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  1. Heartland

    Season 12 Premiered! It was an understated episode, but it a welcome one signalling a new chapter for the characters coming home.
  2. Young And Hungry

    Freeform seems like it wants be known for its dark teen dramas and eliminated most of their sitcom line-up. It's short-sighted, as a good network should have a variety of shows in different formats.
  3. S05.E25: Now / S05.E26: Forever

    This had to be the worst plot arc of the whole series. The show has always been anti-climatic in its plot twists, but this one made no sense. I also didn't like the William plot either because it wasn't really built up enough for it to make much sense. Then when he bumped into Nathan in the void and found out that Mara hooked up with Duke, that was when William decided that enough was enough? Nathan and Audrey were an okay couple the first two seasons, but Nathan went crazy after that. If Duke even looked at Audrey, Nathan went berserk, screaming his head off and jumping to wild conclusions. While Nathan mellowed out in Season 4, the meta conversations about Audrey and Nathan using Duke whenever it worked for them were pretty spot on. I think that's why I found Duke's death disappointing (even though it was foreshadowed from the beginning) - he was always getting used by someone and died trying to not be a puppet anymore, yet he couldn't even stop himself. Nathan and Audrey got some deus ex machina happy ending, but Duke was faded into nothing. I would have respected the ending more if Nathan lost Audrey and met someone new, carrying with him the memories of Audrey and Duke.
  4. Duke Crocker

    I don't get how Nathan was the love of Audrey's life and not Duke... Nathan was the one who wanted Audrey the most, but when the chips were down and it counted, Duke was the one who could get through to her.
  5. Dark Angel

    I don't recall there being a scene or mention in the audio commentary that Alec knew Logan was there or that he was trying to do Max a favor by keeping Logan away in this particular episode. Alec did start interfering in Love Among the Runes, when he allowed the lie to stand and at the end of the episode, he called Max away from her video call with Logan. Unfortunately, because it was the penultimate episode, it never got fleshed out what Alec's true motivations were. Each of the writers had their own vision of what they wanted out of the Max and Alec story line, so there's no point in taking sides because the series didn't go on longer, we don't know what would have actually happened (just friends, brief dating, end game, etc). After Love Among the Runes, I really thought that the writers were pulling a 'It Meant Something to Me.' Shipping isn't a dealbreaker thing for me when watching a show. Also, Alec didn't intentionally keep Max from the cure. The first time, he was working for Renfro and the lab blew up. He had no stake in whether or not Max had the cure. The second time, Max traded the cure for Alec's life. The whole virus plot sucked and ruined every character it touched (I'm looking at you Joshua and Original Cindy). I'm not trying to defend Alec's entire character, it's just that he was selfishly amoral and didn't strike me as interested in stealing Max from Logan or trying to help Max by intervening on her behalf. Stuff between them didn't change until after Hello, Goodbye. The writers ruined Logan's character after Borrowed Time, taking him from a genuine, layered character to one hovering in the background and behaving like a bad ex. Not sure if you remember the original run, but the network interference wasn't Alec (he was actually a character the writers wanted to explore, and the actor was well-liked by cast and crew alike). The network changed the series' themes and episode format. The interesting plots involving geopolitics, terrorism and domestic corruption were all wiped from the slate following 9/11. It was a strange and difficult time in America, and a conservative network like FOX didn't want to stir up more controversy. I think you can see it in some episodes, like Brainiac where the show wanted to explore the police corruption like it would have in Season 1, but it got edited in a strange way to highlight the theme of personal perception and having confidence in oneself. The episode format of monster of the week and less long arc plot driven episodes was an effort to recreate The X-Files formula to get more viewers.
  6. Heartland

    S11.Ep18 "Naming Day" was the best episode in the past 2 seasons. It finally had the family back together and Amy working on her horsemanship. The episode really highlighted that the recent episodes have been too thin on the core cast, and that the new characters really aren't cutting it. Also, when Heartland started, there were more plots highlighting horses and horsemanship, which made the show have layers to it - barrel racing, rodeo, meeting other riders/horse owners in other fields, etc.
  7. Season 11: 21 Murdoch Street

    This is the same way Season 10's last episodes were. The angst and emotional mayhem shows off the actors' capabilities, but the series has always been a dramedy. After killing off so many long-standing villains over the past few seasons with no replacements, it's not as interesting. It's ok to get rid of long-standing villains, but there needs to be something else to fill the time with... This should not be it.
  8. Dark Angel

    Pollo Loco (S01.E18) is my favorite episode of the series, because it went into the dark side of the day to day life at Manticore. It seemed strange that just simple military training would drive them to try to escape, but the incidents of the episode really showed that even good people contain darkness lurking under the surface. While some people focus on Ben, it was actually showcasing that when put to the test, Max and Logan trying to do the right thing puts them into conflict with each other. Lydecker secretly gives Logan some photos that show Max's dark side, causing a rift between her and Logan as he tried to cope with her past. It's not until Hello, Goodbye that the repercussions of that episode comes back up for Max to deal with, even though Alec had been in most of Season 2. The episode focused on the fallout of star-crossed romances (Max/Logan, Alec/Asha, Joshua/Annie) and Mule, a transgenic who White captured and pretended to befriend, only set a trap for him to be murdered. The episode felt just as heartbreaking as Pollo Loco, watching Mule thank White for helping him before he gets killed and Joshua see Annie mistake Alec for him, all of it ties back to the idea that the transgenics are not prepared for the world outside as much as the world is not prepared for them. Alec and Max argue about the fact that they are different from Asha and Logan, and it will always come back to mess things up. Again, it comes up as the wedge between Max and Logan for the remaining episodes of Season 2, as the search for the cure is put on indefinite hold due to the transgenic situation escalating. Instead of wondering about Max's true nature, Logan mistakenly thinks he has lost her to Alec because of it. One of the best things about the Max/Alec dynamic during the series is that they're so completely in each other's lives, and they both end up being what the other needs more often than not. This episode doesn't depict Logan in a particularly good light. As it tries to show how devoted Logan is to Max, it comes off less as romantic and more as pathological, when faced with the idea that they won't get a happily ever after. Instead of giving her space, he doubles down that he needs her, and doesn't care how she feels. Logan sees being together as the right thing, while Max thinks the greater good is in being apart, which hearkens back to Pollo Loco where even though they claim Max being transgenic isn't a problem, it's just a problem they both refuse to address, thinking that love will just magically make it okay.
  9. Dark Angel

    Looking back on the show years later, Season 1 and Season 2 felt like different shows altogether. In Season 1, Max's family was the 09er escapees only, and her main goal was staying under the radar after the Pulse. The show's focus was on events in the world that allowed for corruption to flourish across all levels of society, and around the world. Logan was more interesting and a well-rounded character and Lydecker was a great adversary for Max to go against. Sometimes, I admit I forget about Season 1 because Season 2 is so different. It would have been far more interesting to see the next season explore that post-Pulse world more before bringing Manticore back into play.
  10. Season 11: 21 Murdoch Street

    All of the characters felt out of character in this one, and the whodunit portion didn't feel particularly interesting or clever. I'm not a big fan of the Henry/Ruth jokes, they aren't that funny. Also, Crabtree's character development flatlined a while ago, but it's worse this season.
  11. Power Rangers

    Power Rangers in Space was hands down one of the greatest Power Rangers seasons of all time.
  12. iSpoilers & Speculation

    I predict that Chase Graves is behind everything - not just the mysterious deaths (Wexler, Tuttles, Vivian), but the formula for Max Rager that caused the zombie outbreak will be revealed to have been a government funded experiment which the Fillmore Graves and Max Rager was involved. This would explain why Ravi is having such a hard time coming up with the cure - they contaminated only that batch of drinks which were meant for FG soldiers, and it wasn't meant for anyone else.
  13. S03.E08: Eat a Knievel

    I miss when Liv would learn something about herself or try something new after experiencing other people's brains. This season she just lets it take full reign, and I don't know if it's bad writing or if it's on purpose to show that she's not coping well with recent events.
  14. S03.E10: Return of the Dead Guy

    The plot with Liv dating Justin felt very rushed instead of them falling for each other after experiences together, but it's still going to get messy when he becomes dead zombie boyfriend #3. My current theory is that he'll go down trying to save her from Fillmore Graves top brass, which he has probably been secretly working for the entire time. It will probably come out in the season that Chase Graves is behind everything - the helicopter explosion, the Tuttle murders, stealing the antidote, Wexler's USB (which probably has video of someone 'zombie-ing' out)... When the zombie hunter told Ravi that crazy story about zombies, Max Rager and the Shah of Iran, I wondered if this was a clue about the particular batch of Max Rager that started it all. It would also explain why Chase shot Justin for drinking it.
  15. Baby Daddy

    Rushing the wedding in that way is also a budget issue. It would cost money to bring back so many actors (the boys' dad, Riley's parents and her sister) along with the extras.