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  1. The Cure

    Well if her magical properties came from her magical illness he can start the long long process of doing that once he gets more donated brains of that type. Maybe Dale will turn out to produce the cure in some way. Blood? I can’t think they’ll have her savaged and her brain eaten by numerous zombies.
  2. I watched Daybreakers the other day. I’d seen it before and I can’t say I learned anything new watching it twice. It isn’t profound. However it is a pretty thoroughly realized picture of what walled Seattle would look like in a short amount of time and the world somewhat later. Spoilers for movie
  3. A wolverine level healing factor might combat natural decomposition. When zombie actually dies no more healing factor and decomposition speeds up or the partial decomposition that is always there being healed gives the corpse a head start. Healing factor might explain sirviving ice crystals from bad freezing and thawing.
  4. I just watched the last five episodes in a marathon and they really flowed well and hung together. Mostly it makes sense. If you choose to wear the Black Hood you become the Black Hood and it changes you, I kept on thinking that Betty would find green contacts along with the code book. I'm pretty sure Chic and the black hood will show up next season, but not as the main arc. I'm sure Hiram will want to continue using the black hood to terrorize the town . I'm hoping for a supernatural element, not Sabrina (of course). Alice seems like she might want to reach out to the real son through the veil between life and death? Let's hope this won't precipitate a zombie apocalypse. I think. Hiram's group of families isn't the mafia, or a latino equivalent, they are something else. There may be enough internal consistency to figure it out, they seem also like some alien and ingrown culture (which would explain them all focusing on one town) and I would be delighted to find out they are from mars, but probably not. I don't know what age everyone is, fifteen seems completely unlikely but they are just getting into driving, so sophomore is about right? It seems unlikely sophmores would be physically grown enough to have the top football positions and well known and experienced enough to be leaders of the cheerleading squad, and be voted in as president of the student council, and look old enough to be let into any nightlub anywhere in the country ( much less own one) but they are an amazing group of kids, I guess. I suppose that they will settle somewhere in junior/senior year, like in the comics.
  5. S04.E13: And He Shall Be a Good Man

    And the government in general. Trust the government in general?
  6. S04.E13: And He Shall Be a Good Man

    Yeah I hope considering the accusations levied against the actor from several sources. An actor I really like btw (mutter). I also assumed the reason we didn’t see it was the multiple shots / gore factor. Still comic book. Most of the issues will probably go under the rug of a modest time jump. Last season four months.
  7. S04.E13: And He Shall Be a Good Man

    I almost wish we’d lost Blaine. He had a redemption arc and it didn’t take. I’d rather focus on Don E. What goes on in his adorable little mind? i also noticed we didn’t see Knepper die. I think maybe a lot of long shots that work next season and not much addressing of those issues. People will send brains when they see the medical miracles! Everyone follows major because he has earned their respect! They will police their own! Etc.
  8. S04.E13: And He Shall Be a Good Man

    Antman would be one hell of a smuggler and Ravi needs his help with the cure, so let’s hope this is a lead in to a series of Marvel-Vertigo crossovers.
  9. S04.E13: And He Shall Be a Good Man

    Except that Vivian and Chase were protecting the members of FG who were at the picnic. Carey led a faction who infected the vaccine and Chase killed her. Chase was becoming psychologically unstable but Major agreed with him all along in theory. As opposed to Liv Chase wasn’t wrong, as we were shown, so much as losing it. He was obsessing about renegade and losing sight of the bigger picture PTSD? We never got the story Only a few episodes so plot not well developed. One could theorize that Chases enemies and bad advisers were Carey’s remaining minions advocating for a zombie apocalypse (why ?) I. Which case they are still in place as major takes over. Now I think the idea is the world will not destroy zombies because of Miracle cure aspects. Documentary jump started that.
  10. S04.E13: And He Shall Be a Good Man

    My guess Ravi makes his way to a cure with the support of f-g and we see the hitherto forgotten f-g kids cured. Perhaps temporary zombism can cure many ills. bozzio gets pregnant. Major and Liv work their way back to being friends with the promise of more.
  11. S04.E13: And He Shall Be a Good Man

    Since Chase was so ineffectual it seems odd that killing him would bring about utopia. Also not sure where brains are coming from in general and how making lots of zombies can work. But hey—Clozzio!
  12. S04.E12: You've Got to Hide Your Liv Away

    Yes, all of this will take time. Right now unless Ravi secretly knows the loaves and fishes secret calming the mob will have to be done in some other way.
  13. S04.E12: You've Got to Hide Your Liv Away

    I bet there are zombies in place in the secret service and many mercenary organizations and probably up and doen the country. Major went out to kidnap the generals daughter, so there are routes and he probably isn’t the only one to use them. I think there is enough plot for 22 episodes stuffed into 13. Ravi doesn’t have a cure. He has one small brain made out of Unobtanium. It isn’t enough to fix this crisis. Will chase be killed or humanities or both? I’m unspoiled so I can ask that.
  14. S04.E12: You've Got to Hide Your Liv Away

    Also: a pregnant woman forgoing cancer treatment so her baby will live. A soldier throwing himself on a grenade to save his comrades. The members of the light brigade, all six hundred. A man running into a burning house to save a child. A Japanese college student killing himself because he failed. An Inuit elder walking out into the snow during a hard winter. A fourteen year old who cuts their wrist because someone has spread internet rumors. A very drunken man who decides he’s Batman because at some point there is a decision point there, parkour! But they are pretty wildly different situations. always stop drunk Batman, yes . He’ll thank you in the morning. Fourteen year old maybe doesn’t have enough experience to have perspective . Stop her. But it isn’t always that simple
  15. S04.E12: You've Got to Hide Your Liv Away

    Obviously. Yes.