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  1. Telescopes are fine for viewing meteor showers. Most come from a central point of reference - for example, the Orionids all begin a bit to the west of Orion's belt and fan out. They don't streak all the way across the sky like a plane does. I was more concerned with the signed Jordan rookie card from a few episodes ago. Most signatures on rookie cards (ones that aren't produced with the autograph) diminish the value greatly.
  2. Is the house crafting a Margot based on Jules' memories? Once she got pulled away from the egg thing, FakeMargot receded back into the ooze. Also, what happened to the "family" Jules was summoning from last episode?
  3. Aaand I'm out. I just don't care about most of these characters enough to keep going. Forte and Schaal are painfully unfunny most of the time and adding Wiig made it worse. Just so they could do a schlocky duet?
  4. Duece. After the grunting, this was perfect.
  5. Some public employers (county, city, state) get Columbus Day off, most private sector and schools do not - they use it for the day after Thanksgiving.
  6. I think the girl on the couch didn't say a word because it was based on JDs memory/idea of the ideal woman, whom he's never spoken to. Did backpack guy shoot his real wife? This season is shaping up better than the first, and the six episodes make it tight with no real room for filler. The only complaint I have with this show (and most SyFy shows) is that their HD cameras seem to be about 10+ years old. There are dark scenes where the quality is so bad and pixelated it looks like someone upconverted a standard definition signal. It's distracting.
  7. I love the little things thrown in: - The cops are Milner and McCord (Adam 12) - Best friends Veronica and Betty (Archie) - Last names are Sawyer and Finn (Mark Twain)
  8. I think he called her "Martian", like a nickname. If they keep it up, it will be good. The girl at the beginning came around a house whose number was "6". Hmm.
  9. Channel Zero: No-End House tells the story of a young woman and her friends who visit the No-End House, a bizarre house of horrors that consists of a series of six increasingly disturbing rooms.
  10. I watch Mom and The Good Place and would agree. South Park is also very funny.
  11. I'm sorry, but I've tried several times, and VEEP is just not funny. Neither is JLD. But, to be fair, there's not a lot of quality comedy on TV these days. Nicest turd in the bowl, I guess. And Margo Martindale was excellent on Justified.
  12. I was expecting at least one Live PD joke or reference.
  13. I can't believe Slink is the same guy who played Pope on Falling Skies
  14. No, that honor belongs to Fred Armisen, who stayed years beyond his usefulness and got lots of airtime for his collection of dead hooker photos. Also, i could swear Jimmy introduced Nile at the end.
  15. With 13 episodes this season, I hope they get to the end of Caliban's War. As others have mentioned, cliffhanger extraordinaire! If they don't, they'll never catch up to the books unless it goes around 12 seasons.