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  1. S06.E10: Yippe Ki Yay Melon Farmer

    I can accept Die Hard as a Christmas movie. I've never liked Die Hard though.
  2. Nothing against Miley, but wow she totally shouted her way through Happy Xmas (War is Over). Nice to see Sean Ono Lennon there providing backups. Mark Ronson is an example of the current trend of producers getting records named after them. Miley doesn't strike me as the type who would worry about her double sided sticky tape failing, probably SNL execs were more concerned about that than she was. She played a wholesome character during her childhood, so of course now she has to show off her sexuality to prove how grown up and edgy she is. Pretty strong show overall, I liked most of the comedy bits. I'll mention that I liked Cecily Strong's JIngle Bells, since some people didn't - just to provide balance and all.
  3. How else are they going to explain all the brilliant nuances in the episode you just watched though? "This scene is a callback to George Romero's Night of the Living Dead, because there is an old truck out in the field". (roll eyes here)
  4. That only strengthens my theory that maybe they're not doing a colorized Christmas episode because of music licensing issues. But wow, how old can a song be and not be in the public domain? That was written in 1941. Copyright laws are puzzlers.
  5. S05.E08: Cousin Eddie 

    Maybe they thought it would be a distraction to the plot. They just wanted Eddie to have other plans for the holiday, and didn't want to deal with explaining how he would be staying with a girl, but their relationship is platonic, and who Nicole is for new viewers.
  6. This might be a bit of a stretch, but I wonder if the issue with the Christmas episode might be connected with having to pay for the music? I'm sure The Little Drummer Boy at least is in the public domain though. I was reading a few articles online about the colorizing, and Carl Reiner said he was in favor of it being colorized. I bring that up because some people will always argue against colorization, but this show was only in black and white because of the cost involved, and not for artistic reasons. I also like a quote here from Reiner: "As a matter of fact, Steve Martin once said that in all of show business, nobody is more talented than Dick Van Dyke, and I agree with that." I can't argue with that either. https://ew.com/tv/2018/12/14/cbs-colorized-dick-van-dyke-show/
  7. This is the subject of discussion every year since they've started showing these colorized Dick Van Dyke Shows. It's getting to be part of the Christmas tradition. WHY don't they show a colorized version of their Christmas show? It isn't that bad, is it? I enjoyed it. Whoever's involved with this needs to do something about it!
  8. S06.E10: Yippe Ki Yay Melon Farmer

    And a pretty nice Hanukah too! Some of those aren't bad actually. Scarface's "This town's like a great big chicken just waiting to be plucked" at least makes sense. Lol at getting scars from eating pineapple. I guess he forget to peel it.
  9. Season 17 Discussion

    I liked that they had "Julia Louis-Dreyfus" in there.
  10. I know, right? I don't mind Lainey though. But I'd rather see almost any character from the Middle with a spinoff than almost any character on the Goldbergs. It was just a much better show, IMO.
  11. More investing in the Barry/Lainey relationship, wow they are really setting this split up to be devastating. Liked the message at the end about family being the important part of the holidays. I didn't care much about Adam's subplot (again), but it was nice to see Uncle Marvin redeem himself again. Sort of. I wonder if that bit about running a fake preview of "Perish Difficultly in a Tree House" in the local theater really happened? Dude led a strange life. The "Yippee Ki Yay Melon Farmer" line was a good example of how TV used to butcher classic movie lines. Is that the actual line they used to censor over the real one? I've never seen Die Hard on regular TV.
  12. S05.E09: Elseworlds Part 1

    1990 Flash with his theme music and 2018 special effects. For some reason, the Monitor reminded me of Obama.
  13. S05.E09: Elseworlds Part 1

    Maybe this will make me sound dense, but I kept getting confused with the Barry/Oliver switch. I kept forgetting what was going on, I kept thinking things like "Now wait, Oliver's in Barry's head but they look like each other, but they have each other's powers what now?". When actually it's "Oliver is Oliver but he has the Flash's powers, and the world thinks he's Barry". Was I the only one getting mixed up? Please say I wasn't :)
  14. S02.E10: Quarantine

    You have a good memory. For those of us who don't remember every detail from episode one, maybe they could have had Shaun say "Yuck, pickles" or something like that? Presumably Lea made the sandwich then? Did they say that, because I don't remember that either?
  15. S05.E10: State of Mine

    That might have been a better episode than this. I think stories like this bore me because they don't advance the plot any. It wasn't awful, it wasn't good, it was just... there. IMO. Oh well. See what happens next week (if anything).