think its awful that none of the family took the 2 kids in, and instead separated them - and also not maintaining the sibling relationship. Collier really got a raw deal in all this. I really wish he could find a way to feel whole.
  10. General True Crime Shows

    Yes, the Phoenix case is odd. They said she left money and everything else behind so I don't think she left by choice. The details as a whole make the case confusing - why was her truck in ESL? Did she have friends there? How far was that from where she lived? I missed a few minutes here and there - what did they think of the 2 Mikes? I didn't get the impression that detectives thought either one was a likely suspect. I think something was going on and she didn't think she could go to her parents to get help. I'm guessing she turned to the wrong person to get her out of a jam and she paid for it with her life. Its too bad, she seemed like a decent kid. ETA: And yes, her mother seemed very domineering - no doubt she would have been afraid to go to mom if she'd dones something wrong.
  11. S10.E01: The West Side Curmudgeon

    I thought they went to Columbia, not NYU?
  12. I find this to be the lowest quality and most boring of the murder porn genre. I can't stand the narration.
  13. Boy am I late to this topic ... and I didn't know those were wigs .. I was just wondering what the hell she had done to her hair. But yeah, she looks awful. That short bob she used to have looked nice on her - why not stay with that?
  14. My biggest issue with this show: "We need to move because there isn't enough space - this house is just too small" as camera pans around room cluttered with shit no one in their right mind has owned since 1977. "I mean, what do you expect us to do? Spend one weekend thoroughly cleaning this sty? Make our kids donate/toss their unused/broken toys? Make a few trips to Goodwill? I mean, who has that kind of time? It would be easier to be displaced from our home for 60 days while a herd of strangers traipses through tearing it apart, and spend several weekends touring houses I really don't want to buy."
  15. Cold Justice Season 5: All Episode Talk

    And when all your witnesses are drug addicts.