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  1. Season 5 General Discussion

    Yeah, well, .... This show was introduced as a tell all account of one family's experience in the wilds of Alaska. We tuned in to get the 'real feel' of what that must have been like. After about three episodes they apparently ran out of the original idea, and started this repetitious replay, from week to week, of a family about to succumb to the dangers of living in the wilds of Alaska (and then Colorado and now Washington State). Except of course with a 20 person production crew standing by, and help just an iPhone call away, the 'dangers' were pretty much eliminated. So now we are left with a show that beats the others in ratings, meaning a LOT of people watch it (including people like me), without a focus on the prior plot line, or it seems any control what they (and I mean the production staff and the actors) are allowed to do. If they want to start a squirrel ranch or have a season dedicated to the horrors of cancer, so be it, people will still tune in. I do, and then write about it on my web site. Others vent their rage here or on Facebook. As AZChristian said, there are many, many people out there that truly believe what they are seeing is real. Did they at once live in the wilds of Alaska as bush people ? Did they encounter the various issues that we have seen on the show ? Most probably... Add in the corporate suits to make a profit, the advertising suits to make a profit, the enormous and ever growing egos of a family who were at once unknowns and are now stars in their own right, and that is a recipe for the unmitigated crap on our TVs every week. As far as their speech patterns, well, that is a great mystery, never it seems to be solved... Enjoy the show...
  2. Season 5 General Discussion

    Still watching them do their crazy stuff Season 8 Episode #5 recap
  3. Season 5 General Discussion

  4. Season 5 General Discussion

    They are still out there..... Season 8 Episode #4 9-9-2018 'Call To Duty'
  5. Season 5 General Discussion

  6. Season 5 General Discussion

    Another episode, another recap.... ABP Season 8 / Episode #3 9-2-2018 'Head Above Water'
  7. Season 5 General Discussion

    Sorry so late with the recap.... Out of town for awhile... Season 8/Episode #2 'Breaking Ground' https://wp.me/P8obY5-QZ
  8. Season 5 General Discussion

    "I'm gonna pretend to have cancer, CRY DAMNIT !!!" lol
  9. Season 5 General Discussion

    After I wrote the recap, I actually looked up the book to see if I had got the title correct. I also saw that the book was selling way below the cost from last year or so. Strange... Yes, thank the almighty for the producers finally seeing the merits of having a show without the constant 'remember this crazy crap' written into it.
  10. Season 5 General Discussion

    Recap to Season 8 Episode #1 https://wp.me/P8obY5-QD
  11. Season 5 General Discussion

    Agree with everything you say... if you like the snark here and on Railing Kill, check out the recaps and other bits at my website... https://realityobserver.wordpress.com/
  12. Season 5 General Discussion

    That is true, they did manufacture duck calls and other essential hunting gear. What I was referring to was the Wal Mart invasion of 'everything' Duck Dynasty, the shirts, the sunglasses, the cups etc etc, after the show aired. Why not ABP shirts and stuff ? I honestly was interested in the DD show when it was first advertised (same as ABP), to see a true representation of a family who made it big by selling hunting gear, and to see how these products were thought up, designed and made. All I saw was a bunch of scripted scenes that were obviously fake, with the characters straight out of a cartoon book. I realize that it was a huge hit with the TV audience (my wife actually enjoyed the show), with a huge fan base. I was one of the few who thought the whole concept was pretty lame. I saw it as the backwoods, redneck, poor old boy, uneducated (yes I am aware of their college degrees), back slapping, good ole boys trying to teach America how real people should live and act, you know, just like them... No thanks... If I wanted to be like Uncle Si, or the dimwits who work in the 'shop', that would be pretty embarrassing... What I saw was a bunch of very wealthy individuals, acting like a bunch of amateur actors, reading from a script, that was written by a bunch of people sitting in a room thinking up the next 'situation' the boys could get caught up in. Honestly, if I had that kind of wealth, I would refrain from acting like a jerk on national TV. Obviously, they didn't seem to mind.... Just another 'Reality Show' that was anything but real.
  13. Season 5 General Discussion

    Looking forward to writing a scathing but honest review of the next few shows... I am sure it will be interesting to watch how they squirm out of the total scams they have been laying on the public the last few years... Curious to see who shows up for filming and who doesn't, what magical escapades they will be involved in, what laughable episodes will they try to pull. After the Ami disaster from last season, I am sure they will try anything to keep the fans and the un-fans watching for at least another season, another hour, another minute... Why hasn't Wal Mart picked up on the merchandising aspect of these clowns, T-shirts, hats, sunglasses ? Wal Mart made a bundle off of the idiots from Duck Dynasty, are they scared that the fans would not buy a Brown's beach towel ? Who wouldn't want a Brown family coffee mug ? More or less
  14. Season 5 General Discussion

  15. Season 5 General Discussion

    Flashbacks will probably be a staple in all future shows, since they still refer to themselves as Alaskan Bush People. Why not just change the name of the show to where they are scamming now, probably because most of their true audience (the folks who actually believe this stuff) would be completely lost trying to find the new program on the 'new fangled' smart TV's and TV guides... I keep seeing posts on the various Facebook pages and groups that the cult has now relocated to Washington State. I imagine the state of Colorado passed a law banning anyone moving there named Brown, after the ABP announced they were interested in moving to the state. Also seeing the attempts by the family to engage other pursuits such as marriage and outside jobs, maybe that will cut onto the production of the main show... So many things about this family flying around it is hard to keep track, and none of it has been verified at all.... MORE or less