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  1. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    Ouch @Jynnan tonnix Glad that’s behind you.
  2. Pet Peeves

    Where do I find USAA? I just changed cars and my rates went up 1k (tho on my old car I didn’t carry collision). I have no points or anything else on my record.
  3. Sense8 In The Media

    Such is the diversity for this series. There’s something for each and every one of us. You don’t even need to be a member of the LGBT movement to totally empathicly love this series. You just have to have an iota of compassion.
  4. Post Your Pet Photos & Pet Discussion

    @deemac I’m very sorry to hear that you lost your bunny Lucky yesterday. He sure was handsome. My condolences.
  5. Family: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    First of all I wish you the best. I can’t imagine how hard this is for you to have to face all of the things...especially at once. Get some rest before because that sounds like a very full day and I’ll be hoping that it isn’t stressful and all results are good. Writing down questions is always good because sometimes the Dr can slide track us with his questions. Are you taking someone with you? My friend goes to my serious appointments with me. Then when I zone out (due to fear or too much input) she is there to remind me of what I don’t get and how to interpret it. Also so you don’t have to drive.
  6. If TRav is convicted of a crime then what’s going to happen to the children. Has Kathryn been sober and clean enough for a judge to award her custody if he is jailed? If she does get them she might have another problem. Can someone in jail pay child support? I’d hate to see them becoming wards of the state. No telling then if they would remain together. They haven’t always had the most stable life and upbringing. Wow.
  7. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    Pardon my mistake. I thought that I read the drugs name as Oxycodone. (Like Percocet or Percodan). Not Contin. @McManda is correct. That is not a drug that is scored for splitting. Do not attempt to halve it. Frankly I'm surprised that your Dr sent you home with such a strong narcotic. After most surgeries the Drs in my area use hydrocodone or oxycodone. Please be very careful @ChiCricket. I’m very sorry and apologize for any confusion. Good luck with this.
  8. I think that Jacob was talking about the checks when he was a young minor. I believe that a certain age J/Z’s checks became their own (income).
  9. I thought that I read that Jacob was angry as his earnings (when he was young/underage) went into the family kitty and he felt he didn’t actually benefit or see from it. There’s an article by Good Housekeeping. Sorry I can’t do links.
  10. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    Welcome home Rest well and do everything that you can so this replacement gives you the mobility to have activity. Umm after being away for any reason your own bed sure feels good. Enjoy it but not too much. Yes! Please be careful with that med; you can always split the pills in half when you are weaning.
  11. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    I’m so glad for you. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
  12. All Episodes Talk: How You Doing?

    I just watched. That was indeed a jump. Even though Wendy states that ‘shes over Megan’ I don’t think she is. I think that her mind was still on that phone call between Chelsea and Harry and she was wondering how she got to the wedding. It would have come out of left field but we are all aware of W’s concentration issues as of late. If not then I suppose she said something that had to be edited out. The Kendrick versus Ice Cube story: That Ice Cube is jealous because Kendrick got a Pulitzer Prize—-nah, not buying into it. Let Ice Cube stand up for the poor ostracized girl who was only singing the rappers lyrics. Yes use of that word is offensive but she was literally singing the song as it was written. OR is this a case of reverse prejudice? Re Little Kev and Prom weekend: Yes, let that little birdie test his wings. Besides filling his phone with minutes you might want to consider filling his dop kit with condoms. It’s the Jersey Shore. Haven’t you seen that show? <lol> What was the original product placement? My guess is the Lipton Tea bag. I don’t want to see you shilling Wendy. I want more concise hot topics and less self adoration while your lemmings are clapping for you.
  13. S05.E08: What Da Fuskie?

    Yes, Kathryn did say that it would be good for them to see their parents interact and get along (not verbatim). I have to agree with her. Ashley being there would cause Kathryn stress, she’d be all needy for attention and it would confuse the children if they see Mommy and Dady together while a spare woman tries to get in between them. Example: They catch Ashley with her hands all over Daddy and sneaking a kiss...in their environment with TRav that may be natural but it isn’t when it’s happening in Mommy’s home.
  14. Pet Peeves

    Gee, I’m glad that you know how to get around it. Trouble is that the people it should be protecting from *whatever* won’t be protected because they also probably know how to circumvent the system. Not that I really understand any of it. I’m just glad you are here because you add some good introspection and comments.
  15. Good for her. With her smooth calm demeanor I can’t wait until I’m in her care <sarcasm>