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  1. Season 3 All Episodes

    It was great. Best moment was the end when he looks over his shoulder, calls his daughter by the wrong name and offers her a hit off the Maui Wowi.
  2. S01.E15: Will You Take My Hand?

    Holy crap that was stupid and boring. And the end to the Klingon War was ridiculous. The first time Alien Head goes to sleep, they will kill her and disarm the bomb. They will be back bombing earth within 12 hours. Gotta say, very disappointed with this series.
  3. S04.E13: True Colors

    Smartest one of the bunch. You would think, but everyone, especially the cops and the court system are idiots in Central City. The murdered guy's wife was having an affair? She says the hubby was okay with it, but there is absolutely no proof of that? No problem! Dead guy is back, even after the body was autopsied? No problem! Nope - don't bother exhuming the body just to make sure - Barry, you're free to go!
  4. S01.E10: The Killers

    I have a feeling she wasn't exactly hired because of her acting 'talent,' but more hired for the 'talents' she showed off in the bathtub scene - both of them.
  5. S04.E16: Nerd, Wind and Fire

    That would be hilarious and actually make the show more interesting. Maybe Walter could help her perfect the formula and Sly could help with the distribution network. Toby could be the salesperson ...
  6. S05.E08: The Last Day

    I would agree with this. The problem, I think, has been with this entire season so far. It's just been super slow and boring. Were there massive budget cuts or something that caused them all to be stuck in the Lighthouse?
  7. S01.E12: Vaulting Ambition

    Shhhh! You're sciencing. This is Star Trek. They probably reversed the polarity of the Sun or something in the past and it made it dim! As for Lorca, I take what the evil, inappropriately stereotypical Asian Emperor said with a grain of salt. I'm sure it MIGHT be true, but until Lorca confirms it himself, I am on the fence as to his character.
  8. S05.E08: The Last Day

    Daisy had already seen how the Lighthouse works. Anyone with half a brain knows to not go charging off into a situation without at least SOME kind of plan. Daisy's plan seemed to be: go and rescue Jemma and beat up anyone who stood in her way. Nevermind that the retaliation would kill other people - screw that - saving my friend is more important than anyone else's life - children included. Deke warned her again and again that her actions would have terrible consequences and she just didn't listen. And Deke didn't tell Daisy to not save Jemma; he told her to take the LONG view and have a plan. Daisy has shown time and time again that she is impulsive, dangerously so. Yes, Fitz did talk about veering from the plan, but his listened to Enoch in the end. Hence - Fitz is smart and Daisy, not so much. Even if Daisy had managed to get upstairs and attempt to rescue Jemma, it was obvious she would have been caught. Bottom line; she went off half-cocked and Deke felt the only thing he could do was have her captured and make a buck and later attempt a rescue. Whether he was doing so for altruistic reasons makes no difference in how dumb Daisy's 'plan' was. I disagree on that scene. It seemed pretty obvious that Daisy was chagrined that Deke called her out on her 'plan.' Fitz and Jemma - sure as they don't know the whole story. And Deke has done nothing BUT tell the S.H.I.E.L.D. gang that they need to lay low and stop making waves, as there will be fatal consequences for making a splash. For good or bad (ultimately probably for good), the gang decided to ignore this advice and people have died because of it. Daisy is just another example of how running off without thinking can get people killed. Just as Yo-Yo's actions directly resulted in Tessa being murdered.
  9. S05.E08: The Last Day

    It's not Thanos. Thanks is too expensive and at least some of the audience will have never seen the movie. I'm betting its the gravitonium. Thank you. Daisy is a moron. Going off like an idiot to try and save Jenna even though Deke told her the Kree would straight up murder people in retaliation. What exactly was her plan? Quake a bunch of people and go run and hide? What an idiot. If my friends and family were in that station, I would have turned her in too. At least Fitz had an escape plan, a spaceship, a stash of weapons for the team and a Sentient Chronicon from Signus. Daisy even seemed to realize her plan was stupid when Deke pointed it out to her last episode.
  10. S05.E08: The Last Day

    I think that Robin sees multiple timelines. That's the part of Fitz's time travel theory he hasn't accounted for. Changing time is very possible if at the point of the change, the timeline splits into two - the original timeline where the world is destroyed and the second timeline where the Earth is saved. That way, Fiyz's theory is still correct, but it allows for changes to the timeline as well.
  11. S02.E11: Rhonda, Diana, Jake, And Trent

    But how to be good is an objective truth in this universe. There is a certain way to do it - any other way is wrong.
  12. S04.E10: The Trial of The Flash

    Quite possibly the worst episode of the series. Perhaps of ANY series. And yes, beyond there being NO WAY Cecile should have been defending Barry, she is the worst lawyer ever. I mean, Barry has grounds for appeal just based on how incompetent she was.
  13. S05.E06: Fun & Games

    She could have killed Sinar without even breaking a sweat. Just do to her what she did to SquidWard in the SHIELD hanger and the fight would have been over in 10 seconds. Why go all fisticuffs when you can stand off and crush someone's bones?
  14. The Good Quotes

    Sean: You're not just a demon; you're a jerk.