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  1. Noah and Rhain...

    LMFAO rmontro.... BEST description of the whole ABP Syndrome....
  2. Alaskan Bush People

    I agree, he even did leave the show once, which set into motion a half hour narrative on that episode. Where did he go, and what did he do, is still up in the air. And then for reasons never explained, he came back to act all disgusted and fed up with the likes of Bam and his sisters. I can't blame him for being disappointed in his station in life, being a minor co-star in an unbelievably terrible reality show must be a really terrible letdown. I wonder if the producers promised things would be different if he came back on the show, and when he saw the final edit, he was just totally devastated in being led on to such a degree...
  3. Alaskan Bush People

    Brown Family Massacre Just having fun....
  4. Alaskan Bush People

    At first I thought he was carrying a car muffler around....
  5. Alaskan Bush People

    Someone else did that and I remembered it... if I knew the person I would definitely give them the credit... I am thinking I saw it on FB somewhere... Made me laugh...
  6. Alaskan Bush People

    And then there was this episode ABP Recap Season 8 Episode #7 9-30-2018 'Where There's Smoke, There's Fire'
  7. Alaskan Bush People

    Many thanks... I also just noticed the name you are using, Dr. Acula, is of course Dracula... And I will use it Rainiac and give you credit.
  8. Alaskan Bush People

    Rainiac... now thats funny... May I use that name in a recap ?
  9. Alaskan Bush People

    ABP Recap 9-23-2018 Season 8 Episode #6 "Family First' I'd cry too...
  10. Alaskan Bush People

    Yeah, well, .... This show was introduced as a tell all account of one family's experience in the wilds of Alaska. We tuned in to get the 'real feel' of what that must have been like. After about three episodes they apparently ran out of the original idea, and started this repetitious replay, from week to week, of a family about to succumb to the dangers of living in the wilds of Alaska (and then Colorado and now Washington State). Except of course with a 20 person production crew standing by, and help just an iPhone call away, the 'dangers' were pretty much eliminated. So now we are left with a show that beats the others in ratings, meaning a LOT of people watch it (including people like me), without a focus on the prior plot line, or it seems any control what they (and I mean the production staff and the actors) are allowed to do. If they want to start a squirrel ranch or have a season dedicated to the horrors of cancer, so be it, people will still tune in. I do, and then write about it on my web site. Others vent their rage here or on Facebook. As AZChristian said, there are many, many people out there that truly believe what they are seeing is real. Did they at once live in the wilds of Alaska as bush people ? Did they encounter the various issues that we have seen on the show ? Most probably... Add in the corporate suits to make a profit, the advertising suits to make a profit, the enormous and ever growing egos of a family who were at once unknowns and are now stars in their own right, and that is a recipe for the unmitigated crap on our TVs every week. As far as their speech patterns, well, that is a great mystery, never it seems to be solved... Enjoy the show...
  11. Alaskan Bush People

    Still watching them do their crazy stuff Season 8 Episode #5 recap
  12. Alaskan Bush People

  13. Alaskan Bush People

    They are still out there..... Season 8 Episode #4 9-9-2018 'Call To Duty'
  14. Alaskan Bush People

  15. Alaskan Bush People

    Another episode, another recap.... ABP Season 8 / Episode #3 9-2-2018 'Head Above Water'