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  1. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    Glad Jen won, and I also loved her story. Boo hiss for Krishna. TS I got were Hartford, Argentina & Chile (guess), probability, The Age of Innocence, War & Peace (Randy's DD), pride, Pride & Prejudice, Fats Domino (I was sad that he was a TS). I have never heard of Dutch Uncle or the cover for a grill being called a bra (Dr Toothbrush knew it). FJ was an instaget. His jacket was sure extra extra. I forgot to comment that as loud as he was yesterday, he was dressed very nicely, and then he shows up all pleathery & shiny today. His tie & pocket square were nice. Bet he smells good. Right???? Neither my hubby nor I could remember which president it was who served non-consecutive terms. I said Garfield also, Dr. Toothbrush said Harrison but I reminded him that the 2 Harrisons were grandfather & grandson. Not improper in the least. I know where he works & may drop by. LMAO!!
  2. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    Have fun!!
  3. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    Jesus, Randy tone it down. And quit with the guesses then the shocked! face when it's correct. It's not anywhere near as funny, cute, or charming as you think it is. I like Kate & will miss her & her cardigans, which is how I dress too. A/C is always too cold. I liked Alyssa & felt bad that Kate & Randy were too quick on the buzzer. But even with no time to complete her FJ answer she finished as high as she ever was since Randy got FJ correct & wagered enough to win. TS I got were Native Son, henchman, MD (guess). FJ was an instaget for Dr. Toothbrush but my brain was on Alyssa's timetable. Me too. I think I have every cardigan sold by Target, Talbots, and even a few from Petite Sophisticate which hasn't been around for probably 10 years. Cemetery lover from New Orleans here :-) Extra is the perfect description of Randy. That & loud.
  4. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    We said Amish. I also have re-remembered facts that allow me to answer clues correctly thanks to helping the kiddos with homework & studying. lol!
  5. All Episode Talk: Twinkle, Twinkle Little...

    I'm just glad that Jax texted Simone about Star & he didn't take advantage of her. With this show's need to tackle all of the issues, I was afraid that there would be something else piled upon Star. And now Cotton is a daddy. Jesus take the wheel indeed! But hasn't Cotton been living as a woman for several years? Her son is very young. I thought for sure the 2 versions of the DJ Khalad song would be combined and become a Noah Brooks feat. Take 3 collaboration. Guess there are no ethical issues around a PT dating a patient? They are adorable! I love how sweet and even a little naive Simone still is even after all that she has been through. Despite Evan Ross' pedigree, he's not a great actor. It was cute, and I loved Simone's dress. I laughed at Miss Bruce's comment about Star & Alex being better than her stories too.
  6. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    Glad to have the grown folks back, but I couldn't root for Rex, and I always root for the Louisianian. Kate reminded me of Mrs. Kravitz #1 from Bewitched, even though it was before my time Alex. Like Kristin, I got married in the French Quarter, but sans hecklers. Her Madame Tussaud DD was way too easy, but that was quite the ghoulish fact to learn. Ran the RuPaul & Shakespeare (on the bard's birthday) categories. TS I got were trunk, records, cats, Cressida, submarine, Malta, & FJ was an instaget. Dr. Toothbrush got Henson & Haiti even though I sadly did not. Alex on RuPaul's Drag Race is going to be a blast. I actually think he will have fun! lol!
  7. S01.E04: Soups Jealous

    IIRC the reason they did not sell the house is that it is upside down in value, and they did not want to lose money, not necessarily that they could not afford an apartment. But they really should rent an apartment that they alternate living in during the weeks they are not in the house. That would have saved Lena from having to have sex in a car in the driveway last week, although I guess they could have gone to hipster dude's place. But then again, no misunderstanding & Oliver in his wedding tux holding flowers in the rain. And where's the fun in that..lol I like that Martin & the sister have a friendly relationship, and she doesn't automatically hate him & blame him for everything. There was no affair or abuse, they just drifted apart after needing/wanting other things, so no need to be hostile to her BIL of 16 years, as happens on so many other shows.
  8. S01.E03: Street Meat

    I may be too prudish for this show. Not only Lena having sex in a car parked in her driveway where her kids could have easily seen, but 14-year-olds being teased because they are not sexually active? The same 14-year-old whose piano lesson song last week was about abortion? Not to mention the classmates with syphilis and tattoos. I'm seriously questioning the judgment of the writers & show runners who evidently think this is OK. Maybe they should have made the family a few years older. On the plus side, I love that Mason's friend was named Hazel, however unrealistic for a 14-year-old. It's definitely gaining popularity today - my 13-month-old niece & my 15-month-old neighbor are both named Hazel - but in 2004 it was firmly in the 'old lady name' category.
  9. S01.E02: Devil May Care

    Totally agree. If it were 25 years ago I would think the actor was a Culkin. A 14-year old learning to play a song about abortion is so very inappropriate. What were the writers thinking?
  10. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    I confess that I was charmed by the YMCA opening, especially when Alex completed it. At my aunt's 40th birthday party in 2000, the DJ played YMCA & we taught my grandpa how to do it. He was about Alex's age at the time, so it brought back some sweet memories for me. I'm sorry for the loss of your friend @Tunia Sounds like the service was lovely & moving. Taps gets me every time too. William & Hannah were great, but no match for Dhruv. He is really good looking too. Loud, but good looking. And I am officially a cougar since he could be my born-in-wedlock, non-teen-mother child if he is 19. "Terrific" can share space on the bingo card/drinking game with "good for you" as they seem to be interchangeable for Alex. *zoom into a picture of a lighthouse* What's this? Seriously??? TS I got were Peary, Australia (I got it from the movie also), projectionist. I had no idea for FJ. Dr. Toothbrush said he knew but couldn't remember the name. Story of my life, honey. Well it was before their time ya know. You really didn't to know a thing about opera to answer these correctly, so uh oh was not necessary. I was impressed that Hannah knew "The Wall"
  11. I work 9/80s so was off at 11:00 Friday, and had a bunch of errands to run. I had to take a detour due to traffic from Barbara Bush's visitation, so kind of got put off on my planned schedule & route, and on my way home I realized I forgot to stop at the bank! lol Just had to deposit our mortgage escrow overage check so not a big deal, but I did finish the rest of my errands (none of which involved securing a parking garage for Ralph Macchio), and was definitely not having PA candidates compete in a planking contest. So not as bad as Kevin, but it made me laugh.
  12. It's going from bad to worse.
  13. S01.E04: That's All Folks!

    Thank you! My Shazam app has been working OT.
  14. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    I was excited to watch part 1 of the finals after not watching the quarter/semi-finals but erased it once I saw that basketball miming crap. Just smile, then play the game (Jeopardy, not basketball!) already. Really? Shit, I'm old. But not you, since you were 17 and working at a sandwich only *10* years ago ;-) Before your time!