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  1. S43.E16: Bill Hader / Arcade Fire

    Mad TV did the "old people in motorized wheelchairs" bit much better 20+ years ago with Seth Green and Alex Borstein. They ran a greeting card company and were tyrants.
  2. LA->Vegas, Baby: All Episodes Talk

    And an $80,000 car . . .
  3. Butcher's Block

    Also, it seemed like all the graffiti "white evil faces" were really faded. Don't know if that was supposed to show time passing or the evil power waning.
  4. Butcher's Block

    I think they ran out of ideas and just made it ambiguous. Disappointed.
  5. S01.E01: Pilot

    It was a variation on a do-it-yourself online trick that made the rounds on the internet a few years ago. It was in a cave or something like that.
  6. S01.E01: Pilot

    Just realized that the lead was also the title character in Cooper Barrett''s Guide to Not Surviving Cancellation.
  7. S01.E01: Pilot

    Actually, he did. All the cards were different but very similar the second time, so no matter which card you initially chose, it was gone. AnimeMania mentions it upthread.
  8. Candle Cove

    Did they ever explain why the cameraman in the 1st episode was a mannequin? Was he imagining it?
  9. S11.E08: Familiar

    It was pretty good - more old school, as some have said. However, Channel Zero had a creepier kid's show.
  10. S43.E15: Sterling K. Brown / James Bay

    Keegan, not Keenan. Unless you were joking.
  11. S43.E15: Sterling K. Brown / James Bay

    Vanessa was not necessary. That character was good once, just like the majority of Armisen's that we were punished with. SKB seemed genuinely eager, which always makes it fun.
  12. Small note to the Florida kids - if you're still in high school, you're not a Millennial. A lot of college kids aren't either.
  13. Don't remember the names but two of the acts singing were flatter than hammered shit. It was painful. Aren't they professionals?
  14. S43.E14: Charles Barkley / Migos

    Barkley was not turrible. Kyle Mooney is not funny. Hillary Knight couldn't stop smiling - she seemed like he was genuinely enjoying herself. Migos is studio-created dreck. Kate's impression of Sessions is creepy because it''s awful. By far her worst.
  15. Veronica Mars Unpopular Opinions

    Logan is an insufferable douche and his redemption arc in the movie was a complete disservice to the character of Veronica. Period. I don't care if the Marshmallows think he's dreamy and only Veronica can fix him. Because twuu luurve. When I gave to the kickstarter I wanted a complex, intelligent story that made the show a pleasure to watch, and most of it was, except for the relationship angle. For that I got bullshit middle-school fanwanking.