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  1. TBP Tip Line: Suggestions For Future Episodes

    Ooh, good tip. (And I think you can find CCs on YouTube.)
  2. Does it count if it's Jersey Shore's The Situation saying it? (And he still used a euphemism, but baaaaarely.)
  3. The Blotter Presents 061: The Last Defense

    Yeah, I'm definitely wanting to focus on cons, identity fraudsters, bank robbers, forgers etc. -- I'm fascinated by those crimes and they tend to leave me with less of a grinding blue feeling than nonstop murders/fundamental injustices in the system. Like, let's "just" try to steal a Monet and forget our troubles.
  4. The Blotter Presents 061: The Last Defense

    This is where a hack TV writer would call for that Bowie break. I'll just observe the silver lining here, to wit: there is some VERY TERRIBLE writing about the Bembenek case that I can't wait to eviscerate, and some very GOOD writing from monthly mags that I can't wait to celebrate.
  5. The Blotter Presents 061: The Last Defense

    Aw, you. I swear I will not leave you to your work devices for too long.
  6. The Blotter Presents 061: The Last Defense

    @EAG, oops! I'll fix momentarily. @veronicamers, thanks! It won't be long that I'm "off air," I promise.
  7. That sounds fun! My favorite part of that sort of tour is all the secret doors and hallways it uncovers. My hometown has a network of below-ground offices called the Catacombs that is not as gothy and exciting as it sounds (think wood paneling) but was probably designed for Prohibition-adjacent purposes.
  8. I don't think so? It could be, but unless she radically changed her hair... It's a little surprising Selwyn Raab didn't show up in this. Usually any mention of 20c. gangsters and you can't keep him away.
  9. Having already interfaced with Priestley's memoir -- and ShanDo's, AND Garth's -- I'm probably all set: http://previously.tv/beverly-hills-90210/battle-of-the-beverly-hills-90210-books/
  10. I also found it compelling, especially relatively, and while I didn't talk about it on the pod (which I think had not been born yet, heh), I did write it up for this here site: http://previously.tv/the-case-of-jonbenet-ramsey/the-case-of-jonbenet-ramsey-shines-a-new-light-on-old-evidence/
  11. Getting Our Claws Into Season 2

    I think either is okay.
  12. TBP Tip Line: Suggestions For Future Episodes

    ^ heh/sigh. @veronicamers, yep, it's on the list, though we might not get to it for a few weeks.
  13. Yeah, I don't think we can give credit to BH for making him a vanguard ace/aro character, however much we might want to.