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  1. PLL Spinoff: The Perfectionists

    Not sure if anyone's still reading here, but here's some interesting info from a new interview with Marlene: On why Alison is in BH: On Emison: On the twins: On finding out what happened to Mary and Alex: On Mona in a potential new relationship:
  2. PLL Spinoff: The Perfectionists

    A little more about Emison in the spinoff: http://tvline.com/2018/05/31/pretty-little-liars-spinoff-alison-emily-relationship-explained-perfectionists/
  3. PLL Spinoff: The Perfectionists

    I think you hit the nail on the head. I remember that whatever she said about the twins seemed to imply that we would be seeing them consistently, not just in one cameo appearance or whatever. My best guess is that in the initial draft of the script they were present and probably living with Ali, but that was changed in revisions, most likely because trying to fit babies/toddlers into every episode of a show generally turns into a huge drag. And we know that quite a few changes were made - it was initially stated that Mona comes in at the end of the pilot, but she was on set basically every day of filming so that obviously changed as well.
  4. PLL Spinoff: The Perfectionists

    Honestly that trailer was a lot better than I was expecting. I'll be watching for sure. Confused by Marlene (or maybe Sasha?) confirming that the twins will be in the spinoff when we saw no evidence of that in the promo. Where were they when Alison was sitting in the back of the taxi moving into Beacon Heights, alone? Hopefully they did some rewriting and found a way to write them out, I really don't need Alison tied down by two toddlers in every episode. I can't say I care much about the new characters yet. I'm watching for Mona at this point, with the hope that Alison will go dark and mysterious again as well. At least without Emily around she'll be able to have storylines that don't center totally around shipping. But of course half of the comments on the trailer are all "what about Emison waaaaaahhhh." I hope these people either get over it or decide not to watch, because I don't think I can deal with that crap episode after episode, and I really don't want to see the writers work in mentions of Emison whenever possible just to keep those people satisfied. This show isn't about freaking Emily/Alison.
  5. S02.E21: Chapter Thirty-Four: Judgment Night

    Holy crap that was a wild ride. I wasn't really feeling this show for most of this season but I think it's safe to say that it's officially back on my good side. The Black Hood mystery was stupid from the start and I'll always maintain that it was supposed to end with Mr. Svenson until they realized that the fans weren't satisfied with that...then they decided to make it someone more "important." It makes no sense that Hal would suddenly turn into this serial killer psychopath after years of marriage and fatherhood with no indication that anything was wrong. I actually didn't mind the build-up to the reveal though. Imo it was better to see Betty putting the pieces together and reach the logical conclusion that her father was the Black Hood as opposed to have it be some out-of-left-field reveal that was based only on shocking us. And I'm sure that Jughead's fate is going to end up being some elaborate scheme that he and FP came up with on the fly for him to fake his death. As much as I enjoy Jughead and Cole, I would actually love if they had the guts to follow through on his death, though. After seven years of Pretty Little Liars, in which it became quickly apparent that none of the protagonists were ever going to die despite the numerous life or death cliffhangers, it would be nice to see a show that's willing to really "go there" and send the message that truly no one is safe. This episode was so jam-packed that I even had to check at one point and see if it was the season finale. Can't wait for next week!
  6. Life Sentence in the Media

    That's really a shame. It's pretty rare for a network to move a show this early into its run, isn't it? I don't think that can mean anything good. It's a sweet show and I've enjoyed the few episodes I've seen, but it's just not something that I'm seeking out to watch every week, and I think that's its biggest problem. There's no big draw for people to keep watching unless they really like the characters. There's no mystery or suspense, it's not funny enough to be a "Modern Family" type show where people tune in for the light-hearted humor, and personally I haven't felt any sense of "wow I can't wait to see what happens next!" I was so hoping it would do well for Lucy's sake, but I think it would have been better served as either a movie or sitcom. But who knows, it's too early to count it out for sure yet I suppose.
  7. S05.E18: Just Say Yes / S05.E19: Many Roads

    I hadn't seen that. I suppose that makes more sense considering it seems like Callie, Mariana, and whoever the third cast member is will be completely independent.
  8. S05.E18: Just Say Yes / S05.E19: Many Roads

    Wow, I really did not see that ending coming. I usually don't like those corny flashforward things, but this one was actually pretty well done. It was strangely sweet to see how everyone grew up. I was happy to find out that Emma got the internship and Mariana didn't. Sure, Mariana might not have meant to steal Emma's idea, but a good friend would have backed off immediately and chosen a different idea instead of copping a big attitude about it. But of course they both ended up getting into MIT - I strangely wasn't annoyed. At that point, I think I was just completely expecting a happily-ever-after that it didn't surprise me. I was 100% expecting Grace to die, but still...god that final scene with Brandon singing hurt. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the actor pulled off the grief. I really felt for him. And as for Callie's expression in the last scene, I'm really just going to tell myself that she was just surprised and a little self-conscious to see her brother getting engaged while she's been single for so long, as someone else said. No more Callie/Brandon, please. That ship sailed a long time ago and really shouldn't have ever been a thing to begin with. Please don't bring it back for the spinoff. And that said...I figured the spinoff would take place the summer after Callie and Brandon's graduation, but after that ending, is it - and the three final episodes - going to take place that far in the future now? Not sure how I feel about that.
  9. S01.E01: Pilot

    This is exactly my fear as this show goes on. The whole premise is set up around Stella coming to terms with her family, choices, and circumstances now that she actually has a full life to live. How long can the consequences of the family's secrets and resentments drag on? And...then what? Unless they either move away from the "girl who's no longer dying" storyline, or end up having Stella's cancer come back (which I doubt and don't think I'd like), I can't see this show really going anywhere. I like the idea a lot, but I think it would have worked better as a movie as opposed to a series.
  10. PLL Spinoff: The Perfectionists

    I'm familiar with her from That's So Raven and the Nickelodeon show Instant Mom that was on a few years ago. I really liked her in both and I'm glad that the rumor about her being cast was true.
  11. PLL Spinoff: The Perfectionists

    Is she? I was thinking she looked like she might have some Asian heritage. That's great, I'm glad that they tried to stick with the character's origins.
  12. PLL Spinoff: The Perfectionists

    Was just coming here to post the same thing - it feels so real now that we have the whole main cast! So pumped that Kelly Rutherford is involved. I hadn't even thought about the parents, but she's going to be perfect as Nolan's mother. I loved her in GG and I can't wait to see her here. I'd been following the rumors about Sydney Park and I'm very excited that they turned out to be true. I've seen her in some other projects and have always liked her. She's not Asian like Caitlin from the books, but I think she'll do a good job. Apparently Eli Brown is completely new - I'm surprised they were willing to take such a risk by casting someone with no experience. But he looks cute and according to his Instagram he's a musician, so he'll fit the role, I suppose. It'll be fun to see his social media explode with the start of this show. So far the only casting announcement I'm not super happy with is Sofia. I'm intrigued by Hayley Erin's character since it doesn't look like any of the Perfectionists from the books, aside from Ava and Caitlin, will be present here. And apparently Andrew, Nolan, etc. are more side characters? It seems like the main group is going to be made up of Ava, Caitlin, Dylan, Mona, and Alison.
  13. PLL Cast & Crew in Other Projects

    http://www.tvguide.com/g00/news/pretty-little-liars-ian-harding-cast-katie-holmes-fbi-pilot/?i10c.encReferrer=aHR0cHM6Ly90LnVtYmxyLmNvbS8%3D&i10c.ua=1&i10c.dv=13 Ian was just cast in a new pilot as well! It's so great to see all of the cast getting jobs.
  14. S01.E01: Pilot

    I wasn't really sure what to expect going into this show, but overall I'm pretty sure I liked it. It's hard to tell with pilots, but I'll keep watching for sure. I thought the acting was good overall and Lucy in particular did a great job. After seven seasons of Pretty Little Liars, I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to see her as anyone other than Aria, but both Stella's character and Lucy's acting were so different here that it really wasn't hard to separate them. I thought the show had a great balance between drama and comedy - nothing was completely hilarious, but I found myself chuckling more than I thought I would. There were a few little problems I had - I wasn't a big fan of the voiceover, which seemed a little too perky and upbeat even during the darker moments. It lessened the impact of a lot of scenes and just felt kind of unnecessary. I agree with whoever above said that Stella is very self-absorbed, so that was a little hard to deal with, but I do think it's realistic and something that she'll end up overcoming. I liked that little self-aware moment near the end - "I'm complaining about my problems to a cancer patient." I did think the show tried to hard to be "adult" and "sexy." I really didn't need that description in the beginning about the hours-long sex Stella and Wes have every night amidst hundreds of candles. And the smack on the butt and the "do you like that" in the one scene was over-the-top cringeworthy. Hopefully that forced "sexiness" won't continue, it just seems unnecessary and unnatural on a show like this. The only other real problem I had was that I felt the pacing was too fast in the beginning - I would have liked more establishment of Stella and her family's life in the weeks/months leading up to finding out she's not going to die. It would have made the abrupt changes afterward have more impact. But I'm assuming we're going to see more contrast between then and now in future episodes, so I'll withhold judgment on that for the most part.
  15. PLL Spinoff: The Perfectionists

    I had to look her up before I recognized her, but I imagine she's a pretty big name when it comes to the preteen/teen demographic. The "Descendants" movie kind of seems like this generation's High School Musical, and from comments I've seen on social media she's pretty well-known. Of course I don't want to judge her until I actually see her in this role, but this interview did make me roll my eyes a bit - Hopefully she actually earned the role based on acting ability and didn't just get it because of connections and sucking up to Marlene.