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  1. I'm Team Creepy here. If she doesn't want to hug you in front of everyone, maybe don't pressure her? Or get the lay (heh) of the land re: Matt before you start leching on her again, since as far as anyone else knew you were still with Brinda? That whole retcon is enraging but we'll get into it later.
  2. You Don't Know Jack Ryan

    Sesame Street was one of the few shows I was allowed, but the sketches on that and TEC all run together for me now.
  3. You ain't kidding. http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/peter-facinelli/images/7061001/title/peter-jennies-wedding-photos-3-photo
  4. Oh, the platform flip-flop is for sure back. If it ever left.
  5. Does it involve scratching his belly? Because I don't know if I can with that.
  6. S04.E03 Something Beautiful

    Sepinwall also notes that another critic mentioned the possibility of Jimmy editing as he went along, to spare Kim what Chuck really had to say, which hadn't occurred to me. The more I think about it, the more I agree that, if you only look at that last scene, it's probably Chuck wrote the letter back in the day, when he could still feel expansively, patronizingly superior to Jimmy... ...but the stop at the courthouse still gives me pause. Could be a red herring; could just be designed to show that Viola's a little bit of an intrusive keener; could be something. I'll say this for Gilligan & Co., they don't tend to leave this stuff ambiguous.
  7. And I in turn appreciate that someone, somewhere still spells it "fucken," the way we did in the olden days.
  8. "she just kept curling, and spraying, and curling, and spraying"
  9. I mean, she did, and he was thrilled, but: yeah.
  10. Looking For Signs Of Life On In Search Of

    Love this/putting it on business cards.
  11. TBP Tip Line: Suggestions For Future Episodes

    Dang, this sounds fascinating. On the list!