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  1. S03.E10: Up in Flames

    Hey, is anyone still here? There are thing I would like to say. I watched the show along with the date that every episode was released but now in the past two weeks I watched again all of the episodes and the more near I was to the episode 3x10, the more I thought "Gosh...look, that will be unclosed in the finale" and I had that same thought yesterday in the night when I watched the episode 3x10 omly multiplied by a MILLION! It was late so I went to sleep but then, the Ideas started bubbling in my head "What happened after that episode?...What if this would have happened? Or what if this other thing would have happened?" And when I realized, I was starting to make a script of a 3x11 episode in my head. But, considering the actors of the tv show are not my personal friends (Even though I want to ? ) and that the show is intellectual property of MTV, I can't record that episode. BUT THEEEEEN, it came to my mind the answer, what if I do that episode in a Sims 4 Voice Over Series? The problem is...unless I learn how to make really good impressions of all of the characters, I would hava a problem. So I'm here calling for people who are interested in this project, whether to help in the construction of the houses in the Sims, Make the characters into Sims or, the most important, voice acting. If you like my idea, you can send me an e-mail to popstarnateny@gmail.com or hit me up in Twitter in @PinguinoCegato. I also use Instagram @max_morgan_project . Hoping to hear about you guys, Max.