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  1. Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    That's also why I thought she may not talk about her days in the Runaways, plus her alleged suicide attempt (she said it wasn't) in Japan when they were on tour and she was sent back home. I was happy to see her win on the show once again.
  2. Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    No, she has never mentioned that. Only that she worked for a motivational speaker... and I think it's that guy, Tony Robbins (if I got his name right), but she never said his name. I was glad to see her do so well again. I've been a fan of hers and The Runaways since the '70s.
  3. Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    LOL, I have that album as well as all of The Runaways albums, along with other all-female bands, Fanny, Isis and Birtha. Jackie did very well on the show.
  4. "The View": Week Of 11/26/2018

    I feel Joy should have handled/reacted like atheist, Madalyn Murray O'Hair, 'the Most Hated Woman in America,' with the Kid Rock's comment calling her a bitch. Madalyn basked in peoples ill-will and hatred of her. It's a PRIVILEGE to be HATED by some people... and apparently Kid Rock is one of them. I wish Joy would have said that.
  5. All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    OMG, that California politician that put his elderly mother out in a wheelchair to panhandle. I wish they would've explained why they did that, if it was because they were so poor and she was doing it to get money to pay for her medicine, like Sara said. I do find that hard to believe, though. I read that they've been doing this for 12 years. Seems unreal because she was pretty much in the same area, so you would think people would stop giving her money after awhile seeing her out there for so long with her sign and wondering if she was really homeless.
  6. Mama's Family

    Bubba's House Band was on today, about the female band 'the Bonecrushers', and after looking it up I saw where the actress that played 'Snake' (Lisa Michelson) died in a car crash back in the '90's. Very sad. She was only about 30 years old.
  7. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I've wondered about that too when I hear stories like this. I think there was much more involved in getting the deceased child's birth certificate than what he said. I'm fairly certain Vital Records would ask questions that the only way he would know the answers to is if he first got his death certificate, like knowing Michael's parents names and maybe the mother's maiden name. I don't think it's as easy to obtain a birth certificate from a stranger as he tried to make it seem. I also had some doubts that the person who picked him up hitchhiking and brought him all the way to Dallas had also stole all of his money. That just seemed strange to me. Not really sure why he would make something like that up, though.
  8. Living Single

    I always liked Max. Did she appear during their mini 'reunion' over the weekend on TV-One? If so I missed her segment. I only saw the two Kim's, TC and John during the breaks.
  9. Hot Bench

    I don't watch this show very often and I'm sure today's show was a rerun with Babs from Euless, Texas who met the man online and moved in without his permission, then he couldn't get her out of his house. It was so funny how he had video of her at one point struggling with her walker carrying items out of his house like she was a cripple, then others times she was picking up large flower pots without the walker as if there was nothing wrong with her. I still can't believe she uses face cream that's $400. She said she wanted to look nice, LOL. And at the end when she said she was done with men that she might become a lesbian now. Good Lordy!! I don't think a woman would put up with her either.
  10. Mama's Family

    I thought the same thing about Betty White playing Ellen. She even looks older in 'Mama's Family' than she does in 'The Golden Girls.' Eunice and Ed actually had another son named, Billy, but he was apparently dropped when 'MF' became a series. He's mentioned in the teleplay 'Eunice', though, but not shown. In 1978 - when Mama died in the 'Eunice' movie - Billy was in prison and Bubba was a run away.
  11. Mama's Family

    I always thought Mama would be like Iola if she hadn't married Carl. Possibly living with her elderly parents because remember when she was the Mayor of Raytown and worked at Food Circus as a cashier (Naomi's replacement) and both were disasters that she quit after a short while? She immediately went back to her housewife role saying it was easier than having a job. I got the impression she'd never be able to hold down a job if she were single like Iola.
  12. Mama's Family

    This may have been mentioned, but I purchased the Second Season on DVD with the tele-play/movie 'Eunice' on it and, apparently, 'Mama's Family' would be taking place around 1973 because that part of the play fit with the series. Bubby had ran away and was gone for a year, so I assume he ended up in reform school around this time. Unfortunately, Bubba's brother Billy, whom Ed called a 'sissy' wasn't in the 'MF' cast but mentioned in 'Eunice' but not shown. Naomi, a middle-aged drunken floozy, was also mentioned, but not shown. In 'Eunice' she was Eunice's friend and 'Phil' (played by Ken Berry, as Mama's son, instead of 'Vint') was almost like he was supposed to be gay and living single in New York as a writer. I always thought 'Mama's Family' seemed like it was set in the '70s like 'All in the Family' even though it was airing through the '80s. I assumed because it's set in the South that could be why it looked like it was a decade behind the times.
  13. S02.E06: James B.'s Story

    I thought that too. I used to sometimes follow him on Facebook. He was living in Galveston, Texas and had a job there as a bouncer, then the next thing he posted he was back home in South Carolina (or wherever he was from). I'm not sure what happened after that because I don't think he ever returned to Galveston or said why he left.
  14. In his obituary in the L.A. Times, as well as his Find-A-Grave page (which I think was taken from the obituary) they said he died of AIDS, then on Wikipedia they said a stroke. Most likely it was an AIDS related stroke.
  15. Teddy Wilson who was in 'Brother, Can You Spare That Jacket?' I was just rewatching this today and I had no idea he died. In the episode he tells Rose how tough it is out here because no one wanted to hire someone 54, but in reality he was about 44. He did look older than that, though, then when I read up on him it said he died of AIDS in 1991. That would make sense that he died at such a young age. Very sad.