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  1. I sure thought Lee would stick around longer, but Rachel got off to a great start. I didn't notice her swaying, but now that I now it's there, I'm sure it will be all I see Monday. I was just excited to have 2 fellow curly haired woman rocking the ringlets. I knew Lee was a history teacher, and the class he is teaching now sounds fun. Loved the snarky shout out to Matthew McConawhatever's stoned, naked bongo playing in the percussion category, and I have to admit that I would have done better in the Serial Killers category if it had been about killers as shown on Discovery ID or written about by Ann Rule. TS I got were tom toms, London, Old Curiosity Shoppe, Uncle Henry, ANZAC. I don't suppose stationary-er or "the guy who wrote Tess" would have been accepted. FJ was & a $200 clue at best.
  2. The Drew & Shaq clues were the only 2 I got right. Definitely not in my wheelhouse.
  3. I'm glad your sister is OK grisgris (love your name), and I wish her continued good health. Glad Sandy is doing well, too, but boy oh boy, the plastic surgery in the picture in the link. Yikes!
  4. Glad Lee won again, but I liked Marilyn & Ryan too. Ryan was a good player but was just there. When he smiled after FJ his whole face lit up beautifully, & he obviously has a good sense of humor if he refers to his Aussie wife as being from the south. And yes, I complain when contestants show too much or too little Speaking of being from the South, tuna noodle casserole is definitely not a thing down here, and really, casseroles in general are not a thing. I have never even eaten green bean casserole! Dr Toothbrush ruins cooks mac 'n' cheese with a can of tuna and a can of peas stirred in <gak> so I guess that is his Northern family's version of TNC. Still, I somehow got the answer right. TS I got were whale/wail, gorilla/guerrilla, Mt. Everest. FJ was an instaget because of "tri", but I did not realize they have been around for so long. As a Saints & LSU fan (and LSU alumnus), I loved the Drew Brees & Shaq clues. Yes to both, although I could see myself pulling a Cliff Claven with a Snack Foods category! Me too! I went from "eh, I'm good with any of them winning" to "let's go Lee!" after that comment. I loved that movie back in the day. Wonder if it is on Netflix...
  5. That picture of Padma & Fatima melted my cold, dark heart. And it's dusty in here all of the sudden. Praying for Fatima, and fuck cancer!
  6. Jeopardy was finally shown in my city Wednesday after 24+ hours of non-stop WINTER STORM 2018 - OMG!!!11!!! reporting. On the bright side, after taking a long weekend for my birthday last week, MLK holiday, & 2 ice days, I feel like I got an extra week of vacation this year. I will miss Gilbert, but Lee is very knowledgable and a cool customer. Glad Gilbert is ToC bound, and that his kids stand to make some good bank. And yeah, I figured he was a goner as soon as Alex started talking Ken Jennings. TS I got were tuna noodle casserole, Bern, schwa. I also originally thought Remembrance Day for FJ, but switched to Armistice, hopefully in time to have written it down. I hate it too, although my twin daughters both have names starting with E. But they were named after their twin 4x great aunts, the only other twins on either side of the family, so we weren't trying to be Duggar-y or anything. My guess is that Lee is a history or civics teacher. I said Heinz too, but Dr. Toothbrush knew Mellon right away. D'oh - so obvious!
  7. Josh: I'm in Ruby's list of things she misses was gold, and her calling on Black Jesus will always make me laugh & rewind.
  8. I am fanwanking that she bought the sugary cereal to prove to Junior how much she needs him. Depends on what the plot dictates, silly :-) I want my family's finances to be driven by plot, and the plot will always call for the Toothbrush family to be richy rich rich! I squeed out loud when I saw Rainbow's sweater. As a matter of fact, there were several clothing items of Ruby's, Bow's, Santamonica/maria's, and even Diane's that I really liked. But are mom jeans making a comeback? Please God no! Ruby's list of what she missed from the 'olden days' was hilarious. Santamonica/maria changing her name so she had a saint's name was hilarious, since Santamonica literally means St. Monica. So clueless, which of course was the whole point. Dre's co-workers, including Charlie, are just over the top ludicrous enough to still be funny. But any more will be overkill, so naturally the writers will go there. <sigh>
  9. LOL! My cousin has a horse named Carson, and now I have to catch myself before calling him Kit.
  10. It sounded Hawaiian to me, but seeing the spelling it doesn't look Hawaiian (hope that makes sense). In any case, beautiful name for a beautiful woman.
  11. I'm glad Gilbert is still around. I was worried Friday - Alex & Alisha were both off to a great start. Honestly, no challengers on Thursday or Friday's games bugged, so although I want Gilbert to remain champion, none of the others would have been too horrible. Julie was toeing the annoying line, but didn't cross it, and I loved her top. Thursday TS I got were The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Turn of the Screw, tulip, creature feature, Queen Mab, Nice (Julie's missed DD), Miles Standish, stereo. I couldn't believe that they had to id Beethoven's 5th from a sound clip, and then, Rebecca missed it! I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt that she misspoke. Never would have gotten FJ because I do not really think of Amazon as being a streaming service, so my mind went to Netflix. Excited to see my karaoke song as a category on I guess Gilbert forgot the silver/gold category name when he answered bronze for the Michael Phelps clue. Friday TS were Howard Carter (I know I am an archeology geek, but was surprised Alex missed it; maybe Gilbert or Alisha would have been able to answer correctly had it not been a DD), Astor, Jan 6th*, Burns & Steinbeck (Gilbert's missed DD), Tender is the Night, VW, The Waitresses. FJ was an instaget. *Alisha's guess of the 12th ended up being prophetic because the game aired 1/12. I figured she was thinking of 12th Night & thinking day #1 was 1/1, or maybe they are told the expected air date prior to the game so she went with that? Loved that Gilbert promised 1% of his winnings to his kids, and then Alex gave the amount he owes them after the show. I would love if he continues to give a running total as Gilbert (hopefully) continues to win. LOL @ mask from V for Vendetta! He finally heard me yelling from my living room! We have/had one too. I will have to look for it; I had completely forgotten about that.
  12. So over these slow-ass people. Two games in a row that not only was the board not cleared, but only 1 DD was uncovered in DJ. Glad Lindsey was a one & done. She & Matt's category hopping in DJ was annoying me. TS I got Tuesday were John Anniston, locust, Encyclopedia Brown, Donald O'Conner, Donald Fagan (Walker Beckett - another timely death reference in a clue) FJ was an instaget, but I thought the name was spelled Pliney, and pronounced with a long I as opposed to short. Don't know if that would have caused me to be ruled incorrect since the e would change the prononciation. TS I got for Wednesday were Buddy Holly, Robert Redford (WTF - there was a picture, and the man looks the same), hardware/software, matchy-matchy, Spanish Civil War, Charles Bronson & James Garner My FJ thought process: "Warren, that's one. The only VA senator I know is Liz's ex, but I don't know if he is still in the Senate. What was his name? Warner! Oh shit, it fits the clue! He must still be a Senator". No way would I have had time to write Warner, and turns out I was right for the wrong Like Gilbert, hope he sticks around. LMAO!
  13. I love that the king cake made with applesauce, wheat flour, & low fat cream cheese is ranked higher than Aunt Sandy's. I posted this in the small talk thread last year:
  14. Jamie was indeed way too extra. Liked Dave, especially his raccoon story, but was shocked that he didn't get FJ. He was the only one whose time it was not before. Glad that Brandon pulled out the win, but again with the ringing in when you do not know the answer and hoping it will come to you. That works for Ken Jennings, but not many others. Brandon looked nice in his coordinating shades of purple, and it was a nice tribute to his mother. TS I got were in effigy (missed DD), heresy, Hello Dolly, Follett, Hungary, elephant (missed DD). FJ was an instaget; the Truman/MO connection didn't even occur to me. I see what you did there
  15. Ruby: Black Jesus, guide my hand to the nougat Charlie: I could be Steadman