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  1. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    That's what I thought, but I liked the touch this week--her call to find out if he was enrolled somewhere. The new sneak peeks are out for episode 16. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6gm7pf
  2. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    I totally disagree. Don't disturb Granger and don't worry about telling Hetty and the others; they all know he's gone and they've all said their goodbyes in their hearts. Hetty told Callen back in season 4 that she didn't want ANY remembrance or ceremony or bringing of flowers when she died, and Granger certainly didn't seem the type to stand on ceremony or care about regulations or any honor other than that of getting to know his daughter. Let him rest in peace and stay with his daughter. That ending was perfect!! My gut feeling is that she does, and she seemed to intimate that the very closeness between the team and their loyalty to Hetty and each other were the reasons behind breaking them up.
  3. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    I'd like the shows to steer clear of domestic politics as much as possible. World events and issues of terrorism and national defense, yes; US politics, no. Hetty's met lots of politicians and heads of state, but that's not bringing politics into it--that's historical and personal IMO.
  4. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    My favorite line: You lay a finger on Hetty, I will kill you.
  5. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    Loved tonight's episode! The team in Vietnam, the team in OPS, the "old guys," Nell's sister, Rio (an unexpected treat), and even Mosley, but most of all loved the scenes between Callen and Hetty, especially the scene in the helicopter. So sweet.
  6. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    Well, she's a fictional character in a fictional show. For some viewers, she's no more unbelievable than some of the other characters, like Hetty (and even Deeks as an LAPD detective). I'll wait and see how she's portrayed; I hope she will be more realistic than the blonde "super spy" on McGyver.
  7. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    At least one woman actually began the training at Fort Bragg to become a Green Beret--training that was open to women at the time (I don't know if it still is under this administration)--and passed the first half of the course, in 2016 I believe, so having a woman character be a Green Beret isn't such a fictional leap.
  8. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    When the most recent episode ended, Hetty had just bitten off the ear of the man questioning her.
  9. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    I so agree! Anna brought an extra dimension to Callen--and a lightness to his character that is different from his other relationships. Besides, I would LOVE to see a scene between Arkady and Callen about Anna and a scene with all three of them (that would be more interesting than seeing Roberta and Guy, IMO).
  10. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    Loved this episode and especially the writing. Loved Callen: calm but definitely on a mission so get out of his way and SO sassy ("Screw jobs," "And your mother," "I didn't say I was apologizing."). Now that's the Callen I remember from earlier seasons. And so glad there were no silly Deeks antics. Linda did a remarkable job, and the scene between Nell and Kensi in the armory was sweet. Can't wait for the conclusion but sucks that it's weeks away.
  11. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    I don't think the explosives got off base; I think the kid made his own napalm (all the material Kensi and Hidoko found in the closet). My questions: Why buy so much material if you're only filling a small toy rocket, or if you've already "delivered" napalm throughout the neighborhood, isn't that where the LAFD should be searching? Why is LAFD doing a methane sweep? Wouldn't you want to capture at least one of the terrorists alive so they could tell you where they've put the napalm? And, seriously, no one noticed the HUGE concrete truck when they pulled in to stop the bad guys? It would have been better if the agents had taken a minute to assess the situation, come up with a plan, and then breach. Maybe it's just me, but everything seems to be moving in slow motion this season, there doesn't seem to be any urgency. I mean, part of LA may go up in a fireball in less than an hour, and everyone seems very relaxed. There was no tension IMO. Reminds me of the episode in NCIS when the power went out. That was fun. :) I liked that, too - and she was right to make it.
  12. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    An Instagram post showed the script for an episode (14, I think) that includes Callen's sister and nephew. After rescuing Hetty, I'm interested to learn more about Callen and his "new" family (who we never hear about or see) and less about Roberta and Guy and their bedroom antics. lol I hope it will be a good episode; i.e., an episode where we learn something new about Callen and not just things about his sister and nephew. That's what happened with "Fool Me Twice": we learned a lot (more than I cared to know) about Joelle--who also had most of the dialogue--but nothing new about Callen. Why do the writers focus so much on minor characters? That seems like a mistake, to me.
  13. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    Anybody else think Sam is coming across as condescending and rude? I don't know if that's intentional, but I am beginning to not feel sorry for him. In fact, I'm beginning to not like him very much.
  14. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    Loved this comment! For me, it's shoes. OMG, I find the most comfortable shoes, wear them out, and then can't EVER find them again.
  15. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    I thought this episode was depressing at the end. Mosley missing her son. Callen leaving at the end--alone--with no one wishing him Happy Holidays (and Sam is getting to seem full of self-pity). And then Finn tells Callen that's he's still one of the kids from the shelter--passed over. Is that supposed to be uplifting and cheery? No mention of Hetty or Granger, no toast to "remembered friends"? I liked Nell, but the fact that she only mentioned Hetty is passing was weird, and I would like to have seen more of Eric and less of Hidoko (Isn't Eric the "regular" cast member and Hidoko a "recurring guest"?). IDK, it just didn't seem to have much holiday spirit.