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  1. Season 5 General Discussion

  2. Season 5 General Discussion

    Flashbacks will probably be a staple in all future shows, since they still refer to themselves as Alaskan Bush People. Why not just change the name of the show to where they are scamming now, probably because most of their true audience (the folks who actually believe this stuff) would be completely lost trying to find the new program on the 'new fangled' smart TV's and TV guides... I keep seeing posts on the various Facebook pages and groups that the cult has now relocated to Washington State. I imagine the state of Colorado passed a law banning anyone moving there named Brown, after the ABP announced they were interested in moving to the state. Also seeing the attempts by the family to engage other pursuits such as marriage and outside jobs, maybe that will cut onto the production of the main show... So many things about this family flying around it is hard to keep track, and none of it has been verified at all.... MORE or less
  3. Season 5 General Discussion

  4. Season 5 General Discussion

    I went on a vacation in 2007, bought 4 brand new tires for the trip. Told my wife we would get an oil change on the road about halfway through our journey... Pulled in to get the oil change after about 1700 miles of driving, no problem, they changed the oil. The cashier then informed me that I needed to replace my worn out tires and they could do it. I asked, "who said I needed the tires changed," and she said the mechanic who did the oil change. I thanked her and asked to speak to the mechanic, he came around and I asked him to show me where this wear and tear on my tires was, and this jerk actually tried to tell me that I didn't need to see the damage but needed the new tires. I said let's go to my truck and let's have a look. We went to the truck and instead of looking at the tires, I reached in the glove box and showed him the receipt for the almost brand new tires. He looked at that and still tried to sell me new tires !!! I said how about the oil change is free or I call the cops ? Result... free oil change in 'Never-Ever-Going-Back-To-That-Hole' USA... Probably one of the Brown cult's cousins...
  5. Season 5 General Discussion

    Love it !!! Hang in there and don't give up the fight ! The hardcore are sending prayer cards and stuffed animals I assume. They must believe everything they have seen. They also wait up for Santa and have a soft spot for the Easter Bunny. I have never met a true believer in this show, when I do, I will sell them the Brooklyn Bridge.
  6. Season 5 General Discussion

    We all used to sit back and make fun of this show, acceptable behavior on our part. We watched a show, hoping to be entertained and, yes, even educated on the reality of living off the grid and in the wilds of Alaska. When we realized that we were being taken for a spin on the crazy train, we readjusted and brought out the guns to show how stupid, lame and senseless this production was and still is. I will never stop shooting holes in this show, I was fooled into believing (from their advertising) that it was going to be a somewhat sensible show, after 3 episodes I started to write WTF recaps. Ain't nothin' going to stop me now till this idiocy is permanently banned from television. If faking cancer is acceptable, then what is next ? And the band of viewers who actually believe these scammers makes you wonder what has this country evolved into. Is my next door neighbor sending in a donation to the Browns ? Beden is right, from having fun to serious discussions on a TV forums page is quite the step, a scary step... I have been thinking of writing a recap of the whole cancer season episodes, with the reaction from various FB pages and other social media sites. It would not be pretty.... @AZChristian, thanks for your comment, I'll be OK...
  7. Season 5 General Discussion

    Well said Beden...Well said.... My own 2 cents - My beloved Pop died of lung cancer, never heard him complain once... He did say to me he was sorry for smoking cigs. I also have had my little cancer scare, surgery on the neck to remove a malignant tumor and then radiation therapy for 6 weeks. Pure hell. Scared me and my family to death, they were so supportive that it changed my life forever. Now as I sit here writing this, I am in the throes of another tumor under my arm, causing pain and immobility of my arm. Thank the sweet Lord it is benign, but again surgery is the only reasonable treatment (the meds I tried did not react with the tumor). Waiting for my two highly certified surgeons to call me and set up a schedule to remove this growth, and the chances of it coming back are 50-50... Lovely... Billy and Discovery, and all their children, and all the cameramen and editors and producers and anyone affiliated with this show, should be ashamed of themselves and demanded to apologize to the American people for such a poorly conceived and horribly written chapter of this show. What in the hell were they thinking ? Mom is dying in the bedroom and the idiot children are in the backyard in front of a camera acting like the idiots they are...completely unforgivable. And now she is cured... wow, what a load of BS...
  8. Season 5 General Discussion

    I believe all of them have some sort of cancer of the truth, mixed in with an infection of the morality, along with a diseased based reality.... The only one on that show with any sort of believability is Mr Cupcake, and 'he' is most probably a 'she'.... more
  9. Season 5 General Discussion

    galavanting... I put that one in my notebook for future use... thanks thebigboot.... haha
  10. Season 5 General Discussion

    As the cable networks scramble desperately for viewers who have migrated to Netflix and Hulu and Amazon, the shows that are presented become more and more off the edge. Do you want to see southern trash making moonshine and acting completely goofy, watch 'Moonshiners'... You want to see a father and son search the world for gold in the most unbelievable situations, watch 'Gold Rush'... Need a fix to watch naked people running around afraid, watch 'Naked and Afraid'... And of course the top of the heap of garbage is the insane antics of the ABP and their dying, but now fully recovered, mommy... pure bullcrap, and it actually makes you wonder what is next. Noah becomes the sheriff of Montrose, Iowa ? Rain becomes a singing celebrity ? Cupcake saves Lassie ? Billy tells the truth while working a real job ? Anything is now possible for this fantasy world of the Browns.... And of course we still have the question of why in the world they hang onto this ridiculous title of the show... They are no longer in Alaska, they aren't anywhere near the bush, and calling them people is like calling Bear fundamentally sane.... more...
  11. Season 5 General Discussion

    Well put... the last half dozen shows have been a 'look back' at the good ole times or whatever they want to call them... I imagine they show them so they can still call the show Alaska Bush People...
  12. Season 5 General Discussion

    Christmas Special 2017 recap https://wp.me/P8obY5-PL
  13. Season 5 General Discussion

    My DVR says 'new' episode on Friday 15th, I've been suckered before... haha But it also says the X-mas (in July) episode (which is probably from last year) is showing a few days later, and then another Brown Xmas after that... There were two X-mas episodes so far if I recall, one where the friends from down south came to visit and another were the kids (adults ??) made the god awful gifts for each other... and maybe even an earlier one where they went looking for the perfect Christmas tree, I think they made a big freakin deal out of it where Bear climbed the tree, and then Gabe cut it down... Of course all the X-mas episodes were filmed in the summer, (no snow, running around in t shirts), so they could get out of Alaska before the winter hit and they would have all died from exposure and extreme stupidity...
  14. Season 5 General Discussion

    Talked to Railing Kill and all is back to normal... railing kill OK... $5,000... or is that still too high... haha More