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  1. S20.E05: Accredo

    Very boring and bland episode after last week’s strong outing. I found myself not really caring about what happened, it was obvious the cult leader was going to be behind it all from the start, that the ex boyfriend was a red herring, and that a women was going to be the killer because the victim was raped with a foreign object/no semen. All extremely predictable and I just found myself bored. Extreme focus on Benson and Rollins and I don’t give a fuck about either, we had Noah throwing a tantrum, Benson’s physical issues, and a ton of dreck about the awful Rollins pregnancy storyline. I’m so sick of Rollins, she’s an unprofessional screw up who has no business being a cop, much less an SVU detective, I’m so sick of the super single mommies show, Benson and Rollins chewed up a ton of screen time, and I loathed the last 15 minutes of mindless, preachy “female empowerment” garbage, it was designed to put Benson and Rollins on a pedestal but all it did was nearly put me to sleep. One thing that was glaring in this episode was how few characters there are now. The absence of Stone was inexplicable, he should’ve been there to consult on the case, especially towards the end, and also it was notable how we had no ME/CSU person, we really needed an ME to tell us the circumstances surrounding the victim’s death, but instead we just had the squad talking about the ME’s report, they really need recurring characters to pop up in these roles, it’s nice that we finally have a recurring psych expert but we need the ME and CSU people back. But because the show is so focused on giving Benson and Rollins and their personal drama a boatload of screen time, we have no room for other recurring characters. The only strong part of the episode was Fin and Carisi, I would like a whole episode of just them investigating a case, they are awesome and it was nice to have some scenes of them together but they disappeared at the end. The only good thing coming from the Rollins pregnancy storyline maybe that we get more of Fin and Carisi out in the field with Rollins sidelined. I would’ve much rather had a scene of Fin and Carisi at the Knicks game instead of the Benson and Rollins personal drama!! Overall a boring filler episode that was a massive dropoff from last week’s strong episode.
  2. S01.E04: Crossfire

    I’m enjoying the show, although I am tired of the mass casualty cases, 3 of the first 4 episodes have been that, episode 3, the human trafficking case, was the best because it was more unique and realistic. That being said I enjoy the show, the excellent chemistry between the characters and the fast paced, all case focused nature of the show keeps me interested.
  3. S20.E05: Accredo

    Sounds like an interesting episode, definitely based on NXIVM. No Peter Stone sucks though, it isn’t Law and Order with no courtroom/legal stuff.
  4. I’m watching season 18 on WE today, and I have to say I don’t like the episode Bogeyman very much, I think the episode would’ve been much better if the main villains had been the Systemotics cult, it seemed like the writers were afraid to go after a cult based on Scientology, which is strange considering they’ve gone after groups like that as well as prominent figures many times. I also disliked how Cutter pretended to be in Systemotics at the end to manipulate the killer into pleading guilty, that was underhanded and unethical IMO. I also wished they had given a little bit more time to Bernard coming over to Homicide from IAB, instead we just got a couple of comments, I wish we had known how long he had been there with this being his first episode as a regular. The episode had an interesting premise but it could’ve been executed a lot better IMO.
  5. F.B.I. in the Media

    This is terrible news, Rick Eid is one of the worst showrunners ever, he was in charge for the god awful season 18 of SVU, then he got sent to Chicago PD and wrecked that show, he was also one of the head writers of season 17 of the original L&O which was the worst season of that show. He’s a disaster and he could very well ruin this show. Just awful news.
  6. Law & Order: SVU in the Media

    I’m pissed that SVU isn’t on Wednesday’s anymore either, Dick Wolf and NBC screwed this show in favor of the shitty Chicago franchise. Wednesday at 9 was a much better time slot than what SVU has now.
  7. S20.E04: Revenge

    This was way better than last week and better than the premiere as well, it felt like a classic SVU in many ways. I loved seeing a good investigation with a lot of twists and turns, everybody playing a role, Fin and Carisi each had some great scenes, I want more of them working together, they are awesome. Nice to see Stone being an ADA and not Benson’s lapdog and doing his own job separate from Benson, after last weeks Puppet Stone, it was great to see him back to his normal self, I’m hoping last week was just a one time thing and Stone remains a strong prosecutor and not what we saw last episode. No Noah and no Al/Rollins pregnancy drama was very refreshing. My issues with the episode were : The constant scenes of Benson reassuring the victims, it felt like a PSA and an attempt to boost up Mariska/Benson and make her look like the patron saint of all rape victims, one scene would’ve been fine, but we had it least 3 of the same scenes. Mariska needs to tone down her facial expressions, her over dramatic acting is laughable, especially her look at the end when she found out the perp had called the wrong number. And Staines not telling her client to shut up at the end when the perp went on a rant, she’s a sharp lawyer and she would’ve told him to shut up, I bought that the perp would lash out at Carol given his years of resentment and obsession with her, but Staines should’ve done everything in her power to keep her client quiet. Overall this was a good episode that felt like a classic SVU storyline : good investigation with good twists, nice use of all the characters, no personal soaps, no political preaching and not much St Olivia worship. It’s nice to see that SVU can still deliver a strong episode.
  8. Season 20 Spoilers & Speculation

    I’m so sick of Rollins getting all the focus along with Benson. Peter Stone won’t even be in this episode apparently, but we get subjected to Rollins personal shit again. I dislike Rollins, she’s unethical and unprofessional, and I’m sick of her being shoved down our throats while Fin and Carisi are shoved to the background and Stone isn’t even in every episode. They should just rename the show “Super Single Mommies Fighting Crime” because that’s what it’s become.
  9. S01.E03: Prey

    I just found Jubal’s persona in that scene entertaining, he was quite good in that undercover role, his comment about getting a rebate if it takes him less than an hour made me laugh, I want to see Jubal in the field more. I don’t find the show to be nearly as dark as others do, and I thought last nights episode was by far the best so far, the case felt much more realistic and was very compelling, and the characters all gel together very well and are enjoyable to watch.
  10. S01.E03: Prey

    Jubal undercover at the motel was by far the funniest moment of the show so far, that was awesome!! I would like a bit more lightness to the show, but I like the focus on the cases and investigations and I like all of the characters and they gel together well so I will definitely keep watching the show.
  11. S01.E03: Prey

    This was by far the best episode so far. Case was very good, felt much more realistic than the mass casualty terrorism stuff from the first 2 episodes, human trafficking is a major issue that doesn’t get much attention so it was nice to see them focus on that. I liked the case a lot, the investigation flowed nicely and realistically and this was the most interesting plot so far IMO. I loved seeing Jubal get out in the field and go undercover. There isn’t much humor, but I don’t find the show to be overly bleak and I like all the characters, they gel very well together, and the dialogue is good.
  12. S16. E03. Boom

    Not to get overly political, but I disliked the anti privacy propaganda, the 4th Amendment exists for a reason and it’s a great thing, it isn’t good for the authorities to know everything about everyone, and I don’t like the propaganda implying that the 4th Amendment is a bad thing. The case was decent enough, McGee’s reactions were funny, I missed Ducky a lot though, NCIS just isn’t the same without him, and it seems they’ve decreased the ME’s role, Palmer wasn’t on much tonight. I’m still liking Kasie much better than Abby, she doesn’t do the childish behavior crap, and it’s nice to have Gibbs back in the lab, it was very unnatural how they kept him out of it all of last season because the actors couldn’t be professional enough to do their jobs. Nice to see Vance back in action and involved with the case, but what’s with the woman who’s apparently working with someone stalking Vance?
  13. S20.E3: Zero Tolerance

    A squad leader cannot let their emotions dictate their decision making, and that’s what Benson does. She is clearly unfit to be a squad leader, she uses her position to push an agenda, she micromanages her detectives and she generally behaves like an unprofessional, unethical, unstable shithead. They’ve convieniently forgotten the existence of both Dodds and McCoy, because they would call them out on some of the crap they are pulling, Dodds would be livid at Benson for arresting an agent for doing his job and even more so at Benson’s courtroom meltdown, and McCoy wouldn’t let Stone defend an arrest with no merit and would tell him to tell the SVU’s detectives to not bring the DA’s office cases that they couldn’t win. The only good part of this season has been Fin and Carisi, they are awesome and I want more of them working cases together. The only good part of Rollins being pregnant is that she will be out for a few episodes, hopefully as a result we will get more of Fin and Carisi working cases together. Other than them, this season has been a regression from season 19 so far, not as bad as 18 though.
  14. Oh I don’t know about that, it seems like they are still going to be pushing the Benson/Stone ship, Stone seems to be quickly turning into a Benson puppet, I’m still expecting more of the Benson/Stone relationship.
  15. Yeah the characters were interesting enough, but I found the plot to be overly complicated and contrived, a promising start but it turned into a convoluted, confusing case. Not one of season 1’s best outings, but not it’s worst either, one of the lesser ones of the stellar first season though.