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  1. S01.E01: First Date to Life Mate

    I loved this show. Binge watched the entire season. Its a show best watched if you don’t take it seriously, in which case just sit back and have fun. I loved watching Jacques Torres’ expressions. I could almost imagine the judges and contestants having a couple of drinks before filming the show.
  2. S01.E02: Fantasyland

    I don’t get Netflix but had heard about this show so when I went to visit my family in Florida we binge-watched all episodes. I agree this was the best episode by far. We were all hysterical, especially when Amanda called a freeze on the other contestants and shuffled her way to the pantry and used up her entire 3 minutes there.
  3. Bachelor in Paradise in the Media

    Jared looks so completely smitten. I’m happy for Ashley after all of the tears she shed over him.
  4. My friend's brother is glatt kosher and he had to ask his rabbi if it was ok for him to attend a function that wasn't kosher as long as he brought his own food. So you have a valid point.
  5. The Couples: Happily Never After?

    Watched the first episode and so not impressed.
  6. Survivor In The Media

    Don't know if any of you also watch the sitcom Superstore, but Zeke is dating one of the actors from that show! I'm happy that Zeke is happy!!! https://people.com/tv/survivor-zeke-smith-dating-superstore-nico-santos/
  7. S13.E03: Auditions 3 2018.06.12

    I liked Simon much better on Idol. I think he has softened up too much since becoming a dad. I also find it difficult to look at him nowadays. He may have had some work done on his face which has totally screwed up his eyes. Like his cheeks are too full and too high and now his eyes look narrow.
  8. Season 4 Episodes

    ` I wonder if Hallmark would be down with her losing her husband AND a fiance! Poor star-crossed Cassie!
  9. S13.E03: Auditions 3 2018.06.12

    I finally took this off of my DVR Manager. I miss Nick as the host; can't warm up to Tyra. Also Howie's and Heidi's shtick is getting old to me. Haven't been impressed by any of the auditions so far. Maybe I'll revisit once they whittle down to top 10 or 12. Meanwhile I'll keep coming here for recaps.
  10. The only ones who look great are Cameran and Chelsea. Kathryn's gown does nothing good for her and Natalie looks like she's wearing a table cloth. The guys looked like they couldn't be bothered finding something unwrinkled to wear with the exception of Shep whose pants are too short (at least he's wearing socks, unlike Austen).
  11. LOL. The wedding IS on Long Island - Crest Hollow Country Club!!! I went shopping with the bride and several of her entourage. First stop was Nordstrom. Grandma was paying for the gown and the bride had already told me privately that there really wasn't a budget. She ended up at Bridal Reflections. Tried on a couple of fairy stripper gowns and actually ended up with a Stephen Yeager for $5,000 which was stunning and unlike anything anyone would have expected. It was so interesting to see in person the various designers dresses in person which I have seen on Say Yes to the Dress. Especially Hayley Paige which I wish they would feature on the show more often as her dresses are quite lovely. Best wishes on your upcoming wedding!
  12. What a self-serving bitter sore loser. I guess being her daddy's special snowflake didn't include learning how to lose gracefully.
  13. Wow, Benji has certainly filled out - and in a good way. No longer the scrawny boy. Who'd a thunk he'd be so good looking! I vote for making Twitch the sole judge!
  14. I did and that's when I realized the fix was in.
  15. I'm almost willing to bet that it will come down to Adam and Amy at the end to create even more drama. With this batch of contestants it almost isn't hard to believe.