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  1. Oh, I had to turn the tv off when Gimple came on. there was too much of a party atmosphere and I could no longer hear. Is he doing double duty, then, working on both shows. Or is he leaving TWD?
  2. S08.E01: Mercy

    I used to navigate all the timey-wimey stuff by looking at Judith. She was the one constant. Tiny Judith for like two years after they left the prison mean we were still just a year or so after the ZA. Last year Judith was bigger, so a little more time had elapsed. It made sense. But this year, Judith has really grown, but Maggie's still not showing. So, I remain confused.
  3. S08.E01: Mercy

    I think you're right. They lost the RV, either at the farm or when they left the prison. I know it was gone by then, because they left the prison on foot.
  4. S08.E01: Mercy

    Have you found yourself leaning back while you make those pointless speeches? I like Tara, too! She's always been one of my favorites. She sweet, loyal, and has a light heart.
  5. S08.E01: Mercy

    Kirkman is the problem. The show was MUCH tighter before they made the decision to closely follow the comics. And Kirkman is NEVER going to let go of Negan. That's his alter ego.
  6. S08.E01: Mercy

    Thank you. That does make sense. She would, but I don't want her to get sick.
  7. S08.E01: Mercy

    THAT was truly annoying. I know Rick was trying to honestly give Dwight cover to leave, as well as the others a chance to defect, so I do understand his holding his fire. It doesn't mean I liked it. I kept telling him to JUST SHOOT ALREADY. Just found out that last season, beginning to end, was only three weeks in TWD time. She wouldn't be showing yet.
  8. S08.E01: Mercy

    She confused me. How long have they been planning? Maggie's still not showing, but Judith has aged a year.
  9. S08.E01: Mercy

    ***still laughing at your screen name*** Good point about Gabriel. I hope he's okay. I really like him.
  10. She was part of a 42 minute episode. She could hardly give every minute of her life, therefore things would obviously be left out. She said they threw her out without giving her any money, and she's a liar because she was able to make a phone call and get on the bus? She could have called collect. She could have snuck on the bus, inspired the bus driver's sympathy to let her on free, or happened to have a couple of dollars in her keeping. Very simple explanations rather than assuming she's a liar. Where did I say she was a liar? I said I had questions.
  11. S09.E03: Meet the Parents

    They DID have him fail an econ test her teachers gave to the parents.
  12. S09.E03: Meet the Parents

    Sean has literally known Sue all his life, so he knows the girl inside the body and the soul behind the dork. The Abercrombie guy also got to know the inner Sue before he announced his attraction to her. I've said before that I can't imagine how any boy who ever knew her isn't just following her around like a puppy. She's that cute.
  13. S09.E03: Meet the Parents

    I believe it's been more than implied that Sue does have a hard time finding a group of friends. I don't think the show has addressed how the apartment is paid for. But, Sue does get an allotment for housing. She's probably using that.
  14. It actually happened a couple of years ago. Lisa Marie (who may be lured back in) left with her mom and Reily. Sadly, Reily is also back in now. Forgot to mention my source. Tony Ortega has written about it several times, including today. Motor on over to the forums discussing the show on this site and see what I mean.
  15. You are a statistic after my own heart. I never watched Man Men, didn't get the thrill of even the idea of the show. I watched a few episodes of The Handmaid's Tale, but quit because it is a show with an objectionable (to me) agenda. I tend to stay away from shows like that; the purport to be entertainment, but they are really political propaganda. As the book was also. I read it when it first came out. I thought it was a nice bit of scifi. That's all, nothing more consequential than one of the million other scifi books in the universe. I didn't realize it was the Handbook for the Feminist Movement. But, it's taken so seriously that must be what it is. I'll give you a personal example. I play the Sims2. It's a video game in which the player creates neighborhoods and characters and does whatever he wants with them. I decided to make handmaid neighborhood, just for fun, and create people (not characters from the book), and just have the framework of the story be their neighborhood rules. Someone on one the game's sites wrote me this horrible message about what a terrible person I must be to envision such a thing. She wished me horrible things for my future. I wrote her back, saying I was sorry my game proposal had hurt her. She came back telling me how the book had scarred her and how frightened she was of that actually happening to her. I was like, really? It makes as much sense to me as being worried Darth Vader is going to appear, cut my hand off, and tell me I'm his father.