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  1. did I quote or respond to you? Sorry I guess :-) yeah Aaron shrug. You don’t sound like a lawyer either. Yeah the daughter living at home thing would make more sense if Keith did much hands on parenting. as a general rule you’re correct, it just is jarring not because it isn’t reasonable, because it seems out of place to me. To display a general garment I just walked out of the Shape of Water. A love story. Guillermo del Toro was also heard to comment on one of his other movies, PacificRim, that little girls need to know that not every story is a love story. I think Veronica Mars isn’t really a love story. I think them getting together is a noir ending. It may work long term but I suspect she just is mostly single and fighting for justice and he’s on a boat with his navy equivalent of his ‘09er group. But I hope not of course. Heres an interesting article about people’s perceptions of a tv character compared to what the character actually is (it is about the original Star Trek, not Veronica Mars):
  2. I just read this as I came here to post this link. Hah. It’s a great article. Kirk drift is a thing for more than one show.
  3. I just tripped over my bluerays coming home tonight. Amazons preorder did not do good. I assume others had issues. What a beautiful box with the divided image of the good/the bad/the dougie. Thats as far as I’ve got but I’m looking forward to the extras. So many extras.
  4. I think dohrings work with Harry Hamlin is impressive in particular on the show. If he had done more I think we’d see he had real versatile talent . He doesn’t have that much of a portfolio as near as I can tell so pretty much zilch? I think a lot of tv actors get hired for some sort of persona they project and get stuck there. Or movie actors. Tom Cruise(who I don’t like btw) plays the same person in most of his roles and individuates himself with the stunts but he occasionally does a movie where he shows he has a greater range. He just doesn’t use it that often.
  5. Dougie Jones wins senate race in Alabama! (someone had to say it ;-)
  6. TjTs what I meant. The first time I broke the board it felt like I tapped it lightly and it fell apart. I could have pounded at it for some time without success. And I think that is what Jenna was trying to teach her. I guess next episode we learn the kree mobsters agenda.
  7. Veronica doesn’t jump into bed with people fast, she needs a push with Duncan ( life is short) I think Keith knew she was going out with Duncan, he was just commenting on the sex, staying out all night. She’s 18. Some of that puzzled me. Also even odder when she was 19. We never heard anything about rules, it was just ‘my expectation is when you are under my roof you will comport youself as if you are fifteen’. I think it was more Veronica than Keith, more POV that’s what she heard. In the books she moves out pretty quick. Duncan was doing his daily reading in the hut when Veronica was going out with Logan. overlap The season doesn’t start on the first day of school, a little extra time for everyone to notice the changes in Veronica aarons trial makes no sense, no way I
  8. I knew that I got this somewhere else., I wasn’t assuming on the basis of his trip to Chicago. I understand the contractual stuff damned if I can remember where I don’t think Thomas gives away much information and says what people want to hear, Compared to some other show runners.
  9. I’m not remembering the source but remember it seemed credible. removed actual rumors because I normally don’t gossip and can’t remember source. Not a huge deal anyway.
  10. My admittedly minor experience is that breaking a board with my bare fist is a learned meditative channel of my strength but adrenaline works too.
  11. I guess I should add a few more things. I like Jackie and enjoyed seeing more of Wallace doing what he learned from Veronica. I guess there were issues with Percy Daggs which may have limited how much they used him, which is too bad. I thought the dead man with her name on his hand was pretty creepy. I look forward to Duncan's departure further on in the season, although actually this is a really bad thing for Logan. Duncan's relative impassivity allows him to weather Logan's behavior and remain his friend.
  12. Honestly I ended up missing the last two seasons and haven't caught up so I'm sort of floating around trying to figure out what is going on. I think you are right, the kree seem to be more like criminal gangs looking for weapons to sell on the galactic market than anything else. there is the Endor's game idea, that the 'soldiers' may not be told the truth about what they are doing. Not sure I know enough about it to really comment.
  13. This is the thing that probably interests me about Veronica Mars, more than the show. The feeling that I'm watching a different show than other people and yet, oddly, am confident I'm watching the show on the screen (understanding that I can be wrong about this and that, but pretty sure I'm getting the gist). Understand, I'm a Veronica and Logan shipper in the context of the show, I just think it is a tragedy--and not a tragedy where I feel like taking sides and defending one or the other. I just don't think there is any way to get them together without changing them into different people. At this time. And I'm a little shaky on ten years later, but Logan being gone most of the time during the books helps, I guess. Duncan actually faces the consequences of his actions: I doubt Duncan would have been convicted of rape, and there are often in rape laws, even fairly enlightened ones, provisions to help someone who may be unable to judge if consent has been given. On the other hand, yeah, Veronica is moving on by telling herself she wasn't raped and this is one way to do it. I think it is something she'd do. Veronica didn't have sex with Duncan when Lilly and Logan were getting it on, was a virgin prior to Shelley Pomeroy's party, doesn't have sex with Logan during their brief period of togetherness in season one , waits to get it on with Duncan until the bus crash makes her determined to take life in both hands. Her not having sex with Logan isn't his emotional sensitivity, which is questionable: It is her insecurity and her nervousness about that kind of intimacy. Although wonderfully funny it seems to me Logan's zingers in the hall way are really a return to Logan the bully, only this time his attack on her sexual insecurity, considering he knows about the rape, is pretty nasty. It may be the worst thing he has done to her, because now he knows enough about her to hurt her badly. It is also understandable given that she hurt and abandoned him AGAIN and he is too wounded to pay attention to anyone except himself, which only gets worse as the life hits keep coming. Logan is a mess. Yes, Veronica is as well, but she has more emotional support from others and isn't afraid to take what she can get, even from Duncan. Logan is a much more interesting character if he isn't perfect, I'm not sure, I'm honesty not sure why anyone would want to trade that character for a cardboard cutout of the perfect boyfriend. Which is what Duncan is, because of his imperfections as an actor, not wood but a standee in his scenes, but one Veronica responds to as a boyfriend.
  14. These are interesting screen grabs, an improvement ver the last set. Variety in topic and tone. Good job. I enjoyed them. The porsche getting hit is inevitable. Veronica is still learning how to manage people. How do parents and children interact physically without looking squicky after puberty? Awkward handshakes?
  15. Actual question do we believe the family she refers to exist? She seemed to be talking like thee ws a planet left.