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  1. I'm assuming they meant Julianna Marguiles. I have read that she was a horrible person to work with in the latter seasons of Good Wife. So bad that her scenes with Archie Panjabi were filmed separately with a green screen and none of the cast talked to her. Don't know how much of that is true but there were too many stories about it for none of it to be true.
  2. S01.E01: Pilot / S01.E02: Tender Belly

    I really enjoyed this but I'm afraid it won't find it's audience and is doomed. I get so tired of getting into shows only to have them cancelled quickly with no resolution.
  3. S03.E02: In The Red 2018.06.05

    Marco!! That's who I think did it with Lucy's full knowledge. Probably doesn't matter now but I called him Javi in the opener thread and it didn't sound right. I think Lucy is ruthless enough to set Baz up.
  4. S03.E02: In The Red 2018.06.05

    Was it me or did this episode seem really disjointed? Maybe I need to pay attention better but it seemed like a bunch of unrelated scenes just thrown together.
  5. S03.E01: The Killing

    I can see how J wasn't all that broken up about Baz. Baz was awful to him and clearly stated that he didn't care if he was J's father. Now that Baz is out of he way, J is the clear leader and the only one not acting on pure emotion. Pope is unhinged, Craig is smoking hot but dumber than a door knob and Deran just wants out of this mess. Will be interesting to see the conflict with Dennis Leary, but I still wish Smurf was out of jail. My vote for who killed Baz is Javi, although part of me thinks that's too obvious.
  6. I'm gagging, but unfortunately I think you nailed it!
  7. S05.E22: Homecoming

    So what is your point? If it's Antonio hasn't crossed the line as much as Voight, no one here is disputing that. But to act like he's above question is incorrect and frankly pretty naive.
  8. S05.E22: Homecoming

    I guess it's subject to interpretation, but I don't see it as attacking him. Most, myself included are just pointing out the obvious hypocrisy in his actions. They ALL cross the line when it suits them.
  9. S05.E22: Homecoming

    Who said that?
  10. S01.E14: Total Eclipse of the Heart

    Wow! Bell has more stones than I gave him credit for!! I thought he was totally whipped! I did not see him turning her in at all. Wonder if this will drag out or if she'll just be gone next season?
  11. S08.E22: My Aim Is True

    Oh duh! I was so focused on the Jamie/Eddie thing I forgot all about the beginning. Thanks!
  12. S08.E22: My Aim Is True

    Who is Monica?
  13. S08.E22: My Aim Is True

    That's a good point! I thought he looked unhappy about it, but wasn't sure why.
  14. S08.E22: My Aim Is True

    As soon as Danny goes after Jamie, she will jump in like a mother hen. I don't think she's smart enough like Linda was to stay out of it.