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  1. S05.E04: It's Her Kid

    Wasn't a great episode.. Did love Anna and Bonnie bonding.. Man Connor is a whiny bratty.. I'm still not totally sure exactly what he was angry about... I love Glenn turman.. But I FFWD thru all the Nate senior stuff I just don't care... When that white lady went for the hair.. Lol
  2. So they really had Eli Goree just come take off his shirt to work out and magical negro some hope Into archie and then have him leave... And Josie got to sing almost as much as veronica and Cheryl smh... Also what was archie doing swinging on them guards.. Old buddy is lucky they didn't kill him
  3. S04. E01. Hella Duplicitous

    Oh.. I know that character.. Yuck
  4. S06.E04: Ride Along

    The Chicago series have a nasty habit of seemingly always making the higher ups scumbags who are always shady and doing things that put "our heroes " in tuff situations.. I wish for once that wasn't the case... Oh also ppl who are "political " are always evil and don't care about the ppl like "our heroes "
  5. S05.E02: Blocked

    Also... What was going on with Singh's hair??.. Not schway at all
  6. S04.E01: American Alien

    Kasnian doppleganger falls in love with James from afar. Tries to take out Lena.. Lena finally has had enuff alien shenanigans and goes nuts.. James has to break it off.. Kara fights Lena... James helps.. Lena loses.. James and Kara try again.. Mon-el pops back up.. End of series
  7. S05.E01: Gap Year

    Real College University... Lol y'all trying to kill me man
  8. S04. E01. Hella Duplicitous

    I meant was she disliked as a character .. As to how she looks when I saw her I assumed the dad must be another race black Latino middle eastern or some combination seems most likely.. I'm guessing they didn't bring him on last season then.
  9. S05.E02: Blocked

    Like I been saying.. Just give the black lightning folks one week on the flash and all this nonsense goes away
  10. S05.E02: Blocked

    Could be.... or Barry and Iris have twins and after Barry dissapears the sibling and Iris are closer... We already know that Iris is the one who names Nora XS cuz she's always doing too much.. Maybe the sibling is a teacher's pet.. Who knows I feel like many posters are just glossing over... She was already a bit scared to be having a kid at an advanced age ( IRL I think she may be in her 40s but she could be younger on the show who knows) and then miraculously she can hear her kid and know exactly what she wants or needs she had that the whole time she was in there and even after.. So to all of a sudden start to lose that connection.. I dunno any parent who would give that up.. Especially with a newborn.. Maybe if ur kid is a toddler or older you may not wanna be in their head.. But the loss of that connection would freak me out
  11. S01.E01 Pilot

    Harry said the mother orchestrated the job for macy so if he's to be believed maybe she was gearing up to bring her back into her life.. But got murdered first.. As for macy's friend.. He seems like he wants more so whether she reciprocates or not I don't believe he's the GBF
  12. Jennifer is such a cool customer.. All her scenes really feel like were peeking in on someone really just going thru all this stuff From her interactions with her sister and khalil to her just hanging on the roof smoking and talking to Issa.. Anissa is definitely feeling herself out in these street I did enjoy her happiness from the powers eliminating her cramps that kind of practical real world tidbit is gold... And I can't really be mad at her getting all sexy time with light skin singer lady cuz.. ( hello I have two functioning eyes and a soul) but her kinda dismissal of Grace(?) Was a bit sus and her getting all amped for the crowd while in a vacuum isn't really a big deal I'm assuming the show out it there to let us know shes gonna be making some bonehead moves.. Glad Jefferson is still gonna be a teacher.. Actually felt a lil sad for khalil.. Bill Duke is doing what he does best as the new ASA guy and that's being creepy and unsettling AF
  13. S05.E02: Blocked

    Did he stand in episode one either?? Still I enjoyed this epi as well.. I thought all the characters worked well I even enjoyed ralph
  14. S04.E01: American Alien

    As a multiracial millenial I've generally gotten into tons of debates about race and representation on the lil and big screen.. And I remember when James was cast how much Time I spent trying to change minds.. And I saw some ugly stuff bit I never took a look at the fanfic so.. Is it really that bad.. And for my own edification where can I see some of this stuff?
  15. S04.E01: American Alien

    I agree... And I mean Lillian and Morgan Edge and even Max Lord... All warned supes and the world that aliens are dangerous.. Now lots more aliens live peacefully than are trying to destroy it all... But I get some humans anger and now that they know the president was/is an alien maybe some of those Conversations will happen... But it'll still boil down to.. Humans hyped up on hate ready to hurt ALL aliens.. Whether they deserve it or not