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  1. S05.E15 Reunion Part 1 2018.07.19

    @dosodog There is also a common denominator. TRav. I will show Ashley some respect when she earns it. Right now she still seems to be making poor decisions and I can’t abide someone who is disrespectful to their patients by filming them on SM for any reason (without their written informed consent).
  2. S04.E06: Episode 6 2018.07.22

    He sent her a gift card that would have also included enough money to cover Joanie’s fare, had she been able to go. Allison probably could have afforded business class but she was saving the rest of the ticket money for Joanie to probably use in the future. He didn’t have to give her the card to begin with. He was trying to be nice. Allison didn’t ask him for it.
  3. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    I must have seen an edited version because that was funny and I would have remembered it. Thank you for posting it for us.
  4. Pet Peeves

    Cooking with her just yields results like the cucumber incident. I’m beginning to think she likes the attention of all of us fussing and doing her biddings food wise. When she changes what she is inclined to eat in the middle of a meal that means someone has to stop eating their dinner and go to the stove to redo with her new choice. We have all taken turns at cold meals. I think she’s smart enough to know what she’s doing. That she enjoys manipulating everything to stop and focus on her. I truly love the child but some days it’s hard for me to like her (more because of her actions than who her personality is). Forgive me. This is not the type of adult (manipulator) I want to see her grow up into. As she grows older and faces peer pressure I’m sure she’ll change some of these behaviors. I apologize for taking up so much room on this peeve thread. See, she’s still ‘winning’.
  5. All Episodes Talk: How You Doing?

    Perhaps Wendy gave him an award for being so generous. Thanks for trying to research it for us.
  6. Pet Peeves

    That’s how I rationalized his $50O spending spree on 3 bathing suits, a cute tee shirt and a dress/beach coverup. Ha...I don’t afford myself hundred dollar swimsuits and I’m done growing. I have tried the cooking suggestion you provided. She’s so used to being entertained that it lasts about 5-8 minutes. On the other half of the coin all of my grandies can cook to some modicum because they were allowed to play in the kitchen with my daughter and me. I don’t want to be a negative Nancy. I think after this two week breather I’ll get over this and try again with some of everyone’s suggestions. She might even be less manipulative because it’s her mother that she primarily lives with and therefore not always able to get her own way. It must be terrible these days to be a divorced person with children. Kids have mastered manipulation at an early age and use it to get what they want. Seems no matter how hard the parents try someone always can find fault. I don’t want to find fault anymore. I’m going to have to change my inner narrative to just being grateful to have this adorable little person in my life and let her parents worry about food, growth and nutrition.
  7. S04.E06: Episode 6 2018.07.22

    That was my exact thought. I agree with Helen that Allison needs to change her inner dialogue to not being helpless and a victim. As it was Allison’s point of view (what happened on the plane and even she said to Noah in the car ride that she sometimes has trouble separating fact from fiction) about that other passengers come on that it might have just been him being friendly but she read it as a come on. I think what got her into trouble was her reaction as it pushed her other elderly lady seatmate into the isle and that she was clutching her head. That’s what others saw and judged I disliked the smirking teen that was videoing Helen sitting in the jump seat being restrained. We have lost our privacy when others can film us and post it without our expressed permission. This was about as nice as I can remember seeing Helen in many episodes. I think she was honest with Allison and not mean spirited especially considering their history. I really thought that Anton’s Dad was going to give Noah a punch in the face. He seemed menacing. I will be interested to see if Anton is going to be angry at Noah for sharing his essay with his mother and opening up that can of worms.
  8. Pet Peeves

    @DeLurker No we don’t live together. We have homes next door to each other. We are used to eating together every night. He usually cooks but he got mad because all she wanted was pasta with butter and Parmesan cheese (a lot of it) sprinkled on top. He gave up. Due to his frustration I point blank asked the child what she wanted to eat. Then I’d shop and fix or cook it how she wanted. I understand why he got mad (and ultimately frustrated me) is that you go to a lot of time and work to give her what she wants and then it’s 1-3 bites. A half hour later he Dad rewards her by going for ice cream or Reece’s peanut butter cups. All she wants is sugary junk food. Her Dad took her out to lunch. She wanted grilled cheese. He cut the crusts off as per her and she had one bite and declared it wasn’t what she wanted after all. So an order of pasta with butter and cheese was next. Again one bite. He didn’t want to buy her a third lunch so they left. Then soon after she wanted candy and ice cream plus a bakery stop for cupcakes. As I stated she is malnourished, underweight and height for her age. As a former nurse I’m scared that she is not getting what she needs to develop properly. To help you understand how she is enabled here’s another example. She walks on her tippy toes. Her pediatrician wanted her to wear special shoes and braces at night to fix the problem. Of course there was no compliance so nothing is changed. She’s spoiled rotten. Everyone bends over backwards to get her what she wants and because she’s been allowed to do this for so long nothing ever changes and she rules the roost. I appreciate your suggestion about veggie and fruit platters but she won’t eat it or just one bite. I’ve never in years seen her eat fruit. I have given up. I meant well but since nothing is ever good enough I’m bowing out. She’s coming back in 2 weeks with her Mom for a week and I might have to only be partially available. “I’m sorry, I had previous plans to dine out with one of my girlfriends”. My finicky cats are easier to feed!
  9. Pet Peeves

    @BookWoman56 and @Katy M Thank you both for your kind and thoughtful words.
  10. What's For Dinner?

    Thank goodness. It’s been a hot one and I’m ready for more soups and roasts.
  11. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    That is a terrible diagnosis. My heart goes out to anyone who gets tagged with it.
  12. Pet Peeves

    I apologize ahead of time but I need to vent. My guys son and granddaughter have been visiting for four days. She looks malnourished and weighs 48 lbs at the age of ten. Barely a size 7. She doesn’t eat vegetables and is allowed to eat junk. Only junk. The only Mac and cheese she’ll eat is Kraft. She barely picks at nutritious food and then gets rewarded with Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups and ice cream. I tried to approach her Dad and he got LOUD and shut me down real fast. I apologized and told him that it wasn’t my business and I’d not bring it up again. Wow. Since when do 10 year olds rule their families? I had made steak, mashed potatoes (I omitted sour cream and chives because she won’t eat anything green) and asparagus (I know...green but everyone else loves the way I cook it). I offered to make corn on the cob but my guy said no that it was too much starch. I was just searching for something that would pique her interest. Last night she said that she was hungry for cucumbers so I got some Persian ones (the small flavorful ones) and after she poured half a bottle of Ranch dressing on it she ate one small slice. Tonight I just wanted to make a meal that she would eat more than two bites of (no exaggeration). She chose the menu. Again she ate 3 bites and then wanted to go to Cold Stone Creamery (ice cream place). I’m done. Not my circus. Not my monkey. I do love the child but I am just not used to allowing a child to dictate and oh the waste... She is also very small in height and I’m worried (as a former nurse) that she isn’t getting proper nutrition. Side note. I make a meal (as does my daughter) and my three grandchildren either eat it or starve. There are no rewards if you don’t eat your meal. Treats are just that...treats.
  13. What's For Dinner?

    Noblio? (I think I spelled that right)?
  14. The way her hair looks when the lid (helmet) comes off!