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  1. Not to change the topic, but to change the topic--after this episode, Deeks REALLY doesn't seem like he's anywhere near ready to be an agent.
  2. Interesting because I went researching this after the episode and found this information.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Missile_launch_control_center
  3. Yes, but it was still a tactical decision--if there was a foreseeable end to the war against terror (which is essentially against Islamic extremism), they wouldn't have taken over the launch sites. It was because there is no foreseeable end; therefore, it's more tactical than political. Miller mentioned that the war will continue for years with unknown casualties; their purpose was to prevent this. If the terrorists were Buddhists (or some other group), they would have been targeting that group.
  4. I didn't get any political motivations. I think the motivations were more military: there is no end in sight for the war against terrorism, so this was a way to end that war once and for all (more tactical than political).
  5. You think people who come up with a plan like this think like that? They're delusional--like so many others who commit acts of terror. These things aren't really thought through. That's one of the things about fanatics--they wear blinders and see only what they want to see. I got the feeling he wants both of them to quit because if Kensi stays, he could still lose her. Deeks could become a lawyer, but he could also go back to being an LAPD detective. I'm thinking this might lead to them splitting because they can't deal with the stress? It'll be interesting. Maybe she still thinks of Deeks as temporary. Anyway, she encouraged him to call Kensi--that was nice.
  6. Byron was also in the episode Kulinda last season; that's how Sam knew him (wasn't sure if you'd seen that). They probably mentioned Tony cuz they were looking for him (prime suspect). They haven't actually "found" Granger's body, but they acknowledged that he's probably dead in an episode from last season (Golden Days).
  7. I'm wondering if I watched the same episode. The main story (plant virus) seemed pretty clear and was brought to a close. You didn't see Mosley or Hayley because this episode was filmed at the end of season 8 (when Bates says he's not ever getting close enough to that tiny lady, Deeks doesn't tell him that Hetty's retired). As for the Deeks-Whiting story line, that may continue (I wonder if Callen's statements in the earlier episode, "Do we ever really know anyone?" relates to this since only Kensi knows Deeks killed his partner). I didn't see anything other than the Hetty-Vietnam story line being developed further (a future episode is titled "Prisoner" in Vietnamese), and AJ is due to return several times this season (Granger, however, is not coming back). I'm not sure what you considered the "Deeks' clue."
  8. I like the Mosley character because she brings some tension to the team; everything with Hetty was getting too cozy and familiar--and that can be boring. I also happen to like how the writers are handling the changes Sam's going through (his scenes with Callen have been really good) and I love the dynamic between Callen and Anna (episode 2 had some terrific scenes with them). I hope we see a little more of Eric and Nell, but I think we're seeing enough of the other characters--and I'm glad the writers seem to have brought the Densi scenes down a notch. All in all, I'm liking the direction the writers are going this season.
  9. I like the idea of the boat. I did like Harley in this ep. Mosley kind of reminds me of Tony in NCIS who had "family" money. As for the Porsche, it was probably transported to LA and the motor pool lot would be a logical place to deliver it and some transport companies leave the keys with the car.
  10. Have there been that many? I remember Ruiz, his former partner, and the SEAL guy that he trained from season 1 (but he wasn't really connected to Sam except that Sam trained him) and Mo, the "lost boy" from the Sudan, but outside of those, I don't remember any others from his past (but there probably were). Anyway, they were all so different I liked them because they gave us a little background for Sam's character. Maybe not Christmas, but when the Rose Parade came around, the announcers always marveled at the beautiful weather on New Year's Day. lol Absolutely! But it's surprising how many people who actually own one don't pronounce it correctly.
  11. Mosley isn't Hetty and she doesn't have the same job. We don't know what kind of work environment Mosley's used to, and as the boss she should do what's comfortable for her and adjust things to her liking, as much as possible--not adjust to someone else's idea of an office. And why would she play basketball when she's dressed for work? Deeks was dressed for sports; she wasn't. And how do we know that breaking up the team isn't Washington's plan? This team has had a LOT of problems recently, so it's not inconceivable that Mosley's bosses have plans in place for the team. Does she hate Deeks? Not necessarily, but let's be honest--he's NOT an NCIS agent and he looked like a slob (not the best way to impress a new boss), but she did NOT keep him from partnering with Kensi even though she knows they're engaged. She doesn't laugh at his jokes or seem to find him particularly charming, but that doesn't mean she hates him. Perhaps she just finds him annoying at this point. lol Yea, I got that but LOVED Kensi's reaction and her suggestion. Also the reminder that not all girls like pink. lol
  12. I'm not giving away any details, but I loved the ending--just perfect. Another terrific script by Harimoto.
  13. This episode was one of two filmed at the end of season 8, so that's why no Nia. It's not the first time Nell has briefed the team (she did it when Hetty was in DC, Spoils of War, and a couple of other episodes, so . . . ). I wondered about that too. Maybe she wasn't sure how he would react and wanted to get the details out? But I love her, too, and hope she guests in other episodes. I want to hear that clown, KGB, and cheetah story! XD
  14. Episode 2 (and I'm not going to butcher the Spanish) was great!! If the remaining episodes are this caliber, it's going to be a great season!
  15. https://youtu.be/IQYNCA72QQE So cute!!