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  1. Veronica Mars Revival

    So excited for this revival!! Also so happy that most of the main cast is coming back. I would like to see more LoVe. Some normal healthy relationship portrayal would be nice. However, it wouldn't be LoVe without some type of drama. I would almost be disappointed if some type of drama didn't occur between them. I might be in the minority on that one lol. But, I'll take whatever RT wants to give us besides a love triangle. For the love of God I am so over love triangles.
  2. S01.E22: Leave it to Beaver

    When I watched it the first time about a year ago, I didn't know it was Logan at her door, but I thought it was him due to his height. Logan is taller than Duncan. But, then when Veronica saw it was Logan and she looked confused/concerned that's when I thought that maybe she thought it was Duncan. But, like I said she could have just been confused/concerned because he was bloody and beaten. I wish the show would have cleared that up or some die hard fan that some how knows lol. It still bugs me that this was never cleared up and neither was the whole did Kendall and Duncan ever fool around thing. It was alluded to, but never confirmed or dis-confirmed.
  3. S07.E14: Power Play

    This show actually gives me a headache. I watched it last night and had to rewind multiple parts because I was so confused. So here I am trying to figure out what the hell is going on lol. WHERE IS MONA? She is seriously the ONLY character left on this show that I care about. I rolled my eyes so hard when Emily was rambling to Paige about staying so they could be together, puhhlease, you have been up Ali's ass since Paige arrived, don't act like you care now, now that Paige is leaving. Rolled my eyes again at their bike scene. It was so stupid, immature, and childish. But, I guess I shouldn't expect much else from these emotionally stunted liars that still think they are in high school. Yay for Aria, switch teams and dump Ezra. This could actually be interesting. Also, we got to see a little bit of crazy eyes from her when she threw her doll piece at the wine glass. I'm liking crazy Aria. Does Hannah have to roll her eyes and whine all the time? It's extremely distracting. WOW the show really went with the Emily's eggs are in Ali storyline. Again, I expected it, but I was trying to be hopeful that she would just get the abortion. If there is ever a time to get an abortion: Now is the time Ali. It being Emily's eggs and not yours actually just makes it an even more gross violation than you originally thought it was. LOL Pastor Ted is CeCe's dad. Wtf? That literally came out of no where. I completely forgot who he even was. Um, I'm hoping Peter killed Jessica, because his littler story about Mary Drake killing Jessica is nonsensical. Why didn't he just tell the cops she did it? He is a millionaire lawyer and so is his wife. At least if Peter killed her it would be more interesting and make more sense. Not sure why the show is having Spencer hook up with the hot cop just for MK to put her back with Toby. Stop teasing us with an actual functional couple to just put her back with high school ex who just lost his wife. But really? Where is Mona? I missed her these past two episodes. She is extremely underused...
  4. Veronica Mars Unpopular Opinions

    I guess everyone sees things differently. Because I viewed it as Veronica was running away from who she really was, what she loved, and who she loved out of fear of being hurt. Once she came back to Neptune to help Logan she realized how much she enjoyed being a PI and how much she had missed Logan. That law and Piz just wasn't right for her. It was this life she wanted to want, the easy normal guy with the secure lower risk job, but the thing is it wasn't what she actually wanted, she had just tried to make herself believe that she did. I didn't contribute to the movie, but since it was funded by fans, it would be pretty crappy to not give them a satisfying ending. I don't think movies or shows should veer away from their main story that they wanted for fans in the typical case, but when fan funded yeah you probably should give them what they want. Also, Rob Thomas's plan was always to have a Logan/Veronica ending, so really it wasn't even fan service.
  5. S07.E13: Hold Your Piece

    Really missed Mona in this episode. You can just feel how much the show struggles without her presence. I did love Aria in this episode. I'm really hoping this side of her is supposed to be another revealing clue that she is A.D. I mean come on, you don't just learn how to hack a phone in a couple of hours unless you are a genius which the show has spent years establishing that she is not.. Unless she really is bc she is A. Also, come on the tiniest liar roughs up Sydney? She didn't even flinch or seem afraid that Sydney could over power her lol. I'm sure it's just a red herring or the writers writing Aria OOC, but a girl can dream. I still don't give a damn about Hannah's dress. Ew Caleb, don't call your girlfriend's lady parts a spicy tuna roll. I cringed at that line. I wonder how the actor even managed to say it without barfing or laughing. Did we really need a Spaleb scene? It was just uncomfortable. Wow, so shocking that Yyvone died, NOT! I really don't want Spoby. I never liked them and I actually like Spence with Fury. He's hot and not her bf from high school. There is nothing wrong with ending up with someone you dated in high school if that person is just it for you, but for all of the liars to end up with their first loves from high school is unrealistic. The only one that didn't seem unnatural for them to stay together was Haleb, but then they did the icky Spaleb stuff. I don't understand why Marlene had to break up every single ship just to put them all back together. Why not just leave Haleb together since it was the most realistic ship? Have everyone else break up. I'm also really gonna need some answers before this show ends. So far not one damn thing has been cleared up....
  6. Oh and Jason will probably come back too, just so we can have one more shady unrelated character to this game. PLL just makes me wanna face palm the entire time I'm watching it....
  7. Thank you! I sorta thought it was someone completely irrelevant to the main plot as usual....
  8. Honestly, WTH was this episode? The show has 8 episodes left and have all the liars off doing their own boring thing instead of playing this really creative and interactive game. I mean damn it, doesn't this game look fun? I would so play it. But, really every single storyline is boring. Aria is still on the Ezria show, not even sure why she is even considered a PLL cast member. Emily is yelling at a 15 year old Ali 2.0 and I couldn't care less about it. Why show? Why would you introduce a new character with 8 episodes left? Please tell me why? Spencer needs to redirect some of that anger towards her dad, but I can't say I'm actually against her anger with her mom. It would be pretty traumatic to find this out... especially when Veronica and Peter haven't been the best parents. I'm not sure which show everyone has been watching who think Veronica is some stellar mother, because she really isn't. She has only been stellar this past season, probably so we would forget how terrible she used to be in order to have some sympathy for her during this Mary Drake is Spencer's real mother story. Hannah, no one cares about your dresses or the fact that you haven't learned a damn thing about going into cages that you will most definitely get locked in. Props to Caleb to actually figuring out where she was and standing up to Jenna, but it still doesn't make you any less of a skeez for screwing Spencer.... I'm really afraid that somehow they are going to make Addison A.D. and it's literally going to make no sense. Side note: I still don't even understand Noel's motive. I get Jenna's, but his makes zero sense whatsoever. It really needs to be cleared up. I still want to know who killed Sarah Harvey, Maya (unless that was solved, but I somehow missed it under the pile of shit this show shoves at you every week) and CeCe (unless she is actually alive and still playing the game which is probably what this show will do, which will be so unoriginal and anticlimatic) The only way this show could possibly redeem itself at this point is if Peter Hastings, Ali, Ezra, Aria, Spencer, or Mona is A. These would be the most satisfying and make the most sense to the story. It seriously needs to be a main character that has been around since s1. I know Mona is a recycle, but it would be pretty epic if it was her the entire time... and then that CeCe thing could just be played out like she wanted to take the game from Mona which is why she kidnapped her and put her in the dollhouse that Mona had originally designed for the liars and Ali.
  9. I know this old, but I love this. That triangle would be the best triangle the TVD/TO world could ever present. Klaus obviously loves Marcel like a son, but they have a serious feud going on, but Klaus has always had this odd fondness for Stefan. As for the Delena/Stelena triangle, I think the writers always kind of kept it open, but to me it was clear that by the beginning of s6, they were never going to go back to Stelena even if they wanted to attempt to string us Stelena fans along. But the triangle was annoying from literally the first episode. Some triangles can be fun/intriguing, but this one was emotionally draining and quite disgusting. Now the Katherine/Damon/Stefan triangle- that was way more fun to watch. The show definitely underused flashbacks of this and just Katherine in general. Plus, Nina was really in her element as Katherine.
  10. I have always thought it was a bit ridiculous that someone could be charged for having sex with someone who clearly consented, especially if said person is 16 and older. I'm not sure what the difference is in having a 16/17 year old consent to sex with someone who is let's say 24 than an 18 year old consent to sex with someone who is 25 or even 50, because since you are 18 now you can sleep with whoever you want even if he/she is old enough to be your grandparent. It's quite ridiculous. However, it does not change the laws so Ezra is clearly breaking the law by sleeping with what Pennsylvania considers a minor. The trivial age thing put aside, the teacher thing is more of an issue, because it could be construed as power or how someone has to use their sexuality to get a grade they did or did not deserve. However, on screen I think they portrayed it all decently well until they decided to make it to where Ezra knew her age and who she was all along. Now, that my friend is seriously creepy. Before that at least the show had it going for them that Ezra was under the impression Aria was a student in college, which was perfectly legal, then later realizes she is actually a high school student. But, no MK had to make this relationship disgusting just so she could throw us off on who A was. He should have just been A then all this argument over pedophile Ezra could be put to rest.
  11. S07.E11: Playtime

    What a boring premiere episode after a mid season finale. And ahh, MK didn't even wait one episode to give us ample amounts of glorious plot holes. Oh and Ali's a bitch again? Well, I gotta say I always did prefer bitch Ali to saint Ali. At least the bitch version was real, had some grit, and just general fun to watch. Saint Ali was getting on my nerves. But come on show, this is Queen Bitch Ali, so give her better lines than "Remember what Paige was like in high school?" Really, that was supposed to be an undercut insult? It felt childish to me. 14 year old Ali handed out better insults than that. And Ezria, oh my what in the world is this relationship? I actually used to hard core ship them and wanted them as endgame. Now, I'm just like geez just go be with your jungle girl Nicole so Aria can bone Jason. There was pretty much only 2 good things about this episode and it was Mona and Holden. Mona is always a delight whether being evil and scheming or helpful and scheming. Bc let's be real, she is always scheming. And Holden's line about high school romances about made me bust out laughing. But, really back to the point, can we just have more Mona? She has always been the best part about this show. I agree with everyone else that her and Hannah are the true OTP lol. PS. It's really sad when you care more about Mona (a supposed villain) and Holden (who we haven't seen in 3 years) than the main characters. Congratulations MK, you have made your entire main cast unlikable. And OMG I am so done with this Hastings/Dilaurentis family tree. It is so effed up to the point it's just amusing instead of tragic.
  12. Veronica Mars Unpopular Opinions

    The rape definitely played a huge role in defining who Veronica became, but her mother and Lilly were still very important factors that played into her changing from a naive girl to a strong woman. If you read the books, I don't think there was closure with her mother. She still feels abandoned and hurt. She has learned to let it go, but it doesn't change the fact that her mother left her in one of the most important and difficult times of her life. So, yes that is still a tragedy. Sure, Lilly's murder is solved, but it doesn't change the fact that her bestfriend was brutally murdered and she had to witness the after math of what she looked like lying there dead. Her death led to her father losing his job, his mother leaving, her becoming an outcast, etc.. Regardless of if it was solved or not, she still lost her bestfriend. I feel like between Buffy and Veronica, if one of them ever let a man let them lose sight of their mission, it was Buffy. Buffy longed for normalcy and wanted something more for her life than being slayer. Veronica clearly states to Logan "You know who I am, you know what I do and it isn't going to change and if you can't accept that..." She never really lost sight of who she was and her mission until she left Neptune for Stanford and then Columbia. I think it had all become to much for her at that point and she ran away from what and who she loved which was PI work and Logan.
  13. Veronica Mars Unpopular Opinions

    It's okay to have different interests. And contrary to some people's beliefs, there is nothing wrong with partying and having a good time, especially while young and in college. Veronica doesn't care so much for the parties because of what happened to her at Shelly's party. This doesn't mean that Logan shouldn't be allowed to still get his party on if he wants, all the while being understanding of Veronica and still doing things she likes as well. He went on that terrible bowling double date with her, Parker, and Piz. Are you trying to say Logan should pay her way through life? Bc honestly, I think he gladly would have, but he knew Veronica would have hated that. He truly knew who she was and that she wouldn't want a hand out from anyone. When Logan did the party thing for Parker, I'll admit even I was like "Really? You never did this for Veronica?" But, then I realized it went back to the fact that Logan had a fundamental understanding of Veronica, and he knew she wouldn't want some flashy party dedicated to her. Instead for her birthday he gave her a key to his apartment which was way more intimate, sweet, and loving. He was basically saying "here. welcome to my world any time." I still feel like Piz would have just conformed into anything Veronica wanted him to be. He liked what she represented more than who she was. Logan loved Veronica for exactly who she was. I think Veronica loved Logan too. She was just afraid to let him get too close, because of all the times she was burned by other people in her life.
  14. S01.E01: Pilot

    When VM crashed, they really should have some how done a Logan Echolls spin off (I'm fan girling hard over here, because I know if VM couldn't work, then this probably wouldn't either. But hey, a girl can dream).
  15. Veronica Mars Unpopular Opinions

    I don't think she would have given the internship up for Logan either. But, the difference is, is that he never would have expected or wanted her too. Piz fundamentally did not understand anything about Veronica. He had a puppy dog crush because she was pretty and then he idolized her as @glorie said above. You couldn't have said it better about Piz. I do agree with you. I think Veronica and Leo could have had a good relationship, possibly a less volatile one than Logan and Veronica. Idk about Hannah and Logan- it didn't get enough screen time for me to really feel one way or the other about them. I still definitely think it was better than him and Parker (that relationship gave me such an ick factor vibe, lol). However, even though I think Veronica and Leo or possibly even Weevil could have made a go of it, I still prefer her with Logan.