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  1. Looks like next week we'll have the mistery resolved. I believe in good in people (even in tv series), still hoping Dar is not a pedophile. Call me dillusional. C'mon show.
  2. Yeap. Good point. He must really "love" him
  3. It can be interpreted in 100 different ways. To my ears it doesn't sound like a throwback to presumed sexual relation between the two. It is creepy nevertheless. I liked the episode although I can't wait to see the big picture finally, Keane seems incompetent and easy to deceive by everyone. Carrie and Saul dishing some hard truths was raw but necessary. Relationships as strong as their survive everything. I am not as crazy about Quinn as everyone seems to be, but his arc becomes too painful to watch. More painful than interesting. Disappointed by Dar's missteps. To many of them for a person of his experience. Good for the plot though. He's at odds now but probably this will bring him close to Saul&Carrie again sometime in the future. Still mourning after Astrid. Would have loved to see her with Quinn / Quinn finally appreciating her instead of pining over Carrie. I have never unterstood her charms to which none of the Homeland is immune. Neither her looks nor her personality are that great.
  4. Faye gave career gals a bad name. She is very difficult to digest as she pretends to be exactly the opposite of what she really is: a needy, pretentious, desperate woman shielding herself from the reality using false appearances. I have so strong feelings only about a few characters of the show. Bad writing I guess. Not very consistent. Personally, I find her cheap tricks more disrespectful towards other women than Joan's nasty comments.
  5. This! Anna knows very little about Don. Less than Betty at this point and this was grating to me to hear so many times this old line..played over and over again. How relevant is Don's childhood/background to all the horrible choices he made and of which he really is ashamed? I don't accept the prevailing notion of Anna being this ideal human being while everybody else keeps on judging Don. What about Cooper who didn't care for Don's past/desertion? Why Betty would't have loved him if she had known about his parents etc. ( if he had told her at some point ). To me Anna was not as angelic and pure as pictured... not more angelic anyway than any other decent human being. Even Pete discovered Don's secret and it didn't stop him from admiring and respecting him. Ps. Stephanie is annoying as hell
  6. I agree. I don't understand her behaviour. First, she leaves right after sex as if it was a shameful thing/something she shouldn't have done... she doesn't own it, she makes it clear to Don that it wasn't something she would do in other circumstances. Then, the next day, she expects so much more from Don and keeps looking at him with deer-like eyes. I know, I know, I am a woman and I understand her reasons but from a guy's point of view it was confusing as hell. She got upset with Don for no reason. Ok, girl, you have a crush on him and are unable to be cool, but why then blame a man for subsequent misunderstanding? Clearly Don was open to a new relationship but that ship has sailed the minute she sneaked out home right after geting off the couch
  7. It does make more sense seen this way, thank you Magpie for solving this riddle for me. I couldn't get to this conclusion on my own because for me it would be literally impossible to get so pragmatic as to work on a marriage with a person whom I do not love after being rejected by (supossedly) the love of my life. It makes sense and is very admirable.
  8. After rewatching I am mostly puzzled by Pete's story. Firstly, his relationship with Trudy seems as good as ever, they are easily the most functional and supportive couple of the show. It is such a treat for a Trudy fun like me but I wonder how is it even possible given the fact that Pete confessed his love to Peggy one episode earlier? Where did his feelings go? Secondly, I like how different Pete and Ken are in their response to a questionable promotion. Ken showed more aptitude asking more specific questions (about salary) and having overall more calm reaction (shaking hands with Lane), which read as high self-esteem and high value. Pete, on the other hand, let his emotions take the best of him, was being a bit shocked and too earnest, a bit too greateful as if he hadn't believe that he deserved the promotion. Being myself a person to whom things come easily, I have had my share of disappointments as well in one specific department of my life so Pete's reaction made me instantly like him more when I was watching for the first time.