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  1. I guess he is going to be written off as going on another search to find himself - permanently.
  2. I'm with you. I delete the shows without even watching them. I catch up on recaps here and elsewhere.
  3. The body language they all during the discussion with the "experts" was very telling. Anthony kept physical contact with Ashley pretty much the entire time: his hand was either on her leg or around the back of their chair. The other two couples barely sat near their spouses.
  4. I’m thrilled that Sky won. As far as I knew she was the only non performer with the least amount of prior dance experience. Miles did a little dancing on Blackish and Arianna took dance lessons. Don’t even get me started on MacKenzie. Sky also had the best connection with her partner which really helped elevate her performances.
  5. I feel asleep not even into the first half hour so I'll have to catch up. But I couldn't help wondering why Paul looked so creepy. I always thought he was handsome but something is definitely off with him this season.
  6. The sparkle has definitely gone out of Bobby's eyes. And I hope that Anthony carries a little spray bottle of Poo Pourri with him when he goes looking at houses (that stuff really does work!!!)
  7. The word derpy is a perfect word for her. It's my new favorite description!
  8. Season Five Discussion

    "I Should Have Known" was just a one-off. I checked to see if there were going to be other episodes but there were none listed. I don't blame the girl who was conceived by IVF for being angry that she wasn't told about it. Her mother was a complete flake who didn't get why she felt she needed to know her medical history, especially in view of the fact she has MS and was of childbearing years.
  9. MasterChef Junior in the Media

    Crap my dvr cut off before they announced the winner of the final round!
  10. The Bachelorette in the Media

    No surprise here. https://people.com/tv/bachelorette-kaitlyn-bristowe-shawn-booth-split/
  11. I think they overscored Alanna and critiqued Arianna that in order to tick off the voting audience so they would vote her off. JMHO.
  12. What do you mean they cut it out? He danced first I think.
  13. I fell asleep during Christmas at Pemberly Manor (which is not the movie’s fault - I always fall asleep in front of the tv which is why I have to dvr everything) but I didn’t like the casting and didn’t really care for the story so I’m just going to delete without watching the second half.
  14. I’m so with you about Jessica Lowndes. Such a boring actress. I fell asleep Halfway through and I’m not going to bother watching the second half.
  15. Amber won't get involved until the baby is 5 years old!!!