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  1. And here’s the title for #409, since I didn’t see it posted. (Source)
  2. The title of #410 is The Getaway (source: DCLegendsTV)
  3. And the promo for next week’s episode #402 “Witch Hunt”
  4. I bought a TV Season Pass on Amazon last year for the show. I’ll have to wait to watch it until it becomes available there or on the app, which means it’ll probably be tomorrow evening before I see it (sadly). Here’s a sneak peak for those who haven’t seen it yet - I’ll have to remember to watch for these. I’ve gotten out of the habit - lol.
  5. Producer preview for tonight’s episode (airing as we speak I type):
  6. I really liked this one, because, to me, I think it really expressed why this show works for me when the others don’t, really. This is my kind of show, but yes, the style is a bit old fashioned, and they aren’t really making shows like this anymore.
  7. Or maybe Alex’s new love interest? They did say it would be an interracial relationship.
  8. Small Talk: The Quiver

    I’ve been mainly hanging out in the Legends forum these days. I browse through the threads over here once in a while though. :) Yeah, I’d like to see it! I was reminded about padparadschas this last week with Princess Eugenie’s wedding.
  9. Small Talk: The Quiver

    I also got Chris Evans. Yay me. :)
  10. I was looking closer at pic #6. The vines or roots holding them down in pic #5 must be going to be added with CGI in #6. They’re all still standing like they’re tied down, but you don’t see the vines. :)
  11. Episode stills for #402 “Witch Hunt”. Source: DCLegendsTV TVLine also has all the pics in their Season 4 Gallery.