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  1. Line Items - West Wing Quotes

    From Enemies Foreign and Domestic: Toby - If the Enquirer asked us, we'd credential them. Making sure the Enquirer can write whatever it wants is the only way I can be sure the New York Times is writing whatever it wants.
  2. Ten Stand-Out Scenes

    My stand-out scenes: 1. Toby ranting at Bartlet in 17 People. 2. Leo and Bartlet talking near the end of Posse Comitatus, which ends with Bartlet giving the order to kill Shareef. 3. The meeting of Father Cavanaugh and Bartlet at the end of Take This Sabbath Day. 4. Bartlet giving the napkin to Leo at the end of Bartlet For America, together with the ending to Tomorrow. 5. The military funeral in In Excelsis Deo.
  3. Season 3 Discussion

    I very much enjoyed season three. I feel I can watch seasons 1 and 3 and skip over season 2, which I found too soapy and also not based on historical events. Yes, they stretch the timelines a lot in season 3, but at least we know that the real Aethelwold outlived Alfred and died fighting with Danes.
  4. S01.E09: Assassins

    Excellent biography - Churchill: The Forgotten Years, 1945-65. A good discussion of the Sutherland portrait, including black-and-white film of the unveiling and Churchill's reaction, starts at the 1:06:40 mark. I think the real portrait is worse than the one in the episode.
  5. S06.E01 Who Knows Better Than I?

    I would suggest going through Suzanne's hallucinations of her fellow prisoners again after you have completed the season. It's mildly entertaining to go back and try to connect the hallucination with the character's story.
  6. Better Call Saul In The Media

    Bryan Cranston confirms 'Breaking Bad' movie happening A second article with more information about the plot below:
  7. Line Items - West Wing Quotes

    And Josiah Bartlet: "Decisions are made by those who show up".
  8. Tabloids: Gossip, Innuendo, and Déclassé

    Interesting and amusing video that raises doubts about the legitimacy of the House of Windsor. It also tracks down a person from the Plantagenet line who *should* be the real King of England. Britain's Real Monarch Fwiw, the person they found lives in Australia, is a former Peer, and voted for the Republicans. Reminds me of Lord Altrincham.
  9. S02.E08: Dear Mrs. Kennedy

    The movie is The Missiles of October, about the Cuban missile crisis. It's available on Youtube, and yes, Devane was excellent in it. Another future president, Martin Sheen, played Bobby Kennedy.
  10. S04.E10: Winner

    Yep, just once. In Saul's first episode, Walt and Jesse kidnap him and, wearing masks, try to threaten him into making sure Badger does not make a deal with the DEA. Before he figures out who they are, Saul asks if they were sent by Lalo. He also tells them "It was Ignacio", which a lot of people think is a reference to Nacho Varga. It means that somehow, the disparate story arcs that are currently playing out have to come together. Saul has to have sufficient interaction with the Salamanca family that he knows what Nacho did, and that Lalo is the leader of the family. There's also the question about whether Saul knows that Gus is a drug kingpin during the early part of BB. I am looking forward to seeing how Gilligan and Gould manage to weave all this together, but mostly to see how it's done, not because I am invested in the Salamanca clan. Seeing Nacho's character arc wrap up will be extra bittersweet, for sure. My main interest in this show has always been focused on Kim Wexler, and my guess is she will get dragged into cartel business next season in one way or another. I think next season is going to be very, very dark.
  11. S04.E10: Winner

    There are so many different ways to look at and try to explain people. Churchill once referred to AH as "this monstrous product of former wrongs and shame". It's hard to state whether Jimmy became Saul because of the way he was treated over the years, or whether that was due to his inherent character. (Sorry to pull out Godwin's Law there. Been saving that one for a while.) Personally, I've seen all I need to see of the parents. They couldn't see evil. Next. Chuck, however, I wouldn't mind getting more a little more backstory on. I wonder if his behavior changed after Jimmy passed the bar, and this caused Rebecca to leave him. He really was the golden statue with feet of clay.
  12. S04.E10: Winner

    I can go along with that. State Street and Michigan Avenue don't go through Cicero, for one thing. I can also go along with the thinking that slipping in front of a business is not as "bad" a crime as allowing oneself to be hit by a car, since there is no invasion of private property involved and there is less chance of unintended, sometimes violent, consequences. It's even less bad if that business is an upscale store like Nordstrom's that is staffed by employees instead of a small business being run by its owners. On the other hand, it's more than 5 miles from Cicero to State Street and Michigan Avenue. In his spiel to the Skateboard Brothers, mentioned Cicero four times and made no mention of Chicago or about heading downtown to perform his scams. Jimmy only said that State and Michigan were "good", not that they were the only places he went. I can imagine that Young Jimmy took public transit downtown because that's where the big payoffs were. I can also imagine that Young Jimmy avoided doing his thing in his hometown to avoid getting in trouble with the locals. But at the end of the day these suppositions are based on information that is outside of the show. But, most importantly, most importantly, all that is irrelevant. Jimmy told his story to the Skateboard Brothers with the purpose of establishing himself as just as much a criminal as they were, and to get them to stage a phony automobile accident that would induce enough sufficient psychological trauma in the driver to get her to turn him as her attorney. It doesn't matter if Young Jimmy slipped in front of moving vehicles or stationary buildings, or whether he did these things in Cicero or Chicago. Whatever he did was, in his own mind, equivalent to throwing oneself in front of an automobile.
  13. S04.E10: Winner

    Chuck's second clerkship was for the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, which covers several states including New Mexico. I imagine the writers included that detail in the obit to explain why he went west.
  14. S04.E10: Winner

    Well, we never see Howard drinking booze. So, not Yale.
  15. S04.E10: Winner

    I don't think Kim is going to stick around into the BB time frame. Either she will realize that Jimmy is being subsumed by his DBA persona, or his criminal law practice will ensnare or endanger her. Or maybe her own misdeeds will finally catch up with her. I can imagine a scene where Kim brings Jimmy to another S&C mixer, but now everybody thinks of him as Saul Goodman and no longer an appropriate party guest. By the time Saul talks to Jesse about a massage "to completion", she's been vacuumed out of his life long before. I have to admit that I am enamored by my own theory. I never bought the "Jimmy turns into Saul" line of thinking as a binary thing. I prefer to have Jimmy adopt Saul Goodman with the intent of maintaining his "real" self, only to have the outward persona become the reality over time. There's a fantasy story by CS Lewis called The Great Divorce. People in hell are allowed to visit heaven and are given the chance to repent and stay. One of the characters walks around accompanied by a life-size ventriloquist dummy that speaks for him and acts like a drama queen. Although offered the chance to toss the fake aside, he holds onto it and shrinks down until the dummy swallows him up. I read that story over 20 years ago and just today I was reminded of it when ruminating on my idea.