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  1. Season 12: Good Riddance Lewin!

    Nora pissed me off even more than Serena in Equal Rights, why the fuck didn’t she use her authority and order McCoy to make a deal, even if it was more lenient than McCoy wanted. Taking that case to trial was stupid, a total waste of time on a case they didn’t have much of a chance to win. So many season 12 episodes had weak second halves after great first halves with Briscoe and Green, and Equal Rights is the best example of that. Nora+Serena was difficult to stomach in the second half, both were extremely soft for DA’s. Season 12 is actually one of my least favorite seasons as a result of Nora+Serena in the second half, and also some of the stories just seemed rather bland IMO, at least compared to other seasons.
  2. Oh yeah, World’s Fair. Like I said before, that’s the best season 6 episode IMO. I thought it was fine how they re-enacted the crime to get the worthless brother to confess and it provided great scenery in front of the sculpture.
  3. Which episode are we talking about?
  4. Here are some of the best episodes IMO Manhunt Legacy Painless Tangled Stolen Chat Room Folly Honor Remorse Angels Futility Resilience Soulless Mother Limitations And there are many other great ones as well, almost all of seasons 2-5 are rewatchable over and over and a lot of season 1 is as well, and 6/7/8 are pretty good as well. Seasons 9-12 sucked, then the show picked back up in 13, took a dip in 15, 16 was a slight improvement, 17 was good, 18 sucked, 19 was better but had issues. Here are some of the best of the more recent seasons Rhodium Nights/Lost Reputation/Above Suspicion Twenty Five Acts Girl Dishonored Learning Curve Valentine’s Day Criminal Hatred Traumatic Wound Institutional Fail Parole Violations Guardian Transgender Bridge The Undiscovered Country (just for McCoy+the tribute to Ben Stone) Here are some of the “so bad it’s good” episodes Wildlife Hammered Bully Bedtime Bang Wet And here are the worst of the worst episodes Branded Vanity’s Bonfire Swing Zebras Imposter Comic Perversion In Loco Parentis Intimidation Game Turmoil Anchor Paternity
  5. From The Pursuit of Happiness in season 4, when a case isn’t going well Schiff “Quick, lock the door, somebody might walk in with a case we can win!” and then Schiff to Stone a minute later “I wouldn’t count your chickens, your omelet just hit the fan!”. Schiff had some of the best and most memorable lines, he was awesome.
  6. Season 20 Spoilers & Speculation

    So far the only thing we know about season 20 is that Barba is returning for an episode, according to MH. That should be interesting, although after they completely destroyed Barba’s character I’m not that excited to see him again.
  7. Also Stone’s line in Chasing Demons after Benson asked if he was going to prosecute everyone there : “If they keep killing people!”. I loved Stone in that episode, like I say, Stone has been a terrific addition, he gave the legal side of the show the spark it needed after Barba got castrated, I just hope Stone continues to make his own decisions and put Benson in her place when the situation calls for it, and doesn’t become her BFF like Barba was.
  8. From Showtime, when McCoy is complaining about the TV analysts breaking down the trial Ross “Next time try the Cartoon Network” McCoy “That was the Cartoon Network!” Always makes me laugh. The 3 parter isn’t popular with a lot of people but I like it, I liked how the investigation and trial was more in depth and there were lots of funny quotes and memorable moments from each character. I disliked the Curtis personal shit, but other than that I liked the 3 parter. The closing lines are some of the best in L&O history Schiff “Take the rest of the week off” McCoy “It’s Friday Adam” Schiff “So it is. See you on Monday”.
  9. Great post and idea for a thread. Here is my recap and review of season 19 The Good Parts The wider variety of stories that were told. Season 18 was almost entirely he said/she said rape cases involving the rich and famous, this season dealt with a much wider array of cases and issues, which was very refreshing to see. More use of the other detectives besides Benson, it was nice to see them doing more work throughout the episodes than they did in season 18. The return of Jack McCoy! It was terrific to see such a legendary, great character back on for an episode, seeing him interact with Stone and Barba was awesome, although I wish we had seen him with Barba before Barba went off the deep end (more on Barba in a minute). But it was great to see McCoy again, and his eulogy of Ben Stone was especially good, and I was glad McCoy got referenced in a few other episodes. The return of other characters : Olivet, Warner, Dworkin, Cassidy, Cabot (although they shit the bed badly with Cabot), it was great to see familiar faces return. Peter Stone coming in. It has been very refreshing to have an ADA who will make his own decisions and stand up to Benson and not bow to her wishes. He has been a great addition and has strengthened the legal stuff and given it a new spark. The Bad Parts Benson. She’s completely unbearable now, a total self absorbed, condescending bitch to everyone who always has the same overdramatic expression on her face. I’m sick of her being front and center all the time, Mariska’s ego and constantly being on her soapbox is hurting the show badly. The Noah-Sheila storyline. Extremely predictable and completely pointless, just an attempt to give Benson more angst and drama, I’m sick of the brat taking up screen time and the whole storyline was stupid. The destruction of Barba. He had his balls chopped off by Benson and couldn’t do anything without her, and then he went off the deep end by pulling the plug on the baby. I hated what they did to him and how they ruined a great character. Best Moment McCoy’s eulogy of Ben Stone. A great tribute to a great character delivered by another great character. I do wish they had referenced Adam Schiff at some point in there. The best episode of the season was Guardian, that episode felt like a classic, strong SVU episode. Worst Moment The PSA at the end of No Good Reason. Getting your brains bashed in by a sledgehammer would be more subtle and less painful. It was the most out of place moment I’ve ever seen in the whole L&O franchise, and that’s saying something for a franchise with as many episodes as L&O has. It was painful to sit through, nothing more than a pathetic attempt to boost Mariska’s ego and make Benson look like a saint who could stop bullying with a single sermon. There are plenty of other bad moments, the season finale was chock full of them, the whole episode Gone Baby Gone was garbage, the shitting on Carisi in In Loco Parentis, the cartoonish depictions of political activists in Info Wars, the heavy handed political message in Flight Risk, but the PSA took the cake for awfulness.
  10. Eames being involved in the case was just too absurd to ignore, it doesn’t matter if she didn’t take Joe’s last name, it would still be in the file that they were married and a decent defense attorney would be able to discredit the investigation because of Eames’ involvement. The case was interesting, but it would’ve been better if Goren had worked Joe’s murder by himself or with help from Logan and Eames had stayed on the sideline.
  11. ION has started showing L&O again!!!! Awesome! Darwinian was on tonight, I love that episode. Unique in that it goes from the police to the legal stuff twice because of the reinvestigation of the murder after it was revealed the victim was dying before he was hit by the car. The trial was very interesting and I thought both McCoy and the defense lawyer made strong arguments over the interesting and difficult issue of the plight of the homeless and I thought McCoy’s closing argument about how if the jury acquitted they would be denying justice to the homeless was particularly strong. Also I love the line from the judge after the defense lawyer compares the witness to a dog : “Look behind you Ms Gardner. There’s the line”.
  12. Season 8: Our Guys Didn't Always Win

    The 2 lawyers in Divorce and their back and forth was very funny. Another strong episode in season 8, a lawyer trying to frame their client was a unique plot.
  13. Law & Order: SVU in the Media

    I will like seeing Barba again if he is more like he was before he became a spineless bitch, and if they give him scenes with the other SVU detectives and Stone, I will not like it if Barba’s whole appearance revolves around Benson and he’s the same as he was when he left and we have to see the nauseating Barson crap again. Either way it will be interesting to see what Barba is up to now that’s he left the DA’s office. And Mariska has officially lost all touch with reality. I mean just look at what she says in her interviews, she thinks she is saving rape victims everywhere just by playing Benson, and everyone involved with the show is forced to kiss her ass or they will be fired.
  14. Law & Order: SVU in the Media

    You’re completely wrong and have no understanding of the legal system. Barba has already been tried and acquitted in that case, and you can’t be tried twice for the same crime. Barba could come back any time for a guest appearance, I’m sure it will have nothing to do with his exit, he could be doing anything now. You sound completely clueless in this post.
  15. Law & Order: SVU in the Media

    So has anyone seen the interview with Mariska where she says Barba is returning for sure? That should be interesting, I look forward to seeing what Barba is doing after his departure, and I hope Barba has scenes with the other SVU detectives and Stone and not just Benson, I hated how Barba was reduced to being Benson’s puppet and had his character assassinated. What does everyone else think?