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  1. Season 20 Spoilers & Speculation

    Not everyone has to love the endless soap of Benson, Rollins and their boyfriends and brats. No one was being rude.
  2. S04.E04: Turn Down

    This is arguably the funniest episode of Major Crimes, I saw it again the other day, so much about this one is downright hilarious : Provenza, Flynn and Buzz in the patrol car, the ukulele pronunciation thing, the victim’s awful song and the squad’s reactions to it, all of the suspects involved were funny, the bride devouring the sandwich and Buzz comparing it to the python swallowing a wildebeest, the dad being more concerned about the costs and guests than anything else, the bride and groom both having slept with the victim, and then the dad’s confession “I have no memory of picking up the hair dryer, or throwing it in the tub. Or holding his head underwater until he went glub glub glub!”. So many funny lines in this episode, plus an interesting case and minimal Rusty, outstanding episode.
  3. Season 20 Spoilers & Speculation

    I don’t know if Giddish is pregnant again or not, but that would make sense as to why they are bringing on her ex, to show her next baby daddy. Rollins is a complete fuck up all around, but this show wants to appeal to female viewers who love soapy storylines, that’s why they write Rollins’ pregnancies in, this show wants to be the super mommy show with Benson and Rollins saving the world and playing super mommy, they want to show how wonderful motherhood is for some reason and I’m sure we will get some preaching about how Rollins having 2 baby daddies doesn’t make her a slut thrown in for good measure. I’m sick of the Benson/Rollins soap and the heavy handed agenda’s of this show.
  4. Season 20 Spoilers & Speculation

    I still watch because I’m a huge L&O fan and it’s the last remaining show in the franchise, but I have major issues with SVU now, I’m beyond sick of Benson and Rollins, they are both unlikable, self righteous, hypocritical stuck up assholes, and I’m sick of their brats getting so much screen time and their revolving door of boyfriends and how every man finds them attractive. I love Stone, Fin and Carisi, give us more of them please, but this show wants to appeal to soap opera loving females so Benson and Rollins are shoved down our throats.
  5. Season 20 Spoilers & Speculation

    I’m sick of the sex lives of Benson and Rollins and their revolving door of boyfriends and their fucking brats. I wish this show would go back to being about the cases and not super mommies Benson and Rollins. More of Carisi, Fin and Stone, less of the sex lives of Benson and Rollins.
  6. What didn’t you get about the son exactly? Conscience is a great episode, one of my favorites from season 3, very good plot, I liked the hospital interrogation scene where they played on Mark’s guilt and paranoia to get him to confess, I liked how we saw a bit more of Deakins and Carver in this one it seemed, and I liked how Goren and Eames went to New Orleans, one of the few times they went out of state.
  7. S02.E02: Part II

    I wondered if I was the only one who was suspicious of Heather’s dad, his presence seems rather pointless, just a plot tool for Ambrose to enter the storyline, I have to think he will be more essential to the plot somehow, I’ve wondered if he could be involved in the case somehow.
  8. S02.E02: Part II

    Very interesting so far, not too complicated to follow. I had a feeling from the start the 2 victims weren’t coming back, I just wonder if they were escaping or if they were planning some kind of suicide mission/terror attack. It’s very odd that there are no other children at the commune, that will definitely be a key plot point IMO. I’m not sure what exactly the mother is hiding but she definitely influenced Julian to change his story.
  9. Season 20 Spoilers & Speculation

    No, Dodds is the Deputy Chief of all the SVU units, he’s not in charge of all the detectives. That being said, I’m worried that this character will assume Dodds position and Dodds will be turned into a villain, I’m afraid they are going that route which I hate since I like Dodds. Interesting piece of news about season 20 : Mark Jefferies, Stone’s boss from Chicago Justice, is going to make an appearance on SVU this season! I look forward to seeing him interact with Stone again, I liked him on Justice.
  10. I was watching Brilliant Disguise tonight, and I thought that it was absurd how Cutter did not object during the defense attorneys cross examination of Robbie Vickery, the defendant’s colleague. While suggesting Vickery committed the murder, the defense attorney asked inflammatory questions and insulted the witness, and Cutter sat there and did raise any objections, I thought that was weak on Cutter’s part. Still a great episode, the storyline of the psychopath targeting escorts and claiming he was doing research on them was interesting, the investigation and trial were both good, the jury tampering plot was especially compelling, L&O didn’t do that type of storyline often and those were very interesting, always nice to get an appearance from Skoda, his insight is always terrific and McCoy’s quip about how many traits on the personality chart that Skoda was talking about did Cutter have after Cutter was hell bent on taking a shaky case to trial was funny. Lupo and Bernard’s discussion about the defandant’s interest in escorts was good as well, Lupo was always very open minded and never judged people’s behavior while Bernard was weirded out by it.
  11. From Human Flesh Search Engine Bernard to an anonymous caller harassing him : “Screw You” Van Buren “I take it that wasn’t your mother” Bernard “That was some guy calling me a Nazi. You know an hour ago I got a call from someone telling me I needed to go on a diet” Lupo “Maybe that was your mother!!”
  12. Indifference is about the only time I remember seeing how much a case upset Stone. Usually Stone was incredibly stoic and never showed his emotions about a case, always very professional and business like, but in this case he showed how disturbed and upset he was by the defendants actions. Great episode.
  13. The Rerun Thread: One Interview at a Time

    We never know much about where these characters were before Priority Homicide was created, but I’m pretty sure Provenza, Flynn, Tao and Sanchez all knew each other for a while, they all seemed very familiar with each other when the show started. Anyway later episodes of both this show and Major Crimes showed the close bond between Provenza and Sanchez many times, so I didn’t find their dialogue odd or unusual, Provenza made many wiseass remarks, although I’m not sure if he would’ve made a racial remark to other minority members of the squad. And yeah Sanchez’ retort was a crack at Provenza’s age, and it wasn’t the only time Julio made a joke about it, remember when they visited the nursing home and Provenza was morosely looking around and Julio quipped “don’t worry Lieutenant, I’ll come visit you!” I found Brenda to be acting arrogantly and selfishly in this episode, and her selfishness was the main thing I disliked about her, she ignored everyone around her and only focused on her own agenda, something which Fritz and Pope called her out on many times.
  14. The Rerun Thread: One Interview at a Time

    How did you find Provenza racist in this one? Provenza and Julio’s dialogue at the squadroom was very funny IMO “How did you get here Sanchez?” ”Your daughter drove me” I love the Provenza/Sanchez relationship, my favorite of the show. I have to say, it seemed like Julio had more of a sense of humor and was less uptight in the older episodes, he became more serious and reserved as time went on, his humor occasionally showed but he was a lot more laid back in the early seasons. I agree about finding Brenda annoying in this episode with her blowing off the fender bender situation as if she was too important for it.
  15. The Rerun Thread: One Interview at a Time

    Gabriel was kissing Brenda’s ass from the start, that’s what he was, a massive ass kissing suck up. I just have to disagree about the characters being awful in the first season, aside from Taylor and Flynn (although I still found Flynn likable at times). I liked them all, despite their initial resentment towards Brenda, I just don’t see how you found them awful. How were Tao, Sanchez and Daniels awful? I know you disliked Provenza’s politically incorrect remarks but Provenza stays that way. Who called Brenda a bitch besides the prick who was working with Flynn in the pilot episode (to which Brenda responded “if I liked being called a bitch to my face I would still be married!”)? I just disagree about the characters being awful, I don’t think that resenting Brenda at the start (a lot of which Taylor had no doubt manipulated) made them awful characters.