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  1. New Category Suggestions

    You're Not Fooling Anybody, Miss Zuckerman: the biggest/most obvious age differential between actor and their character Someone Needs To Do Some Research: worst medical/legal/police terminology or plot point that only exists in places like Shondaland
  2. S43.E21: Tina Fey / Nicki Minaj

    In a word, underwhelming. Especially with Tina hosting. Don't need to see s skit masquerading as an ad for your Broadway play. Jeebus is Fred Armisen mostly intolerable and unfunny. I still think he has pictures of Lorne and dead hookers. (To be fair, his Wolff is pretty decent.) Nicki Minaj was not good and her guest star in the second song was terrible. Anyone else notice her mouthing Tina's lines during the goodnights? The Mom/daughter bit was saved at the end, even though I can't stand Syndrome of a Down. "Did Dick Wolf lose a bet?" was gold. Ditto to the person above who said DeNiro is better with no lines. For someone who is so talented he absolutely sucks eggs on a live stage. That's why, for me, Pacino is the better actor.
  3. Media for the New Magnum

    Zack Knighton is just not a good actor. Lombardozzi would've been a better choice for Rick. Don't mind the female Higgins. Wonder if Robin Masters will be female as well? (wink, wink) Updated theme song sounds baad. The CGI on the cliff stunt looked worse.
  4. S02.E04: The Riddle Of The Sphinx

    Maybe the wrist-slitting in the bathtub was a failed attempt? Zahn McClarnon will always be the reservation cop Mathias from Longmire for me. I was also expecting Lawrence to say "motherfucker" again, like he has twice previously when MiB takes care of business.
  5. S03.E05: Triple Point

    The mention of the Thomas Prince had me confused.
  6. S43.E19: Donald Glover / Childish Gambino

    It was OK, but I can't stand pretentious artists who have to adopt a separate persona or change their name in order to do something. [Cough] Chris Gaines [Cough] The Edge. What is he ashamed of? He could've used Donglover. (Get it?)
  7. That's not what I took from it. It had more to do with the "woman of color" thing, calling out some site for chastising a movie based solely on the trailer, and quoting someone who felt Amy wasn't fat enough. His Wonder Woman point was also on the mark. There is a certain "Boy Who Cried Wolf" element to this debate, and I'm not sure everyone is seeing it.
  8. S02.E02: Reunion

    It wasn't clear if he saw her. Also, black dress with hair down versus white dress with hair up. Now she has curly hair, and I wasn't sure she was the same host until they made it obvious in the "previouslies".
  9. S16.E17: Switch The Flip

    Not sure if the decapitated Stewie on a water ride was intentional or coincidental.
  10. S03.E03: Assured Destruction

    As much as I like Elizabeth Mitchell, I'm just not feeling Anna. Her performance is very flat and any emotion seems forced.
  11. LA->Vegas, Baby: All Episodes Talk

    Apropos of nothing, TB's breakfast burritos are the shit.
  12. A fair number of major researchers/demographers end the Millennials at 1996, which makes sense to me because when I think of them, I don't think of high-school kids. They're something else entirely.
  13. S43.E18: John Mulaney / Jack White

    He's a pretentious douche who can't sing or play worth a lick?
  14. S43.E17: Chadwick Boseman / Cardi B

    Wow. To each his own. Chadwick seemed game and Black Jeopardy worked, as did the leggings commercial. Update was weak. Cardi B. is atrocious. Heidi Gardner is good in certain things, but not the Boxer's Girlfriend. It's another example of a one-shot character that they bring back, like most of Armisen's repertoire. It doesn't help that she looks and acts like Kristen Schaal's slightly better-looking sister, either.