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  1. S10.E13: Reunited 2018.06.21

    Kameron was served! Shame really since I can appreciate the quiet persona, but I guess behind the scenes she "reads people for filth!" lol! Miz Cracker could have succeeded without going to that extreme! I know she was unhappy, but I had this feeling that more than likely Asia had already reached out, but Miz Cracker just had to have their Nat'l rant to bring her back to Earth! Asia got some glowing praise and MC just wanted to stick her a little while longer and rotate her on the BBQ skewer until done! '-)
  2. I don't watch enough; totally missed that! They still have cameramen, but probably going up in a Bravo truck with lights and extra staff! ;-)
  3. My guess is that the cameraman is getting different shots on these long drives; had nothing to do with trying to separate herself from Sonja! It just happened that the footage used had Sonja up front! Just a guess! ;-)
  4. Lu can't help embellishing/distorting the story to placate the insanity of it all! She'll never be honest with us about what really happened! Who wouldn't do the same? ;-(
  5. Her hypocritical streak rears it's ugly head yet again! Bethenny destroyed Sonja way back when; now they're sleeping in the same bed on vacation! It won't last; Bethenny will flip out sooner or later with Sonja's constant "harking back" to better times enjoying yachts, servants, & extensive travel! ;-)
  6. I used to work a little retail back in the 70's! I just can't believe how much women's clothing has soared! Saw that ad with the girls a little while ago and that stupid pinafore Tinsley was wearing cost $1400; that's insane! I don't care who made it, but that seems to be the thing now; semi-designer clothing and blowing all that $$ on 1 item. I hope they're made well! Heidi Klum produces a line and each time she has the designers create something for her on "Project Runway," I'm shocked at the mark up! Seeing more sites where people are literally renting used clothing or selling what they have! How times have changed! ;-)
  7. Dorinda is a mean drunk! Next week's preview has her going after Sonja in one of her incoherent drunken rants! Should be good! ;-)
  8. I'm shocked after all Bethenny's had to say about Sonja; not to mention disowning her after that product name fiasco! They'll get back to normal soon and Bethenny will be chewing Sonja up and spitting her out along with Dorinda for some reason! They are really going at it! ;-)
  9. Ramona knows exactly what she's doing, but she'll throw out some lame excuse or try to deflect like that comment about "not being invited to" Lu's wedding! People have to be total morons to give the OG of RHWNY the time of day! If anyone's vile in this group of b!tches, it has to Ramona! Bethenny leads the way in being so dysfunctional and unable to be happy even though she has it all! ;-)
  10. These guests are a dream and Adam should be thanking his holy stars instead of snapping at Hannah over a guest clearing the table before his dessert's done! Idiot! ;-)
  11. I guess Hannah could trip the guy like Benson from the old Susan Harris series, "Soap!" "This is my job turkey!" ;-)
  12. It's so hard for me to relate! I never, ever considered fudging on my resume; as a matter of fact I kept it so light people suggested added more! I blew it off! If someone doesn't want to hire me because I don't fill up 4 pages of BS, I'd just assume not work for them anyway! I've always kept it "real" and got away with never embellishing in any way when it came to my experience working with computers! It just wasn't necessary! ;-)
  13. "Hannah, Hannah, Hannah; did you like Bobby and the rest salivating over your communicating with a guest?" I think his name was Jason and he kissed her behind the scenes last season! ;-)
  14. I guess that makes it all right! "Bravo Jill; you allowed them to use booms at your dead husbands "send off" rather than the usual personal Mics!" ;-(
  15. Well she had to bring something to the show! I'd rather hear Carole's stories over the blathering of Sonja and the "rich" life she led many moons ago! The whole group is over that and they tell her to her face! She continues to do it to everyone's annoyance! Carole keeps it PITHY! ;-)