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  1. Wow. That, with the exception of Daisy's fight, was a total yawn fest. Is this how slow and boring this season is going to be? The cartoon villain Kree, the trodden down humans, the ridiculous woman who keeps fondling her balls (hee hee) - it all adds up to channel surfing. Someone wake me up when Fitz gets here.
  2. Thank you. That must have happened dozens of times throughout the four shows. The unpowered heroes would be dead ten times over if someone remembered to shoot their guns. And it's ESPECIALLY egregious considering some of the heroes were shooting their guns. All it would have taken is ONE Nazi to stand twenty feet back and spray-and-pray and fourty per cent of the characters are dead. They need to find a better way to explain why people don't just shoot unpowered heroes.
  3. That's my thought too. Use the Speed Force as a power source and he can be even more smarty-smart!
  4. I know the kids were Uber brats for the drama, but man, I wanted Isaac to turn his pistol on them right after he shot that kid's stupid game out of the air. Isaac is right: Claire's parenting skills are for shit.
  5. It's interesting, because I understand where Eleven is coming from - she basically has zero experience with the feelings she is having, including trying to reign them in. When Mike and her reach high school, where reigning your feelings in is not exactly the order of the day, who knows what can happen?
  6. I don't think this issue is infantalizing her. Happy wanting a family is totally in line with her character as it has been shown. And no, noone should EVER hire Team Scorpion for ANYTHING after this fiasco. They seriously suck as a company.
  7. If Michael eating a cool ranch baby is funny, a dog dying in a hot car is funny. Considering neither is real, they are both pretty funny.
  8. Yes, and even a ship as 'small' as The Orville would have a lawyer on board. Or there would be one available from a nearby starbase.
  9. Or don't need women, just artificial uteruses. We could get rid of both! :)
  10. Seriously. Just because your significant other is away a lot and there are 'days' when you don't see them, is not reason to cheat. Especially with someone who orgasms out of their face.
  11. Gonna have to disagree with the majority on this one. This episode was boring with a capital 'B.' Aneela comes off a stereotypical 'crazy' bad person, with her girly-girl voice and lashing out violence. Been done a thousand times and better, besides. Don't care - AT ALL - about Dutch and D'Avin's relationship. They have ZERO chemistry and I try not to fall asleep when they are on the screen. The only thing keeping me interested right now is the overall story line and Johnny.
  12. Not sure I disagree with Shelter 41 that you shouldn't put a computer (no matter how 'quantum') in charge of what's left of humanity.
  13. It's the same idea behind 'die in a dream, die in real life.' It's nonsense, but it is a trope.
  14. As usual, the science was nonsense. I liked the psychologist Happy and Toby went to see. I like that they keep coming back to him.
  15. But when Michael tells Eleanor he is going to wipe their memories and tweak a few things, he says "I just have to run it by the big boss. Cross your fingers." He then does that by running it past Shawn. Plus, Shawn is sitting in the power position in the pitch meeting. It's pretty clear Shawn is Michael's boss.