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  1. S09.E10: Authority Figures

    I didn't care about anything in this episode. Fell asleep. What a boring fall finale.
  2. General Gabbery: DWTS

    She was barking up the wrong tree.
  3. S09E09: Handcuffs

    I really liked this episode, even if it was light on Jamko (my main reason for watching). I believe Eddie and the others did the right thing by walking away because if they hadn't you would know where the news narrative would of went and probably people would have gotten short or hurt. I'm conflicted about Frank's solution though and that's not a bad thing. I'm all for Danny getting his groove back, He's not gonna marry the girl, but hey. Or maybe she could be a plant from his main enemy, Delgado. Agreed about the continuity/editing on this show. Someone needs some to get on that.
  4. S03.E08 "What the Puck"

    He had chemistry with her. Hey if Natalie doesn't want him...
  5. S03.E07 Bali

    Can't say enough good things about SWS. I was one of the people not upset that CC was leaving because I was getting tired of the character and show. And not knowing about the mutual hate between him and DW (until after), I felt like something was off and they were just forcing it. Strangling dogs was also a little too morbid for me. The show seems lighter, even if it is a high power crime/cop shoot em up show.
  6. S27.E11: Week 9: Finale

    That's me. I wouldn't go on Twitter and flame them (don't follow them). I think that is the vocal minority (Twitter is Twitter). The silent majority (the ones that are disgusted by the win) will simply stop watching w/out any noise and that's what hurts shows the most. I simply went on the dwts twitter page and said I was done watching after viewing all the seasons (even the stinky first). And I meant it.
  7. S27.E11: Week 9: Finale

    It was for me. He could have taken a shit on stage and still won.
  8. Spoilers and Speculation

    Poor Gabriel not on the poster. I know why, but still. He's cool now.
  9. S27.E10: Week 8: Semi-Finals

    People need to vote for someone not Bobby. I hope the people who are upset over Juan Pablo were actually voting for him.
  10. S09.E7 By Hook or By Crook

    Not necessarily.
  11. S09.E7 By Hook or By Crook

    It was never hinted at that Eddie's mom was dead. From Serbia yes, but not dead. I thought Jamko was on point this episode: romantic, sweet, sexual, and a good team.
  12. S09.E7 By Hook or By Crook

    Eddie's mom was an a-hole. Reason or no reason Yes, her dad is in jail for a Ponzi scheme. like Madoff, but on a smaller scale. Jamie is a keeper and I don't blame Eddie for not wanting to introduce her mom, what a horrible person. Eddie has done a god job with herself in despite her parents (the dad seemed nicer than the mom though, just a criminal). I like Lou Diamond Phillips as a baddie. Don't trust that DEA person. I enjoyed everything about tonight's episode. Equal time for all and everyone was in character.
  13. S09.E6: Trust

    Maybe that is what they are going for.: Want them to be found out by the others and then let the shit hit the fan. Maybe get even with both of them since it has been said that the 29 is full of a-holes. I do agree with the poster that Danny and Maria's crime stories get too much screen time. I think they could cut out a segment and give that to another storyline to develop it more. For this episode, maybe a call with Jack or scene between Jaime and Frank (or Erin) so Jaime can ask advice. I am also glad Jamie didn't give Eddie preferential treatment for this episode and that Eddie didn't make a big deal out of it either. She accepted his reprimand, even though she didn't like it. If she would have made a big deal out of it, Eddie would have been eaten alive here. Also Sergeants don't always stay indoors. They go out in the street too.
  14. Season 10 all episodes talk

    Mosely not being in the episode was a bonus. Didn't love the episode, but I watched the whole way through, a first for this season.
  15. S09.E4: Blackout

    I wasn't a fan of this ep. I tuned out the Erin parts and really didn't care about Danny and Baez's case. I care about Eddie and Jamie, bit they were both wrong in this ep. Just admit they blur the lines and live with it. This ep was not written and/or edited well.