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  1. S03.E20: Reunion Part 2

    They all do periodically, but they seem to be featured more East with the "ATL, Potomac, M2M," & "NJ!" I think the other guys are smart enough not to get caught up in this reunion BS! Ken is just getting too doddering to be carrying around "RHBH's," LVP's little dog for her trying to keep up with what's going on! The funniest scene with the men on reunion with the BHHW's had Slade nailing Tamra in one of her jihads of trying to expose him! She can't mind her own business and he got her good! She was yammering about he should get a job and how he doesn't support his son, blah, blah, blah, and he turned it back on her insinuating how she supports herself; "you were sucking off Eddie, now you're sucking off Simon!" She lost it and stormed off the set! You had to laugh your arse off! ;-)
  2. Adam's being a real hypocrite because he allows Asa to play that game of picking and choosing who to be close to! He defends her so why can't MJ have the same courtesy? I'm really tired, but I think it makes sense! ;-)
  3. S03.E20: Reunion Part 2

    ...after saying Candiace needs to facilitate a relationship with the Ex when she speaks of Kyndall like a dog! She's a disgusting hypocrite that needs to STFU! Nobody believes any of that BS with Sherman! If that man has a brain in his head, he's still running! He dodged a FK'n bullet! ;-) These classless SOB's want to get all the way into your finances; "where you living" and "who's that guy grabbing your arse?" Seems like if they had more interesting lives they wouldn't need to hound Karen like that! I'm no fan of the woman, but it was juvenile bullying if you ask me! ;-)
  4. S03.E20: Reunion Part 2

    I averted my eyes, but it's very reminiscent of a prom jacket! Am I imagining it? He should have run, but the wedding went thru and he's stuck with this narcissist! ;-)
  5. S03.E20: Reunion Part 2

    Michael looked like a fool just talking and saying really nothing! He's pathetic and embarrassing! He ought to look in the mirror instead of pointing fingers! He & Ashley deserve one another! They'll spend most of their time signifying as people walk by! ;-(
  6. S03.E20: Reunion Part 2

    She can barely stop looking at herself in the mirror between tapings! Too bad I won't live long enough for her to go thru some serious change where her looks will start to distress her and not satisfy the holding up of a mirror! ;-)
  7. S03.E20: Reunion Part 2

    That doesn't mean entertaining; just means sad! Hard to believe anyone's thinking this show can take the place of the ATL! These b!tches are just petty mean girls compared to the high drama on that show south of civilization! ;-)
  8. S03.E20: Reunion Part 2

    None of them took responsibility for running Karen off the set! It's hilarious to see these people acting as if they had nothing to do with it! Such ruthless b!tches! ;-)
  9. S03.E19: Reunion Part 1

    I put nothing past Gizelle! This is how she thinks to hold onto her status as "Queen Bee;" be totally outrageous and keep these b!tches in check! And if they won't cooperate; "out the door!" ;-) "Dullard" is the perfect moniker for Robyn unfortunately! She sounds and acts like it that's for sure! She truly offends me when asking stupid questions knowing she's trying to do more than ask a simple question! She loves putting others on the spot for some lame reason of disrespect she feels isn't being given her! She pulls that $#!t on all of them except Gizelle who she's already admitted to being afraid of if you get on her bad side! She saw what she put Cherrisse thru I guess and sees Gizelle can be a lunatic and put all your $#!t out there if she feels the need to bring a person down low! What would compel a person to go on a Nat'l TV show and try to expose another's HW's business for kicks? Why should it concern her besides wanting something to say because her own pathetic life isn't worth talking about! Karma will catch up to the "first lady" of Potomac! ;-( The voracity of all these people can come into question unfortunately, but Karen's is more out there since she's playing out things on TV so her excuses are lame and nonsensical! Lying comes rather easy to a number of these women so I'm going to just allow them to embarrass themselves in the reunion! I'm really shocked Monique is coming off looking so bad! She has it all, but is not so slyly manipulating things and openly retaliating Gizelle and Robyn's BS! ;-(
  10. S03.E20: Reunion Part 2

    This is one of those rare occasions I can do without seeing the husbands! I'm betting Juan won't be there and the others aren't worth my time! ;-)
  11. Oh please, all these women work it! Most go to the source calling the media with relationships that go back years more than likely! All are NY'rs so they'll play it for all it's worth and I don't blame them! What is Carole supposed to do; fade into the woodwork and allow others to malign her at every turn without being able to defend herself? I think not! I'm no fan of Carole's in particular, but I'm even less vested in the lives of these other egomaniacal shrews! ;-)
  12. S07.E03: A Date With Destiney

    Asa reminds me of a character in an episode of "Law & Order: CI!" The bad guy had an inflated sense of self! He didn't want to be considered ordinary so he dabbled in a lot of things including playing the guitar, race card driving, and skydiving! He was literally a "jack of all trades; master of none!" That's ASA to a "T!" On one hand it appears she's chasing fame with the caftans, diamond water, singing, and art exhibits, but OTOH, she's kvetchin' about keeping her private life private! That makes her the most FOS of the group; hence not needing to see the b!tch! ;-)
  13. Reza Farahan

    It's not out of the ordinary for geezers to try and hold on to that youth! You see Reza fighting "the family life" he says he wants or he'd have a kid already! Adam will nag him and that'll be the end of their relationship if he breaks his promises like this! Anecdotal here has me probably in the same frame of mind; unwilling to turn that page! I've held up pretty well for my age and fool people all the time, but even if they don't know, I probably shouldn't be dressing so young with cutoffs, crop tops, and harem sweats! I'm gonna fight old age for as long as I can! ;-)
  14. S07.E03: A Date With Destiney

    Was he ever really a main character? He supposedly has it all, but no one's more boring and full of themselves! They all have huge egos, but I still don't even know what Sherwin does outside of restraining Golnesa when losing her $#!t! ;-)
  15. S07.E03: A Date With Destiney

    Like Catwoman (Selina) tearfully said in a deep voice to Batman (Bruce) in the finale of "Batman Returns," "......I just couldn't forgive myself!" ;-)