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  1. No, that honor belongs to Fred Armisen, who stayed years beyond his usefulness and got lots of airtime for his collection of dead hooker photos. Also, i could swear Jimmy introduced Nile at the end.
  2. With 13 episodes this season, I hope they get to the end of Caliban's War. As others have mentioned, cliffhanger extraordinaire! If they don't, they'll never catch up to the books unless it goes around 12 seasons.
  3. The Epstein novella is good also. Can't find the Butcher Of Anderson Station in print form. I don't drink coffee or tea - I prefer my brown caffeinated water to be cold and carbonated.
  4. I preferred the "Bing car", every food truck trope in one transaction, and the quick Winnie The Pooh cutaway. All 3 had me rolling. Best episode in a while.
  5. Nice bridge episode with the Epstein Drive background. As awesome as the destruction of the orbital mirrors looked, the ground set on Ganymede looked Godawful. Instead of rocky ground it looked like cheap casino carpeting. It almost took me out of the scene it was so bad.
  6. I think Bill's calling him "Bruno" right off the bat hurt him a bit more than he let on.