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  1. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    That would only take a year. Maybe 2.
  2. To be fair, while I disagree with Jody's encouragement, I think she was more about "make your own decisions" then "hunting is superfun." The Ghostfacers were lucky, but they also were more observing than hunting.
  3. When they're walking out to the trucks and Chuck tells Dean if he gets back to his own time to hoard toilet paper like it's gold. Because it is.
  4. And either that is a heck of a coincidence or someone at Cottonelle is at least familiar with that scene from The End.
  5. Pet Peeves

    The biggest "drama queen" I know is actually a guy.
  6. Pet Peeves

    Maybe she just wants feedback from both of you to make sure that she's not going to be causing a problem. I obviously have no idea what types of decisions you're talking about, but my boss used to ask both me and my female co-worker for our opinions (and then do whatever he was going to do anyway, I think).
  7. Nitpicking

    Good for your 4 year old. I don't. I always get confused. Especially if someone decides to throw in clockwise and counter-clockwise. Besides, how would she know if turning it off would require tightening or loosening.
  8. Pet Peeves

    If I know one answer off the top of my head but need to research the other two, I will send an answer on the first one and let you know I'm checking into the other two. No reason you have to wait on the first answer.
  9. Nitpicking

    Yep. That's what happened. She was starting to run to town, I think, and ran into Jess. he fixed he problem and then broke it again so Dean could fix it. Which actually semi-proves that he wasn't always out to make trouble for them.
  10. Nitpicking

    Awfully telling, though. Like, you lose your cool over sprinklers...what's gonna happen in that fox hole with bombs and guns, etc? That's totally in character, though. She's a panicker. (I am, too, for full-disclosure But, I never aspired to be a reporter or bomb defuser. I know my limitations). But, we saw it again and again. Being behind at Chilton. The whole test/hitting a deer thing. Sorry, but I wouldn't choose either one of them for an emergency, either. I think Babette would panic just as much and Miss Patty would try to solve the problem by telling a long story about it. Taylor does seem pretty random. But, Luke and Dean make sense. They're both handy people that she's close to. Taylor probably would have had to lecture her first. On any number of things: foreign-made sprinklers, wasting water, a permit to help your neighbor, girls not getting enough technical education.
  11. Pet Peeves

    My pet peeve is people who are incapable of making plans. I have a standing "date" with a teenage girl every Thursday. Usually pick her up between 5 and 5:30. I call beforehand to see if she wants to go. Last week I called around 3:30 and she said she didn't know yet. I said I needed a yes or a no and she sounded annoyed. Nobody even answered when I called yesterday, so I don't know if she's mad or they were just out of range. A friend and I made tentative plans to go to the beach tomorrow depending on the weather. I checked the weather for the beach, let her know what it was going to be and asked her if she still wanted to go. She just emailed me back "maybe." But, she might be babysitting her nephew overnight. So, I said if she doesn't know let's just not go because I like to know what I'm doing ahead of time (I actually have alternate plans for tomorrow, but it's a potluck so I need to make something tonight). She'll probably be annoyed. But, really, barring sickness and emergencies, why can't you know if you are free less than 24, or even 2, hours in advance? Or, just say no if you're unsure instead of keeping someone dangling? That same friend used to say "OK, I'll call you later, and we'll do x" and when I tried to pin down a time, she couldn't tell me. So, because this was before I had a cell phone, I felt like I had to wait all day SAturday for her to call me. Which she did eventually do to tell me she was going to take a shower and then she would call me. And then she'd call me and say she just had to take the dog out. And then she'd call me and say she was almost ready. And then she'd call me and tell me to meet her in 15 minutes wherever. Aargh. Just pick a time you know you'll be done by and tell me to meet you then. Or at the very least, pick a time when you realistically think you'll almost be ready as the initial call time instead of making me wait all day!!! Sorry, had to get that off my chest.
  12. Literally it means "give with the heart" so I think it means give with love.
  13. Pet Peeves

    I know how you feel. I went to the Grand Canyon with my parents a few years ago. I couldn't get anywhere near the edge, even where there were fences. I kept visualizing myself tripping and rolling underneath fence. I didn't want my parents anywhere near the edge, but I would just go further down so I couldn't see them. I didn't want complete strangers near the edge. Anyway, one day, my parents and I were about 15 feet away on a path (still too close, I could still trip and roll, I am insane) and there was this couple next to a part where there was no fence or stone wall or anything. The guy was standing at the very edge motioning for his wife or girlfriend or whatever she was. She clearly didnt' want to go, but ended up going to him. I was so scared. I couldn't not watch. I was absolutely sure they were going to fall in. They didn't. Thank goodness.
  14. If I had a boyfriend and there was some guy flirting with me and stirring up trouble for my bf, instead of just paying lip service to him telling him to stop, I would stop associating with him. Rory was sending him mixed messages all over the place. Actually, not really all that mixed.
  15. Nitpicking

    Well, if Jess isn't supposed to be able to figure it out, why should Rory? I haven't seen this episode in forever, but I thought something broke off or stuck when she turned it. Not that she was just to stupid to turn a knob.