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  1. S06.E03: Bad Boys

    @Vince: Yep I get all that. I don't it think it matters whether Voight asked. He still has some responsibility for Al being in this situation. Not that hard to follow. Since it appears we both watch the show, maybe we just disagree. Sometimes that happens with adults and they just move on. Like I will regardless of how many times you feel the need to reiterate facts not in dispute.
  2. S06.E03: Bad Boys

    Yes I'm well aware of the specifics as I watch the show too. Bottom line is Al got in this mess by helping Voight, who should have stepped in long before it got this far.
  3. S06.E03: Bad Boys

    That annoyed the crap out of me! I wanted to scream at the TV, "You got him killed asshole!!"
  4. S09.E3: Mind Games

    Jamie & Eddie is turning into "As the Precinct Turns" BLECCCHH!! While there might not be any hard and fast rule about "partners being married", I can assure you there are regulations in EVERY industry about boinking your boss, married/engaged or not!! They had a real chance of putting some realism into here and blew it! With Erin's bitchfest, I can see both sides. I've been in her position and she did handle it poorly, but he just blatantly ignored her. Was glad to see them both admit the were morons. What about Eddie's little payback at the dinner table? Part of me thought it was funny, the other part just stupid. I don' think any newly engaged person is going to act like that so early on. I know Jamie and her have been partners with feelings for each other for a long time, but it's not like they ever dated, so she is a serious newbie at those dinners. Just seemed really contrived.
  5. S01. E06. Gato/Mis

    He tried to get members of SOA indicted on RICO charges. I would imagine he's checking out the Mayans for the same reason.
  6. These stroll down memory lane episodes have outlived their usefulness! One per season is fine but doing 4 or 5 in a row is just boring!! How many "we're divorced but we're so cute and cool together" episodes are we supposed to suffer through?? They've also had the same clothes on for each one. Total gagfest!!
  7. S04.E02: When To Let Go (2)

    As soon as Jay spoke to his Dad that way, you knew he was going to die.
  8. S06.E02: Endings

    Atwater is looking awfully studly!! Did he lose weight ? I don't remember him being that hot last season. Or even last week, lol!
  9. S07.E02: Going to War

    That wussy little Grissom spy needs his ass kicked!
  10. S02.E02: The Prince and The Pauper

    Bell is such a smug bastard! You know that conviction will come back to bite him in the ass. I laughed a little that he referred to Hunter as the love of his life. If she was, his self preservation instinct kicked in pretty quick. So is Conrad's dad a decent guy or is he just trying to get his son to love him? Jury still out on that................
  11. S01.E01: Pilot

    Thanks! Couldn't think of the name.
  12. S01.E01: Pilot

    I think that is exactly what it will be! Reminds me of an old show with Kyle Chandler where he got the newspaper a day early and only had 24 hours to stop the headline from happening. Kind of a cross between that and Touched by an Angel. It's cute. I might get sick of it, but I'll probably watch a few times and see if it holds my interest.
  13. S07.E01: A Closer Eye

    I'm annoyed as hell to see Matt be such a wimp and encourage selish little Gabbitch to break his heart again. Au revoir!
  14. S06.E01: New Normal

    Really disappointing for a season opener. Voight walks away unscathed. Anne Heche is a terrible actress, totally unbelievable in that role. I wouldn't be surprised if Voight starts banging her. They will give him a love interest at some point. She will turn out to be just as shady as Bubba Gump. Not enough Trudy, but she is great in every scene she's in. I might be the only one who doesn't hate Upton, but she's just kind of there, like Halstead. Totally underwhelmed with this episode.
  15. S04.E01: Be My Better Half

    I didn't hate it, but that's as flattering as I can be! Reese blaming Dr. Charles is as messed up as it gets! He's been more to her than psycho Daddy ever was. I'm somewhat sorry to see her go because her character had potential, but such is life! Au revoir Reese! So will Manning and Halstead really get married? I have my doubts. IF they actially do, I hope Natalie doesn't kill him for trying to discourage Owen from slapping him in the face. That still annoys me from last season, lol. Really sick of the British bitch. I fast forward through a lot of her scenes, but end up going back and watching them because Connor is in them GRRR!