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  1. Yesterday I was watching 'The Last Drive-in' on DVD, and I remember thinking it was really good when it originally came on, but now, years later, I wondered what was I thinking, LOL. Maybe it's the acting or some of the storyline that isn't that good. I did love Moon Unit Zappa as the tough girl, Sondra, that wanted to beat up Blair. "Look at her butting in in front of the line! Hey, Princess Di!! Outta the can!!" She was hilarious. They should've had her back still trying to beat up Blair.
  2. I was just watching the tail end of Christina's first episode from 2014 where she was checking out going to the nursing school. I saw a post she had on Facebook a few months ago where someone asked her about that and she said she still has never started nursing school, but hoped to soon. LOL! well when you consider that was at least four years she said she was going, so I dunno.
  3. All Episodes Talk

    I've been watching this on ME.tv and I forgot how bad it was. I'm now a little surprised that I thought it was so great back in the '70s when it originally aired.
  4. All Episodes Talk: You Did What?!

    I wasn't even aware this show was still on but I noticed they've been running adverts for tomorrows show (June 15,). Don't know if it's new or a re-run. I nearly always turn the channel when I see that it's on because, it's true, it jumped the shark a long time ago.
  5. S10.E09: Knee Deep

    Yeah, that's a good point because remember after Hurricane Katrina and people were using the FEMA money for all sorts of crazy things. Someone even used it to get a sex-change operation and they got caught. It makes you wonder if Dan and Roseanne won't get caught using the money for things not intended.
  6. S10.E09: Knee Deep

    There was an African-American lady that did work at Wellman's with Roseanne, but it wasn't Anne Marie, her name was Vonda.
  7. Around the Kitchen Table: Social Topics

    Exactly! That's what I was going to say. Crystal, Anne Marie and Chucky are probably like Roseanne and Dan and they own their houses so they are well planted. I did wonder about Nancy, though, because in the old Roseanne show she had an apartment, so I didn't think she'd stay in Lanford, plus being gay or bisexual, another reason to leave that small town.
  8. S10.E08: Netflix & Pill

    I wondered how she could even be an Uber driver with a pill addiction. I thought they would be given random drug tests.
  9. S10.E08: Netflix & Pill

    I wonder why Roseanne didn't go to a public hospital for her surgery? I have people in my family that do that. My cousin's wife doesn't work and has always gone to the public, charity hospital whenever she's needed surgery or treatments and gets it for free. I too wondered about Darlene getting her kids Medicaid, but in the state where I live I believe they have to be a single parent and destitute. I don't think David and Darlene are divorced and David obviously has enough money that he bought a house in Lanford. The rules might be different in different states.
  10. Roseanne Revival

    From the preview it looks like Darlene is the one who got the job as a cocktail waitress at the casino, or Crystals old job. I thought I read somewhere that Becky and Darlene had both applied for Crystals old position.
  11. Roseanne Revival

    This was mentioned elsewhere and I wondered this too, but how could Roseanne afford a car that ran well enough to be an Uber driver when they are so poor they can't even pay their bills? I have a cousin who uses this reason to not work at all because he has a car 20 years old and can't afford a new, reliable one to get him back and forth to a job.
  12. S10.E07: Go Cubs

    I often wondered why they never mentioned the Connor's getting EBT/food stamps in the original Roseanne because they were often poor and saying they couldn't afford groceries in several episodes. I used to always think, "Why aren't they getting an EBT card?" I assumed because it would've been too controversial.
  13. I remember when they had T-shirts with Rorer714. I didn't have a clue what that meant, LOL, until I discovered it was the maker of Quaaludes. I never thought about that with the Connor's address.
  14. All Episodes Talk: Double Vision

    For some reason I was thinking the Golden State Killer was the same person as the rapist known as 'Stinky' from way back then in California, but I don't think he ever killed anyone. He was never caught as far as I know, so I was thinking that was the guy.
  15. S05.E20: Ocular Fluid and Fighting Robots

    I was wondering how Christy would be able to afford a place of her own, especially if she is having to pay child support for Roscoe also. Perhaps she doesn't, though.