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  1. The latest promo pics for the premiere https://spoilering.com/2017/09/15/ncis-los-angeles-episode-9-01-party-crashers-new-promotional-photos/
  2. The producers are keeping everything close to the vest--most of the action in the promo is from season 8 episodes. In other news, several sources have stated that both Anna and the admiral will be making return appearances in season 9. Anna will be an ATF agent and the admiral will be working with Hetty on her shenanigans.
  3. http://www.tvguide.com/special/fall-preview/gallery/2017-returning-fall-shows/46/ Interesting article.
  4. There's a new article about season 9 in TV Guide (I put it under the media category).
  5. The interview with LL at the CBS Summer soirée revealed more specific details.
  6. I am so curious about what's going to happen to Sam and between Callen and Sam. I'm not curious about Kensi and Deeks; that relationship seems stable and on course. It's time to spend some time on the other relationships. I'm also curious about Nell especially if the new Asst. Director is a woman (how will that affect her relationship with Hetty?). I hope the season goes well and that the nuptials don't become a focal point (that would be boring IMO).
  7. As much as I like Monty, I don't care all that much about seeing him--or hearing about him and his "anxiety" issues (seriously?), but I also heard that Deeks' mom might be back. OMG, she's the MOST annoying guest EVER (almost as bad as that perky FBI agent in Battle Scars--I hope we never see her again). And please, NO STUPID MOLE PLOTS. Am I bad--enough with complaints. I'm hoping the only "extra" stuff will be the banter between the characters. We got a lot of "serious" talk between Kensi and Deeks last season, so maybe--with the murder of Michelle at the end of 8--we'll get some soul-searching conversations and scenes between Callen and Sam. I'd LOVE to see Janvier return if only for an episode or two, more Arkady (I'm still waiting for a scene between Callen, Anna and Arkady), and I'm curious about who is searching for Tobias and where that leads (I hope it doesn't lead to the CIA--again). To be honest, I'm a little worried about the new Asst. Director and her chemistry with Hetty and the rest of the team (Miguel was so perfect); it's a fine line between being bitchy and being tough.
  8. Gosh, it's been years since I saw that (a big Cornelius Ryan fan) maybe--although they were taking down dead airborne troops not photos. I'm glad Callen had them take the photos down even if they were evidence. I've learned a lot about firearms and such watching this show. I wondered about getting shot wearing a vest so checked it out; it's like being hit full on with a baseball bat (and internal injuries are possible). Ouch!!
  9. Thanks for the info! These are episodes that will air sometime later in season 9; they are not the first two episodes of the season (A friend didn't believe me so she actually called--how embarrassing!!!) XD
  10. Quick question: I saw that they've already filmed 2 episodes for season 9 (off JPK and Tunell's Twitter). Does anyone know if those two are the first episodes of the new season? Thanks!
  11. I don't believe Sam's suicidal for a minute. He's expendable because Michelle was his wife, this is his fight. At least, that's what he thinks. Besides, if he were suicidal, why not just kill Tahir once all the civilians were off the bus? And he's certainly not going to commit suicide after Tahir's death; he has his kids. And he told G to take care of Hetty and the team until he gets back. If he doesn't come back, it won't be because he's committed suicide IMO.
  12. That's what I was wondering. Could it be whether or not Sam comes back? That doesn't seem like much given that he tells G to take care of Hetty and the team while he's gone. And wasn't there supposed to be something that was a "game changer"? Was that Michelle's death?
  13. I think it was more that the writers wanted to give Sam more opportunities to develop as a character. Having him "married" to a character who isn't on the show makes it tough. That's one reason I hope they either keep Anna as a semi-regular or find someone else who can be; I'm sick of hearing characters "talk" about relationships. If they're going to be in one, show us (like Kensi and Deeks and Eric and Nell). Were the tourists on the bus when it was hijacked? I didn't get that. I thought Tahir and his cohorts hijacked the bus and then picked up the tourists. You know, one of those get on - get off bus rides. That's funny, but being LA born and living in big cities around the country, that conversation isn't as unusual as you might think while waiting for public transportation. XD
  14. I agree that COD was the standout this episode and the shot when Sam is trying to drive away was great. I also found Nell's "emotion" at the beginning forced; her plea to Sam on the street was more believable. The proposal was as it should have been even if everyone saw it coming. The lack of henchmen was a problem, but I didn't think Tahir even cared about dying; he was consumed with hatred for Sam (I liked the bit about Sam's name--it's two words). One of the scenes that made me hurt was in the morgue when G tells Sam he's there for him--the whole team is--and Sam doesn't really acknowledge it. You know Sam's hurting, but I wish he had done something, touched his shoulder, looked at him, something to acknowledge what he said.
  15. True, but the episode was almost (or more than) halfway through by then. I would rather have seen Sam go it alone than with Sabatino (and I like Sabatino--always have cuz he reminds me of Renko). Sam really didn't go "lone wolf." And, once again, Callen's alone (and no, being a member of a team isn't the same as having someone in your life).