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  1. S09.E4: Blackout

    I wasn't a fan of this ep. I tuned out the Erin parts and really didn't care about Danny and Baez's case. I care about Eddie and Jamie, bit they were both wrong in this ep. Just admit they blur the lines and live with it. This ep was not written and/or edited well.
  2. S09.E3: Mind Games

    I love all those possibilities mojito. Even the chicken one. Food flying everywhere.
  3. S09.E3: Mind Games

    Love Eddie and Jamie. They hooked me and then made me a Blue Bloods fan because I didn't give it a try when it went on 9 years ago. I knew she would change her mind and I am interested to say how the play this out, even if it is unrealistic (this is tv after all). Plus I am sure she will get a jerk partner from this new troubled precinct. I also have a feeling Eddie will be pregnant sooner or later so we will see that dynamic too. And good on her for tricking them at dinner and double kudos on Jamie for being in on it. I like that he is more playful around her. Erin was awful. I only watch her scenes because of Anthony so when she acts like an a-hole to him, me no like. Is it me or is Danny flirting or invading Maria's space more often. I don't know how to feel about that.
  4. S09.E2: Meet the New Boss

    I liked the episode better than last week.. Still didn't get the turnaround in Eddie's thinking, it was a nice scene at the bar though. I have a feeling she (the writers) will flip flop again. Not perturbed by the code blue, it was a fun scene. Although it looks like Frank is not a fan of the scheme. Yay Baker!
  5. S09.E1: Playing With Fire

    Eddie will find her niche with the family. I have a feeling she will come out with guns blazing (opinions flying) after she gets more comfortable. It was only her second dinner with them. If she would have started arguing, people would say she should shut up and learn/earn her place in the family.
  6. You can tell they are/were a tight knit group.
  7. Season 9 Talk

    If Mosely is in more than 1 episode next season, I'm done. What an awful addition to a successful show. I cheered when Deeks was telling her off. If they keep her, then I'll know that they want to sink the show.
  8. S01.E06: Octane

    He was in the intro last week.
  9. Season 9 Talk

    I think Deeks would be the one to leave. I always thought if ECO wanted to leave the show, that's how they would write Deeks out. Or when the shows ends they will be ready for a family and both leave to do something less dangerous.
  10. S01.E01: Pilot

    I'll give the show one more chance until I decide if I will put on the dvr or not.
  11. The show won at the Creative Arts Emmys tonight! http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/lists/creative-arts-emmys-2017-winners-list-1035344/item/creative-arts-emmys-2017-outstanding-character-voice-performance-1035346?utm_source=twitter&utm_source=Direct
  12. Good on Danny! I read a Doug Liman interview (the director od Tom Cruise's new movie) and he actually said TC is better that a stunt double. Puke city, he just fawned over the guy. Is that a requirement on his press tour? To just kiss his ass?
  13. S04.E04: Nostos

    Loved the ending montage.
  14. On the topic of the interviews, I think either Rinder or Leah said on twitter that they do the interviews at either the interviewee 's homes and/or in hotel rooms.