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  1. Penn may not have gushed, but Teller's expressions communicated all the gushing that was needed. That's pretty much what I was thinking. The camera didn't even follow the guy once he had all the paddles back, it didn't show what he did with them. I was thinking it was kind of a simple trick to get fooled on, but like you said there were several different possible methods, and they just guessed wrong. The puppets were cool though, especially for a one off trick. The Penn and Teller grave was kind of interesting, even though I'd seen it before. The best part was the video of the kid's reaction. Otherwise, kind of underwhelming for the show's finish, but a cool bit for what it is.
  2. Lol, they did manage to skirt around that particular bit of information. A needy and jealous robot saying "I am jealous" isn't exactly impressive though. Besides, what is she going to be jealous of, your other $7000 doll? When they showed the male doll though, you could see the wheels start to turn in Zach's head, lol.
  3. S03.E08 The Tom/Brady

    Lol, good question. I thought the episode was kind of dull overall, watching Humperdoo explode over and over. But the "Tom Brady" joke was awesome. Maybe the Allfather should try to get Tom Brady himself to carry Genesis, he'd probably have as good a chance as any to be able to contain it.
  4. I like ice cream, but it's not a big weakness of mine. I'd be just as happy eating something else bad, like a cupcake or something. I don't think I've ever had a girlfriend who didn't have a weakness for ice cream though, I've always thought it was a female thing. It is too bad about Jack's marriage. Maybe he shouldn't have kept Robert in the house...
  5. Wow, ask and you shall receive.
  6. S11.E06: The Proton Regeneration

    Good point, look at how wooden Sheldon is when he does Fun With Flags. There's no reason to think Sheldon would be good on camera. Consultant would be a better fit for him, although he would probably take it too far and make things too complicated. The show must already have some sort of consultant, I'm sure Wil's not writing it by himself.
  7. I think this forum would be better served if it just had like one "All episodes (2018)" instead of a different thread for each episode. I'm getting to like Zachary Quinto as host. It was a cute idea to cast him since he's the new Spock, and Leonard Nimoy used to host the old version. Zach had a great way of eyeing the various robots suspiciously, as if they were going to rise up at any moment and try to kill him. It was pretty funny. The drones seemed to be the main scary things to be concerned about now. Those Real Dolls were pretty creepy, but it will be interesting to see how far that technology goes in the future.
  8. Season 5 General Discussion

    I'm pretty sure Duck Dynasty was a lot more popular (at least for awhile there) than Alaskan Bush People. I'm a little irritated with either Discovery or my cable company. There are at least five episodes of ABP listed as "new" in the coming week. I know that can't be right. I think the actual new show is on Sunday the 19th, I'm guessing it's probably the one at 9:00?
  9. I couldn't make up my mind if he was at an advantage because he had so much weight to burn off, or if he was a medical risk because his blood sugar might bottom out. He did bring some snacks though. I thought the disagreement that he and the girl got into was interesting. She caught a fish and wanted to save it, I think he wanted to eat it. She wanted to save anything she caught until she absolutely had to eat it. I think I would rather eat it while it's fresh. Maybe if I caught multiple fish, I would think about smoking and saving some.
  10. S05.E09: Starvation's Shadow

    Oh well crap, looks like I spoke too soon. Looks like I'll have to watch it. Thanks for letting me know. I had expected it to follow the last episode immediately if there was one, not wait until the next week. Oh well.
  11. Assuming that TPTB made everybody make a journal though, it's something that they were obligated to do, as opposed to a real personal item to them. Still, it could come back to bite him. As for why they can't hear each other, they did say they were dropped off on a group of islands, so they're not all on the same one. When that Nashville singer girl told Robbie that she found his pack, I was expecting her to say "Snacks? I didn't find any snacks". Lol. That girl who lives off the grid in Maui kept complaining about her life, and I kept thinking yeah, it looks really terrible. Not. I'm optimistic for this show because I always liked Survivor mainly for the survival aspect, and that was quickly drained out of it. At least there are no silly challenges or votes to get in the way. The good thing about Survivor was it led to many survival shows on cable TV. It seems odd to watch one on a major network, and predictably, it's diluted down..
  12. S05.E09: Starvation's Shadow

    Yes, the next episode is the last one. I notice there is no "after show" this year. To be honest, I can do without it. I feel like many of the shows who have these aren't really worthy of them (Fear the Walking Dead and Impractical Jokers, I'm looking at you. Not that Impractical Jokers is a bad show, but a half hour comedy prank show doesn't need a half hour discussion following it). By the way, if you want Britt to win, maybe you should have been hoping that Larry pulled out that sat phone. Regarding Larry running into Brook, I recall them saying in a past season that they have a protocol for that situation - if someone were to run into another contestant. It's not an automatic disqualification, but they are expected to report the incident to the support team immediately.
  13. That's what I was thinking, I never got the impression that she left for good, just that she was spending the day doing her own thing. From a survival standpoint, the thing that bugged me the most was that no one even brought up the subject of fresh water. Also a little annoying that they seem to have provided so many resources for them. And what's with everybody having a journal? Did they pick the whole cast out of a rehab or something?
  14. S05.E09: Starvation's Shadow

    Not very entertaining, but eh, something to read I guess.
  15. Battlebots (2018): All Episodes Talk

    I was 5-0 on my predictions for the first time last night! Hurray for me. Spoilers ahead, if you haven't seen it yet. Rotator vs Skorpios: Skorpios was fast, but Rotator knocked off it's saw, so it was done. Ultimo Destructo vs Witch Doctor: A quick KO for Witch Doctor. Overhaul vs War Hawk: Best performance by a mini bot that I've seen, I think its name was War Zone. Chomp vs Warhead: It was really surprising to see Chomp landing blows without knocking itself over (they had turned down the force of the hammer to be more stable). I was worried that Warhead had made a mistake using the dino head instead of the rotating head. Tombstone vs Whiplash: An absolutely brutal fight. Whiplash did better than I thought it would, but it still got KO'd.