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  1. Yeah, they definitely explained the connection, I just couldn't remember exactly what they said. Thanks for clearing that up, your explanation makes a heckuva lot more sense than what I said.
  2. S01.E01: Keep on Truckin'

    My first reaction to watching this was "Wow, did they have to kill her?". Plus there's seems to be some incongruity between the message that we're supposed to miss the character and revile the actress. It was clever the way they tied it back to the opiod plot in the previous season though, and the Mary Steenburgen character plot with the high price of health care and health care insurance, which is another subject touched upon last season. This very realistic problem is certainly one that would affect the Conners, and fits in well with the tradition of the show. Laurie Metcalf showed what a great actress she is (again). Hopefully things will get at least a little more cheery from here (although Roseanne never exactly had a "chipper" feel to it).
  3. I'm sorry to hear about your loss, but it's not just you. I found those moments tear jerking as well. As for the exorcism, I guess it is a bit of a stretch to associate it with the afterlife. But it's along the lines of "If there's a God, there's a devil". Josh said something similar to "If there are spiritual powers that offer comfort, there are others also that can attack you". I'm sure I am nowhere close to what he said in that quote, but it was something like that. Next week Josh is talking to Penn Gillette. Since he is a well known atheist, I'm curious as to what possible association he could have with the afterlife.
  4. Afterlife Part Two: I liked watching Josh get choked up when he was participating in the Hindu funeral. Josh may be the coolest guy on TV. The reincarnation regression was interesting, although of course I'm skeptical about it. The comments by Deepok Chopra were enlightening. I don't think Professional Exorcist is a job I'd like to go to every day.
  5. How good are most of us going to look at 77? But yeah, it looks like he's had some plastic surgery. Some people put a lot of faith in it, but it's not usually a look that I'm fond of. I guess if it's done perfectly, it doesn't look like you've had plastic surgery. Not sure what kind of percentage that would be.
  6. I figured someone would be offended by the Cosby sketch. I thought it was funny, the best sketch of the night. I agree it is a sad situation though, Cosby was such a big hero of mine when I was growing up. Not much else to choose from aside from "Gucci shoes". The "Cooba" bit was mildly interesting. Well, he did just get off a tour, besides he's 77. Paul Simon is such a frigging genius. Like some others here, I liked his first song "Can't Run But". For those who don't know, it is from his new album In the Blue Light, which is made up of redone versions of previous little known tracks. The original was from Rhythm of the Saints. I probably would have enjoyed "Bridge over Troubled Water" better if I hadn't seen him singing it on the SNL repeat earlier in the evening. That repeat featured my favorite all time musical moment on SNL, George Harrison and Paul Simon playing "Here Comes the Sun" and "Homeward Bound" together on acoustics. Two artists playing classic songs from their former legendary groups. I also can't help but think about Paul resenting Art Garfunkel for singing "Bridge" and knocking it out of the park (he's talked about it in the past). No need for resentment Paul, everybody knows you wrote it and that you are a genius. It might well be his best song, quite a bolt of inspiration there. It's hard to think of many (if any) artists who have the longevity and mainstream appeal Paul has, while undeniably maintaining critical respect as a serious artist.
  7. S05.E02: A New Life

    Not to her directly, but behind her back. He attacked and hid a friend of hers in order to make sure she stayed with him. It's taking her freedom in a way because he's depriving her of the right to make her own choice - or tried to, anyway.
  8. S05.E02: A New Life

    He acted creepy stalkerish, and that's one of the worst things you can be in this day and age. But he isn't necessarily dead, he could pop up again later on down the road. Roberta said they'd leave it up to Darwin. In other words, if he was resourceful enough to get out of the trunk and survive, he would live. It was nice to see Citizen Z again. People never seem to know whether he's still on the show or not lol.
  9. Oh, that's kind of cool. And I agree, the Afterlife episode was more interesting than I thought it would be. That's a good guess. My girlfriend used to watch that show all the time, so I do remember both of them showing up. At this point, I've had my fill of ghost hunting shows. I was watching some reruns of Destination Truth, and my eyes glaze over for most of the "haunted sites" stuff.
  10. S03.E01: Chapter Thirty-Six: Labor Day

    I was actually expecting Archie to be found guilty, and go off to prison. Because it doesn't mean anything. How many cast members have been incarcerated already? The writers just wave their magic wand and find a way to get them out again. And in the meantime we get some cheap drama. It's easy.
  11. S05.E02: A New Life

    My main reaction to this episode is that wow, they sure got rid of Cooper fast. Time to get Warren back with the group and move on to the next story. Murphy being called Lucifer was kind of funny. Obviously this concept of the dead coexisting with the living isn't going to work.
  12. S03.E01: Chapter Thirty-Six: Labor Day

    Not sure why Archie and others thought he would be found guilty when it didn't appear there was any real evidence against him. Adderall is addictive on its own though, so I don't know why they'd have to switch the pills for that. I agree I'm also confused by why Polly has suddenly turned hostile. I guess everybody takes a turn being bad on this show.
  13. S03.E01: Chapter Thirty-Six: Labor Day

    How stupid is Archie on this show? He doesn't want to put anyone through any stress so he pleads guilty to a crime he didn't commit to be put away in juvenile detention for two years? Just one more in a long line of stupid things he does. It's a good thing I don't care about his character or I'd be pretty annoyed. I did kind of like JP giving him tips on how to survive in prison. Nice to see Hot Dog and the jalopy. The bad news is this whole Gargoyle King story looks like it might be pretty dumb. Looks like it ties in with Alice and Polly's farm work.
  14. All Episodes Talk: All About the Divas

    The Bellas segments often feel like they are doing an episode of Total Bellas. And you're right, TJ looked absolutely miserable at that party. I was going to mention that myself, but it slipped my mind.
  15. They've been running new episodes on Discovery again. The first part of search for the afterlife was pretty good. I thought they were kind of referencing "In Search Of" for the title though. I never would have guessed in a million years that Josh would be friends with Chip Coffey.