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  1. Season 2 Discussion

    Pretty much... And Jordan doesn't even interact with much of the cast.. Two seasons in abd he's had like what 3 convos with Paige.. If that... How has Nina not been around to see Jordan... I mean she was basically his bang buddy/secret keeper.. And now nada... But besides the interactions tween Tangey and Jordan all the minorities on this show really do is prop up their white counterparts... I mean Cassie has a new part in movie which got about 3 scenes then she's back to being paige's bestie and head cheerleader for her toxic relationship with Jake... Sloane who they have an Anglo parent to (good ol missing minority parent) just follows Alexis... Ugh I don't know why I keep showing up... What even was the point of The Latina teacher??
  2. S03.E07: Delta-V

    That was a lot... I really liked it.. But that was just so much new info... Who's this melba person.. Is she a hybrid... Why dies she hate Holden... What's David straithairn up to... What was that at the end with the better off on a suicide mission becuz of his cheating ass gf... is the camera man blind... Was he glowing... Probably more im forgetting
  3. S02.E07: Maid Marian on Her Tip-Toed Feet

    All I know is that Ezra is super smug and I can't stand him... Sending the link to a video to Patrick... A few good cons and he's really smelling himself... And the fact that the show seems to gave Maddie feel like he's the one... When honestly she'd be better off with any other of the rest is annoying.. Ezra getting up at the end and helping make the plan in front of everyone had me pulling out my hair
  4. When it comes to her I feel like some writer cooked up the character with all sorts if traits they thought would be endearing or interesting.... Driven.. Dogged... Tragic backstory... All sorts of quirks... But None of it works... I've only enjoyed her when she was up against or acted besides Leonard... And that one scene on the bench with Allison... Which incidentally was like the only time Allison wasn't propping her up
  5. S02.E06: First Blood

    So now the authorities have to have a chat with Commander Glen right... That's two in a row who went nuts and killed Men of Gilead... Somn in the water at that house... I had a glimmer of hope for Serena Joy.. Who I get is a ball of contradictory emotions and motives.... But God she can't help but be horrible... What type of mental gymnastics does a woman and capable and smart as she's been shown to be have to do to be ok with the state of affairs she's helped to usher in... A world where women get tongues cut out for refusing to stone other women... Where she's not allowed to write.. Where child-brides are given away to loyal older men... Not to mention all the Rape... I mean So. Much. Rape... I dunno how she does it.. And the show keeps teasing us showing us glimpses that maybe somewhere in there is someone who would be struggling with all this.. But then poof she's back playing the Master's wife teaching the slave girl her place... I mean seriously she has a black woman in her house who does all the work and she hits her when she's angry about other things... Gilead or 1830's Antebellum south not much is different.
  6. S04.E23: We Are The Flash

    I will add… That as much as I’ve loved harry I’d gladly trade another wells 8.0 or whatever number we are on for Marlize… Smart… authoritative… Adult… Ready for redemption.. Someone who could help Cisco with mechanical stuff and Caitlin with Dark urges…. I kniw they asked so the door is open.. Plz writers… See what you have in a redeemed Marlize and make it so… While I dunno if the baby will be evil… She was being born while her powerful telepathic mother( or maybe it was her.. Who knows) was linked to the Thinker… Something has to grow from that I want wally to stick around for a bit.. Just so he spends some time with his family…. I don’t need more Ralph let him decide to be a hero elsewhere
  7. I've never been a britt roberson fan... But I doubt that anyone who may have been considered for the role could've made me like the character of Sandra Bell... Super intense... Breaking toasters by accident and microwaves on purpose.. Ugh I hope over the summer they re-tool the character and I hope britt decides to not shout so much in court next season... And Allison seems to be around only to give this broken lil girl a nice pep talk.. So still basically the black best friend... Yuck... Jay and Kate's escapade was fun.. I'm warming up to Seth... But this was all just preamble for Leonard and Kate it was so sad... I'm really no shipper but those two.. Something about their collective lack of emotional maturity is mesmerizing.. Kate showed a glimmer when she finally said she'd miss him.. And he in turn showed a glimpse when he asked her to stay... And she looked absolutely gutted outside on the street... Looking fwd to see how it gets resolved if at all next season
  8. S04.E23: We Are The Flash

    I also wouldn't mind if Cecile kept her powers... She's a D. A right... That could come in handy plus add some levity along the way.. She was fun this season... How long before baby west starts exhibiting powers... Again Joe West.. The most important person in the Universe
  9. S04.E23: We Are The Flash

    Seeing as she got off Scott free I wouldn't have minded if marlize stuck around.. They did offer the job.. Maybe she'll reconsider... What was that bit that Cecile said to caitlin... Somn about a Thomas?? More caitlin secrets I guess... WALLY!!!!!!! The baby was too cute and looks like Nora takes after her dad going back in time to screw something up... I swear a time wraith is gonna go back to the 70s and try to kill Joe because his son... His adopted son and granddaughter keep messing round with the continuum...
  10. S03.E19: The Fanatical

    I disagree... She's well within her rights to hold a grudge... And further.. Her grudge or should I say obvious disdain isn't stopping her from helping... Lena has helped and helped and helped and its all been good but the second she didn't do exactly what Kara wanted or expected... She was Lex's sister again... Supergirl's then started barking orders and had someone really close to Lena spy on her( so now she's messing with Lena's bedroom)... I don't know about y'all but a weak apology and another outburst of the same behavior wouldn't make me wanna be All friendly either.. I would have to reassess the relationship...
  11. S03.E19: The Fanatical

    So am I and because in 4 or 5 years its never been brought up... You telling me your parents or grandparents never brought it up??... The subject never came up when something happened in the world... Especially because Joe is a cop you'd think at some point it woulda been spoken about... I get that sometimes ( maybe usually) race can be portrayed heavy-handed or preachy and I'm not saying that the flash writing team could do the subject justice.. But the complete lack of trying... Is even worse to me.. Because this I don't see color nonsense is idiotic
  12. S03.E19: The Fanatical

    Maaaaannnn... Chases tanya.. Shoots up catco... Attacks a security guard.. Kidnaps tanya... Attacks James... Attempts to blackmail James... Tries to turn herself into a worldkiller.. Attacks Kara and Mon-el... Gets her hand burned a bit... Collapses to the floor in tears to be held and told it'll all be ok by Kara while Tanya looks on in the background ...(What in the intersectional feminism be damned was that bullshit??)
  13. S03.E19: The Fanatical

    But Lena hasn't done anything wrong... She's always been helpful to Supergirl... Kryptonite ( no matter Kara and clark's personal feelings about it) isn't illegal... She had no obligation to tell Kara she was making it... The Deo is a govt agency that has murky oversight at best and no real accountability to the avg citizen would you hand your friend over to them??... Kara came down like a ton of bricks over and over again on Lena.. She's giving orders and she had Lena's boyfriend spy on her... Even this episode where I guess Lena and Kara agreed that any weapon that could be used against a kryptonian would be discussed... Yet she bit lena's head off when it came to the shielding thing for Sam's room... And while I'm going in on Kara... Where does she get off asking James if he had any idea what position He out her in??? Are y'all serious... I get the show never wants to put James into angry black man territory.. But if there ever was a time.. That was it... I was watching with my mouth wide open while she complained and I kept thinking... Ok here it comes.. And he just takes it... And later she apologizes.. And She's the one to who gets to make the obvious point that she put him in the bad spot. He doesn't even get to broach it... And finally an episode about being a black man and struggling with identity and now the writers felt that J'onn needed to be off babysitting his dad his psuedo-daughter and maybe pseudo-Foster granddaughter...I guess us black folk can only impart racial wisdom to sympathetic white folks.. Not have meaningful discussions about race amongst ourselves.... UGH... Ok I guess this episode got under my skin more than I thought
  14. S03.E19: The Fanatical

    Seriously... Barry Allen is a white guy raised by a black cop in a predominantly white city it seems And is in love and married to a black woman... He will have black children(at some point maybe soon) and his best friend is a Latino dude.. And yet the flash has not even pretended to try to broach it... Its odd.. I mean maybe they figure they'd mess it up... But I mean you gotta try right
  15. S03.E19: The Fanatical

    Yeah this is like 3 weeks in a row that Kara has been kind of insufferable... It was nice to see James and Kara speak again... Tanya seemed cool.. If she randomly pops up again I'm cool with that.. Ruby was appropriately annoyed... It was more Alex being overbearing than anything... Mon-el was useful and charming ( my fave kind of Mon-el) tho he's now going on A space date with Kara next week so blegh... Lena once again came with the verbal smack down... And I thought it got thru to Kara... Especially when Lena told her in so many words it isn't all about Supergirl... But then she made Olivia going nuts all about her... And seriously show in an episode where a black woman is chased around.. Kidnapped and forced to do something she doesn't want to... A black man is shot at... Accosted by the cops and blackmailed... We really needed it to be wrapped up by having the lil white girl who caused all those problems ( because she was "lost") being coddled and cradled by our hero while she sobbed uncontrollably and the two actual victims just stood off in the background... Smh