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  1. I like it so far, but I just can't get over how much Elfo reminds me of Bart Simpson, design-wise.
  2. All Episodes Talk: Ghosted

    The latest episode was total nonsense. They took the only two relationships that were any good and basically destroyed them. Talk about a 180 turn on Annie's character and Leroy's for that matter. Thank God this show has been cancelled. What hot garbage.
  3. S04.E22: Think Fast

    If Barry took a quick jaunt to Earth-38 via Cisco, Supergirl could fly over, destroy all of the satellites and be home within 30 minutes. It's not like it would take her long to fly around and destroy the satellites using her heat vision.
  4. S04.E22: Think Fast

    Preach, brother. Why didn't Barry go into Flashtime and take Devoe to the Pipeline? Or snap his neck? Or quick-punch him in the balls 100 times so that when Barry left Flashtime, Devoe would be incapacitated? Why didn't he do ANYTHING?
  5. S01.E08: Trust Your Instincts

    I hope the only solution they come up with is to kill Rasmus. Maybe twice.
  6. S05.E20: The One Who Will Save Us All

    One thing is certain - Daisy will always make stupid emotional decisions that get her or someone else in trouble. Wait. That could be said for EVERY character. How are they super spied again? What spy organization doesn't sanction killing people?
  7. S05.E20: The One Who Will Save Us All

    People seem to be ignoring that Fitz saved the world by operating on Daisy, or at least the city with thousands of people above them. If he didn't do what he did, the fear dimension would have consumed them all. I think we have two groups of characters. One group is willing to make the hard choices and do things that need to be done, consequences be damned. The other group is content to live in fantasy land and allow the world to go to hell in order to remain morally pure (whatever the hell that means). Daisy is insane if she thinks that Ruby wasn't. She was a wild dog that needed to be put down. She LITTERALLY just murdered her boyfriend less than three feet from where Daisy was standing not 30 seconds before? Yo Yo would have been an idiot if she DIDN'T kill Ruby. Are the choices of group one perfect? Of course not. Those choices led to death and ... well, apparently absolutely no complications for Daisy less than one episode later. Regardless, they are not easy or popular choices, but someone has to make them. Just standing there while people die because you refuse to kill is not a moral choice, it's abetting mass murder.
  8. S04.E20: Therefore She Is

    Wow, another episode where Barry and the team loses because they are morons. DaVoe is trying to steal something. THIS time we'll stop him! *DaVoe kicks their asses and leaves.* DaVoe is trying to steal something else! THIS time we'll stop him! *DaVoe kicks their asses and leaves.* Rinse. Repeat.
  9. S05.E19: Option Two

    It is indeed a dick move. But as for her consent, who cares? Daisy's mom was going to kill dozens of people, had killed in the past and attempted to kill Daisy herself. If I was Daisy, I'd piss on her grave right after I dug her up. Also, I don't think Daisy is digging up her mom, per se, she is looking for either a piece of her or a chemical that is part of her.
  10. S04.E19: Fury Rogue

    Terrible episode. Snart was great but the writing was idiotic. Davoe apparently knows EVERYTHING now, including information about Earth-666 or Nazi Earth or whatever. But he doesn't recognize his own wife is turning against him. Also, Bad Lipstick Siren forces Radiation Dude to take off his helmet, causing all the cops apparently lethal radiation poisoning, but Bad Lipstick Siren is totally unaffected!? How does that work?
  11. S04.E18: Lose Yourself

    Seriously. How many deaths is Barry responsible for now? How many people does Devoe have to murder before Barry slips into Flashtime and just snaps his neck!? More like dumb ass. How about capturing her and using her? Just sending her back so she can continue to help her mass murdering husband doesn't seem like a great plan. Then again, if this season has shown us anything, it's that Barry and Iris are not exactly the world's greatest thinkers.
  12. S04.E22: A Lie in the Sand

    That story was nonsense. There is no gas anywhere else that they can get? Hell, they could have FLOWN in gas on the ride over. Happy and Toby should go off on their own with Sly and Cabe. Call it Centipede and I'll watch. With an episode and a season like that, this show does not deserve to be renewed.
  13. S05.E17: The Honeymoon

    But exactly what consequences should he face? SHIELD is not a law enforcement agency - SHIELD is nothing. It has no enforcement powers and legally, they can't do anything to Fitz except turn him into the cops, which they won't do because they are all criminals. If I was Fitz, I would consider Daisy and I even, considering my actions did save the city above the lighthouse and potentially the world and Daisy did 'quake' me when she was part of Hive and I did keep her from being locked up forever as a guinea pig when she first got her powers. Any one of those would make us even. Then again, logic doesn't mean anything in this show any more. Apparently Daisy is more of a successor than Mack or May, even though she has ZERO SHIELD training except from a traitor and a little from May. As far as we can see, she has no tactical training, has gone AWOL and rogue so many times it's had to count ... eh, I can't keep going as it's making me mad. As for this episode, they really need to get a better actress than Dove Cameron. She's nice to look at, but the girl can't act her way out of a wet paper bag. Also, Fitz and Simmons are pretty smart - are you telling me they didn't consider that although they might not be able to be killed, they are still able to be captured? Really? I'm hoping next season (if there is one) will be better,
  14. S04.E17: Null and Annoyed

    The one thing I noticed more than anything else in this episode was how SHORT Null was. When she was parading around like an idiot at that party, she looked a foot shorter than anyone else. Also, during that party, why didn't the rich people's security just gun her down? It's not like she could have stopped them.
  15. S05.E16: Inside Voices

    Very true. I've always like Daisy on a personal level, but her character is useless as a leader, no matter what Coulson says. Mack would be a much better leader.