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  1. S02.E17: Exquisite Corpse

    Just got into the show on Netflix....I can't stand Davina and haven't been able to since the beginning. I have liked Rebekah since TVD...and am curious how she gets out of that horrid witch's body. I am intrigued by Elijah and Marcel has grown on me. Gia and Elijah could be interesting together, maybe just for a fling but it's kind of fun. At first I thought Gia was annoying but I'm glad she's a little outspoken and not over the top with it.
  2. S06.E13: Be Free

    Mine too. I did like this season a little better than the last season but I am still disgusted with Caputo--I skipped most of his scenes. I am not a fan of pranks so the first part of the season's episodes did not thrill me. Too much poop and grossness. And I hate watching torture. I hate Badison. And still miss Poussey. I still like Nicky, though.
  3. S06.E02: Fiddler's Fart

    Ah, thanks, AE Mom...I did not see last season.
  4. S03.E13: The Beautiful Game

    I am binge watching the show on Netflix and to me, there are times when Tea sounds drunk even if she's not drinking...slurry. Is that just an affectation of her speech patterns? I like the staff a lot, especially Blake. This episode was lovely--soccer, peace and such.
  5. S06.E02: Fiddler's Fart

    I loved how the tasks were challenging enough that it mixed up the order of teams. I love playing cards, but I think I would suck at dealing. The dance looked fun, though. I've never seen a Race with more than 2 express passes. Hmmm. Very happy with the non-elimination. Love Monica and Zainab--they are pretty good racers and wow--gorgeous!
  6. S06.E01: Just a Beaver Hero

    Lumberjack Festival! Brought to you by Timber: The Bigger They Are, The Harder they Fall....In Love. I love all the physical tasks.. And real Mounties! So cool. I just love seeing parts of Canada. And none of the teams bug me yet.
  7. S06.E10: Two Sparrows in a Hurricane

    THIS! Shut up, Purple Hair. Sigh, Gunnar's hair. When did he become so soft? (Not that his hair looks soft, mind you) Run from Alanna, Avery. You have no use for her. Don't care about Jessie. Deacon is better on his own. I guess I can't see him with anyone but Rayna.
  8. S06.E09: Pick Yourself Up

    I can't stand Alanna and I hate the idea of Avery and Alanna together. Poor Gunnar's hair. Poor Will's heart. Ugh, Jessie. Double ugh, Maddie. This!
  9. S06.E02: Second Chances

    Yay Avery! All cult-type things creep me out. I hate the Deacon relationship. I like him better solo and just being a dad for a while.
  10. S06.E01: New Strings

    Just started watching this show again--I totally didn't watch Season 5 but I don't think I missed that much? Seems like the same old show. Ugh, Maddie--still can't stand her and her voice. Totally agree. Someone had a 2 for 1 at the FakeBlonde shop. I still dig Avery and Will and Daphne. I've never been a Scarlett fan but I did like her reaction to entourages.
  11. S02.E12: Amor Vincit Omnia

    I loved it. Thank you, Justmehere. I feel the same way. Your words rock. ETA: I laughed for a solid minute at Rajan's expression after Kala told him everything. My heart sings with joy. Thank you Netflix and Sense8 fans. I still want more, but this is gold.
  12. S02.E13: Bye

    I made it through the series. I liked parts of it but most of it felt like a really long after-school special. Tedious in places. I did not watch the rape of Tyler. I understand the importance of the issues but I need a palate cleanser.
  13. S19.E21: Guardian

    I realized about halfway through that I was just watching for Ice T. "Back at ya, Liv." hee He fills my heart. "Tell your dads I'm coming over." Awww.
  14. S03.E02: Better Angels

    I heart Jesse. That is all.