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  1. Or that he smells.
  2. Wendy is on the Dr Oz Show this morning. She is “taking on” the K2 epidemic. K2 is a synthetic marijuana. She calls Dr Oz...Oz. She doesn’t use his title Dr. As expected she began crying and asked for QTips. She was handed a tissue but they brought in “special” QTips for her, which she was given. Gee, I wish that Dr Oz had addressed her usage of those to curb her crying. She was very emotional and teared up a lot. There’s something disingenuous about her interview but I can’t put my finger on it. Ah, to promote the Hunter Foundation. The drug sounds dangerous so I’m at least glad that she is trying to up the public’s knowledge about it. The chemicals used to mimic pots high range from opioids to rat poison (which causes internal bleeding). Also Kraton, a drug you can buy at Walmart or Amazon. On the street they call it spice. It’s marketed as incense as well. Anyway my eyes were opened up. I had no idea of how bad and how many people whose lives are being ruined or killed (OD’d) by its use. Drugs sure have changed from the 60’s. I’m clueless now. I may dislike a lot about Wendy but I’m glad she’s trying to spread this news. It may save a life.
  3. I would have thought that/there would have been more coverage of her being her on our local channels, but I might see something later. Then again they don’t want fans showing up as the shelters already have enough chaos.
  4. What's Your Poison?: Beer, Wine and Spirits

    @DeLurker I used to live in Scotland. You have already gotten a lot of great choices. Bunnahabhain is good too. Here is a choice that is not so peaty. (The ones from Islay are very good but have a strong peat aftertaste.) This one is milder. People who don’t normally like Whisky tend to enjoy it. It is most excellent. Also Glenmorangie Cellar 13 is absolutely divine. If you go for a MaCallan just know that the 10 year old is better than the 12 year old. You would think it’s the other way around but for this brand it isn’t although tastes will vary.
  5. What's For Dinner?

    I’ve had a week of very good food especially considering we were going through a hurricane and clean up (no electricity) So many foods had defrosted that we didn’t want to waste, so we had mixed grills, a lasagna pulled out of a neighbor’s freezer (she had evacuated), burgers, salads and a dessert every night. Tonight someone is coming back into town and bringing a honey baked ham, salads (we are all hungry for green as the stores had to toss all their produce and supply trucks are now beginning to make it down on back roads as the main highway is still closed due to flooding), breads, beer and wine. We made cheeseburgers and potatoes last night but I’m really ready to make something with some spice. I’ve had enough grill food for now. Hmmm...maybe Indian tomorrow night or a stir fry.
  6. @KungFuBunny I just played the kitty GoT video you posted and got some serious side eye from girl cat. I suspect she thinks that she has a better voice.
  7. I didn’t think that you were being rude. I apologize. I’m sorry if I came out as rude because that certainly wasn’t my intention. Trouble with posting sometimes is that people can’t hear your tone of voice or how you mean something when you say it. I just don’t do Facebook or Instagram because personally I don’t want my information out there and I also believe that she couldn’t give two hoots about what I think that my area needs or wants. I maybe wrong and in this case would certainly hope that I am. I like that she wants to help people and that she’s doing more than just opening her mouth. She is trying to help and all help at this time is appreciated. Please don’t leave us @VioletHues. Your opinions are important and count too. P.S. I watched the noon news and no mention of BF. I have the 24 hour local news station on in the background and am still listening for a mention of her. It might hit the later news.
  8. I’m not on Instagram and am not going to open an account to try and get in touch with BF. There are all kinds of needs in this town. Different areas have different needs. Im sure she’ll hit home base with some. There’s a lot more helicopters flying about today. She’s probably having a tour as I write.
  9. Someone should have just told Bethenny to get female products at the local Costco. They have rows of it. It’s open but has a few Deputy’s around as there have been robberies. A local jewelry store lost their stock so security is being beefed up around town. I’ll be watching the noon news to see if BF has made it here. Oh, and solar lights will work real well under the water lol!
  10. Pet Peeves

    I keep my in the refrigerator. It seems to keep it longer without drying out.
  11. Chit-Chat

    I hope that they fare well. There’s better access to Southport than Wilmington if they use Rt 17. Actually it doesn’t matter where you are. This is a big mess. Areas are full of confusion (who is supposed to help whom) and it will take awhile for things to begin to run smoothly again. PM me if they are in need. I will help them if possible.
  12. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    @DragonFaerie You just gave such good advice. Although it’s a toughie to admit this in the south I began as a Yankee, and have been through blizzards and rough times. You really learn how to be practical and deal with the basics. Thx for all your hints and help. Peeve: We found out tonight that 300 gallons of fuel and pumps were hoarded by board members at their homes and then they left! The mismanagement is unbelievable. Others are still suffering with their homes under water and without these pumps and fuel they are out of luck. My heroes (the men in my neighborhood) have gone out, bought gas and used their pumps to help others while the powers that Be seem to be on vacation. I’m not joking. They literally abandoned us. We got a notice that they won’t even open until next week. I’m ok. My street watches after their own. Karma might just bite them where it hurts. In the meantime I have been bonding with people and just so grateful. I’m sorry that I post so much but unless you have been there it’s hard to explain how these times test you. All of our tempers and patience are almost shot. We are all weary. Yet again we had dinner with people (I cooked and cleaned with my beau) and feel fortunate just to be able to sit at night and feel part of something greater than us.
  13. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    Update: Just got word that they are going to have to shut our power off again and this time until Sunday. Urgh. We found a road that wasn’t flooded (lots of homes have been flooded and tees are down...as in on roofs). Got to a grocery store and I’m so glad that it was so busy (and so many items are sold out) that I only got enough to feed the neighbors tonight so I won’t face another spoilage in my refrigerator. Tonight is roasted potatoes and cheeseburgers. No fresh greens for salad but did get onion and tomatoes for the burgers). Gas stations have long lines. They stop traffic on some roadways because there’s nowhere else for them to go and line up. The tornado was worse than I thought. So many trees are down. The men in my neighborhood have gone out to help. We call them the chainsaw brigade. I live amongst a lot of selfless people. The older men who can’t do the physical work have gone to get gas for generators and equipment. Anyone who can do anything helps. Wilmington is still cut off from the major roadways because of flooding. There are some backroads...if you know the countryside. With a lot of them being only one way due to obstruction this makes it difficult to get supplies in. There are also selfish people. They take everything they can get their hands on and I have one neighbor who won’t share because “he” has to be safe and have his needs met...sometimes to the detriment of others (like when we had no fuel for the generators and he had 10 five gallon containers of fuel but wouldn’t let one go to the others. Needless to say he hasn’t been invited to our get togethers. He is missing the best fellowship of all. Breaking bread (literally). Sad for him, but it is his choice. Water doesn’t seem to be an issue. The public utilities were running out of fuel (meaning they were going to shut our water off) but they did find a source and provide potable water. You can smell the chlorine. I prefer not to drink it. I have 2 cases and 3 gallons left as well as ginger ale and wine. All of it is subject to sharing. I took the head of our HOA and his wife a bottle each of their favorites. He drinks red. She drinks white. I’d love to begin a go fund me page for them. They haven’t even touched the downed trees (tornado) in their yard because they have been out helping others. They lost 2k of landscaping that they cannot afford to redo. Why is it that sometimes the best get hit with the worst and like Job they just keep moving forward? They are our hero’s. The local tv station always brags about their weather and news app but it takes so much power that you can’t get it to work without WiFi. The NOAA app has been our best friend. It’s free and shows radar. We have radios but even NPR doesn’t devote a lot of air time with helpful news or telling people where to go for help. When the cable works we all get info. It’s kind of a free for all. We just take care of our own then spread out. The kitties are fine. They are spoiled with their usual food. Big boy went into the closet with me during the tornado but little girl didn’t join. That’s worrisome but I’m hoping she was smart enough to get under my bed. That’s his usual spot. I’m surprised actually that he joined me and gave me comfort (must have been the large amount of petting lol). Rotten I tell you, spoiled rotten. My daughter is 40-50 miles inland as the crow flies. She’s has worse flooding but they are out helping their neighbors. Her husband was an Eagle Scout, as is my grandson, and they are doing their organization proud. They are living off of a generator as they have no electricity. It’s too rural to expect it to come on anytime soon. I’m concerned but not too worried. This isn’t their first hurricane and they are well versed in what to do. (I must have done something right as a mother!). I’m sorry if this offends anyone but they all know how to hunt and can probably survive through most anything. They never hunt for sport. Only for food. Speaking of which...I saw someone returning to their home in Wilmington. With an assault rifle in hand. Gee. Traffic is better than expected. A lot of lights are out but people give right of way and there weren’t too many clog ups. @Happyfatchick I hope this answers many of your questions. I’m enjoying the cool while I can and then I’m cooking the dinner tonight. I finally got a good sleep last night but the temp was in the 90’s and the humidity in the 80’s today and more of the same expected for tomorrow. Just miserable outside. Also thanked all the crews working to give us power that came in from NY and Ohio. They too are our heroes. If y'all lose me again it’s a power issue and I’ll shoot @walnutqueen updates. Everyone be well. Heal. Get strong. Be happy. Stay safe and know that I care about each and every one of you. Brat.
  14. All Episodes Talk: How You Doing?

    I’m happy to read your thoughts. I just got power back (hurricane and tornado). I’ve missed all of you but not her.
  15. She would make local news if she did come. I’ll let y’all know if she does. If I can I’ll go get a photo for y’all. This area has a lot of people badly effected by flooding and wind damage.