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  1. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    Baloney. Kensi isn't going on the mission for Mosley--none of them are (especially Deeks because even he goes on the mission). They're going on the mission for the boy who just happens to be Mosley's son. And Kensi didn't reject Deeks; she said that right now she's not willing to give up what makes her who she is--something she has told him for several seasons (remember 8 x 1?). I mean, she can't be any more clear than saying straight out that she's not ready to quit her job, and she's also said that she couldn't imagine doing this job IF she had children. Deeks wasn't kidding about owning a bar. Why would he think Kensi is kidding about something as important as being ready (or not) to start a family? I'm kind of glad they finally have some real tension in their relationship and am interested in seeing where this takes them.
  2. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    First, the Mexican courts would have no say in the matter (he'd have to be a Mexican citizen and that's very doubtful). Second, no court would grant a known international arms dealer/criminal with custody over a child. The child would either go to one of Mosley's relatives or into the foster care system. First, Kensi didn't bring this up--Deeks did--and his timing couldn't have been worse. Why would he bring this up NOW, when Kensi knows there's a child in trouble? How stupid can he be? And Kensi has said repeatedly that she's not ready to leave NCIS. Why would he think now she is? It's as if he hasn't even been listening to her. He didn't lose his job; he was sent back to LAPD which means he's no longer liaison with NCIS but still LAPD (and he's always been LAPD). He hasn't lost the support of his friends; they told him to cool off (Deeks is the most emotionally volatile member of the team which is kind of funny since he's a guy). And then, when she asks him--because he raised the subject--what if they don't have kids, he says maybe they should call off the wedding. So, what does that mean? Does that mean if she can't have kids, if she can't carry his baby, he's not interested in marrying her? No doubt that makes her feel great.
  3. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    I loved the fact that there was all this tension in the team and yet they still worked together (thank god they have a calm leader). I loved this finale from the opening gunfight to the exploding SUV. I thought all the actors did a great job. I also think Hidoko's dead (especially after reading Andrea's IG), and I don't see HOW Mosley could ever come back to L.A. except under indictment. I did feel some sympathy for Mosley, but not much--she willingly put everyone at risk to get what she wanted (that's another reason I think Hidoko's dead--Mosley should feel GUILT for her death). Can't wait for S10!! All I could say was FINALLY. I love the relationship between these two.
  4. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    He is pretty controlling, and I really dislike the promo where he seems to be demanding that Kensi choose between her job and him. What about all the men who serve in law enforcement or the military or in other dangerous jobs? What if their wives/girlfriends demanded that they quit their jobs? That seems like a sexist double-standard, and I don't buy the excuse that it's because he cares so much about her. How about she demand that he give up all the dangerous things he likes to do: motorcycles (accidents), surfing (sharks), climbing (falls), etc. How would he feel? I agree; if he makes that ultimatum, she should leave him. I agree, but I doubt that has as much to do with Bar's other commitments as the simple fact that the writers have devoted so MUCH screen time to Densi (ad naseum). That's probably why they've also devoted so little time to the Eric-Nell relationship--which has nothing to do with conflicts with their "other commitments." It's only now that the writers seem to realize that the other relationships are as interesting (maybe more so to a lot of viewers) than Densi.
  5. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    I really liked the episode and the direction Gemmill is going this season (as opposed to last). I hope Dani doesn't get pregnant and muck it all up (just kidding--I had to throw that in because of all the silly comments about Renee). Anyway, the writers did a good job of telling a core story but not giving short shrift to the secondary stories (although I am getting tired of all the wedding talk). Enjoyed the banter between partners (although Kensi's comment about having a lot of special people in her life doesn't seem true to her character; it seems more like Deeks, who makes friends easily, as Kensi noted in Getaway). The Callen-Anna scenes were intense; both of the characters repress their emotions so much, but you can see them in their expressions and hear them in their voices. I didn't worry about the shoot-out because we've seen the whole team in the promo pics for the finale, but it was well-choreographed. The finale looks intense (most of the scenes in the promo seem to be from the rescue mission). I still expect a Densi wedding (that would be too heavy for the show to not have one), and I'm interested in the future of the Callen-Anna relationship. With a cliffhanger finale and these unresolved issues, it's going to be a long hiatus. Thank goodness there's a S10!
  6. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    After all the lies Hetty's told in this show--far more than ALL the other characters combined--I'm surprised she didn't choke on her words. But, Callen was ever gallant and didn't throw it back in her face like he could have. I liked the episode and thought the humor didn't distract from the story. I also liked all the possible avenues opened up for the characters: the bar for Densi, traveling for Neric, and decisions for Callen and Anna.
  7. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    This isn't any different than my description.
  8. Spoilers and Speculation

    Okay, S9E22 looks good! The promo pics raise a lot of questions: Where's Anna? Why's Callen NOT wearing an NCIS vest? Where are they? Who's the woman behind Sam? Glad they're not letting Anna's shooting of Sokolov just disappear. So far, the writers are doing a good job of wrapping up stories or at least keeping them in the mix--not letting them just drop off. So, Bar got a cast chair. I wonder what that means about Anna? If she becomes a semi-regular, that's okay (I can't see her joining the team if she's in a relationship with Callen--and I can't see her joining the team if she isn't). Somebody said the title means vendetta is Spanish or Portuguese; seems to be a lot of anger since the hiatus. https://www.spoilertv.com/2018/04/ncis-los-angeles-episode-922-venganza.html
  9. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    I don't think she's an assistant in the way people often think of assistants (like administrative assistants). I think as an assistant, she keeps Mosley informed about the current case(s) and operates in the field as directed. Callen is the lead agent for the team, so the team members report first to Callen. Although an agent, Hidoko is not actually on the team; she reports directly to Mosley (but when she works with the team, she follows Callen's orders).
  10. Spoilers and Speculation

    See this article? http://www.buddytv.com/articles/ncis-los-angeles/ncis-los-angeles-interview-and-68259.aspx Andrea says the finale is going to be a cliffhanger. I'm guessing the rescue is Mosley's son and the cliffhanger is something goes wrong, but more important, does that mean season 10 is a go?
  11. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    Not to me. Hetty knows her child is missing and thinks Mosley should be honest with the team. That doesn't imply that Hetty knows who the father is. I think the conversation was about Mosley needing to learn to trust Callen and his team. I like her too and like this idea. It wasn't what I was expecting, either. I didn't think the Callen-Mosley story would have as much screen time. I HOPE this group isn't going to be part of the finale. They give me the creeps.
  12. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    This episode seemed less a case episode and more about characters. I liked the pairings (even Callen with Mosley), and the conversation between Sam and Kensi about driving was a hoot. I also liked Hidoko's "immunity" to Deeks' charm. The ending was a surprise, and makes me worry about where this case may end.
  13. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    Nikita was her husband (or lover), and yes, he recruited her (just as Clara--Callen's mother--recruited him). And she was poisoned because Pavel had put his stolen money under her name when she was a CIA agent, so Pavel thought Nikita (as her handler) would be able to retrieve it for him. They both knew the risks doing this work the same way people who become firefighters or police officers understand the risks. This was when his grandmother died. She was no stranger; Jake grew up with her. It's not unusual to have this kind of reaction--even as adult--when someone close to you dies, especially unexpectedly. And Jake loved his grandpa. Why wouldn't Alex bring him into her home? In their work, yes, but with their families? No, I don't think so. Michelle worked as a CIA agent (a spy), but she certainly wasn't duplicitous around Sam, her children, or their friends. We'll just have to agree to disagree. IMO the writer did an excellent job of indicating Callen's distance and awkwardness to his biological family, and his determination to save his father--and his sadness at not being able to. He failed Alex and Jake. I like subtlety; drama isn't always loud and obvious. For me, quiet moments are often more powerful than melodramatic ones, but that's a personal preference.
  14. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    The fact that someone has high clearance is usually indicative that the person is trustworthy on some level. The cause of Katarina's poisoning was her work, not Nikita. There's no reason to think Alex wouldn't consider her mom extremely brave for doing what she did to help others and to keep her family safe by leaving her country and her husband (I don't think it's any different than those who join the military or take positions that are life-threatening to serve others). Also, Alex grew up with a loving mother even though she didn't have a father, so she doesn't have the same childhood scars Callen carries with him. I'm not sure what's happened that makes you think Jake is "highly sensitive." He was emotionally distraught when his grandmother died and he's crying because he might lose his grandfather. That seems normal for a child who's 7 years old. Home ownership HAS changed Callen; for him to set down roots is a huge step for someone who's been rootless his entire life--and even Hetty recognizes this. And we saw in "Sirens" his hesitancy to leave his home, and even though it's been compromised multiple times, he still hasn't abandoned it. Even Sam mentions that Callen's been "domesticated." There's a lot in this morning scene that shows Callen isn't comfortable: he doesn't really open up about what's going on with Anna, he doesn't hug anyone, doesn't give his father a kiss on his cheek. To me, he's trying to fit in with his family, but he's still pretty much an outsider.
  15. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    A curious question since we didn't see Callen's house in this episode, but from the earlier episode this season he has a console table, a bed, and some kind of credenza that the TV is sitting on, but not much else from the looks of things. I sure hope the writers have a plan--and that it doesn't involve a mole. XD