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  1. S03.E05: Jolene

    Not a bad episode... I always kinda figured that waverlys dad was an angel.. In my own headcannon/ fanfic he was also Dolls' dad ah well... Episode was solid... I don't get wynonna being all possessive over Doc a few episodes ago we were all kinda wondering where everything stood and now she's throwing down with his wife ( I know she was whammied but still) and next week she's complaining about being the other woman ( oh if dolls could hear her now)...
  2. S04,E05: Greening Pains

    Agreed abt the previews... I was really excited to know what's next and how Dutch/David/Dells Sayah/Aneela's kid will fit into it.. Tho I think its safe to say that the spiders are somehow working for the lady... Or at least someone working for the benefit of the lady... Also interested congratulate n how Dutch will get in with her nephew/brother/ son... I know she doesn't always do feelings but I have to imagine him being around and I assume he'll grow In power/importance will have an effect on everyone for sure but some conflicting feelings for dutch specifically
  3. S02.E07: Season 2, Episode 7

    I don't hate Lucy... I understand her motivations... I am frustrated by her mix of arrogance and jealousy... Arrogance that she had Lord Fall in exactly where she wanted him and there was no way he was manipulating her... Jealousy of Charlotte that left her blind to everyone else telling her that she wasn't safe and Fallen was a bad dude( in her eyes her conquest of Falling was a one-up on Charlotte)... But I don't hate her and like I said in my previous post.. When she realizes all that she's done and the consequences of them... Shea gonna feel it.
  4. S02.E07: Season 2, Episode 7

    Bravo to the episode.... Year Lucy is an idiot.. But man is she gonna feel it when it all comes to light... Also any sliver of hope that quigley wasn't a monster is gone.. I kept wondering if she'd have a moment of clarity .. But nope... I guess its like she told Abigail... Once you go down this road.... Ill miss Samantha a d her lovely voice and completely over the top bosom
  5. S04.E03: Bro-d Trip

    For a second I thought maybe it isn't dutch.. But aneela come out to see the birth of her kid.. But Naw its prob dutch.. If I'm believing the the promos.... So now all I wanna know... Is "The lady" Aneela( and I guess also Dutch's) mom.. And when will Killjoys find a way to bring Sci-Fi Capt. Canada himself (Roger Cross) onto the show in some way.... I've been waiting since they killed Dark Matter
  6. S02.E10 We'll Always Have Paris

    It was really weird.. Especially cuz Alex didn't bring it up.. ( Jane is too self involved to care that she's asking the guy who was super into Sutton.. Whle Sutton kinda just played with then decided she really wanted Richard) but he never even mentioned it.. And I thought ok maybe they are just pretending it didn't happen... But then I remember early in the season that other fashion girl was getting at Sutton claiming she was only moving up and getting work cuz she slept with Alex ( who she then kinda backed away from as even a Platonic friend.. At least for a while until she needed his advice again) .. And then when she was telling Oliver about not being able to share her big moment he asked if it was Alex... So the show doesn't seem to want us to forget.. They just don't plan on doing anything with it.. Other than having Alex pop in every once in a blue to say somn helpful or smart
  7. S05.E13: Damocles. Part Two 2018.08.07

    I think when Clarke was coming up with the list of ppl to save in the bunker she left harper off.. Because her dad had some genetic disease that they figured she'd get and it would kill her... Pretty much wasting a bunker spot
  8. S02.E06: Season 2, Episode 6

    Agree.. But I will add its also a chance ( at least in her eyes) to outshine Charlotte.. She wanted fallow to pay more than Charlotte got.. And Fallon makes her feel like he'd choose her over Charlotte ( who she feels is everyone else's fav) so when everyone is telling her that Fallon us bad and not good and is using her.. She's hearing that she's not good enough to outshine Charlotte and there is an extenuating circumstance to her "win over Charlotte ".... Stupid and naive.. Sure... But also kinda standard little sibling behavior... Just amped up to 1000
  9. S02.E10 We'll Always Have Paris

    @sashayshante thanks. Tho sex and the city was a bit before my time I get the gist of what ur saying... And the point about Jane being so wrapped up in her messed up self that her picking pinstripe for all the wrong reasons makes sense... But I fear the show won't present her decision that way... I'm scared they'll go with something lame like... He makes me feel alive or something cheesy along those lines... for TRUE WUV " instead of it really being... " I'm being young and dumb and going against my own self interest because pinstripe is easier.... Also is Ben really that boring I mean they did get it on in the bathroom of a public eatery...
  10. S02.E10 We'll Always Have Paris

    This X 10000... Im so tired of this... Ppl don't have to be so rigid with archetypes... Ben is thoughtful.. Accomplished.. Caring.. Etc... But most importantly wgenbit came to Jane he didn't mess around with her... He made his intentions clear.. He was all in... Even his solution to her egg problem was practical yet super romantic and Jane looked at him like he asked to eat her hair or something... Where as pinstripe seems to be this carbon copy of a character I've seen on many of the shows I watch ( emotionally immature light hearted smarmy oversexed handsome white guy) who the female seems inexplicably drawn too even tho his qualities are severely lacking.. Who then thanks I guess to the female( usually because he's falling in love) starts changing some of his ways.. And she chooses him and they have a tumultuous relationship.... Now I dunno if its just that I'm not the Target demo for a lot of these shows ( mid 20s straight biracial male) or if this is something that the vast majority of the women who watch these shows want.. But it is tiring
  11. S02.E10 We'll Always Have Paris

    Didn't love it... But it was ok... That said... Sutton toyed with Alex before she went to Richard... Richard toyed with his girl until he went back to Sutton.. And we all know Jane is toying with Ben until she goes back to pinstripe... Not a great look... All these minority placeholders... Adena and Kate.. I mean it made sense what Adena was saying... But I get why Kathy took it hard... Oliver us awesome... And Alex got to speak... So cool
  12. S05.E13: Damocles. Part Two 2018.08.07

    I liked the ending.. Even if it was kinda obvious how it was gonna go... Episode was solid.. I guess the biggest thing for me is.. I really hope next season Clarke actually feels the repercussions of her actions.. I mean octavia is getting the cold shoulder from ppl and had to kneel in front of maddie.. Had to extract a half assed I love you from her own brother ( while he also kinda wishes a part of her was dead) and Clarke just gets to keep on keeping on... Even Bellamy seems good with her after she's left him to die.. Sold out wonkru ( dunno how many ppl died bybthat betrayal) got Raven and shaw tortured... And still gets to see the new suns in the arms of a man she loves... Smh
  13. Magic Word: Charmed in the Media

    I'm excited about it.. When they were first cast I had hoped that the show would explore more than just euro-centric witchcraft.. Other cultures and races have different interpretations and practices.. I didn't expect all 3 to have diff pops.. I expected that Madeline Mantock's dad would be different as she's the one you csn easily see has African roots... I assumed they'd make melonie and Sarah full siblings ( even tho their respective racial make ups are diff)... But I'm good with this.. If I had to guess Madeline's character will draw from some mash up of voodoo... West African mysticism... Maybe even some santeria... Meloni's character maybe from the indigenous peoples of central America.. Native American mystics... Sarah is a bit harder to suss out cuz not sure what kind of dad they plan to give her.. I believe like Madeline she's blk/white... But she's so light skin and the mom is played by a Latina woman so they may give her a white dad( if so I guess the witchcraft like in the previous show)... Or they could make her dad a Latino man and then I guess it would be like a bruja.. Either way interesting and I'm really excited to jump in
  14. S03.E03: Colder Weather

    I dunno.. I enjoyed it... I was scared for a sec that they were bringing Nate mooney's character on full-time... Had they done that I might have dumped the show..
  15. S01.E10: Colony Collapse

    What a great season finale... The smallest of nitpicks being how quick TY's parents were to just be ok with him running... I mean I get it.. They know he's being set up and they know why... They prob even know if the cops get to him.. He's dead... But they were so all in on it so quickly... Other than that I loved the finale.