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  1. As long as it's not NCIS: LA, I'd watch it, too. Otherwise, NCIS: LA already has a good cast, and I wouldn't want them to take a backseat to these two (as much as I like their characters).
  2. If every 43 minute show had less than 10 minutes of "character beats," I'm afraid I'd have to give up watching that show (and this episode was less than 41 minutes). That entire scene in the VA hospital was so absurd--and this show isn't supposed to deal with absurdities in that way--and the subsequent "talk" was phony. And the kidnapping? Was that a political statement because it had no relevance to the rest of the story. If so, it was a pathetic attempt. Also, why wouldn't Hetty have seen the photo of Langston when Eric showed it to Callen and Sam? She was too busy? But, then a little later, she called AJ and told him that they had a problem? (How could she possibly know they were looking for the same man? Well, if she'd looked at the photo, she'd have known.) And exactly how did AJ save the NCIS team? By hitting Joelle? Because we now know that she has another family, so her threat to kill Hetty was never more than a threat. And the whole bit about who was who in the Stones was idiotic. The fact that, knowing that Langston was in charge of the gold and yet these guys still couldn't figure out why anyone would toss his house, shows they're not too bright. Even the small things didn't make sense: Sam LOVES the fact that the entire world is connected (he's spoken about the "shared consciousness"), but he won't use WAZE, "real people working together"? Granted, AJ is a former JAG, but he wouldn't have had much contact with judges outside of the military, but he was able to get the warrant that quickly? The scenes in the pawn shop were lame (especially the one with Kensi and Deeks--Granger walking her down the aisle? OMG, no way!). And why did Deeks call himself her boyfriend instead of fiance? Oh, right, the guy hasn't officially proposed yet. And when the writers have to make Callen and Sam (or any of the other characters) look stupid in order to make other characters look smart, the writing sucks. The "cookies for dinner" talk was also dumb; Kensi made a quiche in an earlier episode--and she actually left it for Deeks for dinner (or don't the writers pay attention to earlier episodes?). And if the admirals hadn't shown up and distracted Callen and Sam, they could have made it into the house without cover. Thanks, guys. And these "smart" folks--including Hetty--couldn't figure out how to donate their gold in over 40 years? With all their contacts? Seriously? They should have asked Callen's dad. The entire episode was just annoying because it was so badly written. I know Jordana is an executive producer, but she absolutely stinks as a writer. I wish she would be limited to writing only one episode per season. How about the retired admirals showing Callen and Sam some respect? Granted, Sam could have been more pleasant, but Callen didn't show them any disrespect--unless asking them questions because that's his job--is being disrespectful. They know they work for NCIS; you'd think they might want to work together to find Langston. But, no, not in this stupid episode.
  3. Saw a video and it looks as if Anna's back in the first episode of season 9.
  4. I don't know how you can say that. Military spreads the wealth around (Rage and The Seventh Child plus Crazy Train this season). I don't think he shows any favoritism to any of the characters. But like any writer, he's had some real lemons: Ascension (the killing of Sidorov was so unbelievable it made me laugh) and An Unlocked Mind (a "cult" expose? really?). But he also has a sense of humor which he doesn't often show: Black Budget was all around fun.
  5. They need to make some changes--some drastic changes--to breathe new life into the show. They might lose some old viewers (and not referring to age) but gain some new ones. Then again, they might just gain viewers.
  6. We know it's all about Tahir and that Michelle is kidnapped, and even though Military wrote and directed, I feel a yawn coming on (but I'll be watching). 😏😳😜 I do wonder if Sabatino turns out to be a good guy and saves Michelle and/or Kam (I can't picture him working with Tahir).
  7. This means nothing. If a character dies or leaves or loses a family member--that will stay with the show forever, so basically, she's told us nothing. It sounds a lot like what they said about the "betrayal," but folks figured it out before the show--and it hasn't mattered that much in the grand scheme of things. Kind of like bringing Callen's dad over hasn't meant a whole lot, either.
  8. Well, there's no need to speculate anymore about episode 23 UnCaged: http://www.spoilertv.com/2017/04/ncis-los-angeles-episode-823-uncaged.html I'm glad it's written/directed by Military, but to be honest, I'm tired of seeing the same old bad guys from seasons past.
  9. The speculation isn't baseless. The word is out that there are going to be changes. Haters? There's nothing about the speculations that makes anyone a "hater." Viewers are just tossing out ideas, and because ECO is the cast member who's been most active in gigs outside of NCISLA for the past few years, he might be the most likely to want a change of scenery (if he left--and that's a BIG if--it would be his choice). No "hating." As for misleading folks using the production calendar, that's not beyond the realm of the possible--especially if they want to keep things secret (after all, they post the calendar to social media).
  10. Is ECO leaving? Probably not, but the producers say there are big changes coming--and I can't imagine them getting rid of Callen or Sam (or Hetty). The only reason ECO might leave is to pursue other roles. I mean, COD, LL, and Linda have all been on the big screen and are really done with that part of their careers. ECO's been on the big screen. too, but not really as a lead in a commercially successful film. He is an actor--not actually Deeks--and after 7+ years maybe he just wants to move on (the way Sasha, Cote, and Michael from the original NCIS moved on).
  11. The first episode of season 9 is titled The Clown Died, and ECO is off the entire first week of filming. Wouldn't it be something if they kill off Deeks to "reset" the show? That would be a shocker!
  12. I had to go back and watch the episode again (Wanted). I think you misread the "friendliness" between Michelle and Sabatino--they greeted each other as old colleagues (there was no suggestion that they were anything more). BTW, Sabatino was really a good guy in that episode--and he made the moves on Kensi and was pretty smooth (got Deeks worried). Kensi and Sabatino would have been an interesting couple (I liked what he said about partners and why he couldn't be hers if they were in a relationship). After watching that episode, I really hope Sabatino is not a bad dude; he's an interesting character and I'd like to see him again in season 9.
  13. Him again? I can't see any connection between him and the CIA. Maybe the titles refer to the NCIS team and Sam in particular. (If they're going to bring back a previous nemesis, I'd rather see Janvier.)
  14. Well, Kamran is back for the finale, so something happens to her or maybe Michelle. It must be related to the CIA since Sabatino is also back for that episode. I hope Michelle hasn't betrayed Sam. Another betrayal would be a stretch story wise.