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  1. Loved this episode and especially the writing. Loved Callen: calm but definitely on a mission so get out of his way and SO sassy ("Screw jobs," "And your mother," "I didn't say I was apologizing."). Now that's the Callen I remember from earlier seasons. And so glad there were no silly Deeks antics. Linda did a remarkable job, and the scene between Nell and Kensi in the armory was sweet. Can't wait for the conclusion but sucks that it's weeks away.
  2. I don't think the explosives got off base; I think the kid made his own napalm (all the material Kensi and Hidoko found in the closet). My questions: Why buy so much material if you're only filling a small toy rocket, or if you've already "delivered" napalm throughout the neighborhood, isn't that where the LAFD should be searching? Why is LAFD doing a methane sweep? Wouldn't you want to capture at least one of the terrorists alive so they could tell you where they've put the napalm? And, seriously, no one noticed the HUGE concrete truck when they pulled in to stop the bad guys? It would have been better if the agents had taken a minute to assess the situation, come up with a plan, and then breach. Maybe it's just me, but everything seems to be moving in slow motion this season, there doesn't seem to be any urgency. I mean, part of LA may go up in a fireball in less than an hour, and everyone seems very relaxed. There was no tension IMO. Reminds me of the episode in NCIS when the power went out. That was fun. :) I liked that, too - and she was right to make it.
  3. An Instagram post showed the script for an episode (14, I think) that includes Callen's sister and nephew. After rescuing Hetty, I'm interested to learn more about Callen and his "new" family (who we never hear about or see) and less about Roberta and Guy and their bedroom antics. lol I hope it will be a good episode; i.e., an episode where we learn something new about Callen and not just things about his sister and nephew. That's what happened with "Fool Me Twice": we learned a lot (more than I cared to know) about Joelle--who also had most of the dialogue--but nothing new about Callen. Why do the writers focus so much on minor characters? That seems like a mistake, to me.
  4. Anybody else think Sam is coming across as condescending and rude? I don't know if that's intentional, but I am beginning to not feel sorry for him. In fact, I'm beginning to not like him very much.
  5. Loved this comment! For me, it's shoes. OMG, I find the most comfortable shoes, wear them out, and then can't EVER find them again.
  6. I thought this episode was depressing at the end. Mosley missing her son. Callen leaving at the end--alone--with no one wishing him Happy Holidays (and Sam is getting to seem full of self-pity). And then Finn tells Callen that's he's still one of the kids from the shelter--passed over. Is that supposed to be uplifting and cheery? No mention of Hetty or Granger, no toast to "remembered friends"? I liked Nell, but the fact that she only mentioned Hetty is passing was weird, and I would like to have seen more of Eric and less of Hidoko (Isn't Eric the "regular" cast member and Hidoko a "recurring guest"?). IDK, it just didn't seem to have much holiday spirit.
  7. I put it here because the episode hadn't aired in the Midwest or West yet (I realize I should have put it under season 9 with spoilers). Sorry to disappoint you. XD
  8. That was the absolute worst episode of the season so far (and maybe one of the worst 10 ever) IMO. I was so much more interested in what happened in the bar in Georgia than in what was going on in this episode The story was just too stupid; it was almost painful to watch it (I did just because I think I should watch an entire episode if I'm going to comment on it). I may have to change that after suffering through that hour. I'm actually debating whether or not to even watch next week's although his episodes are usually better than Erin's. Why are the women writers on this show so inconsistent? And when is Deeks going to grow up? It's a sketch not a porn video.
  9. I really like Kensi as a character, but I thought tonight's episode was one of the most boring I've seen. The premise--revenge for a parent's death--is getting old and tired, but the whole episode just seemed dull and too many scenes seemed pointless. The fight scene was good, but what's with the phone call Sam made with the phone from the drug bust--he just called and then what? Went back and sat down? How dumb was that? And a woman who's been on a mission to avenge her father's murder and killed three men without a second thought and with military precison is talked out of killing the man responsible by a complete stranger? Seriously? And Callen--with Sam in danger of being killed by the woman--doesn't take her out, but let's Kensi talk to her and try to persuade her after she's already murdered three men AND fired a rocket-propelled grenade at their vehicle? Seriously? Who wrote this junk? Oh, right, Erin (boring) Broadhurst. She's almost as bad as Jordana. Why do the women writers on this show seem to have such a problem writing tight, action-filled episodes? They must get to write because they're producers; too bad their work is so consistently second-rate and lacking in any REAL emotion or genuine drama.
  10. When a character closes eyes s/he's dead? lol Maybe, but he must have assistants and there are probably other satellite offices. After all, her position isn't the same as Vance's; she's only over one office while he's over the entire organization. But, if you've ever had to move for a job--maybe when you really didn't want to--I can understand the desire to "go home." I agree. I find it weird that some viewers think Callen thinks so highly of himself. I don't get that at all. In fact, I get the opposite. And I do get that he thinks more of Hetty and his team than of himself: quitting to go rescue Hetty, using his money when Hetty was in danger, going after Kensi in Afghanistan against Granger's orders, threatening to break Charov's larynx in prison--these aren't things he would do if he was in danger, but when others are, he does. But one of the things I like about Callen is that he keeps himself under control, you're never sure which emotions are real and which are an act (like in Citadel), and he doesn't throw things to show how angry he is (which seems like Beginning Acting to me). He's such an interesting, complicated character--I love that.
  11. Woohoo! Loved the episode "Fool Me Twice" (better than the 200th IMO). It was tight, tense, and well-constructed--no wasted scenes. The scenes between Callen and Joelle, Sam and Hayley/Mosley, and Kensi and Deeks were all good.
  12. So, in one of the sneak peeks for "Fool Me Twice" Joelle mentions that the jeans she's wearing probably belong to Anna Kolcheck. How does she know about Anna? Is she keeping tabs on Callen?
  13. I think they pretty much closed the chapter on Owen. In either Battle Scars or Golden Days, when Hetty was explaining her working relationship with the older guys, AJ said that Granger was probably already dead--and I got the feeling that that's where they'll leave it, but you never know. :)
  14. ditto Who is this?