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  1. Small Talk: The Quiver

    I’ve never watched Timeless, but just from an outsider viewpoint, it doesn’t seem like the type of show to end by killing off their leads. Or were you more referring to the resolution of the romantic triangle?
  2. Small Talk: The Quiver

    Ah ok. Thanks. :)
  3. Small Talk: The Quiver

    Ok, I’m embarrassed to even ask because it’s probably been weeks and I’m just now noticing, but....when did they get rid of the season folders for this forum? I just now noticed all the episode threads were back in the main forum.
  4. That’s the only time I remember Legends doing it though, and it wasn’t by a main character. It was by a character we were already supposed to believe was a jerk (and who got killed off by DD later in the season). I didn’t care for it, and I really wished they hadn’t gone there, but they don’t make a habit of having the main characters shade Arrow characters like it seems Flash does, unless I’m really forgetting something (which is always possible *facepalm*).
  5. As I said before the season started, someone with a bit more of a edge. Time pirate instead of time cop. A Catwoman, or River Song type. I feel like Sara’s trying to grab onto “normal” by dating Ava. As she said herself, Ava’s the “nice girl” that you bring home to the parents. (Because she was designed to be perfect.) I don’t see Sara with someone like that. I see her with someone who has a wild side, maybe even a dark side. Obviously, each to their own, mileage varies, different strokes, and all that. I just personally find the Avalance relationship to be incredibly boring. Ava herself can be interesting, but the time I liked her the most was with Constantine and Gary, not around Sara.
  6. I don’t think Ava herself is boring, but I do find the pairing exceedingly tedious. They rushed it far far too fast, and then brought up a lot of issues (Sara’s guilt over her past, Ava’s feelings about being a clone) and didn’t resolve them at all in favor of giving them a cutesy happy ending to the season. And I still feel like Ava is the exact opposite of the kind of character that Sara would go for. It’s frustrating for me because Sara is my favorite character and I want to be able to root for whatever pairing she’s in, but Avalance just does absolutely nothing for me. And as I said in the other thread, I can’t even hope for the show to break them up, because I don’t want the negative publicity that would bring for the show. I just wish it wasn’t such an entirely boring pairing for me. :(
  7. Small Talk: The Quiver

    New Buffy series may be a revival rather than a reboot. I’m much more interested if that truly turns out to be the case.
  8. I have no idea what you’re talking about *clueless*
  9. For some reason I’ve had the impression, based on nothing really, that CP isn’t all that fond of KC. I think it goes back to that Comic-Con where she called CL/Sara “Black Canary” and got raked over the coals for it by the KC/ Laurel stans. I know that’s not evidence of anything really, but I guess it created that impression in my mind.
  10. I was going to say. I remember EBR and CL (and now JH), but I don’t remember ever seeing anything with CP.
  11. Did any of the Arrowverse ladies go besides Katie Cassidy? She’s the only one I’ve seen mentioned. But yeah, the rest of the Flash cast seems to have been there.
  12. Oh interesting. Wonder what’s going on. I didn’t know about EBR unfollowing DP.
  13. I wasn’t wild about Caity’s look either. To me it made me think of a 20s flapper-ish style look, but I’m not sure if that’s what she was going for.