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  1. Law & Order: SVU in the Media

    Good, I don’t care to ever see or hear about Stabler again, I never liked him, he was a self righteous bully who got off on violating people’s rights, I was never a fan of him and he got worse as the seasons went on. The first 2 seasons without Stabler were the best seasons SVU had had in years.
  2. S20.E10: Alta Kockers

    Stone was awesome for all of last season, but this season he’s been uneven and we’ve seen almost as much of him drinking and womanizing as we have of him in the courtroom, he’s no longer as objective or as much of a hardass, he’s been inconsistent, he isn’t a Benson bot yet but he’s shown signs of becoming one, I want Stone to be the objective prosecutor who isn’t afraid to challenge Benson or call SVU out if they behave unprofessionally.
  3. Yeah I think a lot of people were irritated with how Robinette had changed when he returned. He was awesome when he was an ADA, I really didn’t like how he became a massive race baiter when he returned, I wish his personality had remained the same.
  4. I saw Good Faith as well, it’s actually one of the more interesting season 17 episodes IMO, I disliked the daughter as well with how she scapegoated the teacher, but I had some sympathy for her as I think her nutjob father really fucked her up with his rants about demons being everywhere and her mother burning in hell. And yeah I loathe the self righteous Melnick, she always took on some of the most repugnant clients and had a very self serving agenda, her defense of justifiable homicide because the victim was teaching the killer’s daughter evolution was beyond preposterous, the daughter can make up her own mind how the world was created, religious people always make a big deal about having free will, and yet the defense was acting Iike the victim was controlling the daughters brain, not to mention how absurd it is that god would punish someone for not believing in creationism when there are millions and millions of people who don’t have any religious beliefs at all that are doing just fine, as McCoy stated. The whole thing was ludicrous and crap like that is why I abandoned religion.
  5. Since Robinette did return as a defense attorney a few times, they could’ve had a scene of him and Lupo together. I don’t know if this is an unpopular opinion or not, but I never cared for Robinette when he returned as a defense attorney, while it was nice to see him, I didn’t like how much of an angry race baiter he had become.
  6. S20.E10: Alta Kockers

    I disagree that Stone lacks charisma, I think he has personality, he reminds me somewhat of a father but he’s a bit more visibly passionate. And I think his by the book style and how he won’t tolerate unprofessional behavior is very popular amongst fans who are sick of unprofessional crap from Benson and SVU and no one calling out Benson or disagreeing with her, so I think a lot of fans find Stone to be a breath of fresh air because of that.
  7. Season 17 on WE today, this was hands down the worst season of L&O, not only was there the terrible Detective Beauty Queen but the writing was just clunky and off in most of the episodes. For example, Talking Points was just on, really weak episode, it seemed like it was just trying to be as outrageous as possible for the sake of shock value without having any intelligent dialogue, it just threw in a bunch of controversial political statements and cartoonish characters without an ounce of nuance or interesting dialogue. The defense attorney throwing out slurs at the jury would result in an immediate mistrial and sanctions against the defense lawyer. And I didn’t like how sympathetic they seemed to the Ann Coulter expy, they seemed to let her spew her talking points without any pushback because of the way the case was the killer being against the right wing pundit so the DA’s had to make her look like less of an asshole. And McCoy saying at the end that he didn’t talk politics was bullshit, he had never shied away from giving his opinion on issues before, that was just the writers not wanting him to give his opinion. Usually L&O dealt with controversial subjects with nuance and didn’t try to be outrageous just for the sake of being outrageous, that wasn’t the case in a lot of season 17, it frequently tried to be as controversial as possible just for shock value, and the writing was clunky and weak, the twists didn’t work well usually, and the episodes just weren’t well written and didn’t seem to have the realism of earlier episodes. I did like the legal side with McCoy/Rubirosa/Branch and there were a few good episodes, but it was definitely L&O’s weakest season, I’m really glad it avoided cancellation and the show improved drastically starting in season 18.
  8. S20.E10: Alta Kockers

    I thought Stone was a great addition when he first came on, a by the book ADA who didn’t tolerate unprofessional behavior and wasn’t afraid to disagree with Benson or call SVU out, I loved when he tore into Benson in Chasing Demons for hiding Cassidy out in her apartment. Unfortunately since his sister’s death, Stone has softened, he’s shown signs of being a Benson bot at times, he hasn’t gotten a lot to do in court, he’s spent a lot of his time drinking and hooking up with random women, and he was unprofessional in Exile. I’m hoping in the second half of the season Stone becomes like the season 19 Stone and doesn’t become a full on Benson bot, but I’m not confident in it. I think because of Hargitay’s influence, everything has to revolve around St Olivia and she always has to be right, and they don’t want another character to become more popular than Benson while having conflict with her, so they’ve softened Stone.
  9. S06.E09: Descent

    It’s Chicago Justice. And yes I know that’s why they brought him back, but it just didn’t make sense, they could’ve written it in a much more compelling way but the writing sucks now and they didn’t even explain why Antonio wanted to leave the SA’s office.
  10. S06.E09: Descent

    I am so glad that I never watch this show anymore, Eid is a god awful showrunner and I’m so thankful he left SVU after season 18 so he couldn’t do anymore damage there, and from what it sounds like he’s completely ruined this show, I know the episodes I saw last season were terrible, and this season sounds worse from what I’ve heard, more and more “family in danger” plots, predictable romance shit and a cartoon character bureaucrat who’s out to get Voight. And now they’ve turned Antonio into a killer! Not surprising, they seem to want to prop Voight up on a pedestal and take away anyone’s credibility that questions his character. I don’t even know why they brought Antonio back, it didn’t make sense why he would leave the SA’s office. I think this show doesn’t have much steam left in it, but never underestimated how much people will swallow shitty TV.
  11. S20.E10: Alta Kockers

    Everything has to revolve around Benson and Rollins, even when the focus should be on the plot.
  12. S20.E10: Alta Kockers

    Last season we had a lot of Mothership tie ins : McCoy’s appearance in The Undiscovered Country and several more references to him, Ben Stone’s funeral, 2 appearances from Olivet, 2 appearances from Dworkin. This season we’ve had nothing, not even a reference to McCoy, and Dodds hasn’t even been mentioned and he’s an SVU character from recent seasons. I think this is because they want to give Benson all of the screen time and authority, they don’t want anyone to be above her, so she can say things like “if you won’t do it, I’ll find an ADA who will” to Stone in Zero Tolerance about prosecuting the agent, as if Benson is in charge of the ADA’s and can do whatever the hell she wants. All of the focus has to be on Benson, and when it’s not on Benson it’s on Rollins drama or Stone drinking. Fin and Carisi are the sole bright spots of the show, and they get the least amount of screen time. I could watch a whole episode of just them solving a case.
  13. S20.E10: Alta Kockers

    Not only have we not had a McCoy appearance, we haven’t even had a McCoy reference!! It’s pathetic how they won’t even mention Stone talking to him. We also haven’t had a reference to Dodds even though it’s obvious he would be involved in some of their cases, especially when Benson arrested a federal agent for doing his job. All of this just shows that they don’t want even mention any character with more authority than St Olivia because this is the Olivia Benson hour and they want Benson to have all of the power and attention.
  14. S20.E10: Alta Kockers

    I don’t find anything about it strange, the legal stuff just adds another layer to Carisi’s character, Detective Lupo on the Mothership was studying the law as well and would sometimes add legal insight. I’ve never found SVU to be “completely ridiculous”, sure some of the plots have been such as the monkeys in basketballs and stuff like that but overall the show does try to keep an air of realism and having Carisi become the ADA with no courtroom experience would be the show jumping the shark.
  15. S20.E10: Alta Kockers

    Once again I will explain, Carisi wouldn’t start out as the ADA for SVU, that’s a prominent position that only someone with some courtroom experience would get, he would start out at a lower position and then he could become a lead prosecutor after he got some experience. So switching Carisi over to being the ADA would be incredibly unrealistic. Besides, Carisi seems to like where he is now, and I think the law school subplot was to give Carisi more background and to show that he has an interest in and is knowledgeable about the law, and can provide legal insight into SVU’s cases, I like that aspect of Carisi.