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  1. S04.E02: Kathie and Josh

    Hey guys, it's Josh from this episode! --- for some reason I stumbled upon this thread and read through. LOTS of opinions I see, but i guess it's what I get for putting my life out on national television. First, dad I are in great terms. The show was a rough patch, although we have worked through everything and we are better than ever. Second, mom is 5'2 and i'm 5'8 Third, mom and ray are married now and happier than ever Fourth, the show had a lot of behind the scenes drama that no one saw. It was extremely emotional. Production was tough on all of us. Fifth, I have moved away from NC, now living in Atlanta with a great job and take care of myself fully. The show really helped jump start my life, so i am extremely grateful for that. Any other questions?! xoxo, Josh Morton