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  1. There was a continuity goof last night. The first mother/daughter duo in the orange gowns got their sashes and got back in line but when June and Alana were called up to get their first runner up sashes the orange gowns were clearly shown behind them with no sashes or bouquets.
  2. She said they sold some investment properties and that was what they were going to live off of.
  3. S7.E7: I Want an Equal Partner

    Probably the only way to try to get back healthy hair is to cut off most of that mess and do intense hair conditioning.
  4. S7.E7: I Want an Equal Partner

    I looked for her on Facebook and there are a few pictures. Back in 2015 her hair was dark brown and she had other, nicer shades of blonde. I think she should look back at those pictures and choose one of them. Her hair looked much nicer and healthier.
  5. S7.E7: I Want an Equal Partner

    I wish I could "like" this more than once. I want to "like" this x 5. My one question is, where do they keep Paisley's litter box? If it's in the bathroom they can't keep the door closed. I had dogs and I always kept the door closed, especially after we saw our male dog imitating my husband by actually peeing at the base of the toilet because he used to watch my husband stand by the toilet and pee. It was funny once, not that funny a second time.
  6. Thank you for also noticing that about Alexa. Her face used to have some character but she looks so bland now. Audrey Landers looks good but reminds me a little now of Loni Anderson.
  7. I know I'm nitpicking but why are they saying she wore a minidress. The dress is clearly not mini as it is down to her knees.
  8. What the hell was MJ wearing. I'm surprised Vida actually complimented her on that dress, What the hell was MJ wearing. I'm surprised Vida actually complimented her on that dress,
  9. All Episodes Talk: Pink is the new blue

    I agree. At least they don't all start with the same letter like the Kardashians "K" or the Duggars "J"
  10. S14.09 The Newest Star

    It was easy to miss. At the very end while everyone was gathered around congratulating and talking.
  11. Kourtney

    Ultimate hypocrite = Khloe calling out Younes' cheating (if he in fact did) Younes was merely Kourtney's boy toy, Tristan was the father of her child who cheated on her during her pregnancy and yet she continues to have a relationship with him. http://toofab.com/2018/08/07/kim-and-khloe-put-kourtneys-boyfriend-younes-on-blast-after-hes-seen-with-another-woman-in-mexico/
  12. All Episodes Talk: Pink is the new blue

    Dale actually said that Hazel is his favorite, if memory serves me correctly.
  13. S15.E09: Meet the Top Ten

    Finally caught up. I think I have to buy a new remote because of the workout the mute button got every time Vanessa opened her mouth.
  14. The Bachelorette in the Media

    Garrett's statements were reaching Jordan proportions last night. Rachel Lindsay is saying her finale got a raw deal compared to Becca's. http://www.vulture.com/2018/08/rachel-lindsay-says-she-never-got-her-on-camera-happy-ending.html
  15. All Episodes Talk

    He seemed so "off" to me that I looked online to see if he might have had some type of brain injury. His whole demeanor was just weird.