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  1. S11.E10: My Struggle IV

    Sadly my response, too. What the actual?
  2. S04.E04: Brainless in Seattle, Part 2

    I think that your definition overplays your hand a little :-) although it seems true that in the US the case is weighed in favor of law enforcement (the person being trapped, contrary to the usual basis of our legal system, may best able to prove they would never normally do what they are being entrapped into doing or that the law enforcement is behaving really really badly). If I'm reading wikipedia correctly. And no, before I commented I didn't research it. Apparently in Scotland I would have been quite correct. Smuggling someone in or out of seattle may be criminal? (what would they be charged with? Maybe something like public endangerment?) but a different kind of crime than promising to transport someone via the 'underground railroad' and then killing them. Also during a zombie apocalypse carrying a gun for self defense and pulling it when you feel threatened is pretty relatable, even for someone who doesn't like people carrying concealed weapons during normal day to day life. Charging him with holding the gun on Ravi really is entrapment. Then again, who brands themselves accidentally? How weird is that? My initial impression is that they were trying to find the guy so they could arrest him for the smuggling and then look for proof of the killing part, in which case they wouldn't have needed to send in Ravi in person, it was completely unnecessary. I was overtired, I'm sure I'll watch it again at some point. They had proof he had smuggled people, just not that he had killed them (although they had strong circumstantial evidence that he'd killed them). Also, where do they think the brains in the restaurants are coming from? They should be 'following the money' and looking for the suppliers with their highly incriminating books. I wonder if that is what Bozzio is doing. Someone has to have half a brain. ahem.
  3. S04.E04: Brainless in Seattle, Part 2

    Loved the opening scene stealling brains off the dirty plates of the rich. in a fairly short length of time we’ve found out where Blaine gets his brains and also that the quality isn’t that amazing. He’s feeling the pinch of the embargo. Fewer astronauts and great athletes. More ordinary people. It doesn’t bode well for his business plan. How much would you pay to experience the brain of a janitor who wants to get her toddler out of Seattle? The blue brains are like tv shows or movies, but virtual reality. ordinary people arent Blockbuster material. I suppose that someone will also be found to be culling the donations before they get to the FG factories. If they are in a position to trace the brains they can grab the good ones. I wish the serial killer plot wasn’t resolved with cheap entrapment. I’m in a pickle was funny but in reality there had better be some real evidence. Also real evidence got by entrapment is still tainted. And it seemed like it should have been harder, somehow. Again a flash of acting from Dohring as we apparently move too rapidly to his downfall. I’m starting to care about him a little although.they haven’t given me a reason. Also where is the pupper? I don’t t blame him for coming into the situation unable to finger Carey but he really seems overmatched now. Meanwhile FG is probably still filled with sympathetic families and kids. Why sont we see more of them? FGshould push the we’re all in this together side of things! And we need to find out more about them. It is possible Renegade is the key. He needs a person to see him sympathetically, more time with Major? I can see them as a team, all three of them, trying to find a way out of the mess I don’t see Liv’s camp doing it right now the comparisons with race relations are getting heavy handed but seem muddy. Still bored with Liv’s antics. Like the religious group. I believe it, although I’m an easy mark —always ready to believe the worst of religion. — I think people would look for comforting group activities and someone to tell them what to do. Fill more graves should be doing this and could. E doing this but odd religions would still pop up.
  4. I absolutely agree I think it made the show, and brought the point of view back to Roseanne. The wish fulfillment of the previously annoying last season was poignant. I didn’t mind the husband switch that much because it really sucked but I could see it happening in real life.
  5. S05.E13: Principia

    I thought in the beginning they picked up after the superheroes. Now the superheroes should pick up after them? im all for the kittens, though
  6. S04.E03: Brainless in Seattle, Part 1

    If it is an fbi thing they may be planning on shutting down Blaine’s brain smuggling operation. That won’t make things better but smuggling brains over state and international borders? Probably illegal.
  7. Just stepping in to say love the references to “there will be blood”. It screamed Chics eventual plot and now that we have it in hand, how great is Chic?he can’t even hide what he is. I wonder how Chic died. And Claudius after Cheryl and Nana. Delightfully gothic. Dark chocolate and chili powder. caring a lot more about Fred than Archie hermione running for mayor really alienate Fred I hope Archie, too Kevin seems to have terrible judgement about people
  8. S04.E03: Brainless in Seattle, Part 1

    Huh. I used to go to a Korean- Japanese buffet that would give him fits. Thanks. I know what dumplings are made out of so it would never have occurred to me. She may be doing something while under the influence of brain. Or investigating. She might be kind of an inside person/monster for the fbi now.
  9. S05.E13: Principia

    I think you may be confusing ‘excuse’ with ‘reason’ It is a lot easier to deal with someone’s actions if you can understand why they did them, even if you wouldn’t do the same thing. And, while slavery is a hard ‘no’ for me it clearly crops up in many societies widely separated by time and geography. Are all people in these societies, the Bantu as a whole for example, evil? Also our heroes are responsible for summarily taking freedom away from a lot of people by killing them. Libertarians would say this is better and so would I, sometimes, but it is worth thinking about.
  10. Chase’s group are mercs and probably the whole army didn’t return with him. In war zones a small group could find brains and cover evidence. Also Fillmore graves would be an international company. Aside from the mercs they would have zombies in their international offices.
  11. S04.E02: Blue Bloody

    There are always articles about how people stay in place during hurricanes. They have nowhere to go and all of their worldly anything is in their house. No car. No relatives to stay with. And so on. It would be interesting if Liv’s family moved before the reveal. Could explain some things. They could figure out on their own what happened to Liv. White hair. Medical examiner. Etc. maybe her brother could be trying to come in to talk to her? Or he could use the phone.
  12. S04.E02: Blue Bloody

    Chicago redshirt had said he would get out of dodge if he discovered zombies were real and living in dodge. Period. Clearly Major didn’t do this. People have pit their lives together under worse circumstances. Maybe he wouldn’t have passed a cori but he could have done something.
  13. S04.E02: Blue Bloody

    There have been actual probable serial killers who have become famous under an assumed name. ANd he could have left earlier.
  14. S04.E02: Blue Bloody

    I don’t men life vs death but that one of his options was to walk away from his friends and Seattle. Initially he wanted to remin human at all costs and then he accepted zombism of his own free will but either way it was never to leave the situation to save himself. And he knew about that option early enough to do it gracefully. Work as personal trainer while looking for a job in social work Along the way he did bond with the fg soldiers as much or more than he bonded with Liv and Ravi. But his priorities remain the same. Personal bonds over safety.
  15. S04.E02: Blue Bloody

    Sorry about your mother. Not everyone has the resources to pick up quickly and relocate. Some would need to liquidate. Some are living hand to mouth.Some may have seen opportunity at first and some may have sen it in illegal activities in retrospect many may think as the teeth close on their brain stems that they should have stuffed n extra pair of socks in their pocket and scampered We may find that people abandoned their zombie six year olds , decisively, at the first announcement and got out. But also people who, having stayed, now are trapped by how much the kids still need them even as they realize their situation is untenable.