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  1. All Episodes Talk: Flipping In Flip Flops

    Does anyone remember how much they sold it for? Stupid DVR cut off just as they were about to tell me :)
  2. I think Delia sent them to him - so she wouldn't have to move to NYC. She probably expected him to call off the wedding!!
  3. Kocktails With Khloe

    I think yesterday - i saw a pic of everyone going to the studio. Don't think it was a good idea to have a recovering alcoholic on a show centering around cocktails...but what do i know :)
  4. Newlyweds: The First Year

    I'm pissed off too - we got cheated out of vacation porn! I want to see Italy!
  5. S20.E02: Week 2

    Just popped in to say.... "CLOSE YOUR F***$$IN MOUTH OLIVIA" That's all :)
  6. Season 5 Talk

    Oh why do I love this show? I think this is a new commercial even though it says Season 5 on the title. Walt made me giggle.
  7. Teen Mom OG: Behind the Scenes

    <--------- I CAN'T STAND FARRAH! What a sense of entitlement.....making the crew use a porta potty? wtf. Please let me run into her someday pulling that holier than thou crap. I would love to have some words with that nightmare. Poor Sophia.
  8. Something seems different this season...different production quality maybe? I'm getting a sex in the city vibe :) I do like watching for the fashion and house porn...I like how they had a stylist before commercial giving us an update on Phoebe's wardrobe
  9. S06.E11: Sorry Not Sorry

    This is the best episode - quotes from Nipples that will give me giggles for weeks.
  10. S03.E10: One Night in Yerevan

    She bothers me too! I think she is just miscast, and the "Invisalign" doesn't do her any favors. That line made me laugh out loud.
  11. S02.E01: London Calling

    So happy this is back!
  12. Farrah

    Has anyone seen this yet? What the hell did my fav teen mom that I love to hate do to her face again? I hardly recognized her...could just be makeup. I love how she introduces herself in the video "Im famous for being a top reality star in the US". ugh. I love how she drops the sponge - ooopsie. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3213536/Teen-Mom-star-Farrah-Abraham-wows-Celebrity-Big-Brother-launch.html
  13. They really should have told the real story....maybe it could have helped others in similar situations. I'm assuming the words "drugs" and "Leah" were not allowed in the same sentence this season per her contract.
  14. I was so excited to see Allo's Pizza! It is so yummy. I loved Moorea even more than Bora Bora. We stayed at the Sofitel where the "ladies" stayed and it was so quiet - I can't even imagine being a guest there with those women screeching! I would demand my money back.
  15. The Ladies in the Media

    Oops, sorry! I swear I saw it on someone's instagram. I can't wait until Sept....this is one of my fav shows. I love Caroline's closet.