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  1. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    YAY DAVE!!!! So glad we will not have to deal with smartest-guy-in-the-room-I-carried-my-quiz-bowl-team-puppy-abandoner Ryan until the ToC. Unless he somehow manages to weasel himself back on the show again. TS I got were Reign of Terror (Ryan's missed DD) & magenta. No idea for FJ but was giddy at Dave's runaway so I wasn't really paying attention. We got a 'good for you' & a 'hell-o' drink!drink! Thanks! Added to my watchlist So did I. Can you imagine being one of his teammates, tuning into Jeopardy, & hearing this story 12 or so years later? Although I'm sure that at the time Ryan made sure everyone knew that their victory was thanks to him. What AT said about Ryan performing well in the 2nd round made me roll my eyes, but Dave was like, "hold my beer Trebek" I would love to see ToC: Dave Kicks Ryan's Ass v. 2.0 Mary Berry was the GBBO judge. Unfortunately the show was re-tooled for season 8 & she is no longer on.
  2. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    lol. They are a basic pastry filled with an almond paste & topped with granular sugar. So freaking good, and Jaarsma Bakery in Pella has the best ones according to my friends in the know. Curiously, the only letter shape they come in is 'S' My sister once had a student named Jennifer - spelled Jhenyfir. I mean, really. One of my daughters has an old family (French Creole) name from her 5x great-aunt, and most people mispronounce it. I asked her if she wanted to start going by a nickname (it lends itself to a couple of cute ones), and she said no. She likes having her "own" name. But she's only 10, so after a few years of having to spell & give the correct pronunciation, she may change her mind. Agree about David Tennant! Go Emily!! Good job with your dad. As much as I love hands-on history, I agree that preservation is of utmost importance. "This show makes Toothbrush scurry into the kitchen to scarf any sugar she can find. What is the Great British Baking Show?" 1. Interesting theory. I think more than getting off on rejection, he is the type to be pleased when he annoys or is divisive. 2. That long spell in Thursday's game gave me false hope that we would be rid of him. I'm going with he does it on purpose (see #1) Is it on Netflix? I agree that there is too much good TV, too little times these days. Sucks having to work for a living..lol
  3. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    Justin! We were counting on you! TS I got were "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" & Poldark. I guessed Star Wars for FJ, but like @CasketRomance, Dr. Toothbrush said the multiple directing Oscar noms did not fit. He came up with Close Encounters just as the think music was ending. I'm surprised there was no "before your time" comment when the FJ category was revealed. @teebax Thank you for the "Loving Feeling" explanation. I admit that I would probably be tempted to sing song name/lyric responses if I were on the show the way I do at home, but know it wouldn't be cool. Right? And in case he hasn't talked to his sister today - "Shut (TF) up Ryan! It's a good show, and worth watching for reasons other than Ross' hotness. Which is a great reason in itself. Because you can hear Glad you're OK. I hope Jaarsma Bakery in Pella came through fine. Their Dutch letters are food of the gods.
  4. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    Count me in. Cheers! He wasn't governor? Huh. No wonder the answer of 1980 made no sense to me. Oh definitely against the rules, but like you posted later, AT lets his crush of the moment get away with it. If her parents had been Kardashians, her name would be Katlion ;-) My sister is a 3rd grade teacher, and the made-up names and creative spellings she has seen in the past 20 years is crazy.
  5. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    Sad that the pencil necked dickweed won again, but if he had lost after AT did not let him play $100,000 Pyramid, he could have had grounds to come back yet again. But ringing in after legitimately being judged incorrect was just obnoxious. It was pretty much a 'anyone but Ryan' game for me, but I had to root for my hometown vegan cheesemaker. Kyle got the shallow vote. We got a 'good for you' & a 'genre' drink!drink! The pun category was fun, but I kept wanting the songs to be from the movies of the same name. TS I got were die late/dilate, Paris sights/parasites, Can't Buy Me Love, Leaving Las Vegas (DD), charger, Cliff's Notes, Rocco Dispirito. I didn't even try to guess FJ just because, & Dr. Toothbrush said 1984. I liked her more when she revealed that she is a vegan cheesemaker out of necessity, and also felt sorry for her, because mmm...cheese. I'll bet I ate 3 oz of (non-vegan) cheese today, and have no plans to try the vegan kind. I have tried vegan bacon, and it's not the worst thing in the world, and maybe I would even like it if I had never had the real thing. He absolutely gave that appearance. And there is a 5 doughnuts joke there somewhere, but I'm too tired to make it at the moment. LA represent! I agree about Ryan's DD. Not at all fair. Same outcome, but he would have won a lot more had he been allowed to play the pyramid.
  6. When the HWs have better fake drama, it's time to call it a day. As much as I will miss Steve's shirtless torso. Pablo was so cute! I agree about Ryan & the agent, and the agent's horrible acting skillz. But still better than Fredrik's developer. Earlier seasons were better IMO. More NYC RE porn, not as fake, and nowhere near the personal dramas we have to endure on a weekly basis now.
  7. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    I got it from Arrested Development, and it always makes me laugh. I am easily amused. I know him because he dumped Becca, who is evidently the current Bachelorette & one of her prospects is an overly tanned virgin. I watched way back in my pre-kids days, but I think Bob was my last bachelor. I was known as Toothbrush H. all through grammar school, and in high school had to use my full last name all the time because there was another Toothbrush H. in my grade. My mom still calls me Toothbrush H. sometimes to be silly, even though at this point I have had a different last initial for 4 years longer than the "original". Ryan is a dickweed and needs to go. I hate that we will see him in the ToC. Always makes me laugh too. Brahmins totally belongs in the Stupid Answers category! Were they the Beliebers of the 19th century? I rooted for Bunny too, despite her low energy & 90s red leather jacket. Boo hiss for Matthew Sherman.
  8. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    Michelle's idiotic FJ wagering finally bites her in the butt, only to stick us with puppy abandoner Ryan. I was rooting hard for Bunny. TS I got were Ari (I did not know his last name so probably would not have been ruled correct), death penalty, Robin Cook. FJ was an instaget for Dr. Toothbrush but I had no idea. Seems obvious now. Was Loblaw's Markets founded by Bob? ;-) Since it was Ryan I was glad, but then he won anyway. But yes, the impressions were horrid. Hug him/her for me too!
  9. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    I was rooting for Niraj & disappointed that he did not hear me shouting Nutcracker. Other TS I got were boot camp, machine gun, WPA, Booker T. Washington, Pope Pius. It took a second for us to remember who discovered both the Atlantic & the Pacific, but got Balboa in time. Michelle should have been ruled incorrect for changing her Tom's CruiseS response; Alex had already said "no". Glad Vincent will be brought back; how odd that the screen showed on TV & the screen shown to the contestants were different. I googled as soon as I read the name & gasped out loud when I saw his picture. It is him indeed. To me it sounded like ArtS Deco, which I have no idea if used or not. Not that it seems to matter when it comes to her responses. Based on her FJ wagers that make no sense, but nevertheless keep saving her ass, we know she can't do math. She probably thought Niraj won.
  10. It reminds me of all the Kate Middleton fans who are convinced that she is raising 3 kids with the barest minimum of help, when no doubt she has 24-hour nannies, most likely x3. Not to mention all manner of other staff. Meghan Markle's fans will probably think the same thing if she & Harry should reproduce. At least Kate & Meghan's extensions are worlds better than any fake hair on these HWs.
  11. RH of Potomac in the media

    I got my hair all chopped off into a pixie two weeks ago. Copy cat Robyn...lol It looks great on her!
  12. S03.E03: Tarts

    Never gets old! Thank you for the trip down memory lane - prefect antidote for the Sunday night blues. LOL!!
  13. S03.E05: Pies

    I bought it for my Kindle, so my thanks to @Rinaldo as well.
  14. S03.E03: Tarts

    Sandra Lee pronounces it incorrectly also, but I do not expect her to know better. She's the very definition of a hack.
  15. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    Nailed it!