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  1. YES! Awww, kitty. That black and white one was looking at the stacked fish like, "Ok, you're done with mine. Now do yours." Exhausting episode plus mesmerizing streets and scenery. And a chaotic marketplace! And Phil pointing! Liking teams Yale and Slam, but I don't have a favorite yet. Glad it was a non elim.
  2. I thought it was accidental--he just seemed to not notice his surroundings when he was talking on the phone....I guess I'm just duped easily. TBH, when Raf is on the screen, there is nothing much else happening in my, what? I HATE the voice Olivia uses to talk to Noah.
  3. Yes, this. I was in need of a laugh so I watched....I kinda like the twins, trope and all.
  4. Singing, "New York Jews in Icelaaaand." (I have wished for a season of first eliminated teams.....maybe some day.) I am excited the race is back...maybe they can have some competitive goat eating later on? I dig the violinists and the Indy car drivers--although it's really too soon to tell. Yay Phil! ETA: Line that made me laugh out loud (I don't know who said it:): "He didn't die! That's HUGE!"
  5. The song that Lyor wanted the girls to sing was Yaz's "Only You." And I wish we would have heard it. But I liked the version they played. And I'm on the Lyor fanbus as well. I am probably one of the few, but I didn't expect the ending.
  6. Evan R. Lawson, you crack me up.
  7. Since the same plot was used in a Law and Order SVU episode this season, I just took the same reason from that: he killed his little sister because she was annoying him by dancing in front of the tv.
  8. Ok, the opening number had me grinning like a fool. The song they used was also used in "Sweatin' to the Oldies" a tape I used to watch with with my mom (who passed in July). So, I was smiling and crying. I love the big opening number...remember The Boys Are Back in Town and Let Me Entertain You? Man TO is tall. Yay Cheryl! Ugh, Mark. And YAY TOM BERGERON! I heart him so much.
  9. I'm glad no one went home. I'm really hoping Melissa and Nora do really well next week.
  10. I heart Carson and am sad he's gone. I really don't like Bachelor guy-at least I've heard of all the other celebs. Yes, this! I like that it's for charity. I thought Melissa and Carson really played off each other well. They cracked me up. Sometimes I just need a little silliness. And the chyron and effects people are awesome! But please, women, tie your hair back!!
  11. I heard so many good reviews of this show and then I watched the first episode. So disgusted. Tried the second one. Couldn't do it either. I regret wasting the time and need a genuine palate cleanser.
  12. Thank you Jacks-Son! I thought it was slang....
  13. The "your" was as distracting as the BOOBS to me. And not washing your hands? UGH! I really don't have a horse in this race....but the other day I was reminded of Pah Gah!
  14. I am not sure if it's Maori, I heard it in an episode of "The Almighty Johnsons."
  15. Also, "hapoo" although I don't know if that's the right way to spell it. (NZ)