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  1. S04.E08: The Keenan Vortex

    I feel like Jack just bought it for the "vee are" pun....and the buzz to detract from the fact the box isn't there.
  2. S05.E07: Full Bush, Half Snickers

    I like this season so far. I wish piper hadn't shown up, maybe next season she can be released.
  3. S03.E11: Play On

    I normally live for a long weave/wig, but im disgusted that nessa started out with a cute, short, unique beautiful do that did her gorgeous face justice. And now they just slapped a long weave on her so she looks like everyone else on this show. Like every other "pretty" black girl on tv.
  4. S04.E07: The Patent Troll

    I thought this was the best episode of the season......Erlich mansplaining mansplaining was absolutely brilliant.
  5. S29.E12: We're Going To Victory Lane

    I still won't forgive Danny Glover for hitting Ciely in The Color Purple so I know all about holding an unreasonable grudge.
  6. S29.E12: We're Going To Victory Lane

    the only history I want to know about the north side is Mike's. Just kidding.
  7. S29.E12: We're Going To Victory Lane

    But its the final leg, its not going to be done over a week so you could sleep in the same clothes. You really only need your passport and your money. Maybe medication? Even if T/J, L/L weren't hindered, it doesn't mean they were able to go as fast as they would with a fanny pack and no bag. It doesn't really seem that hard, weight puts up a resistance that makes it harder to complete any physical activity. Just go to the gym, can you do a squat faster with 50 pounds, or 200 pounds of weight? Does anyone run faster with additional weight attached to them? Ankle weights are meant to increase resistance, its why running shoes are built light. Even if you can run fast with weight, you could run faster and expend less energy with less weight. I understand not liking Brooke and Scott as a team, but credit where its due, they made some smart decisions. It doesn't make Brooke or Scott great people, it just makes them two people who made a smart move......and not even a completely original move.
  8. S29.E12: We're Going To Victory Lane

    well just because you didn't see it in the finale doesn't mean that it didn't play a role. Maybe it didn't, but I've walked all over Chicago (went to the same fountain, or as my ex-boyfriend called it "the Married with Children" fountain) and it would be so much more difficult with a heavy backpack. In the summer Chicago is wonderful, but humid. Walking all over the city with a backpack on would just take more time and with the humidity too....yikes! For my part, I love the city, and I wish that they had chosen to focus some attention on the gorgeous public art in Chicago instead of on these landmarks that everyone knows/has seen.
  9. S29.E12: We're Going To Victory Lane

    It sounds like the smartest part of the move was to conceal their plan from the other teams. As scott said.....they don't win in a footrace, because, well...Brooke can't, so making sure the other teams didn't think to check their bags to the final destination was a key component. If everyone had checked their bags, Brooke and Scott would have lost because it would have essentially been a footrace to the different historical sites.
  10. S29.E12: We're Going To Victory Lane

    I will join you at the table for one. Brooke is, to me, what Hayley was to other viewers -- a dislikable personality that for some reason amuses me. I NEVER understood any of the love for Hayley, so I can accept that no one would understand me being amused by Brooke. I just couldn't at one part where Scott was offering to carry her on his back and she was still whining . Like girl, come on now, you are the weakest link. It also helps that I really didn't have a dog in the fight after team fun was eliminated. Tara and Joey/London and Logan were both just whatever for me.
  11. S03.E07: Expenses

    fair enough. Its a pretty good movie though....a classic that has held up so if you get a chance and you feel like it might be vicariously fun to watch a bunch of teens have a wacky adventure as they ditch class for the day you should check it out. Also, Jennifer Grey as someone other than Baby in Dirty Dancing.
  12. S09.E10: Makeovers: Crew Better Work

    This was actually a song for death drops and gymnastics. A queen that was really bringing it would have served that song up like a plate of fried chicken. Next season, Ru really needs to read queens that don't bring it 100% in the LSFYL. Or bar them from the reunion, or something. Or maybe have them LSFYL in order to even get on the show. Sort of like Top Chef or Hells Kitchen where they will bring in more than the 12 show contestants and make them fight for their spot. I'm tired of these sad sack LSFYLs.
  13. S09.E10: Makeovers: Crew Better Work

    I wonder why Nina didn't do a make on a paper doll dress? Maybe like two girls at easter dressed as bunny rabbits. Paper would have been tough...no doubt about it, and very, very hard to do complicated choreography in, but I think with the right silhouette it could have worked, and it would have been better than simple corset/thigh high boots she did. And it may have only required a glue gun instead of actual sewing skills (which...again girl, this show has been on the air for 9 seasons now, how you just learn to sew when you get here, doesn't the local Fabric World have a class?) I didn't much care for the paper headdress at all.
  14. S09.E10: Makeovers: Crew Better Work

    Sarge was the best! But I liked Sasha's partner too. Nina deserved to go home, that LSFYL was lackluster. This season has had a lot of lip sync'ing duds
  15. S03.E07: Expenses

    I think pride can keep people from getting the help they need. I remember watching a short story on food pantry's and how a number of people will starve and actively avoid them out of pride. Unless they have children, in which case they will go. I don't remember Jimmy covering Chuck monetarily in S1. But I don't think pride necessarily leads people to entitlement, I think maybe arrogance does, but I'm not sure I think pride and arrogance are the same things. I think its Jimmy's pride that won't let him humble himself to admit to Kim that he needs the financial help right now. And because he knows that the minute he asks, she will just want to go with her original plan of getting rid of the office.....which makes the most logical sense. She really doesn't need an office, and with a few adjustments I think she would be fine working out of her house (to my knowledge there are attorneys that do this -- PTV attorney network weigh in if I'm wrong!) This feels like some sort of generational crime. I think its on Netflix, and I recommend watching it, if for no other reason than to understand the references people make to the movie. There is a pizza hut/dominos commercial out there right now that makes so much more sense if you've seen the movie.