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  1. S01.E06: Mombie Dearest

    She also basically proffessed her love for the Hope/Landon pairing.. And that any hope/RAF interactions would be him keeping the sheets warm for Landon.. Which In and of itself im not really against.. They could work as best friends.. But I don't want the option off the table... As just a sacrifice to the Landon/Hope ship ahead has in her dreams... I still think her infatuation with Damon /Elena really bogged down TVD... So I have no faith in her
  2. S01.E06: Mombie Dearest

    Arrrgh... What was that? Every episode I was cooling out watching my show then bam.. Some bizarre version of a classic starts taking me all out of my zone
  3. S01.E06: Mombie Dearest

    Also I think having no Landon helped... Gave some room to breathe for other characters especially Hope.. She's been great with Josie and RAF and her teamup with MG and Penelope was fun... But her around Landon is just a bit of a downer at least so far.. Maybe when he comes back and other relationships have settled some he can fit in better... But for now it works better that he's gone
  4. S01.E06: Mombie Dearest

    Enjoyable.. Got good work from MG and Penelope... The saltzman family stuff was powerful and sad... And RAF/ Josie are still the best pairing on the show.. If they ever go there with them.. I could see them working or they could be sniping platonic life partners and that could work as well... Liking MG and Penelope ad friends as well
  5. S02.E09: gaMe changer

    Well Rebecca is dead so glad that didn't stretch out... Having a hard time not rooting for her these years inner circle folks... Tho the chaos of unleashing some probably very pissed off Mutants into an increasingly hostile and scared human populace will no doubt result in much more conflict... But its still better than whatever it is John has been doing
  6. S01.E05: Malivore

    That's the problem.. We can't be sure he knows.. Like everyone else I think he's seen Josie defend to Lizzie... Unlike Josie.. Lizzie has been very direct with her feelings towards RAF... So in his moment of grief/anger he went to blow off steam.. Lizzie happened to be there and the two hotheaded supernatural teenagers got it on.. I'll admit not a great look for RAF.. But nothing I'm going to ding him on.. At least not yet
  7. Lem is pretty disappointing right now and I hope he gets back on track soon... But ima need Olivia to chill with constant talk of her past and how she can do nothing to get past it... I mean when recounting her past did she forget she was talking to an actual slave... Someone who may not even know his parents.. Or maybe they were sold... Sheesh
  8. I pray that show continues with its policy if not dragging things out and let's Anissa know about grace so we can move past it
  9. S01.E04: Hope Is Not the Goal

    All I know is that Landon has been quick with the guilt trips.. Hope didn't treat him like ... He started acting like they were the best of friends and being extra chatty in the school hallway after oh so self-deprecatingly pointing out where he got beat up ( poor Landon) and she reminded him that they weren't really friends... He's laid a few guilt trips on Rafael and didnt seem to mind keeping RAF in danger to keep playing butch and sundance on the run.. So until I see some improvement in his character I'm not really giving him the benefit of any doubt.. And the fact that the show basically has him set up as the male lead across from hope.. Doesn't do him any favors
  10. S02.E08: the dreaM

    I was wondering the same thing.... As posted upthread I font like Lorna calling all the shots.. And I'm not sure why Marcos is just letting it all happen... Unless hes good with it.. And if he is.. Ima need him to stop man-paining all over the place... Lol at Lorna asking him if he was gonna laser the world... One thing that did upset me was that Lorna didn't at least explain that all the other inner circle ppl were gonna go and leave the humans in peace and it was the little monster who's turned everything into a nightmare... I still don't understand why they aren't working together or at least talking to each other... At least there was no Jace... Good job show you've actually got me happy that the only black male regular wasn't even around...
  11. Are Jen's powers making her a bit loopy?... Is it just teenage brain??... She knows exactly why her parents are keeping her on lockdown.. Her powers have barely begun to be under some type of control.. They are cracking down on meta kids.. And if anyone took more than five minutes they could prob figure out that her dad and sister are BL and Thunder... And this nonsense about nobody knowing what it's like... Um your Dad went thru most of this like 25 to 30 years ago... Except there was no super powered therapist and his parents were dead and he was being raised by some nice white guy.... I generally love Jen.. She's cool and level headed.. And if the show had just made it about her wanting to be with Khalil I could stomach it.. But this "nobody gets me" basura she gotta miss me with that...
  12. Loved Jenn being Jenn calmly telling her mom inbtye middle of a self pity spiral.. That she was kinda responsible.. Good on Khalil for stepping to Tobias.. Glad it ended the way it did.. If they pulled some nonsense and let khalil win I woulda been mad... South freeland is weird.. The baby storyline is interesting
  13. S01.E06 Kappa Spirit

    Maybe.. Seems to be the prevailing theory at the moment
  14. S01.E08: Matthew 621

    Me too.. I want laid up in bed like.. Damn bruh.. You out me in an even more peaceful zone Yes, that was a great moment - but it also looked to me like she was really uncomfortable/nearly in tears as she was watching Miles and Nia Yeah she looked devastated and she lingered for a really long ( and ur right) uncomfortable amount of time... I chalked some of it up to her realization that she denied herself out of an opportunity with miles right now... I imagine the show will work it out tho.. Before they do I'd ask for just a little more death glare cara
  15. S01.E06 Kappa Spirit

    While I'm pretty Meh on him.. I do give Galvin a break.. Macy ( understandably) has been push and pull with him.. He wasn't.. It was obvious how he felt.. And if a lady I'm feeling invites me somewhere after said push an pull an spends the entire night away from me.. I'm probably not sticking around.. But I may give piece of my mind.. And I think he was pretty straight fwd that h thought she wasn't interested.. Even asked if he got the wrong idea.. A this latest episode after maybe having to invite her let her know his new lady friend was gonna be there to avoid or prepare for awkwardness... Compared to the behavior of some of these dudes on the CW.. Gotta say hes been decent