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  1. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    This reminds me of something that happened back int he early-mid '80s. Young Alan Jr was played by a kid with dark hair and Jason had blond hair. That was giving my sister absolute fits since both of Jason's parents had dark hair and one of Alan Jr's (not AJ yet) had blonde hair. Sorry, that didn't really have anything to do with anything, but you would not believe how much this drove her crazy. Teenagers have too much time on their hands:)
  2. I agree with you in the main, but technically, that is stealing. He knew who it belonged to and kept it instead of returning it. It's also technically valueless, so it's not the crime of the century. On this one, I 100% agree that Rory shouldn't have spoken to him about his black eye until they left. However, I don't blame her for not believing he didn't get into a fight with Dean. he refused to tell her what really happened (and ended up lying when he finally did, which she did believe), and he and Dean had a history of going at it. Now, I have to back up to that lie. Jess said that he got the black eye throwing a football around with the guys. Who were these guys he was supposed to be throwing the football with? He didn't have any friends his own age except for Rory. Good job, star investigative reporter.
  3. Actually, it's very smart. heat rises, so the lower your ceilings the lower your heating bill.
  4. S03.E10 The Last Seven Weeks

    It's that thing they have that they haven't shown since early in the first season when Kate woke up because Kevin was upset that he had lost his job or something. And, when she said he broke his arm at camp when they were kids and she felt it.
  5. S03.E10 The Last Seven Weeks

    I don't think he was asking if the crying was a twin thing, but if Kevin's twin thing could explain and/or stop it.
  6. So, you don't like it when Bernadette is an overbearing bully, but you do like Penny that way? And as a cheater?
  7. Pet Peeves

    A store might give you a discount for volume gift card buying. I don't know that Visa/MasterCard would.
  8. Pet Peeves

    When I worked at McDonald's that bugged me, so I asked "Barbie or Hot wheels" instead of boy or girl? One time, I was doing counter and I asked, and it was just a mom and her daughter, and she said "Barbie, she's a girl," like really snottily. Ok, Whatever. You don't have to get mad about it. I wasn't implying I thought your girl looked like a boy.
  9. I'm watchin an episode of Cold Case and just saw the credits. Mitch Pileggi, Gattlin Griffith (Jesse from I Believe the Children) and Travis Aaron Wade (Cole). What are the odds?
  10. I agree that he's not the scum of the earth for not having called. But, Rory did nothing wrong by going to the hockey game and not hanging out waiting to see if he might possibly come by later. And, she did nothing wrong by not calling him when he said he was going to call her. Lorelai should have just stayed out of it altogether. When Jess asked if Rory was home, Nope, sorry, should have been the extent of that conversation.
  11. I think you misunderstood me. I also would have jumped to the conclusion that he stood me up. Maybe not under these exact circumstances where she knows he was calling "after work", but if a guy said he was going to call me and didn't, I would consider calling him to find out why to reek of desperation, and unless I had a good reason to think that there was a reason other than blowing me off that he wasn't calling, I woul not call him first. Not unless we had been dating for longer than Rory and Jess had been at that point. And especially someone like Jess who is kind of rude and moody to begin with.
  12. If a guy said he was going to call me and didn't, I wouldn't call him. I would figure there was a reason he wasn't calling me. Why would he tell her he was going to call her if he knew he was going to have to work? Why wouldn't he say "OK, but I have to make quick call first," when asked if he could stay late. Any boss asking you to stay late will allow you to use the phone to let people know. They know people have plans after work.
  13. S03.E10 The Last Seven Weeks

    I should certainly hope not. That would be horrid customer service. They just stuck that in there. It makes no sense with young Randall. Also, politics is probably not the best career choice for someone with severe anxiety issues. I think next he should run for President. I am absolutely sure that he will win. And get a divided Congress to give him everything he wants. Just to shut him up.
  14. Kind of a reverse Oedipal complex?
  15. Pet Peeves

    Snuggling and sex are two different things. And so are the sniffles and a cold. I would say I have the sniffles right now, but I don't have any other symptoms, so it's just the cold weather, not a cold.